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Democrats push unfunded mandate on Illinois Counties with SB0172/ Crushing cost / WHY?

1-14-2014 Me at Governors Forum 2

The State of Illinois Democrats, in an effort to expand voting; which has already expanded with extended hours, being open on weekends, early voting, absentee voting, and voting by mail passed SB0172. This forces Counties into a huge unfunded mandate in excess of 1 million to start for Will County. This bill was sponsored by Democrats with no concern to expense or need, and for what reason. Voting laws were changed last election for that election alone not to require ID to early vote. This was “Very Suspicious”, as to the integrity of the vote. At that time I wondered if we needed to ask Russia to monitor our election. Knowing that was a bad idea and would never happen I found myself relying on the honesty of the people that oversee the election process.
When voter machines showed up changing Republican votes to Democrat it was deemed an error. I could not figure out why the machines only broke in favor of Democrats. I understand the concept of early voting but feel there is too big a chance for fraud, and there is a huge cost attached to this effort. The State provides no funding because it is broke. Our State expects Counties to pick up the tab which means possibly being forced to raise taxes. There was ample opportunity to registrar, and vote in prior years. What changed? Why do we need to spend Millions to allow registration and voting on the same day at the polling places?

http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=2798 Video for Will County Clerk explaining crushing costs and vote integrity.

Sponsors for SB0172
Sen Don Harmon [D] Sen Kwame Raoul [D] Sen Terry Link [D] Sen Jacqueline Collins [D]
Sen Michael Frerichs [D] Sen Melinda Bush [D] Sen Michael Noland [D] Sen Emil Jones [D]
Sen Mattie Hunter [D] Sen Toi Hutchinson [D] Sen Patricia Vanpelt-Watkins [D] Sen Kimberly Lightford [D]
Rep Michael Madigan [D] Rep Barbara Currie [D] Rep Naomi Jakobsson [D] Rep Louis Lang [D]

Sen. Pamela Althoff [R] Oppose
Sen. Jason Barickman [R] Oppose
Sen. Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant [D] Support
Sen. Daniel Biss [D] Support
Sen. Tim Bivins [R] Oppose
Sen. Bill Brady [R] Oppose
Sen. Melinda Bush [D] Support
Sen. James Clayborne [D] Support
Sen. Jacqueline Collins [D] Support
Sen. Michael Connelly [R] Oppose
Sen. John Cullerton [D] Support
Sen. Thomas Cullerton [D] Support
Sen. William Cunningham [D] Support
Sen. William Delgado [D] Support
Sen. Dan Duffy [R] Oppose
Sen. Gary Forby [D] Support
Sen. Michael Frerichs [D] Support
Sen. William Haine [D] Support
Sen. Don Harmon [D] Support
Sen. Napoleon Harris [D] Support
Sen. Michael Hastings [D] Support
Sen. Linda Holmes [D] Support
Sen. Mattie Hunter [D] Support
Sen. Toi Hutchinson [D] Support
Sen. Mike Jacobs [D] Support
Sen. Emil Jones [D] Support
Sen. David Koehler [D] Support
Sen. Dan Kotowski [D] Support
Sen. Darin LaHood [R] Oppose
Sen. Steven Landek [D] Support
Sen. Kimberly Lightford [D] Support
Sen. Terry Link [D] Support
Sen. David Luechtefeld [R] Not Voting
Sen. Andy Manar [D] Support
Sen. Iris Martinez [D] Support
Sen. William McCann [R] Oppose
Sen. Kyle McCarter [R] Oppose
Sen. Karen McConnaughay [R] Oppose
Sen. Pat McGuire [D] Support
Sen. Julie Morrison [D] Support
Sen. John Mulroe [D] Support
Sen. Antonio Munoz [D] Support
Sen. Matt Murphy [R] Oppose
Sen. Michael Noland [D] Support
Sen. Chris Nybo [R] Oppose
Sen. Jim Oberweis [R] Not Voting
Sen. Christine Radogno [R] Oppose
Sen. Kwame Raoul [D] Support
Sen. Susan Rezin [R] Oppose
Sen. Dale Righter [R] Oppose
Sen. Chapin Rose [R] Oppose
Sen. Martin Sandoval [D] Support
Sen. Ira Silverstein [D] Support
Sen. Steve Stadelman [D] Support
Sen. Heather Steans [D] Support
Sen. John Sullivan [D] Support
Sen. Dave Syverson [R] Oppose
Sen. Donne Trotter [D] Support
Sen. Patricia Vanpelt-Watkins [D] Support