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Illinois/ makes positive medicaid reform negative

Last week emails were flying around about some of our Elected officials calling them out for bringing Obamacare to Illinois 2 years early. I wanted to see what the bill SB2840 actually said before I called them to complain. It is not my desire to implement any part of the National Health Care currently passed by the Progressive Democrats. Here is what the bill which includes attached amendments actually says. Most of this bill is good.
SB 2840 stops people scamming the system and enforces it with an independent contractor who will verify income eligibility requirements, residency in Illinois (you can be illegal and a resident), verify age for the “All Kids Program”, and verify the person receiving our tax money is alive. It cuts about 1.6 billion which is about 10% of the people now taking our tax dollars that are not eligible. The bill also puts a $10 co-pay for emergency room visits, $3.60 co-pay for all services, and a $2 co-pay for generic drugs which will be limited to 4 per month without doctor certification, and eliminates Chiropractic services. It seems absurd to me that taxpayers have been dolling out money without these verifications. The Progressive Democrats in control of the State of Illinois allowed taxpayers to be screwed. The tipping point has just occurred when reform has to be done to this unsustainable system.
So far so good, but like any progressively controlled bill amendments are added to foster some form of socialism. This positive reform is spoiled with HB 5007 which allows only Cook County Hospital which has its own separate rules for Medicaid to bring elements of National Health Care in 2 years early. It provides for a State and Federally subsidized health insurance exchange as mandated by Obamacare. It establishes this health care exchange under the guise of Medicad reform, but only for Cook County.
There is always a tax. SB2194 provides a $1 tax on cigarettes.
SB 3261 requires hospitals to provide free care to low income people if treatment is medically necessary. This means anything requiring medical treatment, like emergency room visits. This could mean people will drop insurance and use the ER as their primary means of health care. The ER may take the place of the doctor’s office at a huge expense to the taxpayer.
SB3397 is a good thing preventing the State from rolling over Medicaid bills for one fiscal year to the next.
This bill is good if you remove the amendments. I see why many of our Representatives voted for it. Maybe in a Progressive Democrat State like Illinois this is the best reform we can get. My thought is something is better than nothing, and this bill gives us a lot of reform and sticks only Cook County with early Obamacare. My fear is that when the Progressive Democrats are given an inch they will try to take a yard.