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New 2014 IRS migration data show wealth and youth are fleeing

New IRS data show taxpayers who left had an average income of $77,000 per year, compared with taxpayers who entered Illinois, who had an average income of $57,000 per year.

Not only did Illinois lose tens of thousands more taxpayers than it gained from migration in the 2014 tax year, but the average income of people leaving spiked to record levels, according to IRS data. Meanwhile the average income of people entering Illinois actually declined from tax years 2012 and 2013. The difference in earning power between taxpayers who left Illinois and taxpayers who entered Illinois hit an all-time high of $20,000 in 2014.

Income data show wealth flight followed Illinois’ 2011 tax hikes

The income levels of people entering and leaving Illinois changed significantly following the 2011 state income-tax hikes. For the 16 years of tax data from 1995-2010, people leaving Illinois earned more, but the difference between the average income of people entering the state and people leaving the state was $5,350 per year, with a range of $3,000-$7,000.

That trend has been very different over the last four years of data, which happen to be from 2011-2014, the four years during which the tax hike was in place. In short, during the tax-hike years, the average income of people leaving the state went up substantially while the average income of people entering the state barely went up at all.

In 2011, the difference in average income between people who left compared with people who entered Illinois bumped up to $10,000 per year; by 2012 the difference exceeded $14,000 per year; and in 2013 the difference was again nearly $14,000 per year. The new data from 2014 show that the difference in average income levels between in-migrants and out-migrants hit an unprecedented $20,000. Taxpayers who left had an average income of $77,000 per year, compared with taxpayers who entered Illinois, who had an average income of $57,000 per year.


These data reveal the wealth flight associated with the historic income-tax hikes of 2011. The people who left Illinois had higher incomes, and their departure has not been offset by people of equivalent financial means entering the Land of Lincoln.

Undoubtedly, families are leaving Illinois for many reasons besides the 2011 tax hikes. For example, the hundreds of thousands of unemployed Illinoisans are not directly affected by the income-tax rate because they don’t have any income, but they certainly have reason to leave – chief among them, a lack of jobs. And formerly unemployed Illinoisans like Jesse Huerta say they’re doing just that: leaving for better opportunities elsewhere.

It takes time for policy changes to fully take effect. This time lag is known as “outside lag.” The migration effect of the 2011 income-tax hikes did not appear immediately, but when it manifested, it was dramatic: Illinois hemorrhaged income in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 tax years.

Young workers leading exodus

Young working-age adults again led the Illinois exodus. The age group with the largest loss of taxpayers was the 26-34-year-old cohort, followed next by those ages 35-44. Young taxpayers under 26 years old also showed large losses relative to previous years. The IRS data echo a recent poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, which found a majority of adults under age 50 want to leave the state.


States gaining people and income from Illinois

The overall rate of migration for taxpayers moving both into and out of Illinois declined in 2014, compared with 2013 levels. On the whole, Illinois sustained a net loss of 26,000 tax returns on the year, representing a net loss of 50,000 total people (tax exemptions). The top states to gain people from Illinois were the usual suspects: Florida, Texas, California, Indiana and Wisconsin. And once again, Illinois experienced net migration losses with respect to every state in the Midwest.

Illinois’ net loss of taxpayers and people in 2014 looked almost identical to the 2011 tax year losses. But the state’s net loss of adjusted gross income, or AGI, looked very different. In 2011, Illinois had a net loss of 24,000 tax returns, 50,000 people, and $2.5 billion of AGI. And in 2014, Illinois had a net loss of 26,000 tax returns and 50,000 people, but with a net loss of $3.4 billion in AGI. Florida was the biggest net recipient of Illinois earning power, followed by Texas, California, Arizona and Colorado.

illinois-outmigrationThe characteristics of Illinois out-migrants should be very concerning to state lawmakers. First, out-migrants from Illinois tend to be young and working-age adults. These are taxpayers in the beginning and middle of their careers whom Illinois desperately needs, both to maintain the state’s economic power and to cover an ever-increasing tax bill.

Second, Illinois is trading higher earners for lower earners. The average income level of out-migrants has risen, while the average income level of in-migrants has been relatively flat.

Finally, Illinois has experienced net migration losses with every state in the Midwest for four consecutive years. When people vote with their feet, they choose every other state in the region over Illinois. This fact speaks volumes about Illinois’ relative decline, and should jolt politicians into getting the state’s fiscal house in order, enacting job-creating reforms, and making the Land of Lincoln a place people want to call home.

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Source: Will County News

Kindergarten pre-registration underway in Homer 33C

News Release

Homer CCSD 33C

Goodings Grove   Luther J. Schilling   William E. Young   William J. Butler

Hadley Middle   Homer Jr. High


Contact: Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager

cbrautigam@homerschools.org | 708-226-7628


For Immediate Release:

Nov. 16, 2016


Kindergarten pre-registration underway in Homer 33C


Homer Community Consolidated School District 33C residents who have children turning 5 on or before Sept. 1, 2017 are encouraged to go online and pre-register their child for kindergarten.


The pre-registration form and information can be found here or on the district website at www.homerschools.org. Just click on the “Parents & Students” tab at the top and scroll down to “Registration.”


The information will be used expedite the formal registration process on Thursday, March 16 at Luther J. Schilling School, 16025 Cedar Road.


Parents are asked to bring the following documentation at that time:

  • Child’s original birth certificate
  • Proof of residency
  • Any court documents related to guardianship


To prove residency, parents/guardians are asked to bring three documents. They should include one of the following:

  • Most recent property tax bill
  • Current closing papers
  • Mortgage statement
  • Signed/dated lease with two rent receipts


Parents/guardians should also bring two of the following documents to prove residency:

  • Driver’s license/State ID
  • Voter’s Registration Card
  • Cable, phone, gas, electric, water or credit card bill
  • Public Aid Card
  • Vehicle registration or insurance statement
  • Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance premium receipt


The average wait time to complete Kindergarten Registration is 15-30 minutes. It is not necessary to bring the child to registration, but they are welcome to attend.




Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/homer33c?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

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AT&T built a powerful phone surveillance tool for police, called Hemisphere


Close up of a man using mobile smart phoneAT&T built a powerful phone surveillance tool for police, called Hemisphere. Every day, AT&T adds four billion call records to Hemisphere, making it one of the largest known reservoirs of communications metadata that the government uses to spy on us. Law enforcement officials kept Hemisphere “under the radar” for many years—hidden from courts, legislators, and the general public—until the New York Times exposed the program in 2013. EFF suedfederal and state law enforcement officials to obtain records about Hemisphere, in part to better understand how and why police kept such a massive spying database secret for so long.

New documents published by The Daily Beast last week reveal that AT&T required this corrosive secrecy. Specifically, the contract AT&T prepared for police seeking access to Hemisphere provides:

[T]he Government agency agrees not to use the data as evidence in any judicial or administrative proceedings unless there is no other available and admissible probative evidence. The Government Agency shall make every effort to insure that information provided by the Contractor is non-attributable to AT&T if the data is provided to a third-party.

In other words, the first rule of Hemisphere is: you do not talk about Hemisphere. We knew this is the government’s rule. Now we know this is AT&T’s rule, too.

What do police do with the Hemisphere evidence that they cannot talk about? According to a Hemisphere training document, police must “wall off” that evidence, and then recreate it with a traditional subpoena. Police call this “parallel construction.” EFF calls it “evidence laundering.”

The harms of secrecy

This secrecy—imposed by AT&T—is highly disturbing for many reasons. Three deserve emphasis.

First, this secrecy hides Hemisphere from democratic oversight. Hemisphere enables police to map our intimate social relationships by data-mining massive amounts of our call records, usually without a warrant. Yet because of Hemisphere’s secrecy, judges cannot rule on whether the program violates the Fourth Amendment. Legislators cannot oversee the program and enact appropriate legislation. Voters cannot hold their elected officials accountable. Everyone is in the dark, except for a small number of law enforcement and corporate executives, who unilaterally decided to impose this highly intrusive program on the rest of us.

Second, this secrecy deprives criminal defendants of their constitutional right to a fair trial. Under Brady v. Maryland, police must disclose favorable evidence to the defense. When police hide their sources of evidence, the accused cannot challenge the quality or veracity of the government’s investigation, or seek out favorable information still in the government’s possession. Moreover, hiding evidence from individuals who are prosecuted as a result of such surveillance is antithetical to our fundamental right to an open criminal justice system.

Third, the new revelation clarifies AT&T’s role in the Hemisphere program. AT&T suggests that all it is doing is passively responding to lawful government demands for information about its customers. In fact, AT&T actively imposes secrecy on police who wish to use AT&T’s Hemisphere program. AT&T’s motives for imposing this secrecy are not presently known. Perhaps AT&T is seeking to avoid public scrutiny of its Hemisphere business model, which earns millions of dollars from police officials in exchange for access to private phone records that AT&T retains for many years longer than its competitors do.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that police and corporations worked together to hide from the public their deployment of highly invasive spying tools. For example, corporate nondisclosure agreementscontributed to years of secrecy about police use of cell site simulators, often called “Stingrays,” which masquerade as cell phone towers and thus force all phones in the area to disclose sensitive information to the police.

Next steps

We must fully expose Hemisphere to the light of public scrutiny. EFF has used public records laws to uncover many Hemisphere records, and we will add any other documents we obtain to our public libraryof Hemisphere records.

Looking forward, we must stop the police and their corporate suppliers from unilaterally and secretly deploying new surveillance technologies in the first place. Rather, the decision whether to adopt these sensitive tools should be made by elected officials, at open meetings, following ample opportunity for the general public to study the matter and have their voices heard. EFF supports a national campaign to enact laws requiring this process. In many cases, an informed citizenry and their elected officials will say “no” to new spying tools. In other cases, elected officials will impose necessary privacy safeguards.

AT&T and the police tried to keep Hemisphere secret. They failed. The time has come to end the Hemisphere program. As a matter of constitutional law and basic privacy principles, the police should not be allowed, without case-by-case judicial oversight, to scrutinize our social relationships with a database of trillions of phone records.

Source: Will County News

Trump’s First 100 days and the Democratic parties civil war

Trump’s First 100 days and the Democratic parties civil war.

Our time to move, and move fast, is now.


For months the Main stream media and so many on the left and right cried about the failed GOP, how the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan would be declared dead on Nov. 9th 2016. As it has turned out, everyone including some within the Trump campaign were very wrong. Trump will go onto win 306 electoral votes when congress is presented the results and certifies them.


There are many lessons for both democrats and republicans to be learned from this election. Those lessons will be discussed by countless pundits and talking heads. Today I want to talk about the mandate the American people have given the Republican party. After 8 years of a relentless progressive assault on the American people and their daily lives, they stood up and said no more. Since Obama was elected in 2008, over 900 seats have been lost for democrats.

As it stands now, the Republican party being led by Donald J. Trump will control the Oval office, the Senate, the House of Representatives 33 governorships, 24 states where all branches are in Republican control and 8 others have 2 of the 3 branches. This is a level of control rarely seen in American history, and it can lead straight to the death of the GOP if the party does not give the government back to the people.


The agenda outlined by President Elect Trump for his first 100 days must be acted on quickly and with an unforgiving advance. The people have spoken and the democratic party is fighting a civil war. Now is the time to make a multi front attack to restore this control to a limited federal government of the people and for the people.


The Republican party has the leverage to move on three fronts’ now, and they must.


Front One, the Oval Office, Trump has to strike all the illegal and unconstitutional executive orders from Bush and Obama. Place the Executive branch back 20 years. Limit its power to cause war without congressional approval, restrict and reduce the tangle of bureaucracies under the executive branch, and return powers to congress that belong there. Make congress do their job again. Most importantly support a constitutional convention.


Front two, Have two thirds of our states call for a Constitutional Convention to be held no later than May of 2017, and concluded by December of 2017. Have the states propose changes to restrict the federal government and restore the balance of power. Restore the voice and rights of the states who make up this union. Allow the majority to say no to the federal government. As of now a state or states can only sue the federal government in court when forced to do an unconstitutional act. The time is now for the states that make up this union to reign in this federal government.


Front three, Congress shall restore its proper role under our constitution. It shall write laws that restrict the power of the federal government, approve the assembly of the states to amend the constitution, and require a balanced budget.


All three fronts must be opened up this January when this mandate is made official by each person swearing in with the oath of office. The mandate is there, the obligation to act is there, the majorities needed to act are there. It is time for the republican party to act now or die of a civil war in 2020. The leverage held now is a once in a generation opportunity for freedom. We can achieve the generational change we have claimed to be working for, for 15 years.


The Grand Old Party can be Great Again, Great Again by the people, and for the people. Fail to act, be bold and think big. We the people will revolt to a new party and save this county.


The Democrats will fight us every step of the way, this will not be easy. Achieving great thing with Great leadership is never easy.


You can hold the Republican party and the leaders we have elected accountable. Call you state Senate and state Rep. Call your congressman or senator. Tell those who voted in support of this republican wave to do the same.


We have ideas on how to Make America Great Again, let us discuss, debate and finalize these ideas. Then we must act, act now to save this Constitutional Republic.



An American who voted to Make America Great Again








Source: Will County News