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Sam Adams Day Dinner First ever teaparty dinner in the U.S.

Sam Adams Dinner http://samadamsdinner.eventbrite.com/
Today’s Tax Day Tea Party rallies across the country bring us back to why the tea party movement came about. Three years ago saw the threat to our country and we came together because we believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and the free market system. We united behind our beliefs and our love of country, and the principals of the tea party movement were founded. Over the past three years we have educated ourselves about the constitution, politics and campaigns. We have poured our hearts into working the election cycles. We have waited for the 2012 primary to come and we voted with our hearts for the candidates we felt represented our values best. But now that the primary is over and we know who our nominees are for the November election we must come together for the general election.
Beyond the election there are forces working against our country, the main stream media is gaining ground in demonizing the tea party movement. Credo a progressive think tank funded by George Soros has mounted a full out assault on the tea party, the title on their website reads “Take down of the tea party”. Let alone what Obama has done to our country over the past 3 ½ years. The Washington Post recently published an article about the tea party movement being fractured and how it will be essentially giving the democrats the victory in November. The Washington Post attributes this to the tea party’s history of attacking candidates on the Republican side. With that being said we know there are candidates on the Republican side that we are disappointed with that will be on the ballot this November. However we have to remember how politics works, and by giving control of the house back to democrats will only give more power to Obama if he is re-elected. We must have a strategy to save the republic. We must work to defeat Barak Obama, maintain control of the house and God willing take control of the Senate. Should we gain control of the senate and maintain the house of representative we are in better position to put pressure on the “Rhinos” to vote with the tea party agenda.
Where does the path to victory begin? It starts with the Sam Adams dinner, the dinner is the first step for all of us come together so that we can unify and more importantly work together to bring about a victory in November. We can all agree that the country can not withstand four more years of the Obama administration; this is our moment to band together to restore liberty and change the course of our country. Please join us May 24th for the 1st Annual Sam Adams dinner.
Steve Balich, Samantha Neitzke & Vivienne Porter
Homer/Lockport Tea Party Coordinators