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Property Taxes By Taxing District in Homer Township

By Steve Balich  January 2016

Last March we the people got enough signatures to put a Referendum on the Ballot telling local Boards wholly or partially within Homer Township we the taxpayers want local taxing bodies to ask the people with a referendum before raising our property taxes.  The people of Homer Township by 87% passed this advisory Referendum. I promised I would put some consequence to it by publicizing the names of members of the Boards that defied the will of the people by voting to raise your Property Taxes.

Property owners are fed up with yearly increases in Property Tax which results in their home value decreasing. Yearly property tax increases are unsustainable. There are many especially those on fixed incomes like seniors who are being forced out of their homes because they can no longer afford the taxes. There are numerous families where parents must have part time jobs to meet family expenses. We are all concerned about our children. We all understand they need guidance from their parents, yet in order to cover expenses, parents have less quality time for their children.  The disposable income for every family is going down especially with healthcare increases. The people said loud and clear to local Boards “Stop Raising our taxes”.

The various taxing Districts voted on the Levy (property tax) recently. The message to local Boards Last March approved with 87% of the vote that local taxing districts go to referendum before raising their property tax.  Sounds very clear, but like anything people on these Boards, (School, Library, Fire, Township, Road Dist.) point out that keeping the Tax Rate the same or lower results in paying the same or less property tax depending on the assessed value. Keeping the rate the same or less allows the Tax District to get the tax money from new homes and businesses. This opinion implies that the extra money is needed to pay for new services.

While for the most part keeping the tax rate the same or less keeps the property tax the same or slightly lower. (Depending on assessed value). I’m of the opinion that the total dollars asked in the Levy need to either stay the same or be less. This means property taxes will go down (Depending on assessed value). It also forces government to cut or keep things the same. I don’t like increasing the size of government unless it is absolutely necessary. A referendum asking the people for more money Like N.W. Homer Fire District did (passed costing apx. $30 per $100,000 in assed evaluation), is the appropriate method since the people of the District are the ones footing the bill.

I am pleased when the rate stays the same or goes down. I do however prefer the Dollars to go down. I am upset when the rate increases, which means a definite tax increase (Depending on assessed value).

North West Homer Fire District Board: Joe Malacina, Vicki Frome, and Jim Kuzma voted to ask the people with a Referendum which passed to increase the property tax.

Will County: Local Board members from District 7, Steve Balich and Mike Fricilone voted to decrease property tax as did the rest of the Board.

Homer Glen:  Thank you to this Current Board: Mayor George Yukich, Mike Costa, Carlo Caprio, Brian Burian, Christina Neitzke-Troike, Sharon Sweas, Beth Rodgers and all past Boards. Homer Glen has no property tax.

City of Lockport:  Steven Streit, Mayor, Jim Petrakos, 1st Ward, Kris Capadona, 1st Ward, JR Gillogly, 2nd Ward, Brian Smith, 2nd Ward, Jason VanderMeer, 3rd Ward, Darren Deskin, 3rd Ward, Joanne Bartelsen, 4th Ward, Robert Perretta, 4th Ward, voted to decrease your property taxes

School District 92: Board Members  Gorecki, Houlihan, Adamczyk, Bilotta and Messina voted to keep the property tax rate the same meaning no increase in property tax. Absent from the meeting where Board Members Sweis and Kropf. School District 92 will not be raising your property taxes

Homer Library: President Edward O’Brien, Vice president Jane Klunk, Secretary Phyllis Levine, Treasurer Kitty Mitchell, Board members Brian Smith, Kevin Owens, Cindy Bocheneck voted to keep the property tax rate the same. Homer Library District will not be raising Your Property Taxes.


Homer Township: Supervisor Meyers, Trustees Fijan, Ed Kallas, John Kruczyk voted yes to reduce the property tax rate;

Trustee Vicki Bozen voted no because she felt the rate and actual dollars should have been lower reducing taxes even more.



Homer Township Road District: Commissioner Mike Devivo Presented a property tax increase of just under 2 ½ percent. It was certified by the Homer Township Board with one no vote by Trustee Vicki Bozen. Voting Yes to the property tax increase were Supervisor Pam Meyers, Trustee John Kruczak, Trustee Ed Kalas, and Trustee Fijan,                                                                                                                                      Homer Township Road District will increase your property tax.



Homer Township Fire District: Trustee Mark Lobes, Trustee Paul Anderson voted to raise your property Taxes. Trustee Fijan was absent for the vote.

Homer Township Fire District will increase your property tax.


High School District 205: President John Lukasik,  Vice President Ann Lopez-Caneva, Secretary Della M. Travis, Members Lisa Bickus, Lou Ann Johnson, Michael Lewandowski, Mike Petty, voted to increase your property taxes.

Lockport H.S. 205 will increase your property tax.


School district 33C: Board members: Barb Wilson, President, Angela Adolf, Vice President, Amy Blank, Secretary, Deb Martin, Member, Ed Campins, Member, Elizabeth Hitzeman, Member, Russ Petrizzo, Member, voted to raise your property tax.

Homer School District 33C will increase your property tax.



Source: Will County News