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911 ceremony September 10th

We as citizens of Homer Township need to understand that Freedom is something we can’t take for granted. With this in mind, those who perpetrated the attack on 9-11-01 still want to see Western Civilization destroyed. We can see our personal liberty being stretched in the effort to protect us from these terrorists. Thank God we have the Constitution, and all the freedoms it guarantees. We need to be most appreciative of those who serve and protect us and our Constitution from any foe foreign or domestic that desires our freedom to be “gone”.

This 10th Anniversary 911 ceremony will be held Saturday September 10th at 10am at Orland Oak Shopping Center, 143rd Street 2 blocks west of Bell across from the Purple Onion. The Homer Founders Club, and St. Joseph’s Club of Homer Glen, joint committee of Steve Balich, Glen Kobylarczyk, and Tedd kagianas, invite everyone to attend. The event will last less than an hour. Speakers will be States Attorney Jim Glasgow, Homer Fire Chief Mike Schoefield, Mayor Jim Daley, and “Operation Home Front” Illinois Chapter President Dan Proft. The Homer Fire Dept. will do the Bell Ceremony and the Homer Jr. High show choir will perform. Refreshments will be provided by the St. Joseph’s Club after the ceremony. This will be a good reminder of what has happened, what is happening now, and why we need to prevail. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/homer-glen-911-ceremony-on-september-10th

Obama says spending cuts will be tough to take

Government Waste in the Billions. Is this some of the spending Obama does not want to cut. Homer Township passed a Resolution supporting existing immigration law, and made English the official Language.

Government waste, increased taxes, over spending

From Beautiful Homer Glen I was just taken back after seeing the Video “ The Cartell” at the Homer Lockport Tea Party meeting. This film, exposed the school system for what it really is in many cases, a “money machine.” It exposes the fact that the teachers union is in bed with the Democratic Party, and the Superintendent of schools. Huge amounts of waste and unnecessary spending are done in the name of the children. In many cases no one knows where the money is being spent, since only a very small amount goes for teacher’s salaries. When the teachers union or administration says “it” is for the children they are playing their equivalent to the Race Card. Schools are the largest portion of property tax, and can be a sink hole of waste and unneeded spending.

Property Taxes in Homer Glen rose despite the assessed values dropping because the rates went up from the various taxing districts like Schools, Fire, and Library. The taxing districts with the exception of the Township raised their levy’s. January 1st 2012 the 2% reduction in Social Security Tax will be removed, making the 2% increase in State of Illinois Tax passed by the Progressive Democrats, in the State of Illinois take more money out of our pay checks. If you make $40,000 per year you get $66 per month extra taken out of your check. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/government-waste-rising-taxes-cut-the-debt-ceiling

Bobby Jindal gets it

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I just finished reading an email from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He is angry at the stupidity coming from our elected people in Washington. It is a small world when it comes to how Homer Glen is affected the sane as a faraway State like Louisiana when it comes to waste, spending, and debt forced on an unwilling people. Read more on Will County Examiner article http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/bobby-jindal-gets-it People who produce are not willing to accept the idiotic notion that we should borrow money to give to people, governments, and programs that will never pay it back and demand more. It is nice to be charitable but stupid to borrow money to do it. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/don-t-laugh-at-sentelli What on earth is Obama thinking? I know he believes in the socialist model, but the man can’t be walking with his eyes closed. The Progressives are even worse, going along with this foolishness, they are simply afraid of braking rank with their President and doing what is right. Some Republicans are in that mix and should be even more ashamed, because we sent then to do a job and they are failing us. If those people in Washington did their family budget like they do the countries, they would be trying to collect food stamps, free medical and other government programs which they would not qualify for because they make too much money. They would be asked why they earn 1,000,000 plus per year and only have increasing credit card balances to show for it.

Progressives and gang of 6 lies and mis-truths

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I just finished watching a You Tube that made my blood boil. The people on Social Security in Homer Glen should be outraged. The President threatens that the checks may not be sent out, despite having enough money in the fund. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoDvkhnNdXo&feature=player_embedded#at=160 The fact that the Social Security Trust fund has been robbed for years is a monument to our corrupt bankrupt morally sick elected politicians that allowed this to happen. They stole this money by sticking IOU’s in the Trust Fund. Despite the stolen money, there is enough revenue, which is deducted from our pay checks to keep paying those receiving Social Security checks. If a large percent of the population in Homer Glen or any city is not paid the cry would be so loud that the local congressman would give into raising the Debt Ceiling. The Threat is the Progressive nuclear bomb, and based on a lie, and deceit.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Progressive and gang of 6 want to restructure America Lies and mis-truths – Chicago Will County Libertarian | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/progressive-and-gang-of-6-want-to-restructure-america-lies-and-mis-truths#ixzz1SfVGcPUz

Non-elected agency costing Illinois taxpayers money

From beautiful Homer Glen, the Federal Government is doing it to us again. The Department of Health and Human Services, which is a non-elected regulatory agency answering to who is making law. Agencies certainly have too much power and control over what “it’ interprets as law. We the people that disagree have no way of voting them out. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/non-elected-federal-agency-costs-illinois-citizens-money Homer Glen has its problems with non-elected agency’s dictating law, but this Government agency is really sticking the people of Homer Glen, and every city and town in the State of Illinois.

August 22, 2011 Conceal Carry Class


Conceal Carry Class August 22, 2011 7:30pm class starts Open at 7pm to start finger printing, and pictures Cost is $100 for the class, application, picture, and certified finger printing

There is a $65 fee you mail with your Application to the State of Utah

American Legion in Lockport 151st and Archer 7pm Start of finger printing and pictures, 7:30pm class begins

to sign up email Steve Balich sbalich@comcast.net Questions 815 557-7196

Get conceal carry permit for 32 States

From beautiful Homer Glen, I know it is somewhat dangerous everywhere, but when you leave Homer Glen, or for that matter Will County the degree of danger increases. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/class-for-conceal-carry-is-your-2nd-amendment-right I am not saying that a trip to Chicago is dangerous. I am saying that there is a higher probability of having a problem in Cook County as compared to Will County and other Collar Counties. Flash mob attacks, carjacking, muggings, and drive by shootings form this perception. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/the-right-to-own-a-weapon-protects-our-freedom
I believe that open and concealed carry laws which are our right according to the second amendment would end some if not the majority of the insecurity I feel when I leave Homer Glen. The “Bad” guys seek weak or easy victims. If they don’t know who is carrying a weapon, suddenly everyone becomes a deterrent to crime. The Illinois State Police is in favor of concealed carry. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1818862/posts http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-atlanta/open-carry-deters-armed-robbery-kennesaw
The Tea Party Organizers from Homer Lockport Tea Party, Joliet Tea Party, and Will County Tea Party Alliance recognize the importance of our second amendment right. We understand that carrying a gun on your person in Illinois is not legal. When you leave Illinois you can carry. The laws vary from State to State, but a conceal carry license from Utah is good in 32 States. That is why we are offering a legal class to be allowed to carry in certain States when leaving Illinois.
Our Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Class is a fun, exciting and very informative class. Our class covers everything from handgun styles, holsters and ammunition to the rules, laws and how to handle a confrontation. We provide you with all of the vital and necessary information to help you make the best decisions.

Joe Walsh is right

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I agree with Joe Walsh when he tells Obama to stop lying. Everyone from Homer Glen Illinois to Austin Texas are feeling the economic pressures from our Progressive president that wants to make us like a socialist European Country with their collapsing economy’s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVPuWUZTYVQ This attitude by the Progressives for raising the debt ceiling will not cut off our seniors social security checks unless the president orders that. There are numerous families in Homer Glen, Lockport, and New Lenox experiencing loss of Income, jobs, and homes. We can’t trust our elected officials to not only live within their means, but to work on cutting the budget. Elected officials are living under the false premise that the people will elect them over and over based on the “THINGS” that they say they provided. THEY DON’T TELL YOU THAT EVERYTHING YOU GET CAME FROM TAXPAYER MONEY. They are not giving you anything. You are paying for it. These elected people forget that we are not all sheeple. Most people get it, and it can be seen in the approval numbers for Congress and the President. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/joe-walsh-is-right

Meet your local elected official

Aug. 2 meet elected official night
August 2, 2011 at 7:30pm at the Outpost Sports Bar, the Homer Lockport Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity will host “Meet your local Elected Official” an opportunity to talk to Alderman Dick Van Dyke and Justin Frentris, on a personal level with no formalities. Everyone is welcome, and there will be drink specials and $1 Tocco’s. Any questions Call Steve Balich 815 557-7196