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Homer Glen will vote on a property tax August 28th

The Village of Homer Glen is run by an elected Board and Mayor. Their job is to represent the residents. They were not elected to do extreme things that are very controversial like buy the Dunn Farm, and now pass a $50,000,000 bond for buying the water company, putting sewers in unincorporated Homer Township, and getting an open checkbook for various projects. Before putting a General Obligation Bond (property tax) on the residents this Board should put it to Referendum to let the people decide. There is a total lack of information. I for one don’t know if the Board understands what they are doing to the people. They expect us to say vote for it at the August 28th meeting and find out what we will get later. Sounds Like Nancy Pelosi and the Health Care Bill.
I thought they needed the1% sales tax to stay in the black, but now they imply they did not need it at all to be solvent. They can put it toward paying the bonds. They will have to abate the property tax every year or we taxpayers get the bill. What if the Board comes up with a new expensive expansion of government and decides to stop abating the property tax because they can. There are so many unanswered questions, statements that are misleading, with the goal of encumbering the 1% sales tax, so the Village Board won’t lose their 1% sales tax cash cow if the Home Rule Referendum fails in November. In the Old days deception like this resulted in Tar and Feathers. Today we can all show up August 28th and tell the Board no Property Tax.

Steve Balich

Make a difference in Ohio

Veronica L. Vera
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Have a free weekend coming up? Well the Young Republicans could use your help – IN OHIO! We would love to get 50 people on 17th and 18th of August (this weekend) to join us in Ohio – and you don’t even have to be a YR!

On Friday, we’ll be driving to Cleveland, Ohio to knock on doors and walk the neighborhoods for Republican candidates like OH Senate candidate Josh Mandel, and of course, ROMNEY/RYAN!

The best part is, it won’t cost you a penny… Transportation, accommodations, and even food will be taken care of for you. We just need you to show up!

We have two options for the weekend – the first will leave after 5pm Friday, return before 8pm Sunday; the second will be leaving around 6pm on Friday, and return before midnight on Saturday. There will likely also be a social activity arranged for Friday or Saturday night, depending on what works best…

We need your help! If you’re interested in joining us this weekend and helping us make sure that Ohio swings our way this time, Call Veronica Vera at 312-287-9291 or email me at ireform@aol.com.

I hope to see you all there!!! Ohio or Bust!!!

Matching Donations/Steve Balich for Will County Board

Great news, I (Steve Balich) won the Primary and will win the General. I need to raise some funds to cross the finish line. I was given a challenge; every dollar I raise in the next 2 weeks will be matched up to $5000.

I need your help! Making a donation to Elect Balich in any amount becomes double due to the matching monies. Remember I will represent all Will County when I vote. If you believe in conservative principals as I do, you know your donation is going to a good cause. I will do a good job, and deeply appreciate any help you can give.

Checks should be made to Elect Balich and mailed to 12259 Derby Ln. Orland Park, IL. 60467

Thanks, Steve Balich