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Some Democrats work for the people

Dunkin votes against Democrats’ effort to challenge Rauner on child care

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Dunkin votes against Democrats' effort to challenge Rauner on child care
A democratic state representative has once again broken from the ranks of his party.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 07:26PM

A Democratic state representative has once again broken from the ranks of his party – Ken Dunkin did not vote with other Democrats on a key bill in the budget stalemate.

State Rep. Dunkin is the most controversial lawmaker in Illinois.

“I am not a puppet for Mike Madigan, for the governor. I work for the citizens of this district and across the state,” he said.

The Chicago Democrat on Tuesday did not support his party’s effort to reduce the power of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner to change rules affecting who qualifies for state-subsidized child care. The Democrats, led by House Speaker Michael Madigan, needed all 71 of their supermajority to pass the bill. Dunkin is the one lawmaker who did not fall in line.

“The facts are people are sick and tired of us down in Springfield who are under the thumb of Mike Madigan,” Dunkin said.

Dunkin said Tuesday’s vote was pure politics because he negotiated with Rauner and convinced the governor to restore the child care benefits reduced last summer.

“We should be celebrating the fact that children can now go back to daycare,” Dunkin said.

“The idea that I just issue unilateral rules day in and day out is pretty laughable,” Madigan said.

The wounded Madigan – who said Dunkin has strayed repeatedly – was asked if he’ll support the South Sider’s re-election.

“That’s something that we’ll consider as we move along,” Madigan said.

“He let the people down as well as the Democratic Party,” said Andre Smith, a democratic candidate who has set out to challenge Dunkin.

Activist Smith has noted Dunkin’s independence and has already launched a democratic primary campaign to unseat the seven-term incumbent.

“Ken Dunkin, he makes backroom deals and he’s an undercover Republican,” Smith said.

“I wasn’t sent down there to be a Democrat, to be a Republican. I was sent down there to serve the people of my district and throughout the state,” Dunkin said.

Dunkin insisted he has not been promised nor has he received personal favors from Rauner. He says only that partisan politics has run its course in Springfield.

“What’s wrong with negotiating with each other whether you’re Republican or Democrat? It makes no difference. People want to see functionable government,” Dunkin said.

Dunkin says he’s not the only democratic lawmaker who wants an end to partisan politics. The others, he says, are afraid to speak out – intimidated by party leadership.

Source: Will County News

Experimental Cholesterol Vaccine: Better Than Statins?

Image: Experimental Cholesterol Vaccine: Better Than Statins? (Copyright DPC)

By Nick Tate   |   Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015 05:02 PM From Newsmax

U.S. scientists have developed an experimental cholesterol-lowering vaccine that could prove to be more effective and cheaper than statin drugs.

The vaccine led to reductions in “bad” LDL cholesterol in tests involving mice and macaques, and holds promise in treating people, according to research published in the journal Vaccine by scientists from the University of New Mexico and the National Institutes of Health.

“One of the most exciting things about this new vaccine is it seems to be much more effective than statins alone,” said Dr. Bryce Chackerian, who helped conduct the study.
Cholesterol is produced by the body to make vitamin D, some hormones, and molecules that help us digest food. It is also found in foods. But if a person has too much LDL cholesterol, the arteries can become blocked, leading to heart disease and stroke.

According to the CDC, 73.5 million Americans have high LDL cholesterol. While diet and exercise can keep it in check, millions of people worldwide take statins to lower their cholesterol. Statins have potentially serious side effects, such as muscle pain, an increased risk of diabetes and cognitive loss.


But the new vaccine could provide an alternative to statins, by targeting a protein called PCSK9 that controls cholesterol levels in the blood, without posing those side effects. A single vaccine was able to reduce cholesterol levels dramatically in laboratory animals, suggesting it could be an effective treatment in humans.

“Statins are still the most commonly prescribed medication for cholesterol. Although they are effective in many people, do have side effects and don’t work for everyone,” said Dr. Alan Remaley, one of the authors of the study from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health. “The results of our vaccine were very striking, and suggest it could be a powerful new treatment for high cholesterol.”

Source: Will County News