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Law Makers on the Rocks

As part of our monthly “Lawmakers on the Rocks” social event series, American’s for Prosperity and the Homer/Lockport Tea Party invites you to join us for another fun evening of networking with fellow concerned citizens and local elected officials to discuss the role of local government in your community.

This month’s special guests are Corey Singer, President of the Will County Forest Preserve and Laurie McPhillips, Treasurer of the Will County Forest Preserve.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to visit with us and learn more about the services that the Will County Forest Preserve provides and how your tax dollars are being utilized to support those services.

When: Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Location: Pelican Harry’s

14807 Founders Crossing

Homer Glenn, IL 60441

For more information or to RSVP call 312-768-2373 or email infoIL@afphq.org.


Joe Calomino

State Director

Americans for Prosperity-Illinois

911 Ceremony Program

911 Ceremony 9-10-2011
33c Show Choir Sings God Bless America

Steve will thank everyone for coming. The Homer Founders Club,and the St. Joseph’s Club.

Pledge, then Page Koblarczyk and friends sing National Anthym

10:05 am
Mayor Jim Daley

Bell Ceremony Chief Schoefield

33c Show Choir Sings Amazing Grace

Chief Schoefield

States Attorney Glasgow

Tedd Kagianas presents Plaques to Homer Glen, Homer Township, Will County Sheriff, and Flags to both Fire Districts

Operation Home Front Illinois Chapter President Dan Proft
Closing song by 33c Show Choir

Voter registration Saturday October 15th

Homer Township is holding voter Registration

Saturday, October 15, 2011 From 10am to Noon
Location: Old Town Hall 16057 Cedar Lockport, IL. 60491

If you are 18 or older you can register to vote. Your vote does count! Most local elections are won by a few votes. The people you elect have an impact on the taxes and regulations that affect you and your family.

Questions: Homer Township Clerk Steve Balich 708 301- 0522

Clothes Drive for Military families

I have been involved with numerous events,drives, and projects over the years, but the importance of this clothes drive for me, really stands out. In this time of extreme turmoil I feel compelled to do my small part heading this drive. Men and women are fighting for us and in some cases their families are experiencing not only the absence of a loved one, but financial burdens. Donating your unwanted things to these deserving families is one thing we as individuals can do. Operation Home Front is a caring group with the mission of helping Military families in need. Please do your part, and help support our Military families.
The Homer Founders Club is sponsoring the clothes drive to help Military Families through Operation Home Front. Supporting the drive for used and new clothes are Homer Township, Americans for Prosperity, Homer Lockport Tea Party, and the Will County Tea Party Alliance. This will go from August 1st till the first week of December. For information visit www.Homerlockportteaparty.com
Ace Hardware 12121 W. 159th Street in Homer Glen, Donated a store front to help our needy Military families, and also agreed to be a drop point. Ace Hardware always has helped the community, and we thank them.

Drop off points are :
Ace Hardware 12121 W. 159th, Homer Glen
Homer Township 14350 W. 151st, Homer Glen
State Farm Insurance 14051 S. Bell, Homer Glen
Home Helpers 15736 S. Bell, Homer Glen
T-Time Golf 13750 W. 159th Homer Glen
Outpost Sports Bar 14929 Archer, Lockport
First American Bank 14741 Founders Crossing (Bell) Homer Glen
If you are unable to get to a drop point call STEVE BALICH 815 557-7196 and I will pick up bagged clothes from your house.

Will County Clerk saves County $200,000 promotes early voting

I want to express gratitude to the Will county Clerk, Nancy Schultz Voots. The conservative concept of saving money by doing things better, and smarter is exemplified by the Clerks office saving the County $200,000 by reducing the number of precincts in the County. Using Homer Township as an example; there was 28 precincts and now there are 18. This means 10 less polling places, which cuts staffing and equipment by 1/3. In this era of financial difficulty Voots figured out how to save money. She proves that fiscally conservative principals are possible when someone is willing to implement them. http://heraldnews.suntimes.com/news/7102137-418/will-co-clerk-cutting-precincts-could-save-200000-per-election.html

With early voting being pushed in will County, less people will be showing up at the polls on Election Day. Voots correctly recognized that if half the vote comes early, the number of polling places would experience half the vote on Election Day. This allows multiple precincts to use the same polling place.

This is how you are now able to vote in Will County:
– Call 815 740-4626 (Will County Clerk) and ask to have a ballot mailed to your house.
– email the County Clerk coclrk@willcountyillinois.com and ask for a ballot to be mailed to your house.
– Early Vote in Person at the Homer Township Administration Center if you live in City of Lockport east of Farrell (Homer Township) unincorporated, or the Village of Homer Glen.
– Early vote at Homer Glen if you Live in Homer Glen
– Vote on Election day at your polling place. www.thewillcountyclerk.com

Jobs not taxes and regulation

From beautiful Homer Glen I see numerous homes for sale, and know others are in foreclosure. People don’t want to leave their homes. Loss of income or a job is devastating to families, and forces a move due to economic reasons. Individuals in their 40’s and up experiencing loss of income and in some cases employment are forced into an economic situation they never dreamed would happen to them. What happened to drive our country into this mess? We have a mess financially locally, at our State, and Federally. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/we-need-jobs-not-taxes-regulations

The progressive model pushed by those socialist leaning elected officials have taken so much from those that produce, and put so many restrictions on business that it is economically not viable for business to grow, employ more people. Political Correctness has joined with excessive regulation, and lawsuits to make the cost of employing people to high.


Will County pays for failed Chicago system

From beautiful Homer Glen, I am thinking about the numerous taxes I pay that drain me of my ability to save for a rainy day, and spend on “things”. As a resident of Homer Glen in Will County, one such tax is the 1.25% sales tax imposed on me for the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Chicago has numerous bus routes, commuter rail along the expressways, and train stations. Here in Will I rarely see a bus, and only have train stations in Lockport, New Lenox, Joliet, and Manhattan. Yet the RTA collects a huge sum of money in sales tax revenue from us. I feel like they threw us a few crumbs so they can justify the tax.

The RTA sales tax January 2008 (Public act 95-0708), was increased to 1.25% in Cook County, and 0.75% in the collar counties, with matched funds from the State Public Transportation Fund (PTF). Half the Proceeds of the sales tax collected in the Collar Counties are distributed directly to the Collar Counties. The County Boards may use that money for transportation or public safety purposes. Chicago, who controls the State has people in Will County paying 1.25% sales tax and the State PTF revenue match, while receiving only a small pittance of the total services. The tax money is distributed by RTA as follows 48% to Chicago Transit Authority, 39% to Metra, and 13% to Pace. RTA. Will County gets no service from CTA, little service from Metra, and when do you see a Pace Bus. Remember, Pace gets money from Townships for Dial a Ride, and also charges the user.

We in Will County are paying for failed transportation Services in Chicago to the tune of over 1,400,000 from sales tax, PLUS our portion of the PTF.

Senator Kirk and the debt ceiling compromise

From beautiful Homer Glen I am writing my take to an email sent to me by Mark kirk. Mark Kirk, like the freshman congressman openly stands for fiscal conservatism putting aside his vote for Cap and Trade, which he now understands was wrong. When I read his email I become very insecure with how this will affect my future and the people in Homer Glen, Lockport, New Lenox, etc. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/obama-gets-to-spend-trillions-more The U.S. had a cash budget deficit last year of $1.3 trillion, but once you include increases to unfunded liabilities, our real budget deficit was approximately $5 trillion. Even if Americans were taxed 100% of their income it wouldn’t be enough to balance the budget. No wonder S & P lowered our ratting from AAA to AA+.
Kirk said he voted to support the Budget Control Act because it begins our effort to control federal spending to protect our economic future. “We should have cut more. Because the federal government borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends, Congress should have cut at least $4 trillion from our future spending and borrowing. That is why I supported the Bipartisan Deficit Reduction Comission Report and the “Gang-of-Six” effort to cut trillions more from federal spending. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/progressive-and-gang-of-6-want-to-restructure-america-lies-and-mis-truths Unfortunately, fiscal conservatives control only one third of the government. The Senate and White House are still run by fiscal liberals. Given the leaders we currently have in the Executive Branch and Senate, the Budget Control Act provides the best cuts in spending we could get”. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/senator-kirk-and-the-debt-ceiling-compromise
I think S&Ps reason for downgrading the U.S. debt rating at this time is because, “the differences between political parties have proven to be extraordinarily difficult to bridge”. The reality is, the Republicans and Democrats aren’t far apart at all. Neither parties are serious about cutting spending. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/joe-walsh-is-right
Thank you, President Obama with your socialist agenda that will never work. We needed to pass the balanced budget amendment and stop spending more than we take in. I heard no talk of spending on only very necessary items to start with. Instead of talking about stopping all Foreign aid, we heard of not getting social security checks out in time. Instead of stopping payments to all illegal immigrants, we heard the military may not get paid. The American People are sick of helping everyone in the world at the demise of the American citizen.
Senator Kirk went on to explain the bill, which I fee is a threat to the economic well-being of our Country. I feel no matter what happened the credit rating was going down. I disagree with the compromise, but understand how the Senator rationalized his support.
* Cuts $900 billion over ten years from planned spending by the regular part of the government that spends about one in three taxpayer dollars,
* Cuts a further $1.5 trillion from automatic spending (entitlement programs) that spend two-thirds of taxpayer dollars through legislation written by a bipartisan Joint House-Senate Committee with powers to ensure up or down votes in the House and Senate. Should this bill fail, more automatic spending reductions would ensure that the promised savings will be realized.
* Requires that the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution will be voted on without further delay this fall by the House and Senate. If approved, this amendment needs no signature by the President before going to the States. If 3/4 of States approve, the Constitution is amended.
* Allows the President to request a $900 billion increase to the debt limit following the passage of the bill, and another $1.5 trillion once the $1.5 trillion reduction to automatic spending reforms is submitted to Congress or the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution is sent to the states.
The Budget Control Act will prevent American default, ensuring the prompt fulfillment of our commitments to Social Security beneficiaries, veterans and Medicare patients. While only a first step, it will increase the transparency, performance and results we should demand from America’s government. By cutting spending and only allowing debt increases of equal amounts, this bill avoids an immediate crisis and sets the precedent of reforming and reducing automatic spending by the federal government.
If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me online at kirk.senate.gov or call Mark Kirk at (312) 886-3506.

Obama will have trillions to spend

From beautiful Homer Glen, I have been simply trying to digest what just happened with the debt ceiling vote/compromise. I am not a happy camper. I understand that no matter how you spin it, giving away money you borrow is not logical. I am questioning how this will affect me in beautiful Homer Glen. Our elected officials just gave a Progressive, socialist driven president more money to spend. Trillions more because those we elected to office don’t have the will to fix the problem with a balanced budget. Not one word from the media on the plan of freezing all spending to current levels this year and then cutting all spending by 1% per year for 7 to 10 years. Instead the President who never presented a plan gets the ability to spend trillions more. I feel like Moody’s will lower our rating because we probably will never be able to pay off the debt, due to inept people in both the Senate and House. Every compromise takes away from logical economic principals, lowering the bar when future negotiations will need to take place. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/obama-gets-to-spend-trillions-more