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How is the election process rigged

Of course it’s rigged


woman handing out "I voted" stickers at polling station


The reaction of the political mealy-mouths providing post-debate “analysis” over whether Donald Trump might question the legitimacy of the election tells us all we need to know. Combine that with Barack Obama’s reaction – he said Trump’s claim is “not based on facts”  — this week to Trump’s claims that the election is rigged and we learn without a doubt that: Yes, Virginia, the election is rigged.

U.S. elections, like the U.S. dollar, are confidence games. When people lose confidence in the system, the system will collapse. The system only has legitimacy as long as the people believe it has legitimacy – whether it does or not – and they participate in the process. If people lost confidence and ceased participation, the scam would collapse. So the farce must be maintained. That’s why the propaganda media and establishment politicians have gone so apoplectic over Trump’s comments. (Hint: That is why I tell you to stop voting for Tweedledumb R-Anywhere and Tweedledumber D-Somewhere else.)

So it is pounded into our heads from our youth how great it is that we live in an American “democracy” and have the system of “one person, one vote” and “everyone should vote” and “think of the people who died to ‘give you’ the right to vote” and “we can vote the rascals out.” And it’s all nonsense.

For starters, the notion of nationwide elections in a country as large as the U.S. is absurd on its face. Consider that one person — based only on his or her ability to 1) con people into believing that he thinks like they do and has their best interests at heart and, 2) persuade corporations and millions of people to fork over their money in exchange for benefits real or imagined – will be appointed to make decisions affecting 324 million Americans and 7.3 billion people around the world.  Never mind that the only thing that person has in common with 99 percent of the voting public is the fact that they are breathing. And that one person this cycle turns out to be – if you believe the establishmentarians and their polls – Hillary Clinton.

Yes, the same Hillary Clinton whose policies were rejected eight years ago by Democrat voters and Republican establishmentarians is now the candidate for both Democrat voters and Republican establishmentarians. That same Witch from Chappaqua who is in poor health, is widely derided and reviled, is corrupt to the core, has no significant accomplishments under her Mao suit and who just dodged a federal indictment over the email/classified info scandal, is the chosen candidate of both the political class and the propaganda media – in order to maintain the status quo.

Obama tells us there’s “no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig elections.” Oh really, let us count the ways:

  • The so-called nonpartisan debate commission prohibits anyone other than candidates from the two main parties from participating in the debates, which denies them equal access to the electorate.
  • Many states set an extremely high bar for ballot access that keeps potential third-party candidates off the ballot.
  • As Trump secured the nomination, instructions were sent out by the GOP establishment that Republicans in elected office must run away from Trump or, as Pat Buchanan wrote, “cease to be seen as morally fit partners in power.”
  • The Obama Department of (In)Justice just gave Clinton a pass on numerous flagrant and blatant criminal acts regarding mishandling classified information and pay-to-play schemes, which maintained her viability as a candidate.
  • Obama’s Department of Homeland Security said last month it may classify the election system as “critical infrastructure” because of the danger that hackers may tamper with (i.e. rig) the election. DHS is part of the same regime that recently cleared the table in order to keep Clinton’s election prospects alive.
  • WikiLeaks has shown us that Clinton and DNC operatives have been working with a complicit propaganda media to misreport on Clinton’s health, the disruption of Trump rallies and the Benghazi/email scandal.
  • WikiLeaks has shown us that the DNC and Clinton campaign conspired to steal the election from Bernie Sanders.
  • Undercover video shot by Project Veritas shows that the Clinton campaign and DNC funded criminals for the expressed purpose of disrupting Trump rallies and admitted they have been rigging elections “for 50 years” and were intentionally registering illegals to vote. And the criminal heading up the operation was a frequent visitor to Obama in the White House.
  • A company connected to George Soros, who has contributed millions of dollars to Clinton, Obama, Black Lives Matter and progressive organizations backing Clinton and Obama and their policies, provide electronic voting machines to 16 states.
  • The propaganda media and moneyed interests prop up from the outset of the campaign cycle their favored candidates from each party with money and fawning media coverage in order to set up two Council on Foreign Relations/bankster-approved candidates for selection by the people.

U.S. elections have been “rigged” many times, including in 1876, when Rutherford B. Hayes and his cronies stole the election from Samuel Tilden, earning for himself the moniker Rutherfraud Hayes; and in 1960 when John F. Kennedy stole the election from Richard Nixon.

In 2000, Al Gore challenged the results of the Florida vote which would decide whether he or George W. Bush would assume the presidency. Gore claimed, “blacks were discouraged from voting,” and the ballots were unfair. Speaking on the 2000 election at a private fund raiser in 2002, Hillary Clinton told the crowd that Bush had been “selected” rather than elected. That’s the very definition of a “rigged” election. At a Clinton campaign event last week, Gore repeated that  he had won the 2000 election and Clinton smiled and nodded in agreement.

According to The New Yorker,  “In 2004, when Kerry lost the Presidential race to George W. Bush, who is widely considered the worst President of the modern era, he refused to challenge the results, despite his suspicion that in certain states, particularly Ohio, where the Electoral College count hinged, proxies for Bush had rigged many voting machines.”

And in a conversation Kerry had with failed Afghan presidential aspirant Abdullah Abdullah, The New Yorker tells us:

After flattering Abdullah for his strength and importance in the country, Kerry said, “I will share with you a very personal experience: When I ran for President of the United States, in 2004, against George Bush, in the end, on Election Day, we had problems in the state of Ohio on how the votes were taking place. I even went to court in America to keep polling places open to make sure my people could vote. I knew that even in my country, the United States, where we had hundreds of years of practicing democracy, we still had problems carrying out that election.

In 2008, as WikiLeaks revealed, John McCain’s campaign had substantial evidence that Democrats and/or the Obama campaign had committed voter fraud, had paid Jesse Jackson hush money and that Obama had received an illegal campaign donation from Russia but McCain sat on the information so as not provoke a “race riot.”

So it’s not just Trump who has called into the question the legitimacy of an election. It’s also Tindel, Nixon, Gore, Clinton, McCain and Kerry.

As Thomas Woods writes:

Is the system rigged in the crude sense of counting the votes inaccurately? Probably not. In 2008 I stood outside a polling place in Alabama, where Ron Paul went on to receive five percent of the vote. And I’ll tell you: no more than five percent of the people I saw were Ron Paul voters. So those numbers were all too real.

But of course at a deeper level the system obviously is rigged. Our government-subsidized university system teaches complete b.s. to millions of kids — juvenile economics, bogus history, and postmodernist lunacy.

The media is a complete joke, as more and more revelations make clear, and totally in the tank for Hillary and the establishment.

The result of all this is supposed to be an informed citizenry? Who can say that with a straight face?

As Pat Buchanan points out, the rot goes a lot deeper. We have a Supreme Court exercising power no state ratifying convention told the people it would have, and pushes forward the progressive agenda (I hate that stupid word), and we’re supposed to sit back and accept it. Why, anything else would be treason against our sacred traditions!

A huge quota industry permeates all American institutions even though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 expressly insisted that no such thing was envisioned by that law. We are supposed to accept this, too.

The Democrats actually incited violence at the opposing party’s rallies.

Parties other than the Democrats and Republicans can’t even get a hearing. So our rigged system makes sure kids never learn of alternatives to the status quo while they’re in school, and then makes sure they never learn about them as adults.

You’re darn right it’s rigged.

The idea that millions of people might look upon a President Hillary Clinton as somehow illegitimate fills our media and intellectual classes with horror. Well, good. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

As a Rothbardian libertarian, I think all these sociopaths are illegitimate. The problem isn’t that too many people might come to think so, but that too few will.

We don’t need a paternal custodian to create jobs, fund science, educate our kids, or kill foreigners for no good reason. Civil society does a vastly better job at the first three of those things — and it leaves foreigners alone.

Perceived “legitimacy” is the biggest weapon the state holds. Undermining it should be cheered, not deplored.

Source: Will County News

Project Veritas proves voter fraud TRUMP is right

Source: Will County News