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Archery Deer Hunt Planned at Illinois Beach State Park

Archery Deer Hunt Planned at Illinois Beach State Park

Chris Young
Archery Deer Hunt Planned at Illinois Beach State Park
ZION, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) will offer an archery deer hunting program this fall at Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park (IBSP) in Lake County.  The archery deer hunt will assist the IDNR in managing the deer population at the site and help protect vegetation and habitat in the park and nature preserves.

Illinois Beach State Park (IBSP) stretches more than 6.5 miles along the western shore of Lake Michigan, and contains unique dune and swale topography with emergent marshes, sedge meadows, wet-mesic prairies and black oak savannas.  The North and South Units of IBSP encompass more than 3,000 acres, and contain two dedicated Illinois Nature Preserves.

IBSP contains habitats and plant communities unique to Illinois, and supports more than 500 species of plants, including 51 Illinois threatened or endangered species, three federally-threatened species and one federally-endangered species.  The site also supports a large variety of wildlife, especially insects and birds.

Primary roles of Illinois state parks are to preserve native plant communities, to protect threatened and endangered species, and to provide quality outdoor recreational opportunities for the citizens of Illinois.  For more than 20 years, the IDNR has expended considerable effort and resources to restore and protect the unique natural habitats at IBSP, especially prairie, wetlands and oak savannas. However, a 2014 study suggested that the deer browse (feeding on leaves, needles, twigs and buds) is severely impacting vegetation, including Illinois endangered and threatened plants, and the quality of wildlife habitats.

An archery deer program will be initiated in the IBSP North Unit ( approximately 900 acres) between November 1, 2015 and January 17, 2016 in order to reduce the negative impacts of the deer population on vegetation and habitats. Archery deer hunting at IBSP supports the site’s habitat management efforts and provides another recreational opportunity for Illinois residents.

The IDNR routinely operates safe archery deer hunting programs throughout Illinois, including urban and suburban areas.

The success of the deer management program at IBSP will be evaluated by long-term monitoring of the deer browse upon native plants, annual hunter success, and periodic surveys of deer hunters and park visitors. The deer hunting program will be adapted as necessary based on the plant monitoring programs and surveys.

For additional details about the hunt, see www.dnr.illinois.gov/hunting/FactSheets/.

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Common Core is supported by the establishment, for the benefit of the establishment at the expense of our young people.



Declining SAT scores. Falling literacy rates. Reduced critical thinking ability. American children today appear to be getting dumber – and that’s exactly how the government wants it, according to one journalist who has covered education topics extensively.

“The schools are actually doing exactly what they were designed to do: dumb down the American people,” declared international journalist and teacher Alex Newman.

Newman, coauthor of the newly released book “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children,” says education bureaucrats in Washington are not sincere when they claim to possess solutions to America’s education problems.

“In response to the very real crisis in what passes for government-run ‘education’ in America today, the educational establishment is rolling out various so-called ‘solutions’ that will only make the problems worse,” Newman said. “That is primarily because the phony remedies, which will extort taxpayers for more billions, only purport to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause – the fact that the system was literally designed to dumb down American children as a crucial element of replacing liberty and self-government with collectivism and tyranny.”

In “Crimes of the Educators” Newman and coauthor Samuel Blumenfeld expose many of the false solutions to America’s education woes. They write about the increased use of psychotropic drugs to try and treat ADD and ADHD in children. They unveil “cooperative learning” as a classroom teaching method based on communist ideology.

But perhaps the most notorious faux government solution is the Common Core State Standards Initiative, they report.

Get “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children,” and see what Common Core really is doing to children.

Common Core has created national standards in math and English language arts for every student in America to meet at the end of each grade level. However, the standards are complicated and obtuse, as Newman and Blumenfeld describe in their book.

They are so complicated, in fact, that many parents can’t even help their children with math homework because they can’t understand the problems, either.

“As just one example of how bad these national ‘standards’ are, consider that both of the subject-matter experts selected by Common Core’s own architects for the Validation Committee refused to sign off on them,” Newman revealed. “The math expert cited, among other problems, incorrect math. The English Language Arts expert blasted the fact that the standards will reduce the ability of children to think for themselves.”

In addition to imposing questionable standards, Newman reports the Department of Education is collecting obscene amounts of data on every student in the country – even data such as the number of teeth a child has lost and the condition of his or her gums.

“The data-mining schemes exposed in the book would make George Orwell blush,” Newman asserted.

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly told WND she is no fan of Common Core, either.

“Basically, it’s to violate the law and the Constitution by having a federal gang decide what kids learn and what they don’t learn,” she said.

Schlafly believes Common Core is designed to replace an American mindset with a global mindset in children.

“The people behind it want to make our kids internationalists and globalists and think they’re citizens of the world instead of being proud of America as an exceptional and wonderful country,” Schlafly said.

Newman agrees. He sees Common Core as but the first step on the road to a worldwide curriculum.

“Under the global miseducation regime right now being imposed on mankind, the uneducated masses will be trained like Pavlov’s dogs from a young age to fulfill their roles in what top establishment leaders regularly refer to as the New World Order,” Newman said. “The efforts are hardly a secret. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which partnered with Common Core financier Bill Gates on education, already has a set of global standards that it calls a ‘World Core Curriculum’ just waiting to be completely foisted on humanity.

“Education – and the future of humanity, by extension – is at a crossroads today,” he continued. “On one side stand educational liberty and the burgeoning homeschooling movement. On the other: the United Nations, UNESCO, the Obama administration, Bill Gates, Common Core, Achieve, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the totalitarian-minded establishment. Their vision, as we document in the book, involves centralizing education and all power over schooling for the purpose of creating what quite literally amounts to global tyranny.”

WND CEO Joseph Farah praised “Crimes of the Educators.”

“There have been any number of books indicting America’s educational establishment,” Farah said. “But this is the first that appropriately describes what’s happening in our schools as a pattern of criminal behavior against children and parents. It’s about time. It’s not just Common Core that’s the problem – not by a long shot. But Blumenfeld and Newman have done the best job yet of explaining how and why this disastrous and insidious curriculum is being rammed down our throats by activists and unaccountable bureaucrats.”

Newman firmly believes Common Core will actually worsen America’s educational crisis.

“The problem with public education was never a lack of uniformly horrible standards, so imposing such a scheme on the entire nation will not fix the crisis,” he said. “Instead, it will make it much harder for anyone to fix as Common Core’s tentacles spread into every school district and major textbook publishing house in America.

“The future of the nation and its liberties depend on the education – or lack thereof – received by today’s children,” he warned.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/04/common-cores-real-goal-dumbing-down-people/#jzl7axF428v1XqPm.99




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What happened to equipment from 50 closed schools ???

BGA Public Eye: CPS doesn’t know what happened to equipment from 50 closed schools


Two years after Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed a record 50 schools over low enrollment, officials say they don’t know where many of the computers, desks, books and other items from those buildings ended up.

After being pressed for more than six months on what happened to the classroom equipment, Chicago Public Schools officials now say they don’t have an answer.

They blame bad record-keeping under Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Emanuel’s disgraced former schools chief, who awaits sentencing after pleading guilty in October to steering millions of dollars in CPS contracts to her former employer in exchange for what prosecutors said were promises of kickbacks.

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Negotiating to Free Americans in Iran

In Negotiating to Free Americans in Iran, U.S. Blinked on New Sanctions
Image: In Negotiating to Free Americans in Iran, U.S. Blinked on New Sanctions

Image: In Negotiating to Free Americans in Iran, U.S. Blinked on New Sanctions
Saturday, 16 Jan 2016 07:12 AM

The day before the Obama administration was due to slap new sanctions on Iran late last month, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry the move could derail a prisoner deal the two sides had been negotiating in secret for months.
Kerry and other top aides to President Barack Obama, who was vacationing in Hawaii, convened a series of conference calls and concluded they could not risk losing the chance to free Americans held by Tehran.

At the last minute, the Obama administration officials decided to delay a package of limited and targeted sanctions intended to penalize Iran for recent test-firings of a ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

This account of previously unreported internal deliberations was provided by two people with knowledge of the matter.

Those unilateral U.S. sanctions were expected to be imposed quickly now that four Americans, including Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, were being released by Iran on Saturday. Eight Iranians accused in the United States of sanctions violations were having charges dropped or sentences commuted on Saturday under the complex prisoner deal, according to court filings and sources familiar with the cases.
The moves came as broader U.S. and international sanctions were set to be lifted after verification that it had met commitments to curb its nuclear program.

But Kerry’s decision not to call Iran’s bluff in December shows how months of clandestine negotiations to free Rezaian and other Americans became deeply intertwined with the final push to implement the nuclear deal, despite the official U.S. line that those efforts were separate.

A U.S. official said on Saturday there was no connection between the nuclear deal and the release of the Americans.

The prisoner swap could also come under scrutiny from critics who have questioned the Obama administration’s resolve in dealing with Iran and ability to follow through on its pledge to keep a hard line on sanctions outside those imposed on its nuclear program.

The episode was one of several diplomatic and military near misses between Iran and the United States in recent weeks, including a quickly defused crisis when 10 U.S. sailors were detained after entering Iranian waters.


Details of the prisoner talks were a closely held secret, so even within the Obama administration few people realized how perilously close the swap came to falling through.

On Dec. 29, Kerry told Zarif the United States intended to impose new sanctions on Iran over the missile test firings, which were deemed to have violated a United Nations ban, according to a U.S. official and congressional sources.

Zarif countered that if Washington went ahead, the prisoner swap was off, the sources said.

Kerry spoke by phone that night with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and a White House official and the decision was made to hold off on any sanctions announcement, they said. Obama’s role in the unfolding drama was not clear.

Zarif’s ability to fend off new U.S. sanctions, even temporarily, may have bought him some breathing space with Iranian hardliners who oppose the terms of nuclear deal. They have insisted that any new sanctions would be a show of bad faith by Washington.

But a bureaucratic misstep almost undid Kerry and Lew’s decision. Word of their last-minute intervention to delay the sanctions never filtered down to working-level officials at the State Department during the holiday lull.

Unaware of the change of plan, the State officials went ahead and quietly informed key congressional offices the next morning about the new Iran sanctions targeting about a dozen companies and individuals. They included copies of a news release that the Treasury Department intended to issue.


Officials then abruptly pulled back, telling congressional staffers the announcement had been “delayed for a few hours,” according to an email seen by Reuters. The next day the State Department emailed that sanctions were delayed because of “evolving diplomatic work that is consistent with our national security interests.”

Administration officials then told some congressional staffers confidentially that something big involving Iran was in the works, in an apparent attempt to tamp down criticism from Capitol Hill, a congressional source said.

Leading lawmakers, including some of Obama’s fellow Democrats, chided the White House for delaying the sanctions package and suggested it could embolden Iran to further threaten its neighbors and destabilize the Middle East.


The nuclear deal signed on July 14 between Iran and world powers had been widely hailed as a major boost for Obama’s legacy. But he also faced criticism for refusing to make the accord contingent on Iran’s release of Americans known to be held by Iran. The prisoners, accused of spying and other charges, included Rezaian and several other Iranian-Americans.

At a White House news conference the day after the nuclear accord was signed, Obama bristled at a reporter’s suggestion that while basking in the glow of the foreign policy achievement he was all but ignoring the plight of Americans still detained in Iran.

“You should know better,” he said, adding that U.S. diplomats were “working diligently to try to get them out.” But Obama insisted that linking their fate directly to the nuclear negotiations would have encouraged the Iranians to seek additional concessions.

Once the deal was done, Kerry told his staff to redouble efforts to secure the Americans’ release, a U.S. official said. By that time, Brett McGurk, a State Department official, had already been conducting secret negotiations for months with an unnamed Iranian representative, the official said.

In a sign that Iran was looking for a way forward, officials of the Iranian interests section in Washington – Tehran’s de facto embassy – began meetings in August with some of the 12 Iranians held in the United States for violating sanctions. The aim was to see whether they would be willing to return to Iran if a swap could be arranged, according to a person familiar with the cases.
In recent months, senior Iranian officials repeatedly floated the idea of a prisoner exchange, despite apparent opposition from Iranian hardliners.

Kerry informed only a handful of senior lawmakers on a confidential basis on Thursday night that a release of Americans held in Iran was imminent, a congressional source said.

Obama has had some success in keeping such proceedings under wraps in the past. His aides negotiated a deal in late 2014 that led to Cuba’s release of former U.S. aid contractor Alan Gross and a U.S. intelligence operative while Washington freed three Cuban spies.

But it was a prisoner swap earlier that year – the Taliban’s release of alleged U.S. army deserter Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – that caused a backlash from Republican lawmakers. They argued that Obama failed to give Congress the legally required notice for transfer of Guantanamo prisoners and questioned whether Bergdahl endangered fellow soldiers by slipping away from his post in Afghanistan, provoking a massive manhunt.

On Saturday, Kerry and Zarif joined with European Union foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini in Vienna for planned “Implementation Day,” which would end a decade of nuclear sanctions on Iran and unlock billions of dollars of its frozen assets.

With the U.S. prisoners free, Obama may now feel freer to go ahead with the missile sanctions, which are far more limited than the nuclear sanctions program that crippled Iran’s economy. U.S. officials have said that the new financial penalties remain on the table and are likely to be revisited soon.

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