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November 21st Stand against Lockport H.S. Board raising taxes

Property taxes go up despite falling home values, because the taxing districts feel the need to raise their levy. I guess raising the levy to the max each year is prudent of those who believe in big government. It makes sense for those who believe government sector employees should be treated above the private sector when it comes to raises and benefits. It makes sense for those that feel increasing the amount of money increases the quality of the service. The simple fact is that if every tax body raised its taxes 3% each year, for 5 years, you would have over a 15% increase in your property tax. If your tax is $5000 now, it will be over $5800 in 5 years. There is a point when property tax will make home ownership too expensive.

Everyone needs to come to the Lockport H.S. School board meeting at 7pm Monday November 21st at the East Campus principal’s conference room. Make your opinion heard by signing in to open forum if you live in the District. We need to stand up to these school boards that forgot the taxpayer elected them.

When the economic crisis hits your home

When the economic crisis hits your home
Join Homer Lockport Tea Party
Date: Tuesday November 15th at 7pm
Location: Americas Tea Party 1773 Office
14326 Golden Oak Dr. Homer Glen, IL. 60491

What happens when I can’t pay my property taxes?
What happens when I default on my mortgage?
If I fall behind on my mortgage, is my credit ruined?
How do I reduce my property taxes?
What are my Options?
Experienced professionals will be here, to help you get answers
Tom Cunningham Re-Max Action Lisle, Il. 708 369-7625
Laura Bugos Coldwell Banker Homer Glen 708 334-2054
Dave Carlson Attorney
Frank Geraci Lincolnway Bank
Kevin Burrns Tax Slashers
Linda Jody, Certified Financial Planner TM Kelly Wagner Para-planner Dynasty Wealth Management Group, LLC (815) 693-5666

Taxpayer bedtime story

Once upon a time in beautiful Homer Glen, there was a retired man that was hired part time by a Home Owners Association to maintain the subdivision. His job paid $10 Hr. and consisted of making sure there was no trash on the street. He worked 2 hrs. per day, and since there was not much trash to pick up in the street, he expanded the scope on his own to the front lawns of the people in the sub-division. Everyone loved this guy, and saw a real value in what he was doing. There are 100 homes paying his salary so the $100 per week only cost each resident $1 per week.

Now this old guy likes working and the idea of everyone liking him. He tells the residents he would like to expand his duties to making sure the side walks are shoveled in the winter. These tasks are welcomed to be added to the old guy’s duties. His pay would now be increased 50 cents to $10.50 and he would be paid by the hour with a 2 hour guarantee each day. His base pay is now $105 per week, and after the first winter passed he logged 120 Hrs shoveling snow costing $1260. His pay with a small increase went from $5200 per year to $6720 or $1.30 per home per week. Some people were getting upset with the added costs, but still saw a value. The old guy going into his 3rd year of doing a great job asked the association for a raise of 50 cents which increased his pay to $11 per hr. Assuming he worked the same amount of time he now gets paid $7040 per year or $1.36 per home per week.

Taking the example of Government the old guy sees his chance to expand the scope of his duties by asking to increase his hours to include shoveling driveways for seniors that were unable to do it. The compassionate Residents agreed and after the first snow, the old guy found he did not have enough time to get all this work done so he asked the association to hire him a helper at $10 per hr. and give him a raise to 11.50 since he is now a supervisor. The home owners did not want to be mean spirited by not helping the seniors so it was agreed. The Old guy’s base is now $5980 plus 120Hrs shoveling snow giving him $7360 per year and his helper $1,200 per year or 1.65 per week per home.

Like any government employee who is doing a good job, they expect a raise which shows the association is happy with their job performance, so each employee is given an additional 50 cent per hour. The helper is angry because he is doing the same work as his supervisor and wants a bigger raise. There is hostility because the pay schedule is not fair. The helper comes to work angry, and does not work as hard. The Supervisor wants to get rid of the helper, but can’t come up with a substantial reason. The helper slips on the ice and sues the association for an injured back. The Insurance rate is increased and the Board of the association figures they will vote to terminate the position because it is getting to costly. Some residents are mad because they are now responsible to take care of their own property. Others are angry about the excessive cost they are expected to share. While others have no clue why they can’t afford to live there anymore, but feel forced to move to a cheaper neighborhood.

Moral of the story is that the Government gives you nothing. Government only takes, it produces nothing, and everything it provides comes from Taxpayers less their cut of the action.

Lockport H.S. Board wants to raise your property tax

I am disillusioned with most of the elected citizens on the Lockport H.S. School Board. I agree with Board member Samantha Neitzke when she says “when is the spending going to stop” John Lukasik, Susan Forbes, Lou Ann Johnson, Mike Lewandowski, and Charles Travis voted to increase the Levy (your property tax) 5.3%. Ron Savara & Samantha Neitzke voted not to raise your property taxes. With people losing their homes, and jobs in this economic crisis there is no logical reason to increase taxes or spending.
Elected people should look to spend less just like everyone that is experiencing financial difficulty. Lukasik, Forbes, Johnson, Travis, and Lewandowski do not represent the taxpayers that elected them. They decided to vote to pay the new Superintendent $183,000 plus about $35, 0000 in benefits. They voted to have the district pay 100% of the costs for medical for administration. This makes the taxpayers responsible for it all. Lukasik, Forbes, Johnson, Travis, and Lewandowski in their wisdom voted to hire a firm to get a referendum passed. Didn’t we just pay $31, 000,000 to widen the K Hallway, and add classes to East? The only 2 board members representing the taxpayers are Svara and Neitzke. Whether you were for or against the referendum, this Board is not representing taxpayers or our children. They spend our tax money because they can!
Please come to the November 21st Board meeting at East High School 7pm and sign up to give your opinion.
Steve Balich 815 557-7196

Government hurts employment

From Beautiful Homer Glen I listen to all the political commentators and elected officials talk about creating jobs. There is a discussion of throwing more money into job creation by putting our taxes up for infrastructure improvements. The problem is that construction jobs help in the short term, but when the job is finished people are out of work again. It takes very little thought to come up with a solution.

Business is leaving because Government without doing anything is now more than an equal partner sharing in the profits without any risk or any responsibility. Government also increases the regulation on business through administrative law passed by an alphabet soup like FDIC, FDA, FREDDIE MAC, DOT, EPA, DOE, OSHA, etc. The cost of doing business and the humps that have to be jumped on every layer of government make it almost stupid to do business in The United States, and in particular Illinois. To open a mom and pop restaurant in Illinois, you need approval from the city which entails conforming to multiple regulations from landscaping to lighting. The County sends out the Health Department and various inspectors, The State makes you purchase permits, and set up to pay State tax. They may send the State Fire Marshall to inspect. The local fire Department will also visit. The Federal Government will be looking for compliance with Federal Codes. It goes on and on with fees for everything.

Once the business opens, the owner hoping to make a 10% profit after expenses gets to pay his equal partner in Illinois a 10% corporate tax, and then a federal corporate tax, and lets not forget that some counties and cities also have a tax.

Cut the taxes, and relax the regulations to the extent that it is cheaper to do business in the United States, and the State you live in. The government does not need to throw more money into job creation. Government simply needs to take their hand out of the pocket of business, and relax excessive regulation.

Enforce the law and jobs will come

I am asking myself why the State of Illinois is basically a sanctuary State for illegal’s. We are the worst State in the U.S. economically. We have high taxes, way too much regulation, and a huge corrupt Government. Illegal’s are a major part of the problem. I do feel for a person wanting to better their life by coming to our country. The issue is the jobs they are taking from our citizen’s and the increased cost to the taxpayers that are citizens. We need to also think of a citizen with Thousands of dollars in student loans, compared to illegal’s that get it paid for by the Dream Act, federal programs, and in some case social security.

The U. S. borrows $.42 for every dollar spent. This is absurd, but even more ridicules are spending taxpayer money to support non-citizens that are breaking the law by there just being here. The compassion ends when we are unable to take care of ourselves, while taking care of non-citizens. If we continue to support Illegal’s irrefutable destruction of our economy and way of life will happen.

Alabama passed the toughest immigration law in the U.S. Illgeals left, and there is room in the schools, less people in the emergency room, and lots of good jobs.

November 19th Conceal Carry Class

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Tea Party Newsletter
Oct 19, 2011

PO Box 792, Lockport, IL 60441

In This Issue
Home Defense & Concealed Carry Seminar

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Home Defense & Concealed Carry Seminar

6 Hour Seminar – $125.00 per person

Nov 19, 2011 from 9:30 am – 4:00pm

Safer USA

Meets the requirements for Utah & Florida concealed carry recognized in about
30 states

Prerequisites: None

Equipment required: None

Location: American Legion 15052 Archer Ave., Lockport, IL 60441-2258

Course Description:

This seminar is the most comprehensive use of lethal force for personal protection program we have ever seen and incorporates evaluation of numerous real world scenarios. It covers situational awareness, dealing with sociopathic behavior, the autonomic nervous system and the effect stress, choosing a concealed carry holster, type and caliber of an appropriate firearm, semi-automatic failures, type of bullet for maximum effectiveness, use of lethal force law, home defense and setting up a safe room, dealing with the police in the aftermath and the transportation of firearms.

This seminar meets the educational requirement for both Utah and Florida concealed carry. Successful completion of this course only satisfies the classroom requirements for a concealed carry permit. Successful completion of the course does not guarantee issuance of a Utah or Florida Concealed Carry permits. The student is still required to get fingerprinted and have a passport photo taken to send to either/or both Utah or Florida as part of your application. Please be aware that both states have fees in addition to the cost of the course to apply for a concealed carry permit. Check their respective websites for up-to-date information.

Click here to print Registration Form and Waiver
(both documents are require to attend class.)

To pre-register mail your form and checks to:
Homer/Lockport Tea Party, Inc.
PO Box 792
Lockport, IL 60441
Safer USA

For More Information about Safer USA go to www.SaferUSA.com

Review of the Summer Gun Safety Class Conducted by SaferUSA

David Lombardo was our featured speaker at the “Second Amendment” meeting in March 2011 and has been a strong supporter of our tea party group. David has conducted 5 different gun safety classes for our tea party group at the Aurora Sportsman club, just about 100 members can thank Daivd for training them. So please show your support to SaferUSA, and please pass this information on to your friends and let’s make this Conceal Carry Seminar a huge success.

-Vivienne Porter & Steve Balich
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We have the right to bear arms

This article if neither positive or negative, but forgets to mention that we passed out flyers to sign up for our Utah conceal carry class. Never mentions that we have held 3 classes to be licensed to carry concealed. The meeting did not get out of hand, we discussed conceal carry in an orderly fashion for about a half hour, then went on to the fiscal issues. Everyone was respectful. My position is that I believe both open and concealed carry are my right. The second amendment is clear. We have the right to bear arms.


Alabama tries to defend its Borders

From the formation of the United States the Concept of States Rights was considered extremely important. States Rights was so important that it was written in Article 10 of the Constitution. (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution , nor prohibited by it to the states, are retained by the People.) The civil war was actually fought over States Rights. Today the argument continues with the Progressive Democrats allowing Sanctuary cities, and denying States the right to protect themselves from Illegal immigration. Arizona is being sued by the Federal Government, Mexico, and Central American Countries for defending it’s border from illegal’s sneaking over. Obama wants to make the illegals legal. He refuses to defend the border. The Federal Government is defying the 11th article of the Constitution. (The Judicial power of the U.S. shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the U.S. by citizens of another state or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state.) Why should The Federal Government side with foreign Countries against an American State.
Now Alabama figured out that illegal immigration is costing the State huge sums of money, and taking needed jobs from Alabama citizens. They pass a law to protect their State from foreign aggression in the form of illegal immigration. Like Arizona, Alabama is denounced by Obama and the Federal Government filed suit.“In September, U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn issued a ruling on the new law that temporarily blocked four other parts of the law.
The sections blocked by Blackburn:
• Make it a crime for illegal immigrants to apply for a job.
• Make it a crime to harbor or transport an illegal immigrant. 

• Make it illegal to claim tax deductions on wages paid to illegal immigrants.
• Allow discrimination lawsuits against companies that dismiss legal workers while hiring illegal workers.
A final decision on the law won’t be made for months to allow time for more arguments.
The provision of Alabama’s immigration law that mandates the use of the E-Verify program by all employers, including farmers, was not challenged in the lawsuit and will go into effect April 1”
Alabama’s law, passed by the legislature this summer, would allow state and local officials to check the immigration status of public school students and to detain suspected undocumented immigrants without bond. It would make it a crime for immigrants who lack proper documents to conduct business with the state for things such as driver’s licenses.” “The Obama administration says the Constitution does not permit states to deter illegal immigration, saying an issue with foreign policy implications is the exclusive mandate of the federal government,” even though he refuses to do anything about it. http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/14/us/alabama-immigration-law/
Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution, Gives Congress the power to tax, pay debts, provide for the common defense, to provide for the general welfare of the U.S. and to establish a uniform rule for naturalization. It does not say what happens when the Federal Government refuses to enforce its own laws. It is therefore reserved to the States.

Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

Tea Party = Fix America Occupy Wall Street = Arrests, Looting, and Destruction