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The base does not want Jeb Bush Republican/ Establishment needs to understand this

From Illinois Review
Tuesday, October 06, 2015
Balich: Republicans Are United … Against Jeb Bush


By Steve Balich – Wight Engineering event 402

When it comes to presidential politics, Republican and Republican-leaning Independents seem to be split on where they want to lend their support. While Trump has the largest percentage of support, his is nowhere near a majority, and it is slipping. If anything, support has been more evenly spread among the other candidates since the last debate.

We are more divided than ever. Or are we? If there is one thing that unites us, it is the fact that the base of the party doesn’t want Jeb Bush to be the nominee.

Both statistical and anecdotal evidence show this. Statistically, Jeb Bush is in a freefall. Poll after poll shows him in major decline. The latest Pew Poll puts him at 4 percent and in 6th place. And that’s with all the advantage of the party establishment, money, and name I.D.

The theory was that with more exposure and the race heating up Jeb would rise to the top. But the exact opposite has happened. As recently as July, the Real Clear Politics’ poll average had Bush firmly in first place at 17%. As the public has gotten to know him more, his numbers have fallen.

The anecdotal evidence is even more compelling. Try this a home. Ask your soft Republican and/or Independent friends what they think of Jeb Bush for president. You will invariably get the same reaction – an eye roll. It’s not even a “no.” It’s an eye roll. That doesn’t work well in a primary.

But what does that mean for the General Election? Not good things. In fact, you can ask your Independent and soft Democratic friends about Hillary Clinton. It’s a similar reaction. The vast middle of the country does not want a Clinton or a Bush again in the White House.

The Democrat leadership is hell bent on nominating Clinton. Why would we give up such a massive advantage in the General Election by nominating another person the middle just doesn’t want? I don’t understand it.

I like Jeb Bush. I believe he did a fine job as governor of Florida. He appears to be the smarter of the two brothers. But if he didn’t have the family and political connections that he has, he would be with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal at the second tier debate. Or worse yet, he would be with Rick Perry and Scott Walker – watching at home.

Elections are about the future. And Jeb Bush represents the past.

It’s time for the Republican Establishment to recognize that.

Steve Balich lives in Homer Glen, Illinois.

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Concerned Republican

I am a concerned republican

The Republican platform of Limited Government, less taxes, and less Regulations is the solution to the things that are wrong with government. Keeping America as the best place on earth to live should be everyone’s priority.

There are Politicians who seem to want America to fail, those who stand by and watch without saying a word or lifting a hand to stop it, and those who say they will fight for America, but don’t because they fear the media, other elected officials, or have some personal gain. We need to elect people that will stand for what is right, the economic protection of future generations, and the Constitution instead of political correctness.

Obama is a bum. Progressive Democrats like Obama need to be voted out. Obama, Durbin, Madigan, and Cullerton are examples of elected officials causing the State to fail. They have no problem sticking huge government debt on our grandchildren. spending
The Democrat party has huge Union backing. The Unions give members’ dues to the Democrats who favor illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Guess what jobs illegals go after. This has not worked for private sector union members who are not working because of their jobs being scabbed, and non-union companies being formed by illegals. 2013

There is a huge divide between a private sector union member who gets laid off when there is no work and a public sector union member who rarely gets a pink slip and makes the same or higher wages with better benefits and more holidays. Don’t forget the unfunded pensions. When government gives a raise, private sector union brothers have to pay for it in higher taxes. If the cost of union labor is too high in the private sector it becomes hard to compete or too expensive. Less work is the result. Public Sector workers just force government to raise taxes and all is well. So private sector union members are paying the same as everyone else for government sector raises. kick the can

Taxes where I live are insane. Most homes are $6000 and up into the 20’s. This is forcing people out of homes they lived in for years. When I go to local Board meetings and tell them why they should not raise the Levy (property tax) their reply is if they don’t take as much as possible they will lose their money forever. They don’t get the fact that it is taxpayer money not theirs. No desire to cut the cost of government or even keep it the same. They want to expand at Taxpayer expense.

In Orland Park political correctness has gone to extreme, costing the people of Orland Park thousands of dollars to defend a case with unfiltered computers and Porn.

Back in 2009 or so I wrote and got passed a Resolution in Homer Township making English the Official Language, enforcing existing immigration laws, and having all schools verify residency. There was nothing new said here. English is the Official language of Illinois as stated in the Illinois Constitution.
The point is that Individuals can make a difference.

When the progressive Democrat O’mally says he is sorry for saying “Black lives matter, White lives matter, All lives matter” we have a problem. All lives matter including the life of the aborted baby who survived the abortion in a Planned Parenthood video. The baby with a heartbeat that had his face cut open to harvest his brain for a profit. This video is sick yet no one is going to jail. So murder is now acceptable if it is a baby. We need to demand defunding of Planned Parenthood and organizations like them. We need to arrest the person who killed that living baby.public sector negociations

As far as ISIS goes, or any war, why don’t we send everything we have in to destroy them? Would it take 2 weeks or a month? The Southern border is non-existent anyone can get in including terrorists. We need a wall and the ability for border guards to send people they catch crossing illegally, to be sent back the same way they came in. Employers caught hiring illegals need to be fined $10, 000 for every illegal they employ.

There are many Candidates running for president and other offices this cycle. We need to google them and see what they are all about. We need to get involved to protect our grandchildren and future generations from destructive policies of today and give them the path to improved life, liberty, and property.

Steve Balich