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Archive → April 21st, 2014

Balich Opinion on Woodbine Purchase

After receiving calls about the Meeting of the Village of Homer Glen, this Tuesday April 22nd at 6:30pm 14917 S. Founders Crossing, concerning the purchase of Woodbine Golf Course, I feel I should state my position as a taxpayer of Homer Glen.

1. I believe the purchase price was a great deal. The Village currently pays about ¼ Million Dollars to rent space at Founders Crossing each year. Stopping this bleeding of our Village coffers makes since. The Village needs to move in there as soon as possible.

2. I believe this meeting will give the public a chance to hear various options to what may be planned with the 100 plus acres that cost about 3Million Dollars.

3. I like the idea that a meeting is being planned to give the public some input. Nothing has been done at this point other than the purchase.

4. We need to make sure whatever the public and or Village desire as a finished product can be funded without a new tax, unless there is a referendum for the people to decide.

5. In the interim I believe since the Village owns the property, residents should be allowed to use it as long as it does not cost a lot of money. There are asphalt walking paths, huge fairways for sports practice fields, ponds for fishing, possibly a hall that seniors and other groups could use, plus God knows what else. We don’t need to raise taxes to do these things since they are pretty much ready to be used.

6. I don’t know where the money to buy the property is coming from, nor do I know what it will cost to develop a plan to convert the property to whatever its permanent use will be. My guess is a short term bond, or cash reserves for the purchase and site plan which could be paid by the ¼ Million savings in rent. Where the money to actually construct what is planned will come from is a separate issue.

7. When we hit the building phase sometime in the future, there should be a referendum asking the voters if they want to have a property tax, purchase another bond, or do nothing at that time. I know the General Obligation Bond to purchase the Illinois American Water transmission line could force a property tax if there is not enough revenue in sales tax to pay the bond. I don’t think this will happen, but spending on new projects does concern me. This is why I feel the voters need to decide at that future point.