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Understanding evil: From globalism to Pizzagate

Comet Ping PingI have spent the better part of the last 10 years working diligently to investigate and relate information on economics and geopolitical discourse for the liberty movement. However, long before I delved into these subjects my primary interests of study were the human mind and the human “soul” (yes, I’m using a spiritual term).

My fascination with economics and sociopolitical events has always been rooted in the human element. That is to say, while economics is often treated as a mathematical and statistical field, it is also driven by psychology. To know the behavior of man is to know the future of all his endeavors, good or evil.

Evil is what we are specifically here to discuss. I have touched on the issue in various articles in the past including Are globalists evil or just misunderstood, but with extreme tensions taking shape this year in light of the U.S. election as well as the exploding online community investigation of “Pizzagate,” I am compelled to examine it once again.

I will not be grappling with this issue from a particularly religious perspective. Evil applies to everyone regardless of their belief system, or even their lack of belief. Evil is secular in its influence.

The first and most important thing to understand is this — evil is notsimply a social or religious construct, it is an inherent element of the human psyche. Carl Gustav Jung was one of the few psychologists in history to dare write extensively on the issue of evil from a scientific perspective as well as a metaphysical perspective.  I highly recommend a book of his collected works on this subject titled Jung On Evil, edited by Murray Stein, for those who are interested in a deeper view.

To summarize, Jung found that much of the foundations of human behavior are rooted in inborn psychological contents or “archetypes.”  Contrary to the position of Sigmund Freud, Jung argued that while our environment may affect our behavior to a certain extent, it does not make us who we are. Rather, we are born with our own individual personality and grow into our inherent characteristics over time. Jung also found that there are universally present elements of human psychology. That is to say, almost every human being on the planet shares certain truths and certain natural predilections.

The concepts of good and evil, moral and immoral, are present in us from birth and are mostly the same regardless of where we are born, what time in history we are born and to what culture we are born. Good and evil are shared subjective experiences.  It is this observable psychological fact (among others) that leads me to believe in the idea of a creative design — a god.  Again, though, elaborating on god is beyond the scope of this article.

To me, this should be rather comforting to people, even atheists.  For if there is observable evidence of creative design, then it would follow that there may every well be a reason for all the trials and horrors that we experience as a species.  Our lives, our failures and our accomplishments are not random and meaningless.  We are striving toward something, whether we recognize it or not.  It may be beyond our comprehension at this time, but it is there.

Evil does not exist in a vacuum; with evil there is always good, if one looks for it in the right places.

Most people are readily equipped to recognize evil when they see it directly.  What they are not equipped for and must learn from environment is how to recognize evil disguised as good.  The most heinous acts in history are almost always presented as a moral obligation — a path towards some “greater good.”  Inherent conscience, though, is the greater good, and any ideology that steps away from the restrictions of conscience will inevitably lead to disaster.

The concept of globalism is one of these ideologies that crosses the line of conscience and pontificates to us about a “superior method” of living.  It relies on taboo, rather than moral compass, and there is a big difference between the two.

When we pursue a “greater good” as individuals or as a society, the means are just as vital as the ends.  The ends never justify the means.  Never.  For if we abandon our core principles and commit atrocities in the name of “peace,” safety or survival, then we have forsaken the very things which make us worthy of peace and safety and survival.  A monster that devours in the name of peace is still a monster.

Globalism tells us that the collective is more important than the individual, that the individual owes society a debt and that fealty to society in every respect is the payment for that debt.  But inherent archetypes and conscience tell us differently.  They tell us that society is only ever as healthy as the individuals within it, that society is only as free and vibrant as the participants.  As the individual is demeaned and enslaved, the collective crumbles into mediocrity.

Globalism also tells us that humanity’s greatest potential cannot be reached without collectivism and centralization.  The assertion is that the more single-minded a society is in its pursuits the more likely it is to effectively achieve its goals.  To this end, globalism seeks to erase all sovereignty. For now its proponents claim they only wish to remove nations and borders from the social equation, but such collectivism never stops there.  Eventually, they will tell us that individualism represents another nefarious “border” that prevents the group from becoming fully realized.

At the heart of collectivism is the notion that human beings are “blank slates;” that we are born empty and are completely dependent on our environment in order to learn what is right and wrong and how to be good people or good citizens.  The environment becomes the arbiter of decency, rather than conscience, and whoever controls the environment, by extension, becomes god.

If the masses are convinced of this narrative then moral relativity is only a short step away. It is the abandonment of inborn conscience that ultimately results in evil. In my view, this is exactly why the so called “elites” are pressing for globalism in the first place. Their end game is not just centralization of all power into a one world edifice, but the suppression and eradication of conscience, and thus, all that is good.

To see where this leads we must look at the behaviors of the elites themselves, which brings us to “Pizzagate.”

The exposure by Wikileaks during the election cycle of what appear to be coded emails sent between John Podesta and friends has created a burning undercurrent in the alternative media. The emails consistently use “pizza” references, and independent investigations have discovered a wide array of odd connections between political elites like Hillary Clinton and John Podesta to James Alefantis, the owner of a pizza parlor in Washington D.C. called Comet Ping Pong. Alefantis, for reasons that make little sense to me, is listed as number 49 on GQ’s Most Powerful People In Washington list.

The assertion according to circumstantial evidence including the disturbing artwork collections of the Podestas has been that Comet Ping Pong is somehow at the center of a child pedophilia network serving the politically connected. Both Comet Ping Pong and a pizza establishment two doors down called Besta Pizza use symbols in their logos and menus that are listed on the FBI’s unclassified documentation on pedophilia symbolism, which does not help matters.

Some of the best documentation of the Pizzagate scandal that I have seen so far has been done by David Seaman, a former mainstream journalist gone rogue. Here is his YouTube page.

I do recommend everyone at least look at the evidence he and others present. I went into the issue rather skeptical, but was surprised by the sheer amount of weirdness and evidence regarding Comet Pizza.  There is a problem with Pizzagate that is difficult to overcome, however; namely the fact that to my knowledge no victims have come forward.  This is not to say there has been no crime, but anyone hoping to convince the general public of wrong-doing is going to have a very hard time without a victim to reference.

The problem is doubly difficult now that an armed man was arrested on the premises of Comet Ping Pong.  Undoubtedly, the mainstream media will declare the very investigation “dangerous conspiracy theory.”  Whether this will persuade the public to ignore it, or compel them to look into it, remains to be seen.

The reason I am more convinced than skeptical at this stage is because this has happened before, and in past scandals of pedophilia in Washington, some victims did come forward.

I would reference the events of the Franklin Scandal between 1988 and 1991. The Discovery Channel even produced a documentary on it complete with interviews of the alleged child victims. The documentary was quashed before it was ever shown to the public. The only reason it can now be found is because an original copy was released without permission by parties unknown.

I would also reference the highly evidenced Westminster Pedophile Ring in the U.K., in which the U.K. government lost or destroyed at least 114 related files related to the investigation.

Accusations of pedophilia seem to follow the globalists and elitist politicians wherever they go. This does not surprise me. They often exhibit characteristics of narcissism and psychopathy, but their ideology of moral relativity is what would lead to such horrible crimes.

Evil often stems from people who are empty. When one abandons conscience, one also in many respects abandons empathy and love.  Without these elements of our psyche there is no happiness. Without them, there is nothing left but desire and gluttony.

Narcissists in particular are prone to use other people as forms of entertainment and fulfillment without concern for their humanity. Add in sexual addiction and aggression and narcissists become predatory in the extreme. Nothing satisfies them. When they grow tired of the normal, they quickly turn to the abnormal and eventually the criminal.  I would say that pedophilia is a natural progression of the elitist mindset.

Beyond this is the nature of cultism. It is not that the globalists are simply evil as individuals; if that were the case then they would present far less of a threat. The greater terror is that they are also organized. When one confronts the problem of evil head on, one quickly realizes that evil is within us all. There will always be an internal battle in every individual. Organized evil is in fact the ultimate danger, and it is organized evil that must be eradicated.

For organized evil to be defeated, there must be organized good. I believe the liberty movement in particular is that good; existing in early stages, not yet complete, but good none the less.

Recognize and take solace that though we live in dark times, and evil men roam free, we are also here. We are the answer to evil, and we have been placed here at this time for a reason. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it coincidence, call it god, call it whatever you want, but the answer to evil is us.

— Brandon Smith

Source: Will County News

Psychological warfare: How words shape our thoughts and actions

propaganda concept“But it is requisite that members of the common herd be imprisoned in abject ignorance, never doubting that they are ‘free and self-sovereign individuals’ who are in full control of their lives and families, and who can speak freely on any subject they choose, and worship whatever God their consciences dictate.” – Unknown


Of the many definitions of “word” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, one of them is “a verbal signal.” It is a great fallacy in our thinking when we assume that words are words whoever speaks them. This is the basis of gross deceptions.

A lot of my writing efforts are devoted to helping people break out above mental barriers (establishment words that I also call code words). If we are to overcome the totalitarianism which every day increases its grip over the workaday crowd, we must break the code words and phrases that inhibit the thought patterns of the crowd. We must all achieve a totally different (true) perception of reality.

Words are far more than verbal signals. Words trigger biochemical responses which authority uses for behavior modification. This is a principal weapon that authority uses against its own people, and has been for thousands of years.

Verbal signals (words) are electrical stimuli carried through sound invading the body and the biochemical response mechanism. This is invasion as surely as bacteriological warfare except that there is no defense or screening process against this type of invisible and esoteric aggression by government against the people.

The public mind has no way to object to the bombardment of organized thought patterns that set up modified behavior and predictable responses. The dominant thoughts of the public mind are nothing more than a program created by authority. This is psychological warfare that produces conformity of the human psyche.

Therefore, the purpose of the public and secondary education system and the mainstream media propaganda machine is not to produce inquiry but conformity. All invasion of the human mind by verbal signals is calculated to produce conformity.

There is such an avalanche of information bombarding the American people that it all has a mind-numbing effect. That, too, is by design. For the aim of the unseen powers is for the masses of people to believe essentially the same things.

For instance, most believe that they live in a free country (a “democracy”). Most believe that they have a political choice. Most believe they should pay their “fair share” of taxes. Most take at face value everything or most everything that the government and its politicians tell them.

That’s because years of pro-government indoctrination and propaganda have caused Americans to lose their mental capacity to evaluate reality.  Every bit of information we get from the very beginning of our existence “sells” us on authority. This goes on beyond “public education” and throughout life. The only acceptable social and moral thing to do is to accept authority, conform to authority and above all, never question authority, let alone its morality and its modus operandi.

The more generations that pass without open conflict with authority, the more the public mind conforms and the more the people and the government become one. Any “deviant” who questions authority is sure to encounter a hostile response from his friends and neighbors. He has defiled the Holy place.

Did you know that you may not meet more than a handful of people in your lifetime who are alert to the false belief system of the millions out there? And while the Donald Trump campaign has stirred an awakening among the people, that awakening is far from complete, as evidenced by the hostile reaction that comes from Trumpsters whenever the slightest criticism of Trump is uttered or written.

But even after people begin to see through the maze of propaganda it sometimes takes years for it all to come into full focus so that complete understanding can be achieved. Then you discover how different you are from your neighbor and old acquaintances.

The discovery of this difference makes most people become uneasy about their convictions because of the loneliness that they experience and their inability to share common sense reality with friends who will respond to the new information presented to them by shutting off communication or writing it off as “conspiracy theory.” (The term “conspiracy theory” is an old code word created by the CIA to stifle inquiry into the assassination of John F. Kennedy.)

I have written about code words and their use by the unseen powers many times and listed some of them for Personal Liberty® readers in “Code words,” and “More code words.” There are some new ones now entering the lexicon, and some old ones are taking on new meaning and I want to tell you about them.

Fake news – When employed by establishment politicians, social media bigwigs or the mainstream media, it means any news not coming from establishment politicians or the mainstream media, the real purveyors of fake news and government propaganda. It implies that they are the only sources of “truth” or “real news.” All other “news,” particularly that which doesn’t comport with established orthodoxy, is therefore fake. Fake news has replaced conspiracy theory now that people are learning that most of the “conspiracy theories” they have heard about have turned out to be real conspiracies.

Loophole – Any as-yet unregulated activity. Politicians use this term to great effect to create a negative connotation of unregulated activity, as in “gun show loophole,” or “tax loophole.” The existence of such “loopholes” is fiction but most often leads to greater government regulation.

White nationalism/white supremacy – A racist term used by the leftwing to delegitimize populism and the move to oust establishment politicians and halt globalism. The terms white nationalism/white supremacy were originally used to shut down, silence or intimidate anyone who opposed Zionism (the belief that the establishment of national Israel in modern history is the continuing fulfillment of prophecy). Now it is employed against anyone who supports strong borders, enforcement of immigration laws, rejects globalism and crony trade deals. (There is no connection between Zionism and Judaism, so anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, which is another code word.)

Uneducated white voters – A bigoted term used by pollsters and the political class designed to stereotype white working class Middle and Southern American (aka flyover country) people as ignorant boobs whose views of strong family, belief in God, strong work ethic, independence from government and love of country are outside the mainstream and therefore their opinions and/or “vote” are less valuable than college-educated people’s.

Racist – For the last eight years it has been used to attempt to stifle any criticism of President Barack Obama’s policies and agenda. Now more and more it’s being employed in conjunction with the terms white nationalism/white supremacy (see above).

White privilege – The false notion that one’s race automatically grants upon him at birth special privileges, entitlements or rights not possessed by others. It is  used as an attempt to make whites (white males especially) feel guilty about any success they have achieved and coerce them into a phony altruism so they will voluntarily surrender their positions in society and business and transfer their power, status and wealth to minorities and those deemed “less fortunate,” which is another code word.

Safe space – A place in which only thoughts or ideas that have been filtered through political correctness and conventional wisdom are allowed. No truths or facts are found in so-called safe spaces.

Propaganda in our time is super powerful. No matter the formal education or lack thereof, most Americans are just downright ignorant about the reality of their personal relationship to government.

The government is at total war against the American people in a thousand ways, and not one in a million even suspects it.

Source: Will County News

Big media writer promotes ‘media literacy’ for government schools

press pass


A news columnist for Yahoo is calling for government intervention to teach public school children how to differentiate fake news from reliable sources.

According to Yahoo’s Matt Bai, it’s time for the nation’s schools to get in the business of teaching children how and where to read the news. Donald Trump’s election, he contends, represents the a new era of “truth-free media to go with our new, truth-free politics.”

To believe this, of course, one is forced to accept that both media and politics were relatively honest prior to Trump’s election.

But what Bai and other mainstream journalists are rallying against isn’t dishonesty— it’s an increasingly varied media landscape that requires extra care to understand.

He writes:

Think about it this way: 30 years ago, watching the news was like driving a car. Children weren’t born knowing how to do it, exactly, but it was intuitive enough that really any idiot could figure it out.

You had three networks, all of which aired the day’s news at roughly the same time and in the same studiously detached way. You had a major metro paper and a handful of national papers, which reported versions of the same stories, chosen by editors with the same basic objectives.

Today, he laments, there are far more options; and most of them are riddled with confirmation bias.

He isn’t wrong— but his prescribed fix is.

Bai wants government schools to create standardized ways to teach children how to pick news sources:

My kids will spend months of their young lives studying the Revolution and the Civil War and the advent of mass production, which is fine. In grade school, they spend some part of every year revisiting the social movements of the ’60s, which is noble and important.

But what’s called “media literacy” in the education world — the ability to consume torrents of information with some level of competence and sophistication — is still an outlier in social studies curricula, despite having been discussed now for decades. Even when it’s taught, it’s crammed into a high school unit, by which time today’s grade-schoolers will have been surfing YouTube for half their lives.

According to data compiled by the Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts (where I happen to serve on the board of advisers), most high school civics teachers try to cover modern media in some way, but as of 2012, only a third of them said they were “very confident” they could do it successfully.

Given all that’s happened in politics and media since, you’d have to think the job hasn’t gotten easier. But training is scarce, and efforts to standardize the curricula are sporadic.

Here’s a radical thought: If President Trump is looking for a bold and useful education initiative that might serve the incidental purpose of redeeming what’s left of his soul, media literacy would be a pretty good place to start. Getting behind a nationwide push in K-through-12 classrooms could be an important and unifying priority for the incoming education secretary, Betsy DeVos.

Of course, you can probably guess which sources would be deemed acceptable under a plan like this.

Here’s a better idea. Eliminate the political correctness insanity that has taken over American education and begin again teaching children how to critically reason and debate even the most uncomfortable subjects. And forget media literacy… at least until schools throughout the country can handle teaching basic literacy and critical thinking skills.

Source: Will County News

Trump’s ‘new foreign policy’ promise must include abandoning regime change for Iran

iran and u.s. handshakePresident-elect Donald Trump told a Cincinnati audience last week that he intends to make some big changes in U.S. foreign policy. During his “thank you” tour, Trump had this to say:

We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments. …In our dealings with other countries we will seek shared interests wherever possible…”

If this is really to be President Trump’s foreign policy, it would be a welcome change from the destructive path pursued by the two previous administrations. Such a foreign policy would go a long way toward making us safer and more prosperous, as we would greatly reduce the possibility of a “blowback” attack from abroad, and we would save untold billions with a foreign policy of restraint.

However as we know with politicians, there is often a huge gap between pronouncements before entering office and actions once in office. Who can forget President George W. Bush’s foreign policy promises as a candidate 16 years ago? As a candidate he said:

I am not so sure the role of the United States is to go around the world saying ‘this is the way it’s got to be.’ … If we’re an arrogant nation they will resent us, if we’re a humble nation but strong they’ll welcome us.

Unfortunately as soon as he took office, George W. Bush pursued a completely different foreign policy, attacking countries like Iraq at the urging of the neocons he placed in positions of power in his White House and State Department.

Some people say that “personnel is policy,” and that much can be predicted about Trump’s foreign policy by the people he has appointed to serve his administration. That is where we might have reason to be worried. Take Iran, for example. While Trump says he wants the U.S. to stop overthrowing governments, on the issue of Iran both the candidate and his recent appointees have taken a very different view.

Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has said the following about Iran: “I believe that Iran represents a clear and present danger to the region, and eventually to the world…” and, “…regime change in Tehran is the best way to stop the Iranian nuclear weapons program.”

Trump’s CIA choice, Mike Pompeo, has said of President Obama’s Iran deal, “The Iranian regime is intent on the destruction of our country. Why the President does not understand is unfathomable.”

And Trump’s selection for Defense Secretary, General James Mattis, was even more aggressive, saying, “The Iranian regime in my mind is the single most enduring threat to stability and peace in the Middle East. …Iran is not an enemy of ISIS. They have a lot to gain from the turmoil in the region that ISIS creates.”

Donald Trump’s words in Cincinnati don’t seem to match up with the views of the people that he’s assigning to high places. At least when it comes to Iran.

While I hope we can take President Trump at his word when it comes to foreign policy, I also we think we should hold him to his word – especially his encouraging words last week. Will the incoming president have the ability to rein in his more bellicose cabinet members and their underlings? We can be sure about one thing: If Trump allows the neocons to capture the State Department, keeping his foreign policy promises is going to be a lot more difficult.

Source: Will County News

Lockport Love December 17th annual gift giveaway

Lockport Love December 17th annual gift giveaway


Everyone is invited to join us at the Iron Horse Saloon at 9am on Saturday, December 17th for our annual gift giveaway.  After a breakfast sandwich and coffee we will travel with police cars, fire trucks, Dean’s RV, regular cars and Santa (AKA Alderman Deskin), to the Lockport Love homes to provide gifts for the children. We would like to get as many people as possible in Dean’s RV to minimize the length of our procession but you are free to drive your car if you prefer.


For those that are liaisons to a family, please let me or BJ know if we are stopping at that home on the 17th or if a silent visit is more appropriate. Also please have your presents wrapped and have names on them and carry them in the vehicle you will be riding in on the 17th when we give the gifts to the families.


Feel free to bring your kids as it is a great way to show them charity.  From those of us that have participated in the past, I think we get as much joy from it as the recipients.  Hope you can make it.

Source: Will County News