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BLM are slamming the Nashville Public Library’s racist ban from holding meetings that excluded whites

Black Lives Matter slams public library’s ban on blacks-only meetings as racist


– The Washington Times – Monday, February 22, 2016

Black Lives Matter activists are slamming the Nashville Public Library’s anti-discrimination policies as racist after they were banned from holding meetings that excluded white people.

Library officials said all meetings at their taxpayer-funded facilities must be open to the general public and news media, but that has outraged members of Black Lives Matter’s Nashville chapter, who have accused the local government of white supremacy, The Tennessean reported.

In this Dec. 4, 2014 file photo, protestors in Boston hold up signs while chanting "Black Lives Matter" during a demonstration against the deaths of two unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers in New York City and Ferguson, Mo. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, file) ** FILE **

“Due to white supremacy in our local government, this week’s BLM General Body Meeting location has changed,” reads a notice postedFriday on the group’s Facebook page. “BLM General Body meetings are open to black and non-black people of color only.”

Joshua Crutchfield, a Black Lives Matter organizer, said the group’s only rule is that white people are excluded from attending their meetings. They had several meetings scheduled at the North Branch public library but decided to move to Dixon Memorial United Methodist Church in North Nashville out of protest.

“We were surprised about it, but we shouldn’t have been,” Mr. Crutchfield told The Tennessean of the library’s decision. “We kind of know the history about how this goes in this country. … It’s definitely something we want to make public to tell people what’s going on in the city.”

Sean Braisted, a spokesman for Mayor Megan Barry, said the library system has a policy and that it enforced it properly.

“The issue doesn’t have anything to do with the politics [of Black Lives Matter],” he told The Tennessean. “It’s simply a matter of an open-door, open-meeting policy, and that’s what the library has adhered to.”

But local Black Lives Matter leaders stressed the importance of providing a safe space for members.

“The Nashville Chapter of BLM has this policy in place to center the voices and experiences of people of color that have historically been excluded or segregated within supposedly public spaces,” a statement from the organization reads, The Tennessean reported. “[W]e view these spaces as integral to healing and community building, particularly to those who have experienced racialized violence and ardently maintain this policy as imperative to the work and mission of BLM.”


Source: Will County News

Illinois’ Lesson for Millennials

Kathleen Headshot 2

Illinois’ Lesson for Millennials

By Kathleen Murphy


A new political generation has arrived: the millennials. Joel Kotkin, in a recent commentary, stated, “A Pew poll finds that 43 percent of millennials have positive connotations about the word “socialism…” So, we are seeing the embrace of an openly socialist septuagenarian by a generation that, within a decade, will dominate our electorate and outnumber baby boomers as soon as 2020.”


As soon as the feeling returns to your fingertips, I want you to reach out to every college student you know. Tell them to text, Tweet, Snapchat or YikYak (it’s a thing – look it up) anyone they know at a state university in Illinois to ask them how big, liberal government is working out for them.


It might be hard. A lot of the kids they used to know at Illinois state colleges aren’t attending anymore because their MAP Grant funding just got cut. After over a decade of exclusively liberal rule and wanton government spending, the state’s ability to pay its bills and balance its budget has deteriorated.


Thanks to the “progressive” leadership of the past decade, the future of the state’s public universities, a door to upward mobility for tens of thousands of teens every year, is threatened.


State universities have lost students in droves because of a shrinking pool of high school graduates and competition from cheaper-tuition schools across the state line. Since 2009, according to the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association, the system has suffered the steepest enrollment plunge (17.8 percent) by a wide margin among the 50 states.


State universities are held hostage by the state’s credit rating and its threat of higher borrowing costs. Their costs are driven even higher because of the many problems that plague state government. Illinois spends over $12,000 per full-time equivalent student, while the national average is around $6,500. At the same time, tuition is 30 to 60 percent higher for Illinois’ public universities when compared to universities in neighboring states.


Additionally, the state pays more per student and students are paying more in tuition, because the cost of providing an education in Illinois is so high. Higher minimum wages, prevailing wage requirements, collective bargaining, unfunded mandates, exorbitant pension costs, and workers compensation all drive up the cost of education.


That is what big government policies do: they create layers and layers of bureaucracy, foster waste and abuse, and offset the critical balance between the people who are served by government and the people who fund government. And, right now, there is not a Safe Space left that can protect Illinois college students from that reality.


In this progressive mess, however, there is a ray of hope. A Reason.com study found that when different economic systems were described to them, 64 percent of millennials identified the best system as being a free enterprise system.


Source: Will County News

Trump Could Testify in Fraud Case as Primaries Draw Down

PhoTrump Could Testify in Fraud Case as Primaries Draw Down
By Greg Richter | Tuesday, 23 Feb 2016 10:30 PM

Image: Trump Could Testify in Fraud Case as Primaries Draw Down
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is scheduled to be on the witness stand in a civil suit alleging fraud by his now-shuttered Trump University just as the primary season comes to an end, reports Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff.

Trump is set to testify in federal court in San Diego as attorneys for both sides listed him as a witness in court filings on Friday, Isikoff reported.

The final pre-trial conference is May 6, and if the trial itself takes place in May, it would come just as voters cast ballots in Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon and Washington state. On June 7, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota voters go to the polls along with California, with 172 delegates.

“This is pretty amazing,” GOP consultant Scott Reed told Yahoo News. “Usually, you clean this stuff up before you run for president.”

The case involves courses Trump promoted in 2005 in which Trump promised, “I can turn anyone into a successful real estate investor, including you.” Trump also says in the promotional video, “Are YOU My Next Apprentice?” and, “Learn from my handpicked experts how you can profit from the largest real estate liquidation in history.”

The courses were not actually a university and no degrees were offered.

Plaintiffs say they spent upward of $60,000 for seminars in hotel ballrooms. The say they received “mentoring” from Trump’s “hand-picked” real estate experts, but say the got little guidance, and the experts “mostly disappeared.”

More information:

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Source: Will County News