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My name is Steve Balich. As a Homer Township Trustee for 8 years, I voted to increase the Levy in order to capture “New Growth”. I did not understand the levy process until 2009 when I attended training from the tea party. I now know that boards can levy for no increase and still get the new growth in about 1 ½ years. I now know that increasing the levy dollars increases the tax on everyone. The Rates are just part of the levy formula which determines the money needed by each taxpayer to get the dollars needed form the levy. Your assessed value goes down, and the rate goes up to get to the necessary dollar amount needed by the taxing bodies in their Levy.

In October/ November of 2008 before Obama became President, I voted to increase the salaries of the new board to be elected in April of 2009 as required by law. The New Board after the election had 4 completely new people, and 2 people at new positions. At the time of the vote the economy was not in the depression it is now. As the current Clerk I hold an administrative position. I have not voted since I took office May 2009. I do see Supervisor Meyers, Trustees: Bozen, Neitzke, Sowa, and Kruczek as doing what it takes to spend wisely. This board is working with about the same levy amounts for the last 3 years.

In around 2007 I worked with Mike Costa, and Jim Lamatta to find a way to fix the over taxation of residents of Homer Township City of Lockport concerning the Road District Levy. We were later joined by Jack Jarrett from Lockport citizens for fair taxation. Today through intergovernmental agreements, the Homer Road District gives City of Lockport substantial funds in an effort to fix some of the in inequity in the levy. The other Townships in City of Lockport do nothing to help remedy this inequity and that’s wrong.

In around 2007 the Supreme Court said government could take from a private person and give it to another private entity if it benefited government. I saw this as an attack on personal property rights, and feared the capping of wells, so I brought a resolution by Gary Yambor which was passed by the Board saying we won’t have it in Homer Township. In 2009 I wrote a resolution which passed our current board saying English is the official Language of the Township, existing immigration laws will be enforced, and schools will verify residency.

In 2009 I called Vivienne Porter and asked her to help form the Homer Lockport Tea Party. Together with our members, we became one of the top Tea Party’s in Illinois. We have held numerous rallies; conceal carry classes, town halls, and monthly educational meetings. We encourage people to get involved and even run for office. We have been going to local boards telling them not to get “raise my tax itis”, in an effort to stop them from raising the levy. With 70% of property tax going to 3 school districts, we started with the schools.

I am called a tea party nut by some, and taken to task by others for my conservative positions. I have got behind candidates that did a good job and made the mistake of backing a few that didn’t do such a good job. I am not afraid of standing firm for what I believe, and admitting when I am wrong. Bottom line is; I will to do what is right, in the best interest of everyone in the Community, to the best of my ability, with the help of God. www.electbalich.com http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/steve-balich https://www.facebook.com/ElectBalich