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Justice Dept. No Material Interference From Russia

Justice Dept. Drops Election Hacking Bombshell… No Material Interference From Russia  Conservative Tribune 12/19/2016

Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted Thursday at a Politico event that there was no evidence that the Russians compromised U.S. electoral systems.

“Fortunately we didn’t see the sort of technical interference that I know people had concerns about, also, in terms of voting machines and the like,” Lynch said, according to a partial transcript of the event by RealClearPolitics.

The attorney general spoke about the investigation and the information given to the public.

“There’s a number of things we do, some of which we talk about publicly, some that we don’t talk about publicly, in terms of investigation and the responses that we have,” she explained. “This was a grave concern to us, so we began in the summer to look at what we could say publicly about this issue, and that is why you saw the intelligence community release its report in October, before the election.”

“Letting the American people know that the intelligence community had determined that Russia was behind the hacks (of the Democrat National Committee) itself,” Lynch said. “The investigation is ongoing, certainly the review is continuing. We rarely do that kind of public attribution, but it was important in that instance because the election effects everyone.

“It is not a matter of the results, it is peoples’ faith in the integrity of the system,” she added. “At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security was involved in reaching out to every state to make sure that they had access to every resource they needed to protect the state electoral system as well.”

“Fortunately we didn’t see the sort of technical interference that I know people had concerns about, also, in terms of voting machines and the like,” the attorney general concluded — putting to rest, for once and for all, claims from the left that the Russians had somehow hacked the general election and stolen it from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

You can watch Lynch’s comments below:

The Democrats have tried to use the Russian hacking narrative to explain away their losses, but as Lynch noted, there was no interference with the election systems.

As far as the other hacks go, the evidence is far from conclusive. The bottom line remains that it’s no one’s fault but the Democrats for the dirty dealings that were exposed. If they want to blame the Russians for informing the American electorate, we’re not sure how that’s going to work out for them, but it’s fine with us.

Perhaps instead they should clean up their house instead of complaining that people were able to see their mess through the window.

Source: Will County News

Putin Terrorists, You’re About “to Feel It”

BREAKING: Putin Goes to War… Tells Terrorists, You’re About “to Feel It”

Conservative Tribune 11/19/2016

Much of the world was shocked and perhaps even a bit fearful as reports began coming in Monday of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey while delivering remarks at an art museum in Ankara, with some no doubt recalling the similarities of the incident to the one that sparked World War I.

Fears of a broader world war being touched off by the horrible murder appear to have been quelled for the moment though, as Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erodgan over the phone shortly after the assassination, according to Reuters.

That, however, doesn’t mean that Putin and Russia will not retaliate for what Putin described as a deliberate provocation designed to disrupt the uneasy Russian-Turkish relationship and derail efforts to wind down the civil war in Syria.

“A crime has been committed and it was without doubt a provocation aimed at spoiling the normalization of Russo-Turkish relations and spoiling the Syrian peace process which is being actively pushed by Russia, Turkey, Iran and others,” Putin declared. “There can only be one response – stepping up the fight against terrorism. The bandits will feel this happening.”

While praising slain Ambassador Andrei Karlov, Putin also revealed that he is sending investigators to Turkey to work hand-in-hand with Turkish officials, proclaiming, “We must know who directed the killer’s hand,” according to Newsmax.

Putin ordered security measures to be stepped up at Russian embassies and consulates around the world in case of further attacks, while also ordering extra security for Turkish diplomatic facilities in Russia, to guard against rogue attempts at retaliation by angry Russians.

According to the U.K. Express, the Russian Foreign Ministry is expected to raise the issue of the assassination with the United Nations Security Council immediately.

“There is no place for terrorism and we will be resolutely fighting against it,” stated a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In 1914,the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, presumptive heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,  was assassinated in Sarajevo, Serbia, an act of terrorism that eventually drew all of Europe into World War I.

Though we appeared to be on the verge of a global conflagration after the terrible assassination of a Russian diplomat in Turkey, it would appear that radical Islamic terrorists are the only ones who should be afraid of Putin’s response to the atrocity.

Source: Will County News

MSM reporter called out for bias

Feel good video: MSM reporter called out for bias short circuits


screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-102201-amA Newsweek reporter who claims objectivity despite having published a series of liberal tirades via Twitter just got skewered by Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

Newsweek editor and Vanity Fair contributor Kurt Eichenwald has been a leading MSM voice behind claims that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Moscow during the 2016 election.

He also claimed via Twitter, without providing any proof whatsoever, that Trump spent a portion of the 1990s locked in a mental institution.

Carlson asked him to explain, asking: “Do you believe that you are practicing journalism?”

The video is worth a watch.

But if you can’t sit through the entire thing, Eichenwald never answers whether he believes he’s practicing journalism and doesn’t provide proof of his claim about Trump’s institutionalization.

“Unlike on your world, reality is not always able to give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer,” he said.

Eichenwald spends most of the interview avoiding the questions and attempting to turn the conversation around to accuse Carlson of being a fake news pusher. He even at one point holds up a prop he brought along, a binder marked “Tucker Carlson Falsehoods.”

It’s also worth noting that both of Eichenwald’s employers came under fire during the election season for a bias toward Clinton in coverage.

This is what’s wrong with the nation’s media establishment.

Source: Will County News

Press release Homer Township Independent Party to Run Slate of Candidates on April 4

December 19, 1016

Homer Township Independent Party to Run Slate of Candidates on April 4

Homer Glen, IL – The Homer Township Independent Party will run a full slate of candidates for all nine Homer Township offices in the 2017 consolidated election. The party’s organizing principle is to enact legislation that supports township government consolidation, with a goal to eliminate Homer Township as a property taxing body in 5 years.

“We need to start bending the property tax cost curve in Illinois, and the best approach is to eliminate unnecessary governments,” said Jim Orban, who is running for Homer Township Supervisor. “Now that Homer Glen and Lockport have incorporated most of the township area, there is no reason why Homer Township continues to expand its operating budget each year.” A resident of Homer Glen since 2003, Orban serves on the village’s Community and Economic Development Committee.

“When compared to neighboring townships, Homer Township carries the highest cost for administration, assessment services and elected officials,” Orban said. “If taxpayers really want to have lower property taxes, they should vote for office holders that are willing to reform the entire government.”

Homer Township Independent Party candidates include Marcy Cuevas for Clerk, John Ouradnik for Highway Commissioner, Erwin Wirth for Assessor and Kim Combs for Tax Collector. Trustee candidates are Thor Batchelor, Susan Spratt, Jeffrey McCarthy and Robert Sepka. Candidate biographies and more information can be found at www.homerindparty.com.

Source: Will County News