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Snowden/Mainstream media caught printing more ‘fake news’

Mainstream media caught printing more ‘fake news’


Edward Snowden

When NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden left the U.S. with documents detailing the massive government intelligence apparatus spying operation on American citizens, the establishment political and nattering classes and the propaganda media called Snowden a traitor, citing a period of 11 “missing days” for his period in Hong Kong  as evidence he was a Russian or Chinese spy.

All the so-called “media of record” — the big newspapers and broadcast outlets — ran with the story, turning into what The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald describes as a “cottage industry of media conspiracists” that “devoted itself to accusing Edward Snowden of being a spy for either Russia and/or China.”

Based on reports from “a source familiar with the Defense Intelligence Agency report on the Snowden affair,” proclaimed The Wall Street Journal’s Edward Jay Epstein  — the paper that advertises itself as “America’s most trusted news source” – U.S. investigative agencies were unable to find any hotel record or credit card charges indicating his whereabouts during those 11 days from May 20 until May 31. It also reported that “a U.S. official” claimed CCTV cameras showed Snowden entering the skyscraper that housed the Russian consulate on three occasions, but they were in June.

This has been the narrative since Snowden last walked out of the NSA almost four years ago.

But new documents released by the Mira Hotel to Snowden’s lawyers show that Snowden was exactly where he said he was the whole time. He checked into the Mira Hotel on May 21, 2014 under his own name and stayed there continuously until June 10.

The Intercept reported on the documents more than a week ago, but none of the so-called U.S. “media of record”  have bothered to update their articles or report the new information, least of all “America’s most trusted news source” (which saw Epstein, one of the originators of the Snowden-is-a-spy memes, publish a book on Snowden titled, “How America Lost Its Secrets: Edward Snowden, the Man and the Theft”). This even though several Snowden supporters, including The New York Times’ Charlie Savage, have repeatedly tweeted at Epstein and The Journal about the new documents.

It would have taken little journalistic legwork from a multinational media company with assets in Hong Kong to establish whether Snowden was staying or had stayed where he claimed to be. But rather than expend the energy, the mainstream media parroted unnamed “official” sources within the Deep State.

A side note: Is it at all plausible that America’s vaunted intelligence agencies were so inept they weren’t able to determine whether Snowden stayed in the hotel he claimed even though he was there under his own name? If you believe that, then you probably believe the MSM/Deep State narratives on 9/11, Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Pulse nightclub, and the other bogus Deep State-enabled terrorist attacks.

These same media organizations – which are at least Deep State parrots if not outright Deep State propagandists – tell us today that Russia hacked the election and President Donald Trump is a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And the MSM wonder why thinking people don’t believe anything they report!

Snowden is not and never was a spy for Russia, China or anyone else. He is an American patriot who did more than anyone in decades to unmask the massive operation the U.S. government has to vacuum up all information on all Americans all the time.

He’s hero and a true patriot, not a traitor; and should be treated as such.

Source: Will County News

Up Coming Illinois Policy events

Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Illinois Competitiveness Council will be hosting a forum on the impact of regulatory reforms on economic growth. Key speakers include scholars from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and regulatory reform expert Laura Jones of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Date: Wednesday, April 12

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Where: IIT University Technology Park
3440 S. Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL 60616

RSVP: Please RSVP to U-Jung Choe at U-Jung.Choe@illinois.gov

Join the Illinois Policy Institute and National Review Institute on Thursday, April 20, as we welcome NRI Policy Fellow David French for “The Sound of Silence.”

David and Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman will discuss how today’s main threats to free speech are cultural, rather than legal. The conversation will explain how Americans are losing free speech without government censorship – and what we can do about it.

David is a staff writer for National Review and a senior fellow at NRI. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School, the past president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and a New York Times bestselling author.

Date:   Thurs., April 20

Time:   6-6:45 p.m. Reception
6:45-8 p.m. Discussion

Where: Union League Club
65 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604


Source: Will County News

It’s Getting Weird

It’s Getting Weird
By Briton Ryle
Written Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Is this rally even fun anymore? Every single day it’s the same story: Apple, Netflix, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Nvidia, AMD, U.S. Steel, and Facebook. Apparently these are the only stocks that matter any more…

Forget oil. Oil stocks rallied 15% last week, and it wasn’t worth a mention. Because, you know, oil stocks are doomed. Inventories are extremely high, U.S. shale companies are ramping production like there’s no tomorrow, and Saudi Arabia can’t control prices anymore. (Of course, the call options I recommended to my Real Income Trader subscribers last Wednesday have more than doubled.)

Ford just told us that March sales were down 7.5%. Never mind that subprime auto loans are at ridiculous levels. This is clearly a non-story: the stock dropped 1.7% on the news. I mean, how bad can car sales be? After all, Tesla is killing it. Why else would the stock rally so much in the last couple of days that the company is now worth more than Ford?

I mean, Tesla sold 76,234 cars last year and lost money, while stupid Ford sold 6.6 million cars, made $9.4 billion, and pays a 5% dividend. It’s reassuring that investors have figured out that Tesla is the superior company.

Obviously, Netflix and its projected $11 billion in revenue for this year is a bargain at $62 billion. It’ll grow into that valuation sometime in the next decade. Better buy it now — you don’t want to miss out.

I guess I’m starting to sound grumpy right about now. And I guess I actually am kind of grumpy. Because I really do want Tesla and Netflix to get the hell off my lawn.

Amazon vs. Netflix 

Here’s the thing about Netflix that bugs me the most. It’s not the valuation, exactly. Even though its U.S. subscriber base is close to being maxed out, there’s a whole world out there of potential Netflix members. And Netflix’s relationship with Disney should not be underestimated…

My biggest problem with Netflix is Amazon. If Amazon is a significant competitor to your business, well, good luck with that.

Amazon is killing U.S. retail. Moody’s has a list of 19 distressed retail companies that may well be close to bankruptcy — companies like J.Crew, Claire’s, Gymboree, Nine West, rue21, and Sears. One member of the list, Payless Shoes, declared bankruptcy yesterday. HHGregg is a top candidate to be next.

Nike just got hammered on earnings. Under Armour did, too. Macy’s and Target are closing stores as fast as they can. Ralph Lauren is closing its flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Amazon basically beat them all. Amazon rules the backbone of the Internet with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting operations. And it’s coming for Netflix…

Remember when Twitter made a big splash by getting the rights to stream Thursday Night NFL games last year? Yeah, guess who nailed that down this year? Amazon. It will be part of Amazon Prime.

At this point, there is no better deal in the world than Amazon Prime. It alone is cheaper than a year of Netflix. And you get free shipping. You get movies and other TV (including Bosch, the detective series I love). And Amazon is starting to roll out grocery delivery as part of Prime. You can access bestseller books through the Kindle.

It’s just amazing. One company is taking out huge swaths of the U.S. economy. I just don’t see how investors can stay so bullish on Netflix when Amazon is a competitor.

CAT Videos

On Tuesday, the Dow Industrials posted a modest gain of about 40 points. Roughly half of that gain came due to a nice 2% rally for one stock. Nope, it wasn’t Goldman Sachs, but good guess. With the way Goldman has the lockdown on the revolving door to Washington, it would make sense that it would stay in perpetual rally mode.

It wasn’t McDonald’s, either. That’s a good guess, too, because investors have been happy to keep the stock at record levels even though its revenue has been falling for four years and is expected to fall to $21 billion this year and $19 billion next year. I mean, what’s not to love? $25 billion in debt and 20% of the next generation of customers, the millennials, have never eaten a Big Mac. No word on how they feel about Quarter Pounders…

No, the big winner for the Dow yesterday was Caterpillar. And again, this makes perfect sense. At $95 a share, CAT is less than 20% from its all-time highs from back in 2011. That was the peak of the post-crisis Chinese pump job. CAT took in $65 billion in revenue and had net profit a little over $5 billion.

This year, CAT will take in around $38 billion in cash and will lose money on a per-share basis. Interest payments on its $36 billion in debt, along with the $2.94 a share dividend, are depleting its cash reserves.

But of course, investing is about the future, and analysts see 3.5% revenue growth for CAT in fiscal 2017. Fantastic! But what those revenue growth estimates are based on, I don’t know.

The global economy is barely growing at all. China is shrinking its capacity for both steel and aluminum. That means less mining activity. There is a glut of iron ore out there, and coal. But sure, Caterpillar looks like a great investment right now.

Can This End Well?

My answer to this question is a simple “no.” No, it can’t end well. Valuations are too high, and it seems clear — to me, anyway — that the Trump administration is not going to be able to deliver on its fiscal promises of tax reform and infrastructure spending.

I am convinced a sharp correction is coming. The question is when.

Here’s the saying I’m keeping in mind right now: the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Who knows how long investors can suspend their disbelief and buy stocks?

So here’s the deal: if you wanna make some loot on the downside of this market, you have to use put options. It’s just too risky to try and short stocks right now. Put options let you define your risk. You can put up a little cash, have a leveraged bet, and if you hit it, you win big. And I’ll tell you right now, your odds of hitting it on the downside sometime in the next couple of months are a lot higher than hitting it on the upside.

Until next time,

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Briton Ryle

Source: Will County News

SBA Awards Funding to Organizations Offering Entrepreneurship Training to Women Veterans and Military Spouses

SBA Awards Funding to Organizations Offering Entrepreneurship Training to Women Veterans and Military Spouses

Release Date:
Monday, March 27, 2017
Release Number:
Carol Chastang, (202) 205-6987

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Small Business Administration this week announced the awarding of $300,000 in Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program grants to three organizations offering small business development resources to women veterans and military spouses.

The funding opportunity, offered by SBA’s Office of Veterans Business Development, supports each organization’s entrepreneurial training programs for women who are veterans, service members, and spouses of veterans and service members. Each awardee was chosen based on their demonstrated history of and commitment to providing training programs and resources to women.

“Increasingly, women small business owners are contributing in a major way to the growth of the U.S. economy, and women veterans bring a unique and valued skill set to entrepreneurship,” SBA Administrator Linda McMahon said. “Funding these organizations involved in helping women veterans and military spouses establish successful businesses will go a long way towards securing the future for these women and their families.”

The three awardees are:

The V-WISE program is an intensive three-phase program containing a 15-day online preparatory course, a two-day residency program, and post-training technical support. IVMF also offers an accelerated version of the course called “IGNITE.” Both programs are open to applicants nationwide.

Bunker Labs provides education, mentoring and networking opportunities to help military veterans start and grow their businesses. EPIC is a 14-week training course offered by Bunker Labs where participants meet weekly, while also having access to the online “Bunker in a Box.” The program is offered in Chicago, Philadelphia, Redwood City (California), Nashville, Austin, Minneapolis, New York City, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Raleigh-Durham, Madison (Wisconsin), and Washington, D.C.

Lift Fund is a non-profit organization that helps small business owners with limited access to capital. The Texas-based Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Program is a seven-week course offering both in-person and online training, and covers everything from technical assistance to capital requirements. The program serves the San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Laredo, Brownsville, and El Paso areas.

Women veteran-owned small businesses represent a burgeoning economic powerhouse in the military small business community. As of 2012, women veterans owned 383,302 businesses, generating $17.9 billion in sales. From 2007 to 2012, despite representing only 15.2 percent of all veteran-owned businesses, the number of women-veteran owned small businesses increased by 294.7 percent.

To learn more about additional opportunities for veterans available through the SBA, visit www.sba.gov/vets.




About the U.S. Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 and since January 13, 2012, has served as a Cabinet-level agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation.  The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses.  Through an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations, the SBA delivers its services to people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

Source: Will County News

Trump News April 5, 2017

The White House 

Today, President Donald J. Trump will welcome King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan to the White House. Since the earliest days of the campaign against ISIS, Jordan has been a staunch ally and partner. Working together, the United States and Jordan can help bring peace and stability to the Middle East and to people around the world.

  • 11:55AM: President Trump and the First Lady welcome King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan


  • 12:10PM: President Trump meets with King Abdullah II
  • 12:30PM: President Trump leads an expanded bilateral meeting with King Abdullah II
  • 1:10PM : President Trump and King Abdullah II hold a joint press conference – Watch LIVE
  • 1:45PM: President Trump has a working luncheon with King Abdullah II

President Trump leads a town hall with CEOs on unleashing American business.
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President Trump speaks at the 2017 North America’s Building Trades Unions National Legislative Conference.
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Photo of the Day:

President Donald Trump responds to a question during Q&A with Reed Cordish, Assistant to the President for Intragovernmental and Technology Initiatives, on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 . (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead).
View Photo

UPDATE: Confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Read yesterday’s press gaggle with Sean Spicer here.
  • The Hill: “Trump promises to rebuild country in speech to construction workers”
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  • NBC News: “Trump Talks Trade, Vows to Keep ‘America First’ Ahead of Visit with Chinese President”
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  • Fox Business: “Trump Vows $1T+ Infrastructure Plan, Massive Red Tape Rollback”
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Source: Will County News