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Bus locations from Illinois to wisc to support Scott Walker

As activity in the fight for economic freedom in our nation and state picks up, I wanted to update you on all of the activity at Americans for Prosperity- Illinois and highlight some important opportunities where you can make a difference for liberty.

Fighting for Freedom in Wisconsin:
The courageous, common-sense budget and labor reforms passed by the Wisconsin legislature and signed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker have put their state on solid fiscal footing, earning high praise from the business community, residents and even some government employees, while actually fostering a decrease in property taxes. AFP-Illinois is joining patriots throughout the nation in supporting the Wisconsin reforms and we need your help with two important activities:

1. Click here to Sign up for our Freedom Phones program to make phone calls into Wisconsin from your own home or cell phone. You do not even need a computer, only a phone, to help out at this important time.

2. Click here to Join AFP-IL for a bus trip to rally and canvass neighborhoods in Wisconsin on June 2. We will join thousands of other champions for economic freedom in Racine, WI to make our voices heard in support of the Wisconsin reforms. Sign up to secure a place on a bus leaving from NE Illinois. Lunch and dinner will be provided.
Illinois Activities for Economic Freedom:

David W. From
Illinois State Director
Americans for Prosperity

Will Countyn Treasurer saves taxpayers big money

Joliet, IL – Will County Steve Weber announced that his office saved $9,076 by removing one return envelope from the property tax notices as well as not mailing property tax bills to tax-exempt organizations that pay no tax under Illinois law.
16,000 Tax-Exempt Bills

Public spaces in Illinois, such as parks, municipal land, and forest preserve areas, are not taxed. Despite this fact, Will County generates and mails almost 16,000 of these “zero tax” bills every year. Treasurer Weber ended the practice this year, seeing it as wasteful and inefficient.

“It makes no sense to mail a bill with a zero balance,” Weber said, “My staff manually removed 15,993 of these ‘zero’ bills this year, which saved $5,600 in postage alone.”

“We will provide copies of those bills upon request of the taxing districts, but so far, we have received few requests,” Weber added.
One Return Envelope

Will County property owners also may notice one less thing in their tax bill this year: only one return envelope. The decision by Weber was intentional.

“We discovered last year that people use the second envelope less than half of the time,” Weber said, “By not including that one envelope; we use less paper and save $3,500 in printing costs.”

Weber said his office does not have additional envelopes to mail citizens who may request one.
About the Will County Treasurer’s Office

The Will County Treasurer’s Office receives tax revenue and other public money, safely keeps those funds, and disburses that money pursuant to law. The office also provides guidance for the management of long-term debt and investments with the assistance of the Will County Board’s Finance Committee and the County’s Director of Finance.

As County Treasurer, Steve Weber (R-Mokena) is dedicated to providing reliable banking services for county agencies, secure investment of your tax dollars, and trustworthy accounting services that provide transparency for county residents. The office has a professional staff of 21 employees.

Obama wants car makers to improve MPG or does he

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I am trying to figure out why cars getting 65 to 75 Miles to a gallon are being sold in Europe but not in the U.S. An example is the Ford Focus Econetic which gets 74 MPG. The car has a 1.6 liter Dci tubrodiesel engine emits low emissions. This exceeds the MPG of Scooters and Motor Cycles in the U.S. These Fuel efficient European cars look like American compact cars, 2 or 4 door with a hatchback, but run on diesel which is not popular.

I see the main reason in the loss of tax revenue since the number of gallons used would be cut in half. Just as an electric car using no liquid fuel cuts into government revenue and may force an unpopular mileage meter to be put on all cars which would be how the government would get their tax money.

The price of oil would fall since because the demand would be cut drastically, making expensive Green Energy impractical. The supply of oil would go dramatically up causing the price to come down. No dependence on foreign oil. Just think of all the countries and companies that don’t want this to happen. Think of Obama’s desire to make the world green.

Although getting half the mileage on American cars is acceptable to those in control, it is not to me. When Obama says he wants to see the engineers come up with cars that have improved mileage, he forgets to say they already exist, but we can’t get them.

Taxes, taxes, and more taxes

I have noticed a quiet apprehension concerning our property taxes until they arrived in the mail. I have had numerous calls about value going down and taxes NOT. I explain that in Will County 74% of the property tax bill is school districts. Last year several concerned taxpayers went to the schools and other taxing bodies asking local elected boards not to raise the Levy (property tax). Sadly, City of Lockport and Homer Township were the only taxing bodies not raising your taxes.

Taxing bodies don’t want you to know how they get a yearly increase at your expense. These local elected boards produce nothing, they only take from us, tell us all the wonderful things they are doing, and expect us to vote for them over and over. All new business and homes are seen as a windfall called New Growth. Capturing the New Growth is accomplished by raising the Levy to the Max every year. This means the board increases the Dollar amount they need to spend in order to get more cash immediately to pay for their increased budgets. Taxes never go down in this system! Not raising the Levy and spending wisely is the only way to stop the tax spiral.

The State of Illinois is talking about dumping billions in unsustainable TRS pensions that were never funded correctly on local school districts which will cause a huge increase in property tax. The State claims that the problem was created by local school boards giving excessive raises, and bumps to employees beginning 2 years before they retire increasing their pension. Remember the 2% income tax increase went entirely to pay State Pensions.

Can you retire between 55 and 62 with 70 to 80% of your pay for life?


Unfunded Pension Liabilities,
Just one more reason to go to your school board meeting.

We wanted to give you some real numbers to help everyone understand what does the unfunded pension liability problem look like, and what impact will it have on the indvidual tax payer. Below are the amounts of the unfunded pensions for the Tinley Park School Districts Annually!! Quinn, Cullerton and Madigan are talking about passing these unfunded amounts back to the school districts. These amounts are crippling because these amount will be tacked onto operating budgets.

District 228 – 8.5 Million Annually
(Bremen High School District)

District 230 – $5-$14 Million Annually
(Sandburg, Victor and Andrew High School District)

District 146 – $1.6 Million Annually
Grade School District

District 140 – 5 Million Annually
Grade School District

We currently don’t have information on our school districts but we are working on it.

School Board Meetings

Thu May 10
7:00pm – 8:00pm

Lockport School District 92 Meeting – 708 N. State St., Lockport, IL This recurring event is part of a series.

Mon May 21 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Lockport HS District 205 Meetings – 1323 East Seventh Street Lockport, ILThis recurring event has been changed and is no longer part of a series.

Tue May 29 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Homer 33c Board Meeting – 15733 S. Bell Road, Homer Glen, IL

As we are emailed other school district meeting dates we will add them to the calendar.
Click here to see our calednar with the upcoming meeting dates.time and addresses.

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