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Archive → October 25th, 2011

Lockport H.S. Board wants to raise your property tax

I am disillusioned with most of the elected citizens on the Lockport H.S. School Board. I agree with Board member Samantha Neitzke when she says “when is the spending going to stop” John Lukasik, Susan Forbes, Lou Ann Johnson, Mike Lewandowski, and Charles Travis voted to increase the Levy (your property tax) 5.3%. Ron Savara & Samantha Neitzke voted not to raise your property taxes. With people losing their homes, and jobs in this economic crisis there is no logical reason to increase taxes or spending.
Elected people should look to spend less just like everyone that is experiencing financial difficulty. Lukasik, Forbes, Johnson, Travis, and Lewandowski do not represent the taxpayers that elected them. They decided to vote to pay the new Superintendent $183,000 plus about $35, 0000 in benefits. They voted to have the district pay 100% of the costs for medical for administration. This makes the taxpayers responsible for it all. Lukasik, Forbes, Johnson, Travis, and Lewandowski in their wisdom voted to hire a firm to get a referendum passed. Didn’t we just pay $31, 000,000 to widen the K Hallway, and add classes to East? The only 2 board members representing the taxpayers are Svara and Neitzke. Whether you were for or against the referendum, this Board is not representing taxpayers or our children. They spend our tax money because they can!
Please come to the November 21st Board meeting at East High School 7pm and sign up to give your opinion.
Steve Balich 815 557-7196