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Archive → February 5th, 2012

Obama Administration will now make law for Morality

Sunday morning, I was at St. Bernards Church in Homer Glen. A letter from the Bishop of Joliet was read. It made my blood boil to think that our Federal Government thinks it can tell private entities what kind of insurance they must provide. In essence they are now mandating MORALITY. They are telling a Catholic Church, Hospital, Grade School, University, etc. that they must purchase medical insurance for employees that is contrary to their Religious Doctrine. The Government is saying they don’t care what you want to buy with your money. The Government is saying you will buy what we tell you to.
This is the first assault by the Federal Government through National Health Care that has caught the attention of a large voting bloc. We Christians have varied opinions on conception, abortion, and contraception, but we stand firm for life. We don’t like the concept of the Government forcing their value of life through administrative rules. Medical procedures for seniors are at risk because their value of life is less, and at the other side of the Bell Curve, infants are as valuable to society as the seniors. Children with disabilities also lack life value in this government attack through National Health Care.
What gives this Administration the right to impose their morality on the American People? Please contact your Federal Representatives:
Biggert Judy judybiggert.house.gov (630) 655-2052 6262 Kingery Hwy, Ste 305, Willowbrook, IL.
Richard Durbin 230 S Dearborn St. Suite 3892 Chicago, IL 60604 (312) 353-4952 – phone
Mark Kirk http://www.kirk.senate.gov/?p=comment_on_legislation 230 South Dearborn Suite 3900 Chicago, IL 60604 Phone: 312-886-3506
Dan Lipinski 6245 South Archer Avenue Chicago, IL 60638 P (312) 886 – 0481 http://www.lipinski.house.gov
Bobby Rush 700 East 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60619-3102 (773) 224-6500 ‎ http://rush.house.gov/office/chicago-office

Steve Balich 815 557-7196