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Editors note:

After reading this article I wanted to scream “IDIOTS”. We in Illinois don’t have a budget and there is none in sight. We in Illinois elect people that want to spend more money than we take in. We in Illinois want to give public sector employees raises every year and tax everything that a human touches except air. No wonder people have no desire to stay in this expensive land that once was one of the best places in the U.S. to live.

Now Illinois wants to make illegals legal by a vote of cowardly elected officials who are afraid to go against the liberal narrative. So bankrupt Illinois will temp the Federal Government to cut off all federal funding in the name of more votes for the Democrat Party. Illinois will pay for the health and welfare of those who need it at taxpayer expense. Illinois has strict gun laws yet Chicago is the most dangerous city in the world, and financially bankrupt. Chicago Public Schools operate to a large extent on money from the rest of the State that has no money to pay for its needs.

So now we invite more crime, more welfare, less jobs, dropping wages, and more cost to the taxpayer with the Sanctuary State. I guess Illinois politicians that voted for this think money can be just harvested from continual flowering money trees they believe each tax payer owns. Vote out of office any elected official that voted for this stupidity.


From Illinois Review May 5,2017


SPRINGFIELD – Despite threats from the Trump Administration to cut federal law enforcement funding to jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials, Illinois is moving towards becoming the nation’s fifth sanctuary state after California, Connecticut, New Mexico and Colorado.

With one vote to spare, the Illinois Senate passed a SB 031 Thursday, which would set Illinois state-funded schools, health care centers and secretary of state facilities as “safe zones” for undocumented immigrants to find protection from federal law enforcement.

In those locations throughout the state, state and local police would be prohibited from arresting persons based on their immigration status – the same practice now in place in the city of Chicago and Cook County.

Those senators signing onto SB 031 are all Democrats – Sen. John J. CullertonDon HarmonIris Y. MartinezDaniel BissMartin A. Sandoval, Cristina Castro, Heather A. Steans, Omar Aquino, Linda Holmes, Jacqueline Y. Collins, Patricia Van Pelt, Ira I. Silverstein and David Koehler.

The bill will now proceed to the Illinois House, where a similar measure stalled earlier this year.


A House query with the Department of Human Services estimated the minimal cost for the program would be $5 million, based on the current $1.9 million Immigrant Family Resource Program (IFRP), which educates and assists immigrants on Department of Human Service (DHS) benefits.

That amount would be likely to grow substantially, the findings showed, because in addition to providing multi-lingual education, DHS would be responsible for the required training of various providers–such as health care and education–statewide.

That number does not include the cost of the state-provided benefits for those escaping law enforcement – and encouraging non-citizens to evade federal laws.

“I just didn’t want to lose the irony of the moment that we’re going to pass a law to tell law enforcement not to enforce the law,” the Tribune reported Sen. Tim Bivins, R-Dixon, said during the Senate debate.

When Illinois Review reported on this measure being introduced in the Illinois House earlier this year, nine Democrats had signed on as co-sponsors. The number of House Democrats signing onto the idea has increased substantially since that time:

Rep. Emanuel Chris WelchKathleen WillisElizabeth HernandezTheresa MahRobyn Gabel, Ann M. Williams, Gregory Harris, Thaddeus Jones, Silvana Tabares, Kelly M. Cassidy, Michael J. Zalewski, Laura Fine, Litesa E. Wallace, Christian L. Mitchell, Rita Mayfield, Lawrence Walsh, Jr., Will Guzzardi, Luis Arroyo, Camille Y. Lilly, Daniel J. Burke, Sam Yingling, La Shawn K. Ford, Anna Moeller, Barbara Flynn Currie, Juliana Stratton, Natalie A. Manley, Sara Feigenholtz, William Davis, Jaime M. Andrade, Jr., Linda Chapa LaVia and Carol Ammons

Source: Will County News

Establishment medicine perpetuates the cholesterol myth

Establishment medicine perpetuates the cholesterol myth


The cholesterol myth is a monument to the lies, deceit and fraud of the pharmaceuticals and the government.

The cholesterol myth proves that super fortunes can be built on the sale of products based on medical myths. This has absolutely nothing to do with medicine or the treatment of disease. It is commerce, pure and simple. It is crime, incorporated.

The cholesterol myth is so well established and so completely accepted by doctors that any challenge to this orthodoxy is quickly and powerfully shouted down. Case in point: Last week the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) published an article debunking longstanding claims that saturated fat clogs arteries and pointing out that coronary disease is a chronic inflammatory condition. The report also calls for a switch in emphasis away from a “low-fat” diet to one made up of whole foods (the authors recommended the Mediterranean diet) supplemented with olive oil and fatty nuts.

The article has created quite a row among establishment medicine – particularly in Great Britain — because the study’s lead author, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, consultant cardiologist at Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire,  is an advisor to the country’s leading anti-obesity campaign group, National Obesity Forum. The claim from establishment doctors is that Dr. Malhotra’s dietary recommendations will lead to more obesity and more heart disease. Note that the medical establishment never, ever states that heart disease was almost nonexistent until pro-agriculture government agencies like the USDA and the UK’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs began promoting eating grains instead of butter, steak and eggs.

According to British media, the claims in the BJSM article were “shocking.”  The website Arstechnica.com called Dr. Malhotra “controversial” and said his claims were “bizarre” and “misleading” even though the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found, as reported by The New  York Times  three years ago (and as I reported to you in “Does new study on fat greenlight saturated fat consumption?“) that there is no evidence to support the notion that saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease and that there is substantial evidence that low levels of saturated fat are damaging.

“All in all, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress reduction will not only boost quality of life but will curb the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and all causes,” Dr. Malhotra told The Express. “It is time to shift the public health message in the prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease away from measuring serum lipids and reducing dietary saturated fat. Coronary artery disease is a chronic inflammatory disease and it can be reduced effectively by walking 22 minutes a day and eating real food.”

Real food means whole foods like vegetables and greens, mostly raw; and organic, free-range or grass-fed meats — not processed foods with added sugars, preservatives, genetic modifications (GMOs) and other contaminates.

Dr. Malhotra also states that, compared with physically inactive individuals, those who walk briskly for 150 minutes or more each week can increase their life expectancy by 3.4 to 4.5 years. He recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three or more times a week to help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation.

This advice on diet and exercise is not new to readers of Personal Liberty® The Bob Livingston Letter™ or Bob Livingston Alerts. It’s the advice I’ve been giving readers for more than 20 years.

The cholesterol bogy has been used for several decades to terrify a whole population. For many years, cholesterol levels were considered the ultimate measure of health and fitness in America.

Suppressing cholesterol is not about health. It’s about making money, and the people who created the cholesterol myth did so to make trillions of dollars — and they are doing it.

I have been telling my readers for many years that high cholesterol and a bad ratio of HDL and LDL is not in itself bad health. It is only a marker of a health problem. Suppressing cholesterol is like placing something over your car’s heat indicator light expecting to prevent the car from overheating. This is pitiful nonsense, but you know literally millions of people along with their doctors are thoroughly indoctrinated with this myth. People are actually paying hundreds of dollars a month for statin drugs (to lower cholesterol) that are offending their health far more than elevated cholesterol. I feel sure that a lot of old folks are using their grocery money to buy these drugs.

Elevated cholesterol and a bad ratio of HDL and LDL is an indicator of an insulin problem. High levels of insulin continuously stimulate production of cholesterol. The anti-fat phobia is directly linked in the medical literature and in the public mind to the cholesterol nonsense.

Once and for all, fat does not make fat. It does not raise cholesterol or triglycerides and fat consumption does not put on body fat. In fact, fat consumption takes off body fat inside and outside. And what’s shocking, you have to eat fat to lose fat.

The cholesterol myth is based on the Lipid Hypothesis created by Ancel Keys in the 1950s. The Lipid Hypothesis is a theory that saturated animal fats and cholesterol in our food raise cholesterol levels in the blood. Then the theory goes that high blood cholesterol causes atherosclerosis—leading to obstruction of blood vessels of the heart, and resulting in coronary heart disease. The pharmaceuticals have reaped trillions of dollars in profits off this fraud. Who can say that the pharmaceuticals didn’t create the flawed studies that led to the cholesterol profit empire that we have today. You may call it a “science” of fraud.

This reversed the American diet of good omega 3 fats to the consumption of liquid vegetable oils and margarine substituting for coconut oil and animal fat that did our ancestors so well.

Well, as profits skyrocketed, deaths from heart disease and cancer did, too.

What is cholesterol? It is actually a heavyweight alcohol with a hormone-like structure that behaves like a fat — being insoluble in water and in blood. Cholesterol has a coating compound called a lipoprotein, which makes it water soluble so it can be carried in the blood. Cholesterol plays a critical role in body chemistry; we need our cholesterol. To suppress it with cholesterol drugs is to create degenerative disease.

Since your body can’t produce essential omega 3 fatty acids on its own, you need to consume a diet rich in these nutrients that help reduce inflammation, boost circulation and lower bad LDL cholesterol levels. Foods rich in these fatty acids include salmon, mackerel, tuna, walnuts, flaxseeds, kidney beans and winter squash. As an added bonus, salmon is also rich in the mineral selenium and several B vitamins.

You can also consume free-range, grass-fed beef, which is high in omega 3. Also safe is bison, venison, elk, wild turkey and other wild game. Oils that are good are high-quality virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Avocados and organic butter from grass-fed cows are also good sources.

A glass or two of red wine may also boost your omega 3s. Researchers from Catholic University in Italy discovered that patients who consumed wine in moderation had higher concentrations of omega 3s.


Noninvasive ways to clean your arteries of plaque 

Statin drugs: A trillion dollar fraud

Cholesterol and low-fat madness

Cholesterol drugs can deplete CoQ10 and increase heart failure risk 

Source: Will County News

Homer 33C First-graders celebrate Mom with special tea Shower her with gifts and song

News Release
Homer CCSD 33C
Goodings Grove Luther J. Schilling William E. Young William J. Butler
Hadley Middle Homer Jr. High
Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager
| 708-226-7628
For Immediate Release:
May 10, 2017
First-graders celebrate Mom with special tea
Shower her with gifts and song
Mother’s Day arrived early at Butler School.
butler tea 032.JPG
First-graders welcomed their mothers (and, in some cases, grandmothers)
to a special Mother’s Day Tea on May 10.
Students greeted their guests with hugs and smiles before eagerly showing
them to their desks where they had handmade cards and gifts waiting for
butler tea 056.JPG
Some moms received scented “flowers” made from colorful tissue paper.
Others received artwork with handwritten messages about what makes them
“Mom of the Year.”
butler tea 022.JPG
“We’re excited to share with you … and showcase our reading ability,”
teacher Karen McNabb told her classroom visitors.
butler tea 035.JPG
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Source: Will County News

Paul Sutliff on Civilization Jihad

Paul Sutliff on Civilization Jihad

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Are We Prepared If Congress Declares the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Entity?

The Muslim Brotherhood is digging trenches in case they beome labeled a FTO.


Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession. ~ George Washington

When a government refuses to acknowledge an entity’s declared war against it, it becomes susceptible to the dangers of infiltration and seditious activity within its own borders. In 2004, the United States learned that the Muslim Brotherhood within North America had declared war against America, Canada and Mexico. Knowledge of this declared war became public information through the Holy Land Foundation vs. USA (2008).

The FBI had known of the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee as evidenced by records provided at the trial of wire-tapping which was used in the HLF trial. Evidence provided through these transcripts proved that members of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America had formed a Palestine Committee, which had intent to funnel finances to Hamas (a chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood).

In addition to this threat Yousef Al-Qaradawi, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood issued a fatwa in 2003 “that anybody killed in a military operation aimed at expelling American occupation forces from the Gulf is a martyr due to his good intention” (Al-Uwaydidi, 2003).

Threats from the Muslim Brotherhood have continued. One was given on a televised broadcast from Turkey in 2015. There was little to no reaction by the Obama administration.

In addition to this many of the Islamic terror organizations active today have been found to have their roots in the Muslim Brotherhood. Middle East Monitor (2013) pointed out the connection of ISIS to the Muslim Brotherhood.

For these reason the American public has been actively pursuing a course to have the Muslim Brotherhood declared a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

There have been several attempts since 2013 to have federal government list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist entity. Politically this has taken on different forms. For example, under President Barak Obama a petition site was established for the people of the United States to share needs and concerns. If the petition garnered 20-30,000 signatures, a promise was given to answer the petition. In 2013, a petition was written to have the United States designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist entity had garnered 213,146 signatures! But no response was given for a year. When the Office of President responded on the site it claimed the Muslim Brotherhood was a non-violent entity ignoring decades of assassinations bombings, and more.

Since 2015, there has been a change where bills have been submitted in Congress to do what the State Department has not – name the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist entity.

In the House of Representatives HR 5823 submitted on July 2016 was sent to Homeland Security – Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence. HR5823 was submitted by Rep. Brat and was entitled: “Naming the Enemy Within Homeland Security Act.”

February 24, 2016 the Judiciary Committee of the House called on the White House Administration to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

In 2017, Senator Ted Cruz proposed a repeat of a bill he submitted in 2015 that died in committee. The majority of the text is exactly the same. These bills proposed the label of Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

Whether the FBI considers the Muslim Brotherhood a current threat or not, may be irrelevant. It is possible that the efforts of the American people through their elected officials will push the bills proposed that label the Muslim Brotherhood a FTO into law. It is also possible, that under President Trump, the State Department will declare the Muslim Brotherhood a FTO.

The Muslim Brotherhood has operated both discreetly and openly in the United States of America for over 50 years. For this reason President Washington’s words have special meaning. It will be a difficult assignment to clean the USA of the Muslim Brotherhood presence if it is declared a FTO.

Current estimates of the number of Muslim Brotherhood entities within the United States are in the hundreds. These include large entities such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and individual mosques and Islamic Centers. This does not even include an analysis of who should be arrested under the Patriot Act if the Muslim Brotherhood is declared an FTO.

NCIS has had investigations into interactions of Navy personnel and members of CAIR. This was revealed through a FOIA sent to the Navy which was passed on to NCIS. NCIS promised to partially fulfill the FOIA.

DHS has had personnel openly confess to being a part of the Muslim Brotherhood while appointed to a committee to decide if the Muslim Brotherhood should be designated as a FTO.

Sutliff (2015) shows that the Office of Management and Budget in the White House had a member of ISNA’s Shura Council overseeing the budgets of cabinet members under the last President. This threat of harm is deeper than most think.These are government positions. What about entities and personnel engaged in colleges?  Would the FBI recognize those who espouse affinity towards supporting Hamas, a designated FTO, and a chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood as persons in violation of the Patriot Act? They have yet to act at all on this as evidenced by the bold public declarations found in Middle East Forum (2002).

What about persons actively engaged in misinformation campaigns. Specifically, the Institute on Religion and Civic Values (IRCV), which works with many major textbook industries in America. Its original name being the Council on Islamic Education (CIE), which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Is the FBI ready to act if the State Department or Congress declares the Muslim Brotherhood a FTO or possibly a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) entity?

According to the Muslim Link Paper (2017, March 7), one of the online papers for the United States Muslim Council of Organizations (USMCO), a known umbrella group of Muslim Brotherhood organizations, whether the USA is prepared or not to take on the task of dealing with a FTO label on the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood community is preparing for the FBI.


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Sutliff, P. (2015, April 17). Assentors and Infiltrators in the Executive Branch Part 3a of 4. Retrieved May 10, 2017, fromhttp://paulsutliff.blogspot.com/2015/04/assentors-and-infiltrators-in-executive.html

Source: Will County News

ESPN Layoffs & The Link To Hillary Clinton

ESPN Layoffs & The Link To Hillary Clinton
Watch now.

In addition to losing an increasing number of cable subscribers, ESPN has recently laid off 100 on-air personalities. Why does this matter? According to Clay Travis, a journalist, EPSN is turning into the MSNBC of sports, and the president of the network is more than okay with that.

Hillary Clinton continues to blame everyone but herself for losing the election. On CNN last week, she said that if the election was held on October 27th (the day before Comey’s testimony), she would be President.

The failure of Hillary Clinton as a politician is leading into the ultimate failure, a decade from now, of ESPN as a sports network.

Pat Hughes breaks it down now.

Source: Will County News