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Protesters in Paris for the climate change hoax

Editors note: Climate change is a hoax! It is another way to tax American Taxpayers. It is the new way for giving government more control of our lives. The important word is control. Obama is told by Congress they are not funding any deal, yet Obama will give away the store and get away with it. Remember these environmentalist scientists have been caught changing data to support the fraud.

Next we will hear to many humans are breathing oxygen in and exhaling carbon dioxide. Breathing will be taxed of regulated in the name of climate change.


Who decides what is good for the world? I want to be on that board!!!!

When will these idiots realize that they can’t play God. God is sovereign above all things including the environment. The Environmentalist can’t control the pollution caused naturally due to volcano’s erupting, earthquakes, tornado’s, droughts, etc. Nature causes more pollution than people.

I guess the question is: what and who considers what pollution can be controlled by government and if the cost and consequences are worth it.


Paris climate talks: French protests turn violent as world leaders gather for key climate change talks

Updated about 3 hours ago

French police clashed with protesters on the streets of Paris overnight as world leaders gathered ahead of key United Nations climate talks.

Key points:

  • Police arrest 208 protesters at climate protests
  • Protesters clash with riot police, pelt bottles
  • Hollande condemns “scandalous” behaviour
  • Hollande says they are solely there “to create incidents”

Analysis from Lisa Millar in Paris

Crowds of all ages started gathering early in Place de la Republique but most came with peaceful intentions – people dressed as clowns and penguins, enjoying the camaraderie, eating and drinking.

But shortly before 2pm groups of protesters arrived and began putting on masks and tying scarves across their faces. They accused the government of using the state of emergency to clamp down on the environmental activists.

Hundreds of riot police blocked streets and as groups started marching and leaving the Place de la Republique, the police moved in.

Protesters hurled projectiles at them tainting what had been an otherwise peaceful day. Major environment lobby groups disavowed the actions which took place in the same area where people have left flowers and candles for the victims of the November 13 attacks.

Earlier peaceful protests — including a ‘human chain’ on the streets of the French capital — turned ugly later in the day as a small group of protesters in the Place de la Republique pelted officers with bottles as well as candles that had been left in tribute to the victims of the November 13 Paris attacks.

Police arrested 208 people.

“These disruptive elements have nothing to do with defenders of the environment,” French president Francois Hollande said at an EU-Turkey summit in Brussels.

“They are not there so that the [COP21] talks succeed but are there solely to create incidents.

“It is doubly regrettable, even scandalous, that this happened at the Place de la Republique where flowers and candles have been left in memory of those who were killed by the terrorists’ bullets in the November 13 Paris attacks.”

Earlier thousands of people gathered on the streets of the French capital to form a human chain to send a highly symbolic message to the gathering leaders.

French authorities had earlier cancelled two climate demonstrations and placed climate change activists under house arrest following the terror attacks, which killed 130 people across the city.

But in the first organised demonstration in the French capital since the attacks, climate protesters of all ages lined the wind-blown streets to link up in a two-kilometre human chain instead of holding a march.

“I hope this time the conference will lead to something solid,” said Denis Diderot, a retired university teacher who joined the demonstration wearing a beret and the Legion d’Honneur.

Protesters left a 100-metre gap in the chain in front of the flowers left outside the Bataclan concert hall,where 90 people were killed on November 13, as a mark of respect to the victims.

Instead of marching, activists left thousands of pairs of shoes on the ground at the Place de la Republique.

One pair of running shoes was left by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

Brazillian cardinal Claudio Hummes also added a pair of Pope Francis’s shoes to the display, saying the pontiff would approve of the demonstration.

“It’s also an ethical question, because we have to ask ourselves what world we will leave to our children, and to the younger generations that are coming, that’s what the Pope says,” he said.

Some 150 leaders including US president Barack Obama, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. China’s Xi Jinping, India’s Narendra Modi, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin will attend the official start of the UN conference on Monday, tasked with reaching the first truly universal climate pact.

About 2,800 police and soldiers will secure the conference site, and 6,300 others will deploy in Paris, with French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve saying nearly 1,000 people thought to pose security risks had been denied entry into France.

The goal of the climate talks is to limit average global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, perhaps less, over pre-Industrial Revolution levels by curbing fossil fuel emissions blamed for climate change.

Rallies demanding curbs to carbon pollution have been growing around the world since Friday, withmarches across Australia kickstarting a final day of people-powered protest.

“In 10 years’ time our children are going to say: ‘Mum, did you know about this? What was everyone doing?’” Kate Charlesworth, a doctor and mother in Sydney, said, where 45,000 people converged.

Similar events were planned for Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mexico City, while 1,000 braved rain in Seoul.

Religious leaders in Paris also delivered petitions to the UN summit organisers, with almost 1.8 million signatures from people around the world demanding world leaders take immediate climate action.

In the past week, the UN’s weather body said the average global temperature for the year 2015 was set to rise 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels, halfway towards the top end of the Paris conference’s attempted limit.

Voluntary carbon-curbing pledges submitted by nations to bolster the Paris pact, even if fully adhered to, put Earth on track for warming of 2.7-3.5 degrees Celsius, according to UN climate chief Christian Figueres.

Mr Hollande has warned of obstacles ahead for the 195 nations seeking new limits on heat-trapping gas emissions from 2020.

Potential stumbling blocks in Paris are abound, particularly in regards to financing for climate-vulnerable countries, scrutiny of commitments to curb greenhouse gases and even the legal status of the accord.

The last attempt to forge a global deal — the ill-tempered 2009 Copenhagen summit — foundered upon divisions between rich and poor countries

Source: Will County News

Refugees /destruction of the west

Source: Will County News

Government can’t stop inventing new taxes at our expense/ Will they tax breathing next

Editors Note: I guess humans should pay a tax on breathing since we exhale carbon dioxide. Humans who drink water or eat any food, should pay a tax because that promotes waste from the body which hurts the environment.

This new set of government intervention in your life is nothing more than a method of control and means for more government waste, higher salaries, and political correctness determined by WHO or WHAT GROUP. I want to be part of the group that says the government need to stay out of my life. Leave me alone!!!!

Climate Change is a HOAX.

Meat Tax: Influential Report Calls For Meat To Be Taxed Like Cigarettes

An influential think-tank with close ties to government has co-authored a report advocating so called meat tax as a means to lower meat consumption worldwide.

Tackling climate change and improving public health can be achieved by forcing consumers to eat less meat in their diets, and it is up to government to force that change, finds a new report. Co-authored by the University of Glasgow and Chatham House, one of the world’s most influential think-tanks, the paper claims “our appetite for meat is a major driver of climate change”.

Finding global meat consumption has reached “unhealthy levels” and cutting consumption is key to “keeping global warming below the ‘danger level’ of two degrees Celsius”, the paper calls for urgent government intervention. Far from being a potentially fatal move for democratic governments around the world, the report findings insist the public won’t actually react badly to the State taking meat off the table.

The changes and government intervention should be packaged and served up to the public in the same way punitive taxation and gradual banning of tobacco products were,reports The Guardian.

Speaking on the findings, report author Laura Wellesley of Chatham House said: “Governments are ignoring what should be a hugely appealing, win-win policy.

“The idea that interventions like this are too politically sensitive and too difficult to implement is unjustified. Our focus groups show people expect governments to lead action on issues that are for the global good. Our research indicates any backlash to unpopular policies would likely be short-lived as long as the rationale for action was strong”.

The report itself lists strategies governments can implement to get the taxes past voters, many of which would be familiar to the anti-tobacco lobby. Top of the recommendation list is to frame the taxation as a measure to pay down the cost of treating meat-related healthcare costs in socialised heath services, such as Britain’s NHS. The report says government, the media, the scientific community, and “responsible business” should all be mobilised in unison to change public opinion against meat.

“Positive associations with nutrition” and meat in nations like the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as the low cost of meat and “social norms that promote meat eating” would all have to be overcome in order to usher in the changes, the report noted.

The paper emphasises the importance of campaigns against meat coming from “trusted sources”, and as government is often distrusted by the general population there should be a reliance on “experts”. One example of consumer confidence in meat having been dented by the proclamations of such experts has been observed in the past month after United Nations body the World Health Organisation released a major report on the health impacts of processed meat.

Although widely criticised and derided as being unreliable, the linking of bacon, sausages, and red meat to cancer had a distinct observable effect on consumer behaviour. According to latest industry figures, bacon and sausage sales fell by £3 million in the two weeks following the report release.

Regardless, if governments can be sufficiently persuaded by the Chatham House report that they start to implement policy to phase meat out of regular diets for the sake of combating climate change without significant backlash, they may be in for a nasty surprise. Breitbart London reported last week on the trailblazing example set by one major Scandinavian hotel chain, which announced it would be no longer be serving pork bacon and sausages for breakfast as a means to help prevent climate change after coming under pressure from the chain owner’s wife – a globe trotting climate campaigner.Political Corectness

Despite offering a green, “plant-based” alternative to breakfast bacon, the chain suffered significant backlash and loss of custom, and just a week later announced they would be bringing back meat. Chain spokesman Camilla Bergman said of the change:

“We at Comfort Hotels view ourselves as the small hotel rebel who wants to challenge the traditional.

“The response from guests shows that we very much did just that. Though many praised us for the measure, the visitors’ feedback clearly emphasised that they still wanted bacon. Therefore we are bringing back the bacon”.

Source: Will County News