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NO Dream Act

The President today on June 29th, 2011 again brought up the importance of passing the Dream act. I live in Homer Township, and I say he better keep dreaming. Homer Township Passed a Resolution in 2009 that made english the official language, demanded enforcement of existing imigration law, and schools to verify residency. Homer Township understands the problems associated with ilegal immigration, starting with ilegals taking jobs frorm citizens. In todays economy we the citizens of the U.S. better start watching where our tax dollars are spent, and get rid of the burden ilegals cause the citizen. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/no-dream-act

Obama pulled up the Dream act again, maybe as a bargining chip to get the debt ceiling raised, or just to float the idea again. Americans better wake up, we are committing a slow suside at the hand of our liberal President and elected officials. This is a reminder of what the Dream act is about.
Continue reading on Examiner.com NO Dream Act – Chicago Will County Libertarian | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/no-dream-act#ixzz1QiN0ON00

Cut the Debt Ceiling!

Beautiful Homer Glen is a conservative municipality, and home to the Homer Lockport Tea Party and Homer Township Republican Organization. The last election people from our groups worked for Adam Kinzinger and Joe Walsh in their successful elections to the House of Representatives. Our Homer people like others that worked to elect people to the House that would not fund Obamacare, and cut all expenditures of the Federal Government. These freshman Congressmen should be standing firm to what we sent them to do, cut, cut, and defund Healthcare. Instead they are afraid of the media saying they failed by shutting down the Government. I tell each Congressman, “You failed to do what we sent you there to do if you continue to not defund Healthcare, and make substantial cuts in our budget that is negative Trillions. You control the purse strings. Only you can say how and what we spend our money for. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/cut-the-debt-cieling
It is very simple logic, which is hard for Liberals to understand. Money was spent that we did not have and never should have been approved. We are 14 Trillion in the hole, and still looking to spend.

Joe Walsh has a sense of purpose

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I am sick of the never ending story of the government needing more money to fund new and increased programs. Homer Glen Taxes and water bills only go up. There is a terrible economic climate. Yet government on all levels spend taxpayer money like it grows on the money tree in your back yard. The problem is the tree stopped producing money a long time ago. Rep. Joe Walsh Congressman, (R-Ill.) said we have the opportunity of a lifetime before us now. “Cut, Cap, and Balance” is the single most significant reform package that’s come through Congress in decades. America is on an unsustainable path that requires a drastic change of course in the way Washington spends hard-earned taxpayer dollars. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/joe-walsh-s-sense-of-purpose

Think Money! What is going on?

Debt, our demise

From beautiful Homer Glen I am looking out the window at all the nice home’s , trees, and cars going by realizing that Homer glen will not exist as I know it in 10 short years if congress continues to keep on spending and borrowing so they can spend more. We have reached a pivotal point in the history of our great country when we either take action to reign in the debt, or let things keep on going toward our demise. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/debt-our-demise http://www.youtube.com/embed/VtVbUmcQSuk
Do we as a people realize what will happen shortly if nothing is done. We are better off to feel the pain now, rather than waiting till we have nothing left. The argument between the House of Representatives and the President along with the Senate; should start with spending NOTHING, and stopping all funding of any kind. Once we are at ZERO, they can fund what is absolutely a necessity, like the military. Our elected officials need to save our country. We are on the eve of financial destruction, and arguing about raising the debt ceiling. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/don-t-raise-the-debt-cieling We borrow money from anywhere we can get a loan and give that money away for some project or group with no way to pay back the loan. We pay the interest so we don’t default.
The entire mess was preventable, but we people were asleep at the wheel while our elected officials were wide awake and giving us THINGS to make us want to vote for them. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/the-compromise-that-killed-us

June 9, 2011 Fundraiser

I want to than everyone who came out to support me, especially those who came long distances. Jack Roser, Senators Christine Radogno & Bill Brady were great speakers. Dan Proft was his usual self, whitty and on target.
Viviane Porter and Tim Kraulidis and all my Tea Party Friends made everyone feel comfortable. Mandy B. was a superior singer, and Joe Bozen was a great DJ.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Permits, Revenue, Government

From Beautiful Homer Glen, the concept of limited government causes division among conservatives. I believe government should be limited to things that citizens can’t do for themselves. Most conservatives agree with this statement, but the split comes with its’ application in real life. It has been said a tax should be as hard to increase as it is to get a building permit. I don’t believe a building permit should be required to repair your property while others disagree. I take it a step further, with the opinion that forcing a building permit puts government in a liable position when there is a defect in what the building inspector approved. I also see the permitting process simply as a way for government to generate revenue, as user fee. One problem is that some people, afraid to do repairs, possibly opening themselves to unknown violations let their property go. Money is tight and people only have enough to repair what is absolutely necessary. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/rights-permits-government

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

From beautiful Homer Glen, listening to the radio, I hear the jobless rate is now 9.1%. That high number helps me understand why there are so many homes abandoned and why foreclosures are rising. Business is struggling because people have less disposable income. The 9.1% number does not include people who ran out of unemployment, and those that just gave up looking for work. The actual unemployment rate is ? In any event there is a big problem.

Debt Ceiling/Politics

From beautiful Homer Glen, while eating at the Purple Onion, I could not help but over hear some people next to me in a heated argument about the Republican and Democrat views. It seems that there were people from both groups in the discussion of the debt ceiling. I started to think that the parties have morphed into something different from 50 years ago. They all seemed to agree on cutting spending, but the debt ceiling was an issue. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/debt-ceiling-politics http://www.myfoxchicago.com/dpp/news/metro/steve-balich-mark-witte-discuss-possible-debt-ceiling-20110602

Fox News discussion of the debt ceiling