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Are you going to let the government take your home


Dan & Amy discuss the latest EXCLUSIVE regional property tax analysis, where they look where no one has before: Chicago’s South Side. Read the full analysis here.

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There are two systems of home valuation in Chicago and Illinois: the actual market and the government. The latter bears little resemblance to the former as the government destroys your home equity.

Dan & Amy discuss the latest EXCLUSIVE regional property tax analysis, where they look where no one has before: Chicago’s South Side. Read the full analysis here.

Source: Will County News

An awesome reason for Trump to slash regulations

An awesome reason for Trump to slash regulations


cutting red tape concept

President Donald Trump ran on a promise of regulatory reforms to make it easier to do business in the U.S.– and he couldn’t have arrived in the White House at a better time to do so. A recent poll found that 40 percent of school students in grades 5 through 12 are interested in starting a business after graduating.

That’s according to the result of Gallup’s annual HOPE survey, which measures how well the nation’s schools are preparing American youth for young adulthood.

From the polling: “More than one in four students in grades nine to 12 (27%) say they plan to start a business, down from the 33% to 35% range found among this group from 2011 to 2015. In contrast, a majority of students in grades five to eight (55%) say they plan to start their own business.”

Gallup explains the age gap in entrepreneurial ambition thusly: “The majority of students in grades five to eight have intentions of starting their own business, but few have access to classes on how to achieve this goal later in their lives. Meanwhile, their older peers in high school lack entrepreneurial ambition, despite increased availability of classes on the subject. This could suggest that as children get older — and perhaps have a better sense of what kind of work they want to do and the work involved in that role — they find the idea of being a business owner less appealing.”

It would also be that older students are less enthused about starting a new business adventure because of the regulatory confusion they learn they will face. For young Americans looking to start a new business, there are a numbers of regulatory hurdles that can be extremely difficult to understand and deal with, from tax stipulations to certain occupational and business licensing requirements. And often the more ambitious a business idea, the higher the number of regulatory headaches a business owner will face. .

Trump, to his credit, is working to change some of that by working to weaken regulations affecting existing businesses. And in several states, like Mississippi, there are efforts underway to eliminate senseless occupational licensing rules.


Source: Will County News

Trump News May 2, 2017


For the first time today, President Donald J. Trump will present the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy to the United States Air Force Academy Falcons. The cadets on the team embody the Air Force’s three core values of Integrity, Service, and Excellence and will continue to make our country proud throughout their military careers.


  • 11:00AM: President Trump participates in the departure ceremony for Lt. Col. Wesley Spurlock, USAF
  • 11:30AM: President Trump participates in the U.S. Air Force Academy Commander-in-Chief trophy presentation – Watch LIVE



  • 12:30PM: President Trump speaks with President Vladimir Putin of Russia by telephone
  • 5:30PM: President Trump meets with National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster




President Trump drops by a meeting of the Independent Community Bankers Association at the White House.
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Celebrating National Small Business Week.
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Vice President Pence makes remarks at the Small Business Week Awards Program.
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Watch yesterday’s press briefing with Sean Spicer:

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Read the press briefing by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017 here.

Today, a press briefing will be held at 1:30PM ET in the White House Briefing Room with Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Watch it LIVE here.


  • Washington Times: Trump vows to roll back Dodd-Frank in meeting with bankers
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  • Politico: White House launches ‘American Technology Council’
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Homer 33C Use Geiger counters, cloud chambers to make atoms visible

News Release

Homer CCSD 33C

Goodings Grove   Luther J. Schilling   William E. Young   William J. Butler

Hadley Middle   Homer Jr. High


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For Immediate Release:

May 1, 2017


Sixth-graders stay after school to learn about nuclear science in today’s world

Use Geiger counters, cloud chambers to make atoms visible


Homer School District 33C sixth-graders used Geiger counters and cloud chambers this week to investigate the world of atomic nucleus.


The afterschool workshop was led by David Kaskie of the American Nuclear Society.

About 20 students signed up to attend the two-day workshop, which was organized by Homer 33C’s STEAM Ahead With Explorers program — an afterschool enrichment program that challenges students to delve further into science, technology, engineering, art and math.


At the two-day Nuclear Science workshop, students learned why some atoms are radioactive, how radiation can be detected from those atoms and how nuclear energy is used in everyday life.


They used Geiger counters and cloud chambers to make atoms visible.


Assisting with the discovery process was Janice Lindegard, education and community outreach specialist with the American Nuclear Society.


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Source: Will County News