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homer 33C Meet Ann Christie: Fire Safety Expert

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For Immediate Release:

Oct. 14, 2016


Meet Ann Christie: Fire Safety Expert

Recruited by Northwest Homer Fire to drive home important message


We all know her as Goodings Grove Principal Ann Christie. But for a brief moment Friday (Oct. 14), she was Ann Christie: Fire Safety Expert.


“Some of you may think I’m a principal,” she told students as she disembarked from a Northwest Homer Fire Protection District truck in full firefighter gear. “In my real life, I’m a fire safety expert. I know what to do if there is a fire.”


Deputy Chief Todd Fonfara from the Northwest Homer Fire Protection District recruited Christie to reinforce the department’s important safety tips, which he’s been going over with students in recent weeks.


Among them:

  • What to do if there’s a fire
  • What do you do if your clothes are on fire


Without hesitation, students shouted out: “Stop, drop and roll.”



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Source: Will County News