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Archive → May 10th, 2012

Obama wants car makers to improve MPG or does he

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I am trying to figure out why cars getting 65 to 75 Miles to a gallon are being sold in Europe but not in the U.S. An example is the Ford Focus Econetic which gets 74 MPG. The car has a 1.6 liter Dci tubrodiesel engine emits low emissions. This exceeds the MPG of Scooters and Motor Cycles in the U.S. These Fuel efficient European cars look like American compact cars, 2 or 4 door with a hatchback, but run on diesel which is not popular.

I see the main reason in the loss of tax revenue since the number of gallons used would be cut in half. Just as an electric car using no liquid fuel cuts into government revenue and may force an unpopular mileage meter to be put on all cars which would be how the government would get their tax money.

The price of oil would fall since because the demand would be cut drastically, making expensive Green Energy impractical. The supply of oil would go dramatically up causing the price to come down. No dependence on foreign oil. Just think of all the countries and companies that don’t want this to happen. Think of Obama’s desire to make the world green.

Although getting half the mileage on American cars is acceptable to those in control, it is not to me. When Obama says he wants to see the engineers come up with cars that have improved mileage, he forgets to say they already exist, but we can’t get them.