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Get some exercise while raising money for Homer 33C students

News Release

Homer CCSD 33C

Goodings Grove   Luther J. Schilling   William E. Young   William J. Butler

Hadley Middle   Homer Jr. High


Contact: Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager

cbrautigam@homerschools.org | 708-226-7628


For Immediate Release:

Oct. 3, 2016



It’s time to lace up those running shoes for Mustang Color Run 2016.


Organized by the Future Ready Student Foundation, the 5K Color Run/Walk will benefit all Homer 33C students in the form of classroom supplies, assemblies, technology needs and school improvements.


“The Future Ready Students Foundation is organized exclusively for educational purposes, more specifically to offer and/or enhance educational experiences that offer students the ability to reach their full potential while offering programs that prepare them for a globally dynamic education,” said Foundation member and Color Run organizer Robyn Bates.


“The Mustang Color Run is an amazing way to have some fun and raise some money to enhance our students’ education,” she added.


The event will begin and end near Challenge Fitness Center in Lockport’s Dellwood Park, 2021 Lawrence Ave. The run starts at 9:30 a.m. and is open to the community.


Registration is $30 per participant. The goal is to raise $150,000.


To register and pay online, visit: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ed7zlzbk0f3986ed&llr=xwgmjryab


Or call 708-296-0857 with questions.

Source: Will County News

Madigan the most powerful politician in Illinois is not for the faint of heart.

Making a documentary about the most powerful politician in Illinois is not for the faint of heart.

Interviewees feared for their livelihoods. Three in-state production companies wouldn’t take the job, saying they couldn’t risk reprisal. The crew that decided to make the film received death threats.

This is Illinois’ political culture under House Speaker Mike Madigan’s reign.

Since House Democrats first elected him to the speakership in 1983, the state has had six governors, more than 200 state senators and 500-plus state representatives. The persistence of a lone figure is concerning.

That’s why Illinois Policy Action produced “Madigan: Power. Privilege. Politics.” It’s a documentary exploring the web of influence one man can weave when he wields such great power for more than three decades.

Madigan was born into this system. It’s all he’s ever known. And it has wreaked havoc on the state.

Rising to prominence under the wing of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, one of the most important lessons Madigan learned was that building a patronage army was the key to longevity.

After becoming the 13th Ward committeeman in 1969, Madigan quickly began planting locals in government jobs and turning them into foot soldiers for the Democratic Party.

“[I]n those days, when I became the ward committeeman, that was the biggest thing around,” Madigan said in a 2009 interview as part of the oral history of the late Chicago mayor. “I mean, everybody wanted to be a ward committeeman. They knew the power of the patronage system.”

His candor is disturbing.

“They wanted a job in the patronage system,” he said in that interview. “I would tell them, ‘Yes, we can put you in a job. But you’re going to work for the Democratic Party.’ ”

It’s no wonder Madigan was elected to the House of Representatives a year later, in 1970. His army has only grown in the 45 years since he seized a seat in the Statehouse.

Filmed interviews with former politicians, professors and political commentators exposed the political machine the speaker has built.

“He’s been getting people jobs, getting promotions for his people, getting raises for his people. It’s what he does,” longtime Illinois political commentator Rich Miller said in an interview for the documentary.

He compared Madigan’s operation to that of mob leader Paulie Cicero in the organized crime movie “Goodfellas.” In return for support, the speaker provides protection for favored workers and Democratic House members.

“Everybody pays tribute up, but from the top down they take care of you. And that’s how they get the loyalty,” Miller said.

A 2014 Chicago Tribune investigation in the wake of Madigan’s Metra patronage scandal found more than 400 current or retired government employees who work elections for Madigan, donate regularly to his campaigns, register voters on his behalf or circulate candidate petitions for him. That’s a conservative estimate.

It can be difficult for some Illinoisans to grasp the consequences of machine politics on their everyday lives.

Apathy and cynicism toward the state’s political system have become the norm. Gallup polling conducted just last year shows Illinoisans have the lowest trust in state government of any state in the nation – by far.

The system’s hidden victims are those caught up in it. Those who can’t escape.

The documentary includes an interview with a Madigan patronage worker. He insisted upon being picked up and dropped off in different locations.

“Since you’re working a government job they know what your salary is, and you’re expected to turn over usually 8 percent of your salary, whether it’s cash or ticket sales or labor or manpower. Your job comes with a premium,” he said.

“I’m talking to you guys anonymously because I fear for my livelihood.”

Dick Simpson, political science professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago, has observed that fear for more than 40 years. “Mike Madigan controls your behavior because he controls your livelihood,” he said. “Most people who see [patronage] want a higher position themselves so they keep their mouth shut.”

The power is intoxicating. And it’s bipartisan.

Lee Daniels is the only other Illinoisan to serve as House speaker since Madigan took the reigns in 1983. He occupied the office for just two years. And he refused to condemn the speaker’s tactics.

“I believe in patronage done properly,” Daniels said in an interview. “I don’t believe in giving incompetent people jobs or people who don’t work for it. But you build a force by doing that.”

Illinoisans know patronage builds power. But at what cost?

For the answer, visit michaelmadigan.com to find a documentary screening near you.

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Source: Will County News

Homer 33C Hadley marks National Youth Science Day with drone experiment

News Release

Homer CCSD 33C

Goodings Grove   Luther J. Schilling   William E. Young   William J. Butler

Hadley Middle   Homer Jr. High


Contact: Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager

cbrautigam@homerschools.org | 708-226-7628


For Immediate Release:

Oct. 3, 2016


Hadley marks National Youth Science Day with drone experiment

University of Illinois Extension Educator Megan Walsh helps students build a drone at Hadley Middle School on Oct. 3.

Hadley Middle School fifth-graders celebrated National Youth Science Day this week with a special experiment.


Led by University of Illinois Extension Educator Megan Walsh, students made mini airplanes from Styrofoam and learned how airplanes, helicopters and other flying contraptions can be outfitted with cameras to help scientists conduct research.


“Drones are used in a lot of different ways,” she told students, inviting them to name a few ways drones are used today.

Hadley Middle School students decide where to attach the mini camera to their drone.

Common answers were: delivering packages, photographing areas that are too dangerous for humans to enter and military projects.


On Oct. 3 and 4, Walsh visited four classrooms at Hadley where she invited students to make their own drones using mini cameras attached to Styrofoam airplanes. The students then flew the planes over a patchwork of houses that Walsh brought with her.


The goal was to record how many houses were equipped with solar panels.

Hadley Middle School students launch their drones during a National Youth Science Day experiment Oct. 3.

“We want to encourage interest in science, inquiry and learning more about the world around you,” said Walsh, who travels throughout Will County each year sharing her passion for science.


“We like going out to the schools and sharing our hands-on programs with students,” she added.


Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/homer33c?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


Source: Will County News

Presidential debate questions being RIGGED by globalist

Presidential debate questions being RIGGED by globalist-run ‘Open Debate Coalition’ that’s 100% in the pocket of Hillary

by Natural News Editors

(NaturalNews) On Sunday, October 9th at 9 pm, the eyes of much of the nation will once again be on TV for round 2 of our very own ‘Thrilla in Manilla’, the presidential debates featuring Donald Trump vs ‘War Criminal’ Clinton.

(Article by Stefan Stanford, republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)

September 27, 2016

100% Proof Emerges Next Debate Already Being Fixed For Hillary Clinton – Open Debate Coalition Deleting Top Rated Questions From Americans Regarding Benghazi, Email Scandal

Open Debate Coaliton Outed As Another Globalist Mouthpiece


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

On Sunday, October 9th at 9 pm, the eyes of much of the nation will once again be on TV for round 2 of our very own ‘Thrilla in Manilla’, the presidential debates featuring Donald Trump vs ‘War Criminal’ Clinton.

While Trump tells reporters today he’ll ‘hit harder’ next time around after many supporters claimed he handled ‘the body countress’ with kid gloves, we get absolute proof today that the next presidential debate is already being fixed in the war criminal’s favor.

As this new story from The Atlantic tells us, the 2nd presidential debate will try something new and and ordinary Americans like you and I will be able to submit questions that Trump or Clinton might have to answer if they get enough ‘up votes’ from other ‘ordinary Americans’ like you and I. Only problem is, we already have 100% proof that the questions are being fixed in the favor of Clinton with questions that quickly became the highest voted being deleted by the website.

We shouldn’t be surprised however. The Open Debate Coalition that is running this ‘something new’ was formed by globalists back in 2008 and their leadership board and many of those giving testimonials about the organization looks like a who’s who of war criminalsand the ‘Hitlery Clinton fan club’.


Earlier this morning after visiting their website and being delightfully surprised to find that the two highest voted questions both surrounded the deaths of the four Americans who died because of Clinton in Benghazi as well a tough question about Clinton’s deleted emails. A visit only 2 hours later found both of those questions completely deleted by the Open Debate Coalition despite their about page stating: The Open Debate Coalition (hopes) to make debates more representative of the will of the people.

Why might the ‘Open Debate Coalition’ just delete the highest ranked questions that happen to deal with their candidate’s war crimes and crimes against humanity that have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people around the world and possibly put MILLIONS of Americans lives in danger? Once again we get 100% proof that liberals and globalists are talking out of both sides of their mouths andonly care about opinions and free speech when their own opinions or free speech is at stake.

We urge you now to take the time to contact the open debate coalition yourself at info@opendebatecoalition.com; press@opendebatecoalition.com; donate@opendebatecoalition.com; volunteer@opendebatecoalition.com; or join@opendebatecoalition.com to voice your own opinions or attempt to ask a question here.

While the Open Debate Coalition has responded to ANP and stated that the questions that were deleted didn’t follow the guidelines that they had set up, a visit to their website finds them continually deleting what might be very tough questions for hitlery. Besides, who’s the Open Debate Coalition to decide what’s most important to you?

Is it the Open Debate Coalition’s job to pick what questions the American people want answered from the candidates and if so, doesn’t that immediately destroy their argument that they are an ‘open debate coalition’?


In looking at the Open Debate Coalition’s interesting design seen at the top of this story we see a combination of Clinton’s ‘arrow’ and parts of her color scheme as well as the interesting ‘lightning bolts’ also seen in many special forces patches. We also notice the ‘loudspeaker’ on the computer screen the lightning bolts hover above effectively represents the percentage of people who support Hillary within the darker coloring of the circle vs the 65% + of American people who hate her within the light colored area.

As has been pointed out, the design also reminds some of Communist propaganda artwork, as does much of the artwork surrounding Clinton’s campaign as it becomes more and more clear every day that Clinton hates America and will likely bring about our final demise if somehow she gets into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


As we hear in the 2nd video below, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, US elections are often rigged – is there any reason that we should think that the debates aren’t rigged, too, especially after what Lester Holt showed us on national TV last night? Themere fact that the Open Debate Coalition is now deleting the questions that are MOST IMPORTANT to the American people tells us everything we need to know.

We ask our readers here at ANP to attempt to ask this allegedly ‘open’ forum questions that are most important to you. Please let us know if they keep your questions up there and you’re more than welcome to share the links to your questions in the comment section below to help them get upvoted as much as possible.

As for myself, if had the opportunity to ask the two candidates questions, they’re quite simple – here is what they would be:

1) Clinton – Why have you brought the world 30+ years of death, destruction and war if your campaign message allegedly is for the world to love one another? (Couldn’t keep a straight face while writing that one.)

2) Trump – How will you combine the security necessary for America to move into 2020 with the ‘trojan horse of terror’ that has been allowed into our country while protecting our beloved and cherished civil liberties?

Does anybody think either of those ‘simple’ questions have a chance of being answered?


Once again we’d like to ask the Open Debate Coalition what makes them think that they have the right to determine what is most important to the American people and do they realize how by deleting so many good questions, they’ve proven themselves to be exactly what they were allegedly created to stand up against? Much like Clinton who stated she’d like to confiscate Americans guns without due process as heard in the 1st video below, the Open Debate Coalition has taken it upon themselves to censor the American people while standing up for tyranny.

In the 2nd video below we hear why it’s quite likely that the next US president will be elected by hackers (most likely coming from within the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security) while in the last video below we hear Vladimir Putin’s previous warning that the US election might once again be stolen as other elections here in America have clearly been ‘won’ by the candidates who ‘lost’.

With Lester Holt asking Donald Trump 15 questions last night and Clinton only two, and now that we have 100% proof the next presidential debate is now being fixed as well – why wouldn’t they fix the election in just a few weeks when the globalists clearly have everything at stake with the very existence of America is on the line?


Source: Will County News