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Archive → February 29th, 2016

Dan Proft & Scott Stantis discuss politics Upstream Ideas

The Art of Politics with Chicago Tribune cartoonist Scott Stantis on ATC

The political cartoon is an integral part of Americana. More people gain their understanding of the news of the day from a cartoonist who can boil an issue down into a single picture with but a word or two of description than they do from the deep thinkers writing 800 word op-eds.

Scott Stantis is part of a small brotherhood of political cartoonists who possess the talent to draw combined with the talent to synthesize the salient issues of the day.

Who is the politician he most likes to draw? Who has the thinnest skin? How does he come up with his ideas? Is political cartooning immune from the contagion of political correctness?

Stantis answers these and many other questions and we pepper in some of his favorite cartoons on this edition of Against The Current.

Source: Will County News

Law Enforcement Seized This Oklahoma Man’s Truck Without Charging Him With a Crime

Melissa Quinn / @MelissaQuinn97 / February 28, 2016

Daily Signal



GRADY COUNTY, OKLA.— When Stephen Mills learned that the Grady County Sheriff’s Department seized his Ford F-250 back in 2010, he figured it would be a matter of days before police returned the vehicle to him and his wife.

It wasn’t.

Watch our video to learn about Mills’ efforts to get his truck back—and what ultimately happened.

Source: Will County News