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Unfunded Pension Liabilities,
Just one more reason to go to your school board meeting.

We wanted to give you some real numbers to help everyone understand what does the unfunded pension liability problem look like, and what impact will it have on the indvidual tax payer. Below are the amounts of the unfunded pensions for the Tinley Park School Districts Annually!! Quinn, Cullerton and Madigan are talking about passing these unfunded amounts back to the school districts. These amounts are crippling because these amount will be tacked onto operating budgets.

District 228 – 8.5 Million Annually
(Bremen High School District)

District 230 – $5-$14 Million Annually
(Sandburg, Victor and Andrew High School District)

District 146 – $1.6 Million Annually
Grade School District

District 140 – 5 Million Annually
Grade School District

We currently don’t have information on our school districts but we are working on it.

School Board Meetings

Thu May 10
7:00pm – 8:00pm

Lockport School District 92 Meeting – 708 N. State St., Lockport, IL This recurring event is part of a series.

Mon May 21 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Lockport HS District 205 Meetings – 1323 East Seventh Street Lockport, ILThis recurring event has been changed and is no longer part of a series.

Tue May 29 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Homer 33c Board Meeting – 15733 S. Bell Road, Homer Glen, IL

As we are emailed other school district meeting dates we will add them to the calendar.
Click here to see our calednar with the upcoming meeting dates.time and addresses.

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