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Butterball to close Illinois Aurora-area plant

MAY 18, 2017
The plant will close its doors by July 17 and offer some employees relocation opportunities.

Butterball announced that it will close its Montgomery-based facility, costing 600 jobs. The Montgomery plant specialized in bacon processing and will close its doors permanently by July 17.

Butterball cited “changing market conditions” and “consumer needs” as the reason for the closure.

Butterball has stated some workers may be relocated to other facilities.

“We are committed to retaining as many of our Montgomery employees as possible, and are committed to offering relocation assistance to any of our team members who have an interest in staying with the company and accept an available position at another location,” Butterball Chief Operations Officer Jay Jandrain said in a statement obtained by ABC 7 Chicago.

“In addition, we will be working diligently with leaders across the enterprise and with other resources in the days and weeks ahead to identify and provide opportunities for outplacement and retraining for those affected, and will be seeking support from local and state economic agencies to find a buyer for the facility with the hope of securing new opportunities for the local economy.”

The closure of the Butterball plant is yet another blow for the Aurora area. In March, Caterpillar announced it was closing its Aurora-based plant, costing the area 800 jobs.



To make informed decisions, the public must receive the unbiased truth. Unfortunately, that isn’t what we often get out of our elected officials or the legacy media. At the Illinois Policy Institute, that is something we are going to fix.

We are an independent nonprofit consisting of more than 20 writers and policy experts. Our mission is to generate public policy solutions that promote personal freedom and prosperity in Illinois.

  • We have produced the only viable plan to balance the state budget while also reducing the tax burden placed on residents like you.
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But to continue to provide unbiased reporting and viable policy solutions, we need your support.

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But it’s not just Aurora that’s hurting.

Illinois lost 8,900 jobs in March and has fewer jobs presently than 2000, when the state reached peak employment. For the past several years, manufacturing has been especially hard hit; in 2015, Illinois lost 5,000 manufacturing jobs and in 2016, Illinois lost 7,700 manufacturing jobs. And 2017 is not looking any better as Illinois lost 800 net manufacturing jobs in the first three months of 2017.

Since the turn of the century, Illinois has lost 300,000 factory jobs with most of the jobs gained in the service and hospitality sectors. Illinois also has some of the worst overall regional jobs growth, and since January 2010 has had the worst manufacturing jobs growth in the region.

Source: Will County News

ISRA Illinois State Rifle Association Thursday Bulletin – May 25, 2017


ISRA Thursday Bulletin – May 25, 2017


Executive Director’s Message
On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, SB1657 came out of the House Judiciary Criminal Committee (the vote was 7-6).  When looking at committee votes don’t be fooled by the margin.  The margins may be close or overwhelming and do not necessarily predict what is going to happen on the floor.
SB1657 is designed to run legitimate gun dealers out of business, making it more expensive and harder for you to buy a firearm.  The anti-gun crowd say that is not their intent, but you can bet that it is exactly their intent.  One of the big factors in the progress of SB1657 is Michael Bloomberg’s money.  We have seen an ex-BATF agent testify at the hearings on SB1657.  He is bought and paid for by Bloomberg and his wife, who also works for Bloomberg.  The influence that Bloomberg’s money buys is insidious.
One cause of the progress on the anti-gun side is the lack of organized resistance of gun owners. There were over 10,000 witness slips filed against SB1657, but there are over 2,154,000 gun owners in Illinois.  We have to get the word out, but those folks have to join and stay together through thick and thin.  I had a call from a guy who was complaining about what was going on.  I asked, “Are you an ISRA member?”  Without taking a breath, he told me he couldn’t afford it because he just spent $1500 on his new AR15.  It is people like this who are the problem.  I am asking every ISRA member to go out and recruit a new ISRA member, and another and another.
On May 5, 1868, John A. Logan, Adjutant General of the newly formed Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), issued General Order No. 11, which designated May 30th as Memorial Day.  The GAR was the American Legion of its time.  General Logan was from Carbondale, Illinois, and the GAR was formed in Decatur in 1866, making Memorial Day a part of Illinois history.
Memorial Day is much more important than a part of Illinois history.  It is important that we remember Memorial Day for more than the day the Indianapolis 500 is run, the day when the pool opens or the annual mattress sale.   We all have to remember the sacrifice that men and women have made in order to protect and preserve the freedoms that many of us have taken for granted.  It is also important to teach those lessons to the next generation.  This Memorial Day, please take time to honor those who have served and remember how much we all owe them.
Thanks for being a member.
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As of May 1, 2017, the number of active FOID cards and ICCL’s are:
FOID’s – 2,154,622
ICCL’s – 235,528

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The ISRA has no control over the ilga.gov website.
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Source: Will County News

Trump News May 25, 2017

Watch highlights from President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem:


10:30 AM LOCAL / 4:30 AM EDT: President Trump participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with European Union leadership

1:00 PM LOCAL / 7:00 AM EDT: President Trump meets with President Emmanuel Macron of France

1:20 PM LOCAL / 7:20 AM EDT: President Trump has a working luncheon with President Macron

4:15 PM LOCAL / 10:15 AM EDT: President Trump participates in the NATO unveiling of the Article 5 and Berlin Wall memorials – Watch

4:55 PM LOCAL / 10:55 AM EDT: President Trump participates in the handover ceremony of the new NATO Headquarters

5:45 PM LOCAL / 11:45 AM EDT: President Trump has a working dinner with NATO leaders

1:30 PM EDT: Vice President Pence hosts a budget listening session

8:40 PM LOCAL / 2:40 PM EDT: President and First Lady Trump depart Brussels, Belgium, en route to Taormina, Italy


President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tour the Sistine Chapel following their meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis, Wednesday, May 24, 2017, in Vatican City. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

Yesterday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican. The President said it was the “Honor of a lifetime.”

President Trump met with His Holiness Pope Francis and Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. In their meetings, the President focused on how the United States, the Holy See, and the international community can work together to combat terrorism.

After visiting the Vatican, President Trump participated in bilateral meetingswith President Sergio Mattarella of Italy and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of Italy.

First Lady Melania Trump visited the Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital and delivered a statement saying, “I want to thank the doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital, who all do such beautiful and critical work.”

See more photos of the President’s trip abroad on Facebook and Flickr.

Follow the President’s trip abroad at WH.gov/potus-abroad and on Twitter at #POTUSAbroad @WhiteHouse.


Yesterday, President Trump proclaimed Memorial Day, May 29, 2017, as a Day of Prayer for Permanent Peace.

President Trump announced his intent to appoint three individuals to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Yesterday, Vice President Pence delivered remarks at Cajun Industries, Baton Rouge, LA.

The Office of Management and Budget released President Trump’s Taxpayer First Budget on Tuesday, get the facts at WhiteHouse.gov/taxpayers-first and follow @OMBPress.


“Never before has an American president tried so clearly to unite the civilized world, including the nations of the Middle East and Africa, against the forces of terrorism.”The Washington Post

“We should all appreciate the fact that we now have a President who is straightforward that he’s at war with radical Islamists, a fact he’s not going to soft-pedal.”New York Daily News

“Through executive orders, regulatory rollbacks and strategic use of the Congressional Review Act, the president and Congress are delivering.”The Wall Street Journal


Source: Will County News


Illinois Policy May 2017

Illinoisans feel the strain of the state’s two-year budget impasse, but they are emphatic that tax hikes should not be part of any budget deal. These are the findings of a new poll of likely Illinois voters, released today by the Illinois Policy Institute.

The budget impasse is a “concern” of 94 percent of Illinoisans who were surveyed. But Illinoisans’ widespread concern about the impasse does not result in support for the most talked-about “solution” in Springfield: higher taxes. Only 31 percent of survey respondents support raising the state income tax to end the budget impasse. An increase in the state sales tax is even more unpopular, with 76 percent of survey respondents opposed.

Another key takeaway from the poll: A plurality (49 percent) of respondents who are directly affected by the state budget impasse prefer a cuts-only, no-tax-hike budget.

“The General Assembly is trying to pass something before the legislative session ends on May 31, but the people of Illinois don’t want just any budget. They want a reform budget that does not force them to pay more money for the same broken government,” said Kristina Rasmussen, president of the Illinois Policy Institute. “On May 23, the Illinois Senate passed a $5.4 billion tax increase that would cost each household in the state $1,125 in higher taxes this year alone. This approach to ending the impasse is wildly unpopular; only 8 percent of Illinoisans support raising taxes without spending cuts.”

Survey respondents were also asked what they think of political candidates who support raising taxes to end the budget impasse. The poll found that likely Illinois voters will be unforgiving of candidates for governor or the General Assembly who raise the state income tax or sales tax.

“Illinoisans are aware that we pay the highest property taxes in the country, and we have a higher overall tax burden than most states,” said Rasmussen. “They don’t believe politicians who claim tax hikes are the only solution.”

The poll was conducted by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates, and surveyed 500 likely voters from across Illinois on May 23. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed self-identified as either moderate or liberal, and 43 percent described themselves as Democrats. The poll has a 4.4 percent margin of error.

Key findings from the poll:

  • 94 percent of Illinoisans surveyed said they are concerned about the state budget impasse.
  • 67 percent said they or their families have been directly affected by the impasse.
  • The cohorts who reported they are most affected by the state budget impasse are respondents ages 35-55, and African-Americans.
  • Around half (49 percent) of likely voters said spending cuts should be the ONLY tool used to close the budget deficit.
  • 64 percent oppose a state budget that includes raising the state income tax.
  • 51 percent are opposed to raising the state income tax even if it comes with a property tax freeze.
  • Raising taxes in the absence of spending cuts was notably unpopular, with support never registering above single digits. This demonstrates the public’s awareness and support for reforming state government – not just sending more money to it.
  • Strong majorities of Illinoisans polled said they would be less likely to support candidates who would raise the state income tax (61 percent) or the state sales tax (73 percent) as part of the new budget.

Source: Will County News