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Trump News May 3, 2017


Today, President Donald J. Trump will welcome President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority to the White House and will seek his commitment to work with us to advance peace efforts between the Israelis and Palestinians. The President believes that peace is possible, and that the time has come to make a deal.


  • 11:55AM: President Trump meets with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority


  • 12:15PM: President Trump gives a joint statement with President Abbas – Watch LIVE
  • 12:30PM: President Trump has a working luncheon with President Abbas
  • 6:30PM: President Trump has dinner with religious leaders




President Trump presents the U.S. Air Force Academy Commander-in-Chief trophy.
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Readout of President Trump’s call with President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation.
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Vice President Pence gives remarks at an Israel Independence Day Commemoration Event.
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Cabinet Blog Series: My First Day as the Secretary of Labor.
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Watch yesterday’s press briefing with Sean Spicer, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, John F. Kelly and Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney:

Today, a press briefing will be held at 2:00PM ET in the White House Briefing Room with Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Watch it LIVE here.


  • Washington Times: Trump touts military boost in spending deal: ‘Showing our determination and resolve’
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  • Fox Business: Trump Signs Executive Order to Modernize U.S. Government Info Tech
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2nd amendment and Republican walkers wanted for New Lenox Loyalty Day Parade – May 7, 2017

 The New Lenox Republicans will be in the middle of the Parade  wearing Red

Line up is 1 pm parade starts at 2pm

The New Lenox Republicans will be in the middle of the Parade  wearing Red

Line up is 1 pm parade starts at 2pm

New Lenox Loyalty Day Parade – May 7, 2017


This coming Sunday, May 7, 2017, New Lenox is hosting their annual Loyalty Day Parade.
We have caught wind that the parade is going to be invaded by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense and will be marching in orange colored shirts, along with the Democratic office holders.
We are asking any and all Second Amendment supporting citizens to please attend this event wearing either your IGOLD shirt, or any yellow or gold apparel to march with the Republicans. The parade is from 2-4:00 pm and will start at the Lion’s Den (the old library). Please arrive early so we can properly organize “our people.”
We ask that you please be respectful with the mindset that you are a proud Illinois State Rifle Association member and law-abiding firearm owner.

Richard Pearson
ISRA Executive Director

The New Lenox Republicans will be in the middle of the Parade  wearing Red

Line up is 1 pm parade starts at 2pm

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Homer 33C students compete at robotics competition Bring home five awards

News Release

Homer CCSD 33C

Goodings Grove   Luther J. Schilling   William E. Young   William J. Butler

Hadley Middle   Homer Jr. High


Contact: Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager

cbrautigam@homerschools.org | 708-226-7628


For Immediate Release:

May 3, 2017


Homer 33C students compete at robotics competition

Bring home five awards


An after-school project has earned a number of Homer 33C students high honors for teamwork, team spirit and creativity.


Fourth-graders from Butler, Goodings Grove, Schilling and Young schools recently competed in the 4-H Robotics Competition, showcasing the robots they built in Homer 33C’s STEAM Ahead With Explorers’ LEGO Robotics workshop.


Students were given LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 kits to work with and challenged to build robots (or Health Bots) that performed tasks related to healthy living and healthy choices.


Some robots were programmed to jog; some were programmed to deliver foods to a plate. Others were programmed to deliver vaccines to a hospital. Each robot had to complete as many missions as possible in a three-minute time period.


Thirty-one teams from 13 schools (including schools from Joliet, Plainfield and Shorewood) participated in the event. They competed April 29 at Joliet Junior College’s Weitendorf Agricultural Education Center.

Five Homer 33C teams from all four elementary schools took home awards. They were:

  • Schilling School: Team Spirit Award
  • Butler School: Teamwork Award
  • Butler School: Most Creative Award
  • Young School: Judges Award
  • Goodings Grove: Reserve Champion Award


The competition was organized by the University of Illinois-Will County Extension 4-H Club.


“Hopefully, we encouraged some future scientists,” said University of Illinois Extension Educator Megan Walsh.


Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/homer33c?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


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Socialism Attacks the Family, Just as Its Inventors Intended

Socialism Attacks the Family, Just as Its Inventors Intended

Written by Dr. Paul Kengor

Last year, “socialism” was the most looked-up word at Merriam-Webster.com. That is hardly a surprise. It clearly reflects growing interest, especially with the remarkable surge of lifetime socialist Bernie Sanders, who won a pile of states in pursuing the Democratic Party presidential nomination. He earned over 13 million votes nationwide. Many of those voters have only a hazy idea what socialism entails, but most surely know that it gives the government more control over the so-called “means of production” as well as your wallet and your property, but not as much as outright Communists crave.

American interest in socialism was growing well before Bernie Sanders. A telling marker came in 2011, when a major study by the Pew Research Center found that 49% of Americans aged 18-29 have a positive view of socialism, exceeding those with a positive view of capitalism. What those voters might not realize, but which I know for certain, is that socialism undermines marriage and family: I’ve published an entire book on the subject. What I learned from mining the origins of the movement is that this is not an accident: The founders of socialist movements always intended their system to have this effect.

Intended Consequences

Most obviously, socialism undermines the family economically. Socialism is ineffective, unproductive, and impoverishing. It creates not economic prosperity but backwardness, and often genuine deprivation (see Venezuela). In that way alone, socialism adversely affects what sources as diverse as Pope Francis and Ronald Reagan have described as the “fundamental cell” of society: the family.

But surely socialism’s founders didn’t realize that their system just flat-out didn’t work, right? Actually, they believed that it did—and in one sense it does: It weakens families for the benefit of the state, exactly as it creators meant it to.

Since at least the early 1800s, when the effort began in earnest, extreme-left radicals have sought to undermine the natural-traditional-Biblical family—the Western Judaeo-Christian model anchored in a man and woman as parents of a household. The steady assault on this timeless model has been a long march that culminated in the chaos of the sexual revolution of the 1960s and in the antics of the nature-redefiners of today’s secular left, which employs bullying, state coercion and demonization to forcibly redefine everything from marriage and parenting to biological sex (or as they now call it “gender”), and whether a child in the womb is even considered a life.

Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto wrote of the “abolition of the family,” which even in 1848, they could flaunt as an “infamous proposal of the communists.” What, precisely, they meant by that is a complicated subject. But complexities aside, there is no question that efforts to redefine the family structure have been long at work, from Marx and Engels to sordid figures such as Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Alexandra Kollontai, Margaret Sanger, Margaret Mead, Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse, Betty Friedan, Kate Millet, and assorted ‘60s New Left radicals from Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to Mark Rudd and Tom Hayden. They included groups ranging from the Bolsheviks to the Frankfurt School of cultural Marxists to the Planned Parenthood eugenics “progressives” to the Weather Underground and many more.

Socialists on American Soil

A glance at this list of dubious characters reveals a mangled mosaic of the wide-ranging left. Among them, the earliest and maybe most revealing of the socialists specifically—at least from a family-focused perspective—was perhaps Robert Owen.

Owen (1771-1858) was an English utopian-socialist who made his way to American soil. On July 4, 1826, as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the geniuses of the Declaration of Independence, both dramatically breathed their last gasps on the 50th anniversary of their eloquent achievement on behalf of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Robert Owen stood atop his new ideological colony in New Harmony, Indiana and delivered his “Declaration of Mental Independence.” It is a document you surely didn’t read in school, but perhaps you should have, because it foretold the spirit of our modern age. Owen proclaimed:

I now declare to you and to the world that man up to this hour has been in all parts of the earth a slave to a trinity of the most monstrous evils that could be combined to inflict mental and physical evil upon the whole race.

I refer to private property, absurd and irrational systems of religion and marriage founded upon individual property, combined with some of these irrational systems of religion.

There it was: property, religion, marriage. This was Robert Owen’s unholy trinity.

Owen’s acolytes began their new civilization by scrapping the Christian Anno Domini calendar, marking 1826 as their new Year One. He was imitating the Jacobins, who had likewise “reset” the calendar in 1794 amid their bloodcurdling de-Christianization of France. (Mussolini and Pol Pot would later follow suit.) Owen established what the 1960s hippies would call communes. Owen’s socialist communes pooled not only profits but people, replacing the nuclear family with the collective family. His socialism was cultural as well as economic, as socialism and its enthusiasts always would be.

The New Harmony colony floundered within just two years, with Owen curiously absent from his creation for sustained periods, thus setting the standard for future leftist-utopian chieftains: They rarely live according to the rules and systems they create for others. Socialism and communism have always been for “the people,” “the masses,” the ruled, but rarely for the rulers. Castro, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao—given the choice, they never lived the same way with the same rules and equal salaries as the serfs. Indeed, how could they? Their socialist-communist cocoons were always intolerable because they were bankrupt and unnatural. No one chooses that misery.

But the unnatural is what so many leftist utopians pursued then and in the years and centuries ahead. Even as Robert Owen’s New Harmony commune quickly collapsed, a dozen or so imitators sprang up around the country. Rarely did any of them last more than four years. Owen’s leftist vision remained alive and undeterred. “The social system is now firmly established,” he asserted.

An uphill stream of Owen-like dreamers on the left would keep the flame alive, from the 1820s to the 1960s in their own communes, and into the 21st century with their own versions of marriage and family. Never learning from failed projects of the past, they would always convince themselves that the previous project simply wasn’t done quite right—not yet. When they implemented their commune, their utopia, their more enlightened and modern view of marriage and the family, it would surely work this time around. Such is the socialist faith.

Polyamory and Lemonade Seas

Charles Fourier (1772-1837) was another merry socialist who reviled property, marriage, and religion. He dreamed of collectivizing the masses in communes where they could undergo fundamental transformation. (He also believed that human efforts would someday turn the seas to tasty lemonade.) A forerunner to 1960s New Left radicals on American college campuses, Fourier openly advocated the abolition of monogamous marriage, and championed polyamory, homosexuality, and other forms of what Margaret Sanger and the 1920s American progressives would celebrate as “free love.” Fourier’s lead disciple in America, Albert Brisbane, practiced what his master taught, proving himself exceptionally progressive by maintaining several mistresses and fathering three illegitimate children.

Predictably, the Fourier-Brisbane communes would work about as well as Owen’s ideological colonies, and the ones that followed. There were probably forty some such communes that sprung up around the country in this period, and quickly dissolved. No matter, leftists never give up. All they need is more power than the previous group of ideological colonists, and then they’ll get it right the next time. It is the governing spirit of their ideology. Just wait for their better, more enlightened ideas on marriage, family, sexuality, gender, and on and on. Forward!

On the heels of Fourier came John Humphrey Noyes and his Oneida colony and their newfangled designs for the family, which included group marriages that shared both intimacy and children.

Socialist Ancestors of the Gender Wars

All of these nature-redefiners plowed new ground for new versions of the family according to each of their ideological conceptions. To borrow from Pope Francis, they were engaged in “ideological colonizations.” Each new generation came up with its own socialist colonies, all the way to the Red Family Colony in Berkeley in the 1960s established by Tom Hayden and Robert Scheer. The ‘60s New Left also launched its glorious “smash monogamy” movement, which was an exciting form of marriage that would be (and had to be, they insisted) non-monogamous.

In short, these were the bold ancestors of today’s same-sex marriage movement and “LGBTQ” sex-gender redefiners. They all shared in common, then and today, the rejection of any notion that there is a single natural, traditional and Biblical model for the family.

“It is not possible to speak of ‘the’ family,” insisted Friedrich Engels. Indeed, just ask the broad range of leftists in the current-day organization “Beyond Marriage.” They agree wholeheartedly with Engels on that one.


The Video has some bad language.

Article originally published at VisionandValues.org.

Source: Will County News

Here’s why Washington is so broken

Here’s why Washington is so broken


Washington, DC skyline at night; United States

Remember the anger at the political establishment that was supposed to reshape the Washington establishment following the Tea Party sweep in Congress? Things were supposed to change—but the situation has only gotten worse.

There’s probably no better way to illustrate how all the small government promisers and swamp drainers are simply blowers of hot air than to take a look at the budget proposal the House Rules Committee published on Monday.

Back in 2009, lawmakers affiliated with the tea party movement promised that moving forward Congress wouldn’t pass budget legislation without giving the American people ample time to have a look at bills to fund the government.

A post on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s website dated October 2009 heralds an era of “read the bill” reform “that would require all bills to be posted online for a minimum of 72 hours before they are brought to a vote.”

That’s great and all—but take a look at the $1 trillion piece of legislation just offered up to fund the government through September.

The bill, which lawmakers will vote on before the end of the week, is 1,665 pages long. It seems quite possible that Congress is doing a bit of trolling by calling the thing the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017.”

Wonder how many people in the country have read the entire thing?

Even for those who haven’t read the gargantuan bill, it’s pretty clear that the GOP establishment used it as a vehicle to do what it does best. That is, cave to Democrats.

Just a few of the wins included for Democrats include:

  • Continued funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • A reversal of Trump’s promise to cut EPA funding by a third. It includes a cut of just 1 percent for the agency.
  • Continued government funding for Obamacare.
  • An increase of $2 billion in spending for the National Institutes of Health.
  • A continue to increases in the non-defense domestic spending that is hurtling the u.S. toward bankruptcy.
  • An increase in the number of H-2B visas allotted to allow foreign workers in the U.S.

Establishment Republicans will get some of the things they wanted in the bill, such as increased military spending (about $15 billion) and border security spending (around $1.5 billion)—but for fiscal conservatives, that certainly isn’t something to cheer about.

The bottom line here is that the political establishment continues to win and there’s no reason to believe that even a self-proclaimed swamp drainer like Trump is going to do a damn thing about the nation’s ever-growing fiscal nightmare.

That’s why, as The Atlantic reported earlier this year, many of the original Tea Partiers who headed to Washington in 2010 are opting to go home rather than be re-elected and continue to be part of the problem.

There is still some hope for conservatives, most of it coming from members of the House Freedom Caucus who continue to speak out against what they see as a rolling betrayal of the voters who sent them to Washington.

In an interview with CBAS Monday, Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan questioned why any Republican would be comfortable with the current spending bill.

“Why did we do a short-term spending bill if we were not going to fight for these things we told voters we were going to fight for? I mean, if this is the deal we get, it seems to me we should have just done the bill for the year,” he said

“This is not what we campaigned on. I’m disappointed. We’ll see how it plays out this week, but I think you will see conservatives with some concerns about this legislation,” he said. “I wish we would have pushed harder on the issues.”

Indeed, plenty of conservative voters feel the same way.

But with the Trump administration’s response to conservatives who worked against his initial attempt to replace Obamacare with Obamacare-Lite, it seems many of Congress’s true conservatives are increasingly afraid to push against a president who has convinced millions of voters that he’s keeping his promises—even when it’s clear that he’s not.

And Trump is simply passing the buck. He’s making bad deals, Trump says, because the American system of government is too cumbersome for him to single-handedly make things great.

He said last week: “You look at the rules of the Senate, even the rules of the House — but the rules of the Senate and some of the things you have to go through — it’s really a bad thing for the country, in my opinion. They’re archaic rules. And maybe at some point we’re going to have to take those rules on, because, for the good of the nation, things are going to have to be different.”

For voters who continue to believe in Trump’s power as a transformational president rather than another Washington tool, this should all be very disheartening. But many won’t realize what’s happening until it’s far too late, despite disappointment after disappointment.

Have a bunch of time on your hands? Here’s the full spending bill:

Editor’s Note: If you want to learn the true reason why President Trump doesn’t have a chance to bring the Washington reforms he promised, read this shocking report about the government that’s really in control.

Source: Will County News