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Democrats out vote Republicans in Lame Duck Secession of Will County Board

All Democrats vote for Property Tax Increase with Will County Executive Breaking the tie/ all Republicans voted no in the Lame Duck secession 11/20/2014

Democrats try to give the perception that they are for the working class yet fight for tax increases every time. There has not been a tax the Democrats have not liked, and they are all ears to finding new ways to raise cash for a government that like a BEAST needs more and more nourishment. The Will County Board was split 13 to 13 with the deciding vote going to the Democrat County Executive Larry Walsh. The 2014 November election gave the majority back to the Republicans who will be take office in December. The Democrats still had control at the Lame Duck Secession with Executive Walsh’s vote. Democrats voted to raise the following Property Tax Levy’s:
1. Corporate Fund
4. Tort Immunity Fund
5. Workman’s Comp Reserve Fund
6. TB Sanitarium Fund
7. County Highway Fund
8. County Bridge Fund
9. Federal Aid Matching Fund
Republican control begins in December. A time of Fiscal Responsibility will return to the Will County Board. Unlike Democrats who refer to the Property tax increase as just $5 to 10 Dollars, Republicans understand the increase coupled with the other property tax increases puts an increased burden on families. Will County Board Member Steve Balich said, “Obamacare cost for health insurance has increased with less coverage. It cost more for food, and other taxing bodies especially the schools keep raising our taxes, causing the disposable income of families to be less.” Walsh said in a Southtownstar article “For the average homeowner, the higher levy will mean paying $5.50 more per year in property tax. The levy increase includes $1.6 million more in the actual levy (a 1.5 percent increase in the Consumer Price Index) plus $1.3 million from new property.”

Before the vote, Republican board member Mike Fricilone (Republican) proposed cutting the budget $1.8 million, taken from the county’s capital improvements budget.

Republicans Jim Moustis and Steve Balich as well as a citizen from Tinley Park, pointed out that homeowners have seen property taxes continue to rise while home values go down.

“Balich said, “Everybody’s struggling right now. Any tax increase at this time is bad.”

Jim Moustis said “Will County is just one of many taxing districts in the county. This is death by a thousand cuts. Will County can go forward, in my opinion, and accomplish our goals without raising taxes. Property Tax is only about 1/3 of the total revenue sources.”

Chuck Maher saw no need to raise the budget with $100,000,000 in reserves and savings not included in the budget from re-financing Bonds at a lower rate. Contrary to a statement made by the Executives Chief of staff that Republicans said nothing in Committee; Balich said he asked to have 1cent cut from every line item during the finance committee meeting on the Budget.

Mike Fricilone said “As I stated at the Board meeting its time for the County to show some leadership and hold the line on tax increases so hopefully other taxing bodies, like the Schools, Fire Districts, Townships, Library’s etc. will take a cue from will county and stop over taxing the residents of Will county.”

In a Times Weekly Article Walsh said, “Republican Will County Board members didn’t just vote against the 2014-15 budget Thursday but against all 11 levies needed to fund county government after Dec. 1.” This action incensed Will County Executive Larry Walsh. As a resident of Will County I am incensed at this Property Tax increase and increases by the other taxing bodies. I can’t believe especially the schools need to have so much of my hard earned money to operate. District 33C in Homer Glen/Lockport cost $19,000 per student per year. The Fire Districts, Library, and the rest raise property Taxes to the max because they can. There is never an effort to cut the spending and taxes.

When asked, Mike Fricilone the Republican Caucus Whip said, “The intent was never to shut down the government.” Fricilone repeated that the County needs to take a leadership role in stopping over taxation by every taxing body.”

A gentleman from Tinley Park at the Board Meeting spoke in comments from the public saying when will it end. How long before I am taxed out of my house. These increasing taxes are un-sustainable.
http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=2342 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwma0_nrzSw&list=UUAeFfS9qrEaDJKh9Ov5LmyA#t=6766