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Traditional Method vs. Common Core (Division)

Is it any wonder students can’t do division without a calculator? We start with a glance at the traditional method of one-digit division. Next, we look at four Common Core strategies taught to fourth graders to solve the same problem. The Common Core strategies clearly present a sense of confusion, guess work, and quite frankly take much longer to solve. Learn more @ https://fpeusa.org/commoncore


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Letter to the Editor/Solar power generating facility on Open Space

April 26, 2016 Letter to the Editor


Uncle Sam

At the April 11 Homer Township board meeting, Supervisor Meyers announced that the Township’s Open Space and Operations committee approved the concept to develop a solar power generation facility at the Paul Farm.  If the Town Board eventually approves this measure, the Township would trade access to our open space land in return for financial benefit.  In my view, this plan is not a proper use of public land and the trustees should discard this idea immediately.

In 1999, township residents approved two referenda which gave Homer Township permission to buy $8 million worth of land and the 56 – acre Paul Farm was purchased in 2000 for $1.7 million.  Supporters of the referenda, which included Supervisor Meyers and current Open Space Committee member Margaret Sabo, positioned this referenda as a way for Homer residents to have more parks and open space.  Today, there are over 200 acres of land in Homer Township’s portfolio and very little of it is used for parks and open space.

Supervisor Meyers has been sitting on the open lands committee for over 15 years.  Over the last 7 years, she has had ample opportunity to bring forward long term plans for our open space portfolio which will benefit all of the citizens of Homer Township.   Our open lands have been farmed on a “temporary basis” for far too long.  Supervisor Meyers’ support of a solar power generating facility on our land makes it clear that she views our open lands as a means to generate revenue for the township.  Our $8 million investment was for land that the public could use and enjoy, not to prop up agribusiness and green energy ventures.

Supervisor Meyers does not have a mandate to support using our open space as a platform to subsidize private business ventures and I urge the Homer Township Trustees to reject building a solar power generation facility at the Paul Farm at the next Town Board meeting on May 9.



Jim Orban

Homer Glen, IL

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Fresher, healthier lunch options coming to Homer 33C

News Release

Homer CCSD 33C

Goodings Grove   Luther J. Schilling   William E. Young   William J. Butler

Hadley Middle   Homer Jr. High


Contact: Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager

cbrautigam@homerschools.org | 708-226-7628

Picante bar with made-from-scratch salsas and tortilla bowls.


For Immediate Release:

May 3, 2016


Fresher, healthier lunch options coming to Homer 33C

A committee of parents, administrators and staff members conduct a taste test while researching various food service options for the district.



The days of serving heat-and-serve prepackaged meals are coming to an end in Homer School District 33C.

Hand-tossed pizza


The district is switching food service providers in August, enabling schools to serve healthier, made-from-scratch meals and salad bars.

Wraps, sandwiches and yogurt parfaits


“We’re excited to offer students and staff a variety of high quality foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables each day as well as freshly prepared sandwiches, wraps, pizza and pasta on a rotating basis,” said John Reiniche, the district’s assistant superintendent for finance.


In February, the district surveyed parents to find out what types of meals they would like to see served in the schools and whether they would be willing to pay more for fresher, healthier options.

Salad bar with fresh fruits and vegetables


Of the 567 responses received, 75 percent indicated they would be willing to pay more for higher quality food.


Students currently pay $3 for pre-packaged meals. For 50 cents more, Homer 33C  will be able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables each day at self-serve salad bars, artisanal breads and wraps (including options for students who are gluten-free), taco bars with made-from-scratch salsas and tortilla bowls, hand-tossed pizzas and whole grain pastas.


The food will be prepared on site by Quest Food Management Services, a Lombard-based company that currently services over 110 kitchens across the Chicagoland area.


Among the company’s clients are schools in Orland Park and Tinley Park.


Before deciding to enter an agreement with the company, several Homer 33C school board members and administrators visited Century Junior High School in Orland Park to see Quest at work.


“I was impressed,” said board member Elizabeth Hitzman who visited the school on April 26 and talked to a few students as they ate lunch.


Each one gave the food a thumbs-up — especially the wraps and sandwiches.


“It was unanimous,” said Hitzman. “They loved it.


A committee of Homer 33C parents (including one who has a child with dietary restrictions), administrators and staff members conducted a taste test while researching various food service options for the district.


They, too, gave Quest high marks for taste and quality.


By switching companies, Homer 33C will solidify its departure from the restrictive National School Lunch Program (NSLP), which benefits only about 10 percent of students.


Administrators say the program’s strict guidelines for the types and portions of food served have greatly impacted the number of students who participate in the district’s food service program. Only about 15 to 20 percent of Homer 33C students partake in the school-prepared meals.


Based on surrounding school districts that have already switched to Quest, Homer 33C administrators expect to double the number of students who purchase their meals at school.


“The food is fresh, wholesome and flavorful,” said Reiniche, “with menus prepared around seasonal and regionally available ingredients.”


Another advantage to switching programs and moving away from NSLP is that the district will be able to partner once again with its Parent Teacher Organizations to offer healthy treats from time to time, enabling the group to raise money for school programs, activities and equipment.


The opportunity was negated in recent years by NSLP restrictions, said Reiniche.



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Homer 33C Scholastic Bowl team advances to IESA State Championship Crowned IESA Sectional Champions

News Release

Homer CCSD 33C

Goodings Grove   Luther J. Schilling   William E. Young   William J. Butler

Hadley Middle   Homer Jr. High


Contact: Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager

cbrautigam@homerschools.org | 708-226-7628



For Immediate Release:

May 3, 2016


Scholastic Bowl team advances to IESA State Championship

Crowned IESA Sectional Champions


The Homer Junior High Scholastic Bowl team is headed to the Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) State Championship.


The team of eight seventh- and eighth-grade students earned the opportunity after winning the IESA Sectionals on Monday (May 3), defeating Woodridge O’Neill, Joliet Washington, and New Lenox Martino.


   “This is my second year coaching the team and I am so impressed by the dedication, determination, hard work, and sheer intelligence these students consistently bring whether it is a practice or a match,” said Homer Junior High teacher and Scholastic Bowl team Coach Nichole Boyce. “These seventh- and eighth-grade students worked together seamlessly to secure a sizeable point advantage during each round of Sectionals last night. It was an exciting night for the team, myself, our assistant Mrs. Rachan and spectators.”


It’s the first time in Homer Junior High School’s history that one of its Scholastic Bowl teams has advanced to the State Championship.


“On behalf of everyone at Homer Junior High, we couldn’t be prouder of our historic (first-time) state qualifying Scholastic Bowl team,” said Principal Troy Mitchell.


“Perhaps what makes this accomplishment even more special is that this competition is academic based,” he added.


The Scholastic Bowl season began in December when Boyce began working with 27 Homer Junior High students who took the school to a 6-2 record.


The coach tracked each team member’s performance during the regular season and awarded a spot on the school’s competition team to the top eight students. Those eight competed in the recent Des Plaines Valley Conference, IESA Regionals and IESA Sectionals.


“Even though we compete as a team, a match can be turned around by a single player,” said Boyce. “Each of these eight students has had a chance to be that standout team member during a match this season.”


The team will compete next on Friday (May 6) at the Peoria Civic Center. Students will be quizzed on a variety of academic subjects.


Their first match is at 1 p.m. Follow their progress using this link.


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Homer 33C teachers excited about new textbooks

News Release

Homer CCSD 33C

Goodings Grove   Luther J. Schilling   William E. Young   William J. Butler

Hadley Middle   Homer Jr. High


Contact: Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager

cbrautigam@homerschools.org | 708-226-7628




For Immediate Release:

May 3, 2016


Homer 33C teachers excited about new textbooks


It’s not every day that a committee of teachers agree upon the same textbook series when reviewing learning materials for the classroom.


But that’s exactly what happened in Homer School District 33C when teachers previewed and piloted three textbook series in the area of English and the Language Arts.


“Every teacher picked the McGraw-Hill Wonders Series,” said Kathleen Robinson, the district’s assistant superintendent for instruction. “That’s the first time that has ever happened.”


For two months, 25 K-6 teachers worked with the learning materials and evaluation rubric from three textbook publishers.


They unanimously agreed that the McGraw-Hill Wonders Series was the best, offering the most balanced literature approach, including a reading/writing workshop model, a rigorous vocabulary and a blend of informational and literature text.


“It’s rich in literature and informational text,” said Robinson, “something the district’s current series is lacking.”


The district’s current English Language Arts series is nine years old and aligned to the old Illinois State Standards.


As a result, teachers were always searching for supplemental learning materials to bolster their lesson plans, leading to inconsistencies throughout the district.


The new series from McGraw-Hill is aligned to the current Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy.


In addition, it’s based on scientific evidence and research related to elements that have been identified as essential to literacy instruction, said Robinson, including phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and language, text comprehension and writing.


One feature teachers are most excited about is the fact that the Wonders series offers leveled readers, meaning each child can work from books at their current skill level — whether it’s “Approaching” understanding, “On” level or “Beyond” level. There’s even a leveled reader for English Language Learners.


The only difference between each book is the complexity of text and inclusion of text features, said Robinson.


The leveled readers tie in with the district’s differentiated instruction initiative, which strives to tailor lessons to meet individual student needs.


Knowing some students learn best when they are working with technology, the Wonders series gives teachers and students the option to download material onto their Chromebooks.


“The series is very versatile and addresses many of components that are lacking or missing in our current ELA series,” said Robinson.


It also complements the district’s strategic plan to:

  • Provide an effective and engaging instructional program that supports academic success for all students
  • Provide a standards-based curriculum that ensures each child will have the same essential learning opportunities
  • Commit to setting high expectations for learners and continually collect, monitor and act upon evidence of their achievement progress
  • Commit to providing differentiated instruction, timely interventions and appropriate enrichments to help every student learn


The series was formally adopted by the Board of Education on April 26. It will be integrated into the classroom this fall and carry through the 2021-22 school year.

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U.S. puts China, Japan and Germany on new watch list over foreign exchange practices

U.S. puts China, Japan and Germany on new watch list over foreign exchange practices


The U.S. has put nations including China, Japan and Germany on a new currency watch list, saying their foreign exchange practices need close monitoring to gauge whether they provide an unfair trade advantage over America.

The inaugural list also includes South Korea and Taiwan, the Treasury Department said Friday in a revamped version of its semiannual report on the foreign exchange policies of major U.S. trading partners. The five nations met two of the three criteria used to judge unfair practices under a February law that seeks to enforce U.S. trade interests. Meeting all three would trigger action by the president to enter discussions with the country and seek potential penalties.

The new scrutiny of some of the world’s biggest economies comes amid a bruising presidential campaign in which candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties have questioned the merits of free trade. Republican front-runner Donald Trump has promised to declare China a currency manipulator, and the latest report may fail to appease critics in Congress who say China’s practices have cost American manufacturing jobs.

“We will continue to watch this process closely to ensure that the president squarely addresses currency manipulation and stands up for the American people,” House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican, said in a statement on the Treasury report.

The Treasury had already been monitoring countries for evidence of currency manipulation under a 1988 law. In the latest report, the department concluded that no major trading partner qualified as a currency manipulator; the last country it labeled as such was China, in 1994.

Under the new law, Treasury officials developed three criteria to decide if countries are being unfair: an economy having a trade surplus with the U.S. above $20 billion; having a current-account surplus amounting to more than 3 percent of its gross domestic product; and one that repeatedly depreciates its currency by buying foreign assets equivalent to 2 percent of output over the year.

China, Japan, Germany and South Korea were flagged as a result of their trade and current-account surpluses, the department said. Taiwan made the list because of its current-account surplus and persistent intervention to weaken the currency, according to the Treasury.

If a country meets all three criteria, it could eventually be cut off from some U.S. development financing and excluded from U.S. government contracts.

“People in Congress who passed this law were very frustrated because they felt they’d never had an adequate explanation from Treasury why some countries weren’t found to be manipulating,” said Nicholas Lardy, a scholar at the Peterson Institute for International Economics who has studied China for more than three decades. “Congress tried to be specific so the Treasury has less discretion.”

Lawmakers working on the trade bill originally sought to include tougher penalties, such as tariffs, for currency manipulators. But the Obama administration opposed that part and it was eventually dropped.

In its report, the Treasury said China’s yuan “should continue to experience real appreciation over the medium term.” In the department’s last report, in October, it said the yuan was “below its appropriate medium-term valuation.” Before that, the department had said the yuan was “significantly undervalued,” a description it avoided again Friday.

The Treasury said more clarity from China on its exchange-rate goals, including its commitment not to devalue its currency to boost growth, would help stabilize the market. The yuan has depreciated 4 percent against the dollar over the last year, even as the Treasury estimated China has sold $480 billion of foreign exchange assets from August through March to support the currency.

The Treasury said it is increasingly important that Japan use all policy levers, including fiscal policy and structural reforms, to lift growth. Earlier in April, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew urged Japan to focus on boosting domestic demand instead of exports as the yen rises. The yen has climbed almost 13 percent this year against the dollar.

Current conditions in the dollar-yen market are orderly, and it is important for countries to keep their Group of Seven and Group of 20 currency commitments, the Treasury said, reiterating Lew comments that were seen as rebuffing Japan’s desire to potentially weaken the yen through intervention.

South Korea sold about $26 billion in foreign exchange from the second half of last year through March to prop up the won, the Treasury noted, saying the intervention represented a shift from efforts to depreciate the currency. “Appreciation of the won over the medium term would help Korea orient its economy away from its current reliance on exports,” the department said.

Germany has the second-largest current-account surplus in the world, and the excess saving could be used to boost growth in the euro area, the Treasury said.

The Taiwanese government should limit currency interventions to the “exceptional circumstances of disorderly market conditions, as well as increase the transparency of reserve holdings and foreign exchange market intervention,” the Treasury said.

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Miracle in Homer Glen? Pilgrims flock to see Orthodox icon weeping drops of oil

Editors Note: I went to the church and was blessed with the oil. It is sweet smelling, and made me feel very good inside. I am a believer in miracles. I recognize the fact that this Icon oozing oil is a gift or sign, healing of mind and or heart. It comes from God as a blessing in many different ways individual to each person that is blessed and believe. I talked with the Pastor who said the miracle has been happening since July 2015.

Healing can be for the physical body, the mind, or our soul. It is up to God how this gift will be experienced by the believer. It reminds me that the supernatural exists and that “God is”. The experience did not hit me till hours after the Blessing when I began to think of Heaven, Hell, friends and family who passed, and asking God to forgive me, since like all of us, I am a sinner. This took place Sunday and was not planned. I decided to go to see the Icon when I got up.  I was Blessed at the Greek Orthodox Church then went to 10am Mass and Communion at the Roman Catholic Church.


Mark Woods CHRISTIAN TODAY CONTRIBUTING EDITOR  April 2016  Christain Today

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
The icon said to be exuding oil.
Thousands of Orthodox Christians are flocking to a church in southwest Chicago to witness what they believe is a miracle.

According to the Chicago Tribune, tiny drops of sweet-smelling oil have been trickling down an icon of John the Baptist at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Homer Glen. The parishioners believe the droplets have healing properties.

Parish priest Rev Sotirios Dimitriou – known as Father Sam – said: “The first thing out of my mouth was ‘What do I do?’ You don’t expect anything like this. It’s breathtaking. It’s so powerful to see such an act of God before your eyes.”

The auxiliary bishop of the diocese told the Tribune it would not comment on whether the phenomenon was genuinely miraculous, saying “We let the faithful believe it if they wish.” Bishop Demetrios added: “If it brings you closer to God that’s wonderful. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

The oil exudes from the icon’s halo, wings, hands and beard and is collected in a reservoir of cotton at its base. Dimitriou saturates cotton balls with the substance and hands them out to his parishioners. He has had several reports of divine healing from those who have touched it. One man said a blocked artery had cleared, while another claimed to be cancer free. Dimitriou himself, who had experienced blackouts because of a nerve condition, said he had not suffered since the oil began to flow and had stopped taking his medication.


The Tribune quotes James Skedros, dean of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, who said that similar episodes have taken place across the US. While unlike the Roman Catholic Church the Orthodox Church has no formal process for authenticating them, they are regarded as significant for believers. He said Orthodox Christians believe matter can be a conveyor of sanctity.

“We have a very different understanding of matter as a vehicle of holiness,” Skedros said. “We put [icons] on walls, burn candles in front of them, light incense in front of them because they’re images of what they represent — the holy person or image of Christ or the saint.”

Meanwhile the church itself is struggling with the number of visitors it is receiving because of the phenomenon. A statement from the diocese said: “We are blessed to have this occurring at our parish in Homer Glen, Illinois.

“We ask for patience and understanding when wanting to visit this icon or request additional information as this is a small community parish that is trying to work out how best to share this blessing with now a much enlarged audience.”

Source: Will County News

How to Beat a Rigged Game

How to Beat a Rigged Game
By Briton Ryle | Monday, May 2, 2016

My son just turned 14. He’s in eighth grade. And I gotta share this story he told me with you…

This varsity baseball team at his school was the home team, playing a fierce rival. My son, Henry, was standing behind the backstop, so the ump, catcher, and batter were in front of him. His school’s team was at bat, and there was a man on first.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched high school baseball, but there tends to be a lot of base stealing in the high school game. So the man on first takes off. The catcher for the rival team gets the pitch and jumps up to make the throw to second to get the runner out. But as he cocks his arm to throw, my son says, just loudly enough to be heard, “Your shoe’s untied.”

Well, that was enough to distract the catcher. He made a bad throw. And the runner for his school’s team was safe at second base. To make matters worse, the runner actually stumbled a little as he was running — he surely would have been out at second if Henry hadn’t said what he said…

And to make matters really worse, the next batter hit a double to score the man on second — the home team was up 1–0.

Of course, the ump had already told him to leave the area. And Henry got some pretty intense glares from the catcher and the other team. But the players in the home dugout were clapping, and the coach came out and shook his hand.

I haven’t told his mom (my ex-wife) about this yet. I’m not sure she will think Henry’s actions were a good example of gamesmanship, as I do. And if he had yelled at the catcher, then yeah, that would not have been in the spirit of gamesmanship. But if you can throw someone off their game with a comment like that, well, you do it. Every time.

My son has been playing baseball since he was five. He knows the game, its subtleties, and its strategies. Talking to your opponent is part of the game. So is concentration. If your concentration is not what it should be, then yeah, you can get distracted and blow a play at a critical moment. When was the last time you saw a major leaguer blow a throw because a fan was yelling at him?

Know the Game

The pros don’t get rattled. You can’t break their concentration by talking to them, or yelling for that matter. They know what their skills are, and they know how to be as successful as they can. That’s why they are pros.

But as an individual investor, you are, by definition, not a pro. But here’s one thing you need to know: the pros will absolutely try to talk you into making a mistake. Because, at least in the short run, investing isn’t a zero-sum game. One person’s profits are another person’s losses.

Maybe you bought a stock at the wrong time. Maybe you sold at the wrong time. Either way, I’ll bet there were pros telling you that you were right to do what you did each time. It’s not a coincidence: misinformation, exaggeration, and downright bad advice are part of the stock market game…

Sometimes it’s called “talking your book.” Talking your book means your advice or opinion is tailored to match the way your investments are structured — for example, if you bought oil stocks and then you tell people that you like oil stocks, especially the ones you already bought.

Or let’s say you’re short a certain company, and then you start giving presentations at conferences that detail why you think the company is a fraud.

One hedge fund manager I’ve written about before, Bill Ackman, did this with a company called Herbalife (NYSE: HLF). He gave three-hour presentations detailing how he thought the company was a Ponzi scheme. He petitioned the SEC and the FTC, three congressmen, and even a senator to investigate the company… all because he thought it would make the stock go lower and he would make money.

If you really understand how big investors use the media as a platform, you can be a much more successful investor. And so you know, just because a big investor has the ability to talk his or her book to a wide audience doesn’t mean he or she will be successful. Ackman has lost over $1 billion trying to crush Herbalife.

Who’s Talking Their Book Now? 

Earlier this year, when the S&P 500 was tanking 12% on fears that weak oil prices and a collapse in the high-yield bond market would push the U.S. economy into recession, George Soros came out and said that 2016 was going to be 2008 all over again.

Now, to say that it will be 2008 Part II is a pretty bold call. After all, there’s only been one other period where the U.S. economy and banking was actually on the verge of collapse: the Great Depression. The likelihood of that happening again so soon is pretty slim…

So why would Soros predict such a thing? Because he was short the market and wanted to give it a nudge lower.

Why do you think Peter Schiff continues to say that the Fed is killing the dollar and that gold is going to $5,000 an ounce? Could it be because he owns a gold coin business and wouldn’t mind drumming up a little business?

This is how the Wall Street game works. Big-name gurus have no problem at all telling anyone who will listen whatever will help them make money for themselves and their clients. It’s called “free speech,” and it is not illegal. (However, please note that “free speech” only applies to opinions expressed in a public forum, like on television. If an advisor deliberately tells you something that isn’t true in a one-on-one situation, that IS illegal.)

In fact, these campaigns of misinformation are exactly the type of behavior that leads to investment opportunity…

Here’s an Example

Now, here’s an example of how you can take advantage of misinformation. It concerns Disney (NYSE: DIS). Disney reported first-quarter 2016 earnings on February 10. The earnings report was really good. But one analyst from a firm I’d never heard of came out with a negative research report that crushed the stock by as much as $6 a share. The low of that day was $86.25.

What was the analyst worried about? Here’s the excerpt I published right here inWealth Daily on February 10:

With strong pricing, we believe ESPN profits can remain relatively flat over the next five years but, in the absence of a convincing DTC [direct to consumer] model, declining subs will lead to significant profit contraction at the unit over the following five years.

Now, I had just recently done my due diligence on Disney because I recommended it to my Wealth Advisory subscribers. So I knew that the concern that revenue at Disney’s biggest division (ESPN) would decline significantly was BS. As I wrote in that same article:

The flaw here is obvious: the analyst is assuming that Disney won’t have a direct-to-consumer platform that will allow viewers to buy ESPN a la carte in the next five years. That’s ridiculous.

Right now, Disney is the king of content. The company absolutely will find the best way to monetize that content.

Another big issue for Disney right now is its dividend. The current yield — 1.5% — is too low. I’m surprised Disney didn’t announce a dividend hike last night. But I have no doubt a dividend hike is coming.

I think buying Disney under $90 is a pretty good idea right now.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who had a fully functioning BS detector that day. Disney hit a low of $86.25 that day, but it closed at $88.85. Today it is above $103.

So the next time you hear an analyst or some guru tell you that your shoe’s untied, do a little digging and see how valid the argument really is. There’s a pretty good chance that you can find opportunity this way.

Until next time,

brit''s sig

Source: Will County News

Democrats: It’s Time to Evolve!

Pat Hughes headshot 2014 WEB

Democrats: It’s Time to Evolve!

By Pat Hughes


Pop quiz: Which Democrat made the following statements?


People know that vast personal incomes come not only through the effort or ability or luck of those who receive them, but also because of the opportunities for advantage which Government itself contributes. Therefore, the duty rests upon the Government to restrict such incomes by very high taxes.


The movement toward progressive taxation of wealth and of income has accompanied the growing diversification and interrelation of effort which marks our industrial society. Wealth in the modern world does not come merely from individual effort; it results from a combination of individual effort and of the manifold uses to which the community puts that effort. The individual does not create the product of his industry with his own hands; he utilizes the many processes and forces of mass production to meet the demands of a national and international market.


If you guessed Barak Obama you could be forgiven. He talks a lot like this (who could forget his declaration that, “if you have a business, you didn’t build that…”). Bernie Sanders didn’t utter these precise words either, although he uses much the same language and offers the same themes. Hillary Clinton would be a good guess too, but these aren’t her (or more precisely Huma’s) words.


You’d also be wrong, understandably so, if you guessed Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton, or any of their minions in the Illinois General Assembly – including and especially Representative Lou Lang.


Any of them could have delivered this message – and in one form or another, all of them have, over and over again. It’s the Democrat message of 2016.


The correct answer, however, is Franklin D. Roosevelt.


fdr with cigarette


Roosevelt, of course, didn’t deliver these words at a Bernie Sanders rally or Hillary Clinton fundraiser. He delivered them in a Message to Congress urging them to move the nation from a flat tax to a graduated –or progressive – income tax on June 19, 1935.


That was 81 years ago – the year Babe Ruth played his last game. Democrats have recycled this idea ever since. They haven’t even come up with new talking points.


Clinging to old prescriptions for modern ailments is a recipe for continued decline. In fact, in Illinois, families and businesses are forced to flee because ruling class politicians are so strictly bound to the old “Chicago Way” of doing business.


That old “Way” has led to the highest unfunded pension liability in the nation, the lowest credit rating in the nation, and the highest unemployment in the Midwest. Those who run Chicago, a world class city plagued by political corruption, have failed in the two main functions of government: to provide for the public safety (Chicago has logged more murders per capita than New York and Los Angeles combined) and to provide a general education (only 16% of children in Chicago Public Schools will graduate college-ready).  Yet, they persist.


Instead of considering logical and proven reforms to reverse these problems, they recycle an 80-year old notion to raise taxes on the state’s already overburdened families and businesses. State Rep. Lou Lang has proposed a progressive tax increase claiming that this tax increase would affect only “the rich,” and that Illinois should follow the lead of other states that use a progressive-tax system. And what has happened in other states? Tax increases on “the rich” end up pounding the middle class for two reasons. First, there are not enough “rich” people to cover the cost of the Democrats’ largesse and mismanagement. Second, the rich—who are mobile—move their businesses, their investments and ultimately themselves out of state. The middle class then bears the pain of lost job creators and a weakening tax base.


Why not follow the lead of states that have implemented common-sense reforms, such as school choice, Medicaid reform, workers’ compensation and other labor reforms, and balanced budget reforms? States like our neighbors in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. Did those states suffer massive job loss, the destruction of worker unions, deficits and inflation, floods and locusts as many Democrats predicted? No. Their economies improved. Their deficits were reduced. The median wage rose. Businesses – many seeking refuge from Illinois – located or expanded in those states. And, importantly, economic opportunity grew more rapidly than it had in years.


So, contact your Democrat Representative or State Senator and tell them it’s time to evolve. Tell them to say, ‘No’ to Representative Lang’s tired, old progressive tax proposal and consider some more modern reforms or they will wind up not only repeating history, but being on the wrong side of it as well.

Source: Will County News

Don’t be fooled, says Sanders’ wife, he cares about the damn emails

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at debateJane Sanders on Thursday night said it would “super nice” if the FBI would move a little more quickly on its investigation of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email abuses at the State Department.

“Right after the debate where he said, ‘enough of your damn emails,’ he also said, ‘there’s a process — it’s going forward,’” Sanders said of her husband’s remark at a Democratic presidential debate.

She added, “It’s an FBI investigation, and we want to let it go through without politicizing it and then we’ll find what the situation is. That’s how we still feel. I mean, it would be nice if the FBI moved it along.”

Earlier this year, FBI director James Comey said the agency is more focused on conducting a thorough investigation than it is a hasty one.

“The urgency is to do it well and do it promptly,” he said. “And well comes first. [I’m staying] close to this one to make sure we have the resources to do it competently.”

Meanwhile, Clinton’s email scandal continues to grow in terms of just how much government corruption was afoot on her behalf.

Judicial Watch revealed this week that the State Department withheld a key Benghazi email requested in a FOIA lawsuit nearly two years ago. The email in question would have made public Clinton’s private server use before the former top diplomat deleted tens of thousands of emails.

“Now we know the Obama administration consciously refused to give up key information about Hillary Clinton’s email in 2014.  It covered up this email both from the court and Judicial Watch,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “This cover-up provided Hillary Clinton enough time to hide potentially thousands of government records.  One aim of our court-order discovery will be to get to the bottom of this cover-up.”

Source: Will County News