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Will County Clerk Press Release/Judge Rules Election Day Registration is Unconstitutional


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Judge Rules Election Day Registration is Unconstitutional


Joliet, IL (September 27, 2016) – Will County Clerk, Nancy Schultz Voots, wants to inform Will County residents that an order was issued today by United States District Court Judge, Samuel Der-Yeghiayan.  The court order alleges facts that suggest Election Day Registration (EDR) operates to provide unfair benefits to some United States citizens in Illinois and imposes severe hardships on certain other citizens’ right to vote in Illinois based on what county in which they reside.  The lawsuit was filed to protect the rights of citizens in the low-population counties without electronic polling books to ensure that they have the same opportunity to vote as voters in high-population counties.  They contend that EDR violates the equal protection rights of voters in low-population counties without electronic polling books.


Therefore, Election Day Registration at each of our 300 precincts in Will County will not take place.  Residents must take action to meet the registration deadlines of in-person by October 11th and online by October 23rd.  The only location eligible to conduct Same Day Registration on Election Day for the voters in Will County would be at the Will County Clerk’s Office, 302 N. Chicago St., Joliet.


For this and other election related information, visit the Will County Clerk’s website: www.thewillcountyclerk.com.


Source: Will County News

Same day Voting & Registration may end

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you live in Cook County or another big county in Illinois, and planned to register and vote on Election Day, your options just shrank.

A federal judge has now decided that a law that allowed people in the state’s biggest counties to register at polling places on Election Day will not be allowed this Election Day.

The reasoning: that the smaller counties aren’t treated fairly under that law.

“That question can be taken up, and it’s a legitimate debate that people ought to have, but let’s do it after this election,” said Ed Yohnka, spokesman for the ACLU of Illinois. “This system was in place in 2014 as a pilot program, and it was in place during the primaries, and thousands of people came out and registered and voted on the day of the election. We ought to simply leave it in place and then debate whether or not it’s appropriate.”


Cook County Clerk David Orr said in a statement that the lawsuit that resulted in the ruling “was a thinly-veiled partisan effort by the right-wing Illinois Policy Institute to disenfranchise voters.”

A spokesman for Orr said some registration will still be allowed on Election Day for same-day voting, but locations have not been decided yet.

Source: Will County News



My name is Marlene Carlson and I am a candidate running for the Will County Clerk of the Circuit Court (Will County Circuit Clerk) in the November 8th 2016 election cyclewww.Carlson4CircuitClerk.com.  As you may know the Will County Circuit Clerk’s office is closely tied with the Law Enforcement community in so many ways, and our campaign would like to show our appreciation for Local Law Enforcement and Honor those who work hard every day to keep us safe.   We will be hosting a series of 3 events throughout October 2016 called The “LAW ENFORCEMENT AWARENESS & APPRECIATION SERIES.” We’ve invited keynote speakers throughout the Will County law enforcement community to discuss the latest trends on the national stage and how that has affected us locally.  We will also discuss the latest trends that local law enforcement has been facing on a daily basis. Lastly, we will be discussing the interaction between law enforcement and the everyday citizen under various circumstances, for example, what NOT to do when you get pulled over, as well as other critical police interaction topics.  Sometimes the cultural divide is so great in the communities we serve that public may not be aware of their rights when interacting with the police.  The duty and intent of the police officer when interacting with the public is not always clear, therefore one doesn’t always know how to properly interact with police to avoid a negative encounter, etc.  The information provided in these events may come as a surprise to some folks, or perhaps if you have ever encountered law enforcement on the civilian side you might have learned certain things the hard way.  Either way, this will be a great opportunity to bridge the gap in communication between law enforcement and the communities they protect.  It would be really great if you could announce these events in the Herald News and/or perhaps attend these events and report on the topics discussed☺  We are attempting to reach out to ALL police departments and law enforcement agencies in Will County to participate, however, this is a pretty daunting task to find everyone’s email and contact.


I am running for Will County Circuit Clerk because I absolutely love Will County and I look forward to being an excellent public servant for the betterment of our citizens and for the folks who use the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Will County.  I have lived in Will County for the past 18 year with my Union Ironworker husband and our 2 boys.  Please take a look at these events below and call me anytime if you have questions 708-935-2232.

Kindest Regards,

Marlene M. Carlson


Throughout the month of October 2016, please join The Marlene Carlson for Will County Circuit Clerk Campaign to honor our local law enforcement heroes!! We’ll be hosting “3”  events, which will be held at the following times/locations in Will County:

Tuesday October 4th  5:30-7:30pm
Cemenos Pizza, 1630 Essington Rd, Joliet, IL
(serving pizza and softdrinks)

Thursday October 13th 5:30-8:30pm
Mistwood Golf Club, Terrace Rm
1700 Renwick Rd, Romeoville
(serving hors d’oeuvres and cash bar)

Sunday October 16th  10:00am-1:00pm
New Lenox at Lions Community Cntr, 1 Manor Dr, New Lenox
(serving breakfast scrambled eggs, muffins, ham and beverages)

Enjoy each of these events at $35 per person or $55 per couple or become and event sponsor to attend all 3 events and receive sponsorship recognition at all 3 events.

Please extend this invitation to your local law enforcement friends and citizens who might like to join us in showing their appreciation for the folks that wear the badge.  Guests, sponsors and honored law enforcement officials are cordially invited to attend.

The intent of the LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT APPRECIATION SERIES is to thank the everyday heroes of ALL Will County law enforcement agencies who keep us safe each day. Their sacrifice to public service enables us all to build businesses and thrive as a community.

We will be honoring the following law enforcement agencies (and others) from Will County:

The Will County Sheriff’s Department
Beecher Police Department
Bolingbrook Police Department
Braidwood Police Department
Channahon Police Department
Crest Hill Police Department
Crete Police Department
Elwood Police Department
Frankfort Police Department
Joliet Police Department
Lockport Police Department
Manhattan Police Department
Mokena Police Department
Monee Police Department
New Lenox Police Department
Peotone Police Department
Plainfield Police Department
Rockdale Police Department
Romeoville Police Department
Shorewood Police Department
University Park Police Department
Wilmington Police Department

Please Click Here to Download PDF of our Flyer with the details.

Please Click Here to Purchase event tickets, become and event sponsor or to make a donation.

Thank you in advance for your help and support in getting the word out about these great events to honor our police.  If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact me anytime at 708-935-2232.

Kindest Regards,

Marlene M. Carlson
Candidate for Will County Circuit Clerk 2016

708-935-2232 MOBILE


Source: Will County News

Texas Security Concerns, Withdraws From Federal Refugee Program

Western Journalism September 21, 2016

“… Texas will not be an accomplice to such dereliction of duty …”

With its demands for steps to protect the security of its citizens unmet, the state of Texas on Wednesday said it will no longer participate in the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program.

Texas had demanded that any refugees resettled in the state receive extensive security checks to ensure that refugees are not terror threats. The federal government would not agree to the plan Texas has proposed.

As a result, the state has written to the Office of Refugee Resettlement to announce that Texas will withdraw from the program on Jan. 31, 2017.

“The federal government’s refugee settlement program is riddled with serious problems that pose a threat to our nation,” Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, said in a statement. “The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the director of national intelligence have repeatedly declared their inability to fully screen refugees from terrorist-based nations. Even with the inability to properly vet refugees from Syria and countries known to be supporters or propagators of terrorism, President Obama is now ineptly proposing a dramatic increase in the number of refugees to be resettled in the U.S.”

Source: Will County News

Wells Fargo or the Federal Reserve: Who’s the bigger fraud?

Wells Fargo or the Federal Reserve: Who’s the bigger fraud?



The Wells Fargo bank account scandal took center stage in the news last week and in all likelihood will continue to make headlines for many weeks to come. What Wells Fargo employees did in opening bank accounts without customers’ authorization was obviously wrong, but in true Washington fashion the scandal is being used to deflect attention away from larger, more enduring, and more important scandals.

What Wells Fargo employees who opened these accounts engaged in was nothing more than fraud and theft, and they should be punished accordingly. But how much larger is the fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve System and why does the Fed continue to go unpunished? For over 100 years the Federal Reserve System has been devaluing the dollar, siphoning money from the wallets of savers into the pockets of debtors. Where is the outrage? Where are the hearings? Why isn’t Congress up in arms about the Fed’s malfeasance? It reminds me of the story of the pirate confronting Alexander the Great. When accused by Alexander of piracy, he replies “Because I do it with a small boat, I am called a pirate and a thief. You, with a great navy, molest the world and are called an emperor.”

Over two thousand years later, not much has changed. Wells Fargo will face more scrutiny and perhaps more punishment. There will undoubtedly be more calls for stricter regulation, notwithstanding the fact that regulators failed to detect this fraud, just as they have failed to detect every fraud and financial crisis in history. And who will suffer? Why, the average account-holder of course.

Any penalties assessed against Wells Fargo will be made up by increasing fees on account-holders. Clawbacks of bonuses, if they occur, will likely face resistance from the beneficiaries of those bonuses, leading to protracted and costly lawsuits. Even if the Wells Fargo CEO and top executives of Wells Fargo step down, the culture at Wells Fargo is unlikely to change anytime soon. As one of the largest banks in the world, Wells Fargo knows that it is not only too big to fail, but also too big to prosecute. At the end of the day, no matter how much public posturing there is, Wells Fargo and the regulators will remain best buddies. And those regulators who failed to catch this fraud will be rewarded with more power and larger budgets, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Through all of this, the Federal Reserve will continue its policy of low interest rates and easy money. Retirees who hoped to be able to live off the interest on their investments will find themselves squeezed by continued low interest rates. Those living on fixed incomes will see their monthly checks buying less and less as the prices of food staples continue to rise. The fat cats on Wall Street will continue to have access to cheap and easy money while those on Main Street will face a constantly declining quality of life.

It is well past time for the Federal Reserve to face the same music as Wells Fargo and the bad actors on Wall Street. It is, after all, the Federal Reserve’s creation of money out of thin air that enables all of this fraudulent behavior in the first place, so why should the Fed remain untouchable? Let’s hope that someday Congress wakes up, hauls the Federal Reserve in for questioning, and puts as much pressure on the Fed as it does on private sector fraudsters.

Source: Will County News

Government preparing to let food stamp recipients shop at online retailers using taxpayer money

Government preparing to let food stamp recipients shop at online retailers using taxpayer money

by J. D. Heyes September 2016


(NaturalNews) Americans receiving taxpayer-funded food stamp benefits are about to have their lives made even more convenient: The Obama administration is set to allow them to shop online, which means that the government assumes welfare and food stamp recipients also have the Internet.

As reported by Business Insider, recent modifications to the food stamp program, SNAP, are ostensibly meant to alleviate the problem of “food deserts” – that is, provide a service to recipients who live in places with fewer healthy grocery stores.

In recent days, the Department of Agriculture began the process of soliciting companies to participate in a two-year pilot project that would allow SNAP recipients to buy groceries online. If it is deemed to be a success, the program will be expanded, unless the next president curbs it or eliminates it altogether.

Gunnar Lovelace, one of the co-founders of Thrive Market, an online healthy grocery vendor, told CNN Money that his firm has “an opportunity to be putting pressure on making sure that food stamps are a 21st century program.”

Of course, being guaranteed a share of government money is likely motivation enough for Thrive Market founders, though it’s not yet clear if the company will actually be one of the retailers included in the pilot program, which is set to launch next summer.

There is zero evidence that this will work as designed

Thrive is just one of several online food retailers that started a petition over the summer to allow SNAP beneficiaries to shop online with food stamps. Other signatories include Blue Apron, a meal kit service, and Soylent, a meal replacement company. In all, some 310,000 people signed the petition.

Lovelace claims that he didn’t begin the petition campaign to make the Department of Agriculture look bad. Rather, he says, “Our goal is to be long-term partners in innovating.”

Lawmakers are also lining up behind the program – most of them liberal Democrats who, like President Obama, have long favored expanding government handout programs rather than attempting to reign them in by creating opportunities that make Americans less dependent on government (taxpayer) largess. Recently, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, and Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., wrote a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in support of the pilot program.

“It would help us move toward a hunger-free and more nutritious America,” they wrote, though it isn’t clear how moving the SNAP program online will alleviate hunger. “Unfortunately, many of our governmental policies and programs have not kept pace with the dramatic improvement in healthy food access that technology offers.”

But is this the best deal for taxpayers who, ultimately, are footing the bill? While some natural and organic food sellers offer good products at decent prices, generally speaking it is more expensive.

Also, there is little information regarding the actual number of people this program, for what it will cost to implement, will actually help. Government officials said they expect the program to mostly benefit the disabled, the elderly and anyone else who may have trouble leaving home, and that it may also help those with little access to healthier food options.

Just another big-government ‘feel-good’ program?

But SNAP recipients are still on budgets, so even if they are given access to “healthier” options, if those options are more expensive, chances are good they won’t use them. In addition, Business Insider reported, SNAP benefits do not include delivery fees, which will also limit the number of recipients using online grocery programs.

What’s more, government officials and academics fail to understand the basic economics of SNAP food buyers and conventional brick-and-mortar businesses. Case in point: Food equity researcher Mari Gallagher, who coined the term “food desert,” discovered that in the Chicago communities of Roseland and Pullman, 85 to 87 percent of SNAP-authorized grocers and food retailers did not provide sufficient nutritional varieties in their selection, reported the Chicago Tribune.

However, what this finding doesn’t appear to take into consideration is that perhaps local food sellers are much more aware of what their SNAP customers want and are regularly buying – so they stock their shelves accordingly. Simply expanding an existing entitlement program to make it “21st century” by allowing recipients to shop online, in no way guarantees a healthier food consumption outcome.

So, why do it at all? Because it’s a “feel-good” solution?

And what if a recipient doesn’t have an Internet connection – will taxpayers have to provide them with one?





Source: Will County News

Protecting what’s ours in the new cyber age

Protecting what’s ours


cybersecurity conceptWith all the talk about hackers hacking the National Security Agency’s hacking division, it’s a good time to reflect upon the other aspects of privacy — by which I mean protecting our privacy as individuals, corporations and governments.

There’s a lot happening in this space; and regardless of your feelings on the matter, the fact is it’s part of our reality.

To those of us who go back far enough to remember going to work and not having a computer on our desk or in our briefcase — remember briefcases? — it sometimes seems like the world has been turned on its head in the new cyber age.

Beyond Snowden’s revelations, we’ve seen for a while how technology has surpassed the mindset of some of our institutional systems. So we can’t rely on them.

The fact is cybersecurity and information security (infosec) are crucial. And too few in government, corporate leadership or even suburbia take it seriously, even today.

The U.S. military is just getting around to taking the issue seriously. Corporations are starting to realize that compromised data is very expensive to clean up — much more expensive than protecting it in the first place.

And this is years after real evidence of cyberwarfare has been used in a number of countries around the world.

The Edward Snowden revelations by Wikileaks are simply one example of how information can be accessed too easily by too many people, with unseen consequences for everyone.

Part of the problem has been that the urgency of stepping up infosec has come at a time when most organizations and individuals have been belt-tightening, not looking to spend large sums on a generally abstract threat. It’s a hard sell, but incursions are occurring exponentially more often and they’re more sophisticated.

That’s why it’s always helpful to see what the defense sector is up to, since their budgets are usually less prone to the vagaries of economic realities (for good or bad).

A glimpse of the future

One of the best places to look for the next generation of thinking for such problems is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). You know, the folks who pretty much invented the Internet.

BASF (BASFY) is one of big players in the work DARPA is doing. And it’s a good company, despite it’s recently beaten down stock price. I’ve been saying for years that this chemical and materials giant is the DuPont of the 21st century.

A niche player in this space is Applied DNA Sciences (APDN). It delivers counterfeit protection, brand authentication and combats product diversion; and it offers its programs against cash-in-transit crimes, using the proven forensic power of DNA.

Counterfeit parts is a huge issue in the defense industry as well as in high-end textile manufacturing and many other industries. This company “tags” products with DNA to verify their identity and protect global supply chains from imposter ingredients and products.

This could be a big takeover target in coming years as big military contracts get thinner and value added tech services like this get bigger.

What’s more, high-end consumer brands like clothing companies are also looking into the technology to authenticate their merchandise from the cheap knock-offs you find people selling on many major city street corners and online.

— GS Early

Source: Will County News

Riots, Election 2016, ISIS, Murder all under the Obama Clinton Resigme

The WIRE: Your week in review


ChappaquaFrom Charlotte to Chappaqua — and most points in between — it’s time for a look back at the week that was. Personal Liberty Digest®presents: The WIRE!

“We’re not thugs” they shrieked as they looted, assaulted innocent bystanders and even shot each other.

Messrs. Merriam and Webster disagree.

If North Carolina passes a law keeping men out of the girls’ room, it might hurt Charlotte’s tourism industry!

Perish the thought.

Violence against white people was, as always, unnoticed by the lords and ladies of the left.

Big whoop. If Obama had a son, he wouldn’t look anything like that guy.

In a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, Obama said “I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if black voters fail to show up for Hillary this fall.”

As if his legacy isn’t enough of an insult on its own.

Check out Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect in New York and New Jersey bombings, seen here being loaded into an ambulance. Apparently, dieting isn’t a factor in jihad.

Fatty McIslam clearly got his money’s worth out of that pressure cooker.

Up in St. Cloud, Minnesota, another Islamic terrorist attacked a mall, stabbing nine people before a certified NRA instructor drew his concealed carry weapon and put him down. That’s pretty much the gun grabbers’ worst nightmare, right there.

So what, you saved some people. STOP WRECKING OUR NARRATIVE!

Reports out of Iraq indicate ISIS terrorists may have deployed mustard gas against U.S. and Iraqi troops. Now ISIS has chemical weapons? How far past the “red line” are they at this point?

If this gets worse, the Nobel Committee is gonna want their Peace Prize back.

Hillary doesn’t have time for real press conferences without planted questions and scripted answers, but she has plenty of time for fake TV shows with weird comedians.

To be fair, the old girl thought it was C-Span. “Galee-fa-whoosit? You crazy kids, with your funny names!”

Hillary continued trying to deflect attention to wild allegations about Trump, claiming his past “may reveal ties to terrorists and Russian hackers.”

Hillary better hope so, since hers are already well-established.

Hillary also claimed “I’m the only candidate… who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield.”

I guess “resettling them in Dearborn” qualifies as taking them “off the battlefield.”

Things got a little awkward when Hillary tried to calm panicking democrats in Orlando. “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead of Trump?”

You want a complete list? I’m not sure you have that kind of time, Nana.

She also tried to play the “sexist” card against the Donald, claiming “Donald Trump looks at women and decides how their looks rate on a scale of one to 10.”

Whereas your serial rapist husband rates them on a scale of one to “unconscious.”

With Nana slipping steadily in the polls (and on staircases, sidewalks and stages), her minions retried pushing the “Trump is Hitler” meme with predictable results.

It loses some oomph when you only offer Eva Braun’s creepy older sister as an alternative.

Anthony Weiner slithered back into the headlines this week, following revelations that the soon-to-be ex-husband of Hillary minion Huma Abedin engaged in a long-term, online, sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

Kinda taking this whole “Carlos Danger” too far, creep.

Looks like hard times are behind Hillary and Bill. Despite being “dead broke” just a couple of years ago, the couple purchased a third home this week for over a million dollars.

All the loot they laundered through their “foundation” was burning a hole in her pantsuit.

Terrorists searching for “gun-free zones” (aka: soft-targets) can keep on looking! The faculty and staff at the Medina Independent School District in Texas have a lot more than red ink waiting for them.

Now THAT’S “gunsense!”

And that’s your week in review! For the Personal Liberty Digest®, I’m Ben Crystal saying “See you next week, on The WIRE!”

Source: Will County News

Hillary Clinton has a meltdown

Hillary Clinton has a meltdown


hillary-deplorables-and-cell-phonesMatt Lauer came under a firestorm of criticism from Hillary Clinton’s leftist cabal earlier this month after he dared to ask questions any reasonable journalist might ask “grill” her (propaganda media’s words) over her lies, misdirections, obfuscations and doublespeak in the ongoing email scandal. Some political pundits went so far as to call Lauer a “morning show lightweight.” Of course, we’ve learned that stepping outside the narrative lines regarding Hillary is a fireable offense.

Now comes a report that, following the NBC broadcast of the Commander-in-Chief forum, Clinton had a meltdown that included:

…throwing a water glass at a staffer – narrowly missing her head, and demanding that Matt Lauer be fired! She was overheard threatening executives at NBC saying, “If we lose, we all go down and that Fascist F**k will have us swinging from nooses. What the f**k is wrong with you idiots?”

Hillary then is said to have screamed at everyone in sight for close to an hour, with staffers feeling like she was having a “Hitler-like rage down.”

If Hitlery believes she and her criminal cabal will be “swinging from nooses” if Trump is elected, then clearly she knows she’s broken many laws, up to and including treason.

Guess what Hillary; we out here in the land of the “deplorables” are well aware of your crimes, too. And we’d love to see you face trial, be convicted and then make a march to the gallows. That’d be a great start toward curing the nation of what ails it.

But I doubt you have to worry about Donald Trump. You and he share too many of the same establishment friends.

And as to your charge that Trump is “fascist,” well, it takes one to know one, as the kids might say.

Source: Will County News

Townships, in particular, are one layer of government ripe for reduction

Illinois policy 9/26/2016

Illinois has 7,000 units of government, more than any other state in the nation.

Property taxes are the chief source of local governments’ funding, and getting rid of unnecessary and duplicative layers of local government is a good way to save taxpayer dollars.

Some steps have been taken to dissolve unnecessary units of governments, but taxpayers need an easier path to eliminate wasteful governmental bodies.

Illinois has the highest property taxes in the nation. And it’s no wonder: Illinois has 7,000 units of government, more than any other state in the nation. Property taxes are the chief source of local governments’ funding, and getting rid of unnecessary and duplicative layers of local government is a good way to save taxpayer dollars.

Townships, in particular, are one layer of government ripe for reduction, as they often cost taxpayers money without providing unique services.

Illinois has 1,431 townships. Some of these townships are coterminous, which means their jurisdictions have the same boundaries as a municipality. Some areas have multiple townships within a municipality, while other townships exist in rural areas. Seventeen of Illinois’ counties have no township.

Illinois law allows townships to have three functions:

  • Maintaining unincorporated roads and bridges
  • Assessing property taxes
  • Running the General Assistance program, which provides financial aid to the poor

In addition, some townships also administer other services, such as youth and senior citizen services, though they are not mandated by law to do so.

Each one of these 1,431 townships adds another layer of government for taxpayers to fund. Yet, some people don’t even know they live under a township due to the lack of transparency. Take Lincoln, Ill. for example: This town of about 14,000 people has two townships, East Lincoln and West Lincoln, yet neither township has a webpage where residents can go to receive information, making it unnecessarily difficult for people to see which township provides which services and whether those services overlap. This also makes it more difficult for residents to access financial documents and to track what their government is doing with their tax dollars.

The county or municipality can take over the few services townships provide. Such is the case in Belleville, where the City Council voted to dissolve its township. Bellville residents will be saving an estimated $260,000 per year by consolidating the functions of the township with the city.

Recent local government dissolutions

Efforts to reduce the burden of local government have recently advanced. The Illinois Constitution currently allows for any county to dissolve all of the townships within its boundaries. However, this dissolution provision is all or nothing: A county can dissolve all of its townships or none of its townships. It cannot dissolve just a few.

A county or municipality seeking to dissolve just one township must obtain special authority from the General Assembly. A law was created in 2013 specifically allowing Evanston Township to be dissolved. That same year, a different law also was created allowing the DuPage County Board to dissolve or consolidate various units of government.

In 2016, a law was passed allowing McHenry County and Lake County to dissolve units of government within their boarders, similar to DuPage County. This was also the year Belleville was given legislative authority to dissolve its township. There are other municipalities taking the issue to voters to decide if they want to eliminate their township, such as Peru, Ill. While these votes give local officials a sense of their constituents’ preferences, those government bodies must still seek permission from the General Assembly to act on any dissolution referendums.

Though these are steps in the right direction, taxpayers should have greater ability to dissolve any township from which they no longer gain value. The General Assembly should give all counties and municipalities the authority and flexibility to dissolve their townships and other unnecessary units of government as they see fit.

TAGS: budget, local government consolidation, property taxes

Source: Will County News