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Archive → December 6th, 2011

Stop Raise your Tax itis

Lockport School District Proposes a 14.93%

Increase in Your Taxes

Tell Them NO, on Dec 8th

It time to show up at the Lockport School District Meeting and say no to the 14.93% increase in taxes that they are proposing. These boards have “Raise your Tax-itis” and they must hear from the tax payers that we are not a bottomless pit of funds for them to tap into. Our government must learn to work with the funds that they have and stop the reckless spending.

Video: Don’t Get Raise My Tax-itis:

Don’t Get Raise Your Taxes-itis

SAY NO on December 8 at 7:20 pm

At the District Office:
78 N. State Street, Lockport, IL

(If you can’t make it call the office and let the board know what your think! – 815.838.8031)