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Do Not give up the Internet

1-14-2014 Me at Governors Forum 2The U.S. is controlled and operated by a group of people presumed to be led by Our President Obama. Since Obama took office he has lied to the American people, destroyed our economy, attacked our institutions, assaulted the Constitution, Religious Liberty, and changed the social structure to benefit those who do not produce. Did I leave anything out? I am sure I did.
Now the Administration after using the NSA to spy on the world is embarrassed by what other countries think of Mr. Obama and those in control in the U.S. The media which is now pretty much controlled by the government ignored all those scandals like Bengazzi, IRS Targeting, IRS going after media that won’t fall in line, and government spying on everyone in the world at the digression of who? The goal is obvious, to make the U.S. into a socialist system.
Why should the U.S. Government give up control of the internet that was developed by the military with tax dollars to any country, group of countries like the UN, or the “world”. It is ours and anyone can see the potential damage giving up control just to make Obama look good to the world. Once the World gets their grubby hands on control are we in greater danger? The world for the most part hates us. They pretend to be our friend as long as money keeps flowing their way with nothing in return to the taxpayer except the happy feelings generated by countries that kiss our backside and lie in wait with a knife to move to a stab a little higher whenever the opportunity arises.
When the internet is controlled by “who” will cyber-attacks on the U.S. become the norm. To pay the taxpayer back for the cost of development maybe every country should pay a tax to use our creation. Where our elected Representatives in saying no? They campaign on standing for America get elected and forget what they said. They want to be liked by the media so they shirk the responsibility of standing for what is right, which in today’s world is contrary to the direction of Obama and those who control him.

Why another Illinois tax increase

Lawmakers and special-interest groups across Illinois are trying to dupe Illinoisans into paying higher income taxes. They’re trying to convince Illinoisans that a progressive income tax hike is only a tax hike on the rich. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Need proof? Look at both progressive tax proposals on the table in Illinois.
Under current Illinois law, the individual income tax rate will be 3.75 percent in 2015. Under the progressive tax-hike plan from state Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, D-Champaign, a higher 4 percent rate kicks in on any income of more than $18,000. That income tax rate targets hardworking Illinoisans.
Jakobsson’s progressive tax rates also attack the middle class. Her 5 percent tax rate applies to income earned after $36,000. When an Illinoisan earns more than $58,000, Jakobsson’s tax rates jump to 6 percent, and again to 7 percent on income earned after $95,000 – nearly double the rate Illinoisans will pay in 2015.

Source: Email correspondence with state Rep. Naomi Jakobsson
Another progressive tax plan, developed by the union-funded Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, increases the tax rate for anyone who earns more than $5,000.

Source: IEANEA

It’s no surprise that Jakobsson’s progressive tax-hike proposal targets the middle class – it’s how progressive income taxes work. That’s where a lot of the money is.
Just look at where the top progressive tax rates – the rates that are supposed to “make the rich pay their fair share” – start in other states.

Source: Tax Foundation Facts & Figures 2013

So don’t be fooled when lawmakers say a progressive income tax is only a tax on the rich. The proposed rates in Illinois make it clear that lawmakers are gearing up to raise tax rates on Illinois’ working- and middle-class residents.
– See more at: http://illinoispolicy.org/progressive-tax-hike-would-hurt-middle-class-illinoisans/?utm_source=Illinois+Policy+Institute&utm_campaign=67da57680b-0220_unraveling&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0f5a22f52c-67da57680b-11508273#sthash.KzSRjUFz.dpuf