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The conspiracy to kill Trump

The conspiracy to kill Trump


The above headline is a metaphor. I am writing to you today about what I see as the political assassination of President Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s rallying cry — “America first” — was anathema to the globalists who want the world in sync with their metronome. The New World Order is a global orchestra where every instrument has a precise pitch. If just one piece is not playing in tune for the conductor, the concert is ruined. Former President Barack Obama was never off key. America under Trump’s presidency has shown a propensity to play to a separate beat.

Obama oversaw the severe decline of America. His giving of only lip service to the Muslim threat was so complete that his lips never uttered the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” Obama was tireless in his efforts to weaken America by spreading racial discontent and indebting America by $10 trillion; such a gross misuse of taxpayer money that he equaled the national debt of the previous 43 presidential administrations, leaving office with a federal deficit of nearly $20 trillion.

The weakening of America by Obama was celebrated by the globalists and ignored by millions of liberal-minded Americans who to this day refuse to accept Hillary Clinton’s defeat. The result is institutions and individuals openly plotting Trump’s removal from office. They cling to unsubstantiated claims of criminality and treason by Trump as an excuse for their actions.

The conspirators

In the autumn of 2016, a treasonous synergy towards a single goal began — the political assassination of Donald Trump.

A Politico headline read, “Could Trump Be Impeached Shortly After He Takes Office?” There is a broad coalition of conspirators that hopes so. They are:

Beltway bureaucrats — They heard Trump declare he was going to drain the swamp in Washington. That swamp is their home, and they work for the federal government. Those with influence number in the thousands and their loyalty is not to the president or to the nation. Their self-interest trumps all, and they can’t stand the thought of having a president cutting the fat from government because many refuse — or are unable — to cope with a real job that demands real results. These are the leakers that spread innuendo and lies to another co-conspirator…

The mainstream media — Who last week worked themselves into an embarrassingly frenzied state. Walter Cronkite may have preceded Dan Rather as the anchor at CBS News, but Rather has always been as crazy as Cronkite was dependable. In the autumn of 1986, Rather made wild claims and said an attacker came at him demanding, “Kenneth, what is the frequency?” Rather also had a bizarre nightly goodbye saying, “Courage.” Last Thursday, his sanity was further put into question after his appearance on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow. Rather said:

Thank God for the American press. The New York Times, The Washington Post, others who have been doing a terrific job… up until today, President Trump has had the ability to control almost every news cycle. From this day forward he is no longer in control. And, instead, if you will, of being the hunter, he has become the hunted.

New York Times’ media critic Jim Rutenberg wrote that journalists who personally oppose Trump had an obligation to “throw out the textbook” when it came to coverage of the president. According to The Atlantic, when it comes to covering Trump “it is only fair to be unfair.”

Proof of the media’s anti-Trump stance came last Friday from a surprising source: Harvard University. According to their analysis, Trump has received more negative press coverage than any president. Trump and his administration accounted for 41 percent of national television content. Both MSNBC and CNN measured 93 percent negative coverage of Trump. FOX News had 52 percent negative coverage of Trump, with 48 percent positive coverage. FOX holds Trump in higher regard than another co-conspirator…

The entertainment industry — Actors, writers, directors, producers and musicians have displayed a vile hatred of Trump that exceeds the vexation against a sitting president dating back to Lincoln. Trump has not initiated a civil war. He has only been president for 124 days! That is five months of indecency and vulgarity towards the president and towards the office of the presidency.

I can only stomach a single example, but you know full well that the television airways are filled with this type of crassness towards Trump.

On May 5, Bill Maher asked Gabriel Sherman, a reporter with New York Magazine who was a guest of his HBO comedy-show, if Ivanka Trump would stop her father from starting nuclear war. Maher then became lewd by mimicking Ivanka performing a sex act on Donald Trump. “When he’s about to nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and — ‘Daddy, Daddy… Don’t do it, Daddy.’”

Can you imagine such a joke like that being made about Obama and his eldest daughter Malia?

Remember all the celebrities who declared they were going to move to Canada — as if the country wanted them — if Trump were elected? Fortunately for Canada none of them did. Two famous, or infamous — depending on your politics — that will not be leaving the United States are…

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — Two powerful political figures in the Democratic Party. Separately, they have announced that they intend to help lead a resistance movement against Trump. The New York Post wrote on February 11:

When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

On May 15, Clinton announced her new organization, Onward Together, which would more accurately be called Sore Losers Society. Clinton wrote in a mass email, “From the Women’s March to airports across the country where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking out like never before.”

Politics makes strange bedfellows. This is especially true these days because those that bitterly opposed Obama and Clinton now co-conspire against Trump. They are…

Senate Republicans — A group whose criticisms of Trump are eagerly expressed and includes Arizona Senator John McCain, who always seems happy to attack a fellow Republican if he can see an iota of political gain by doing so. McCain has referred to supposed pre-election ties between Trump and Russia — for which not a shred of evidence has been produced despite more than a year of multiple investigations — as being of “Watergate size and scale.”

Just one-fourth of GOP Senators have defended Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey. Fifteen Republican Senators said the firing raised concerns and questioned the timing of Comey’s firing.

Republicans have been reluctant to protect Trump from his enemies; something Trump desperately needs.

“Republicans in general — not just Trump — are in a crossroads,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in an interview last week. “And if they don’t get their act together, Pelosi is going to become speaker and she’s going to impeach Trump. That’s how big the stakes are.” This brings me to the final conspirator…

Donald Trump — A man who is reckless with his words and actions. He openly invites conflict and taunts his enemies. Just one day after the awkward firing of Comey, Trump arranged a photo-op in the Oval Office with Richard Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. He also threatened Comey on Twitter by suggesting that their private conversations in the White House may have been taped, a practice used by Nixon that destroyed his presidency.

Trump then banned American media from a meeting with Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, and Sergey Kislyak, Moscow’s ambassador to the United States, but allowed Russian photographers to attend. It was a childish snub of the American press and further fueled crazed speculation from the likes of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who insists Trump is Russia’s Manchurian candidate.

I believe Trump sincerely wants what is best for the nation and that his policies are taking the country in the right direction. But there are millions of Americans who do not agree and believe that Trump is either a Russian pawn or simply insane. Trump makes it hard for his defenders to support him when he openly antagonizes the media who already ignore his successes.

The big question to middle America is this: Are Trump’s virtues — his stamina to work hard and to fight hard along with his outstanding choice of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, plus drawing a red line with Syrian blood after President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons — outweigh his shortcomings which include his political inexperience, self-destructive impulses, fragile ego and an obsession to get the last word in, usually through Twitter?*

Sixty-three million Americans voted for Donald Trump. If their will is overturned and Trump is removed from office without clear evidence of criminal wrong doing, democracy in America will be dead. In some ways it already is.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

*Writer’s footnote: I don’t know if striking Syria’s military airbase was correct or not after al-Assad once again resorted to using chemical weapons. I do think that if the president of the United States says America will not stand for such an atrocity without retaliation, he needs to make good on his threat. That was something President Obama seemed afraid to do.

Source: Will County News

PATRIOTIC ROSARY and its done on the Friday before the 4th of July

I have received the approval from Fr. Marty at St. Bernard’s Church  to recite a special rosary on the hill, June 30th at 7 p.m.

Its called a PATRIOTIC ROSARY and its done on the Friday before the 4th of July.

It would be to pray the rosary for peace and the safety and protection of our country.   I have a whole program on it.

You can say its like a prayer rally.

Feel free to make the announcements as you see fit as far as the wording. Bring friends.

Dress appropriate for the weather and bring blankets, lawn chairs, flags, etc.

Everyone is invited and parents may bring their children.

Thank you in helping to bring attention to prayer, which is how our founding fathers began every meeting and they also prayed before going into battle.  And you know we are definitely in some state of war.

Special intentions, meditations and patriotic songs will be a part of the program.

Please help me distribute this information.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy Memorial Day Weekend!


email: l.roppo@comcast.net

cell: 1-708-646-7030

Source: Will County News

Gunmen Massacre Coptic Christians in Egypt, Killing at Least 28/Where is the media coverage

Report: Gunmen Massacre Coptic Christians in Egypt, Killing at Least 28


CAIRO (AP) — Masked militants riding in three SUVs opened fire Friday on a bus packed with Coptic Christians, including many children, south of the Egyptian capital, killing at least 28 and wounding 25, the Interior Ministry said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, the fourth to target Christians since December, but it bore the hallmarks of the Islamic State group.

Islamic militants have for years been waging an insurgency mostly centered in the restive northern part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, although a growing number of attacks have recently also taken place on the mainland.

The assault happened while the bus was traveling on a side road in the desert leading to the remote monastery of Saint Samuel the Confessor in Maghagha, in Minya governorate, about 220 kilometers (140 miles) south of Cairo.

Security officials quoted witnesses as saying they saw between eight and 10 attackers, dressed in military uniforms and wearing masks. The victims were en route from the nearby province of Beni Suef to visit the monastery.

Khaled Mogahed, the Health Ministry spokesman, said the death toll stood at 26 but feared it could rise further. According to Copts United news portal, only three children survived the attack. It was not immediately known if most or all of the victims were children.

Arab TV stations showed images of a badly damaged bus along a roadside, many of its windows shattered. Ambulances were parked around it as bodies lay on the ground, covered with black plastic sheets.

President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi called for a meeting with top aides to discuss the attack.

In April, twin suicide bombings struck two churches north of Cairo on Palm Sunday, and in December, a suicide bombing targeted a Cairo church. The attacks left at least 75 dead and scores wounded. IS claimed responsibility and vowed more attacks.

Late last month, Pope Francis visited Egypt, in part to show his support for Christians in this Muslim majority Arab nation who have been increasingly targeted by Islamic militants. During the trip, Francis paid tribute to the victims of the December bombing at Cairo’s St. Peter’s church, located in close proximity to Cairo’s St. Mark’s cathedral, the seat of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Following the pope’s visit, IS vowed to escalate attacks against Christians, urging Muslims to steer clear of Christian gatherings and Western embassies, saying they are targets for the group’s followers.

Egypt’s Copts, the Middle East’s largest Christian community, have repeatedly complained of discrimination, as well as outright attacks, at the hands of the country’s majority Muslim population. They account for about 10 percent of Egypt’s 93 million people.

They rallied el-Sissi, a general-turned-president, when he in 2013 ousted his Islamist predecessor Mohammed Morsi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood group. Attacks on Christian homes, businesses and churches subsequently surged, especially in the country’s south, the heartland of Egypt’s Christians.

Source: Will County News

Illinois: Anti-Gun Legislators Attempting to Get “Assault Weapon” Language into law

Illinois: Anti-Gun Legislators Attempting to Get “Assault Weapon” Language into law

Illinois: Anti-Gun Legislators Attempting to Get “Assault
        Weapon” Language into law

This week, Senator Antonio Munoz filed Senate Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 556.  This amendment is vaguely written and contains decades’ old language that attempts to enhance the penalty of unlawfully carrying a wide spectrum of semi-automatic firearms in Illinois.  The real effect of this legislation would be to finally implant this damaging and dangerous language into Illinois law that could potentially pave the way for future registration, bans, and confiscation.  These firearms are some of the most popular and commonly owned firearms in the country and are widely used for both recreational and self-defense use.  It is imperative that you contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and strongly urge them to oppose Senate Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 556.


Senate Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 556 contains language to define commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms as so-called “Assault Weapons” simply because they look scary to untrained individuals.  Further, SA 2 is so poorly drafted, that it could encompass even more firearms than it even intends to.  This legislation is a dangerous step and needs to be prevented by all means.

Again, please click the “Take Action” button above to contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and strongly urge them to OPPOSE Senate Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 556 when it comes up for a vote.

Jim Komaniecki
www.RestoreAmericanLiberty.com, INC.
America Cannot Remain Free Unless Her Citizens Are Governed by Virtue

Source: Will County News

Here’s your obstruction of justice

Here’s your obstruction of justice


While the mainstream media, their leftist sheeple followers and the #NeverTrumper Republicans accuse President Donald Trump of obstruction of justice over a memo that no one has seen, Florida Democrat Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz has been caught on video in a public hearing threatening the chief of the U.S. Capital Police with “consequences” for holding computer equipment she claims belongs to her.

The equipment in question is a laptop used by former Pakistani Congressional IT contractors who have been suspended while they are being investigated for possibly illegally accessing sensitive computers and stealing congressional equipment. Capital police found the laptop secreted in a crevice in the Rayburn House Office Building.

Police are investigating Imran Awan and his brothers Abid and Jamal on suspicion they accessed congressional computer systems of three members of the House Intelligence Committee and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs without the members’ knowledge. The men did contractual IT work for no fewer than seven Democrat members of congress including Wasserman Schultz; pocketing millions of dollars for their work and leaving a lot of dubious dealings in their wake.

During a committee hearing on the Capital Police budget for the coming year, Washerman Schultz – who was forced out of her position as head of the Democrat National Committee when leaked emails showed she’d conspired to give Hillary Clinton the presidential nomination over Bernie Sanders – repeatedly asked Police Chief Matthew R. Verderosa about the laptop. Verderosa told her the laptop was part of an ongoing investigation and could not be returned.

“I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences,” Wasserman Schultz said.

Source: Will County News

CNBC’s Santelli On CPS Pension Fund: It’s A Ponzi Scheme

CNBC’s Santelli On CPS Pension Fund: It’s A Ponzi Scheme
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Dan & Amy are joined by CNBC On-Air Editor Rick Santelli who had this to say about the Chicago City Wire: “It is a great publication. I wish more print and blogs and commentators and analysts would zero in on some of these huge issues.”

n","url":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQM6fbeyzoY","width":854,"height":480,"providerName":"YouTube","thumbnailUrl":"https://i.ytimg.com/vi/LQM6fbeyzoY/hqdefault.jpg","resolvedBy":"youtube"}” data-block-type=”32″>

” data-provider-name=”YouTube”>


Watch now. http://upstream-ideas.com/upstream-ideas/ideas/ponzi-scheme-is-accurate?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=santelli%20ponzi%20scheme

The Chicago Teacher Pension Fund paid out $1.5 billion in the last fiscal year, but it only earned $7.8 million on its investments. Can CNBC’s Rick Santelli make that math work? Why is something that is illegal in the private sector common practice in the public sector? CNBC’s On-Air Editor crunches the numbers with Dan and Amy.

Watch the segment now and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter using #UpstreamIdeas.

Also in the News
Ives: It’s immoral to put that much debt on other people’s backs. Watch now.
Since collusion is the DC watchword of the day, let’s discuss the collusion between big government and its press agents. Listen now.

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Monday, June 5, the Illinois Policy Institute’s fourth annual Links for Liberty golf outing

Chicago in the Winter
Links for Liberty
On Monday, June 5, the Illinois Policy Institute’s fourth annual Links for Liberty golf outing will be held at the beautiful Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville.

Will you or your business consider joining them for golf, as a hole sponsor or both? Illinois Policy Institute is seeking individuals and businesses willing to sponsor or participate in this flagship event: a relaxing day in support of a freer, more prosperous Illinois.

All sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible. As a sponsor, your name and logo will be promoted among thousands of Illinois Policy Institute supporters, and you will receive day-of recognition.

Thank you for considering supporting the Illinois Policy Institute through this enjoyable event.

Learn More →  http://linksforliberty.com/

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The President Just Made a Titanic Foreign Policy Shift. The Media Missed It

The President Just Made a Titanic Foreign Policy Shift. The Media Missed It.

Originally published at The Washington Post.   May 2017

The President Owes the News Media Nothing: Part 1

This newspaper’s legendary former publisher, Philip Graham, famously described journalism as the business of writing the “first rough draft of history.” This week, as President Trump gave a historic speech in Saudi Arabia before the leaders of more than 50 Muslim-majority nations, journalism’s first draft missed the history almost entirely.

While the media focused on the ephemeral questions — whether the president would use campaign rhetoric in a diplomatic setting, or how the trip would affect the Obama legacy — they largely missed the real drama of the moment: a titanic shift in U.S. foreign policy occurring right before their eyes.

Trump stood before an unprecedented gathering of leaders to do something far more significant than utter a single phrase or undermine his predecessor’s record. He was there to rally the Muslim world, in his words, “to meet history’s great test” — defeating the forces of terrorism and extremism. He did so in a way that no American president ever had before. While extending a hand of friendship to Muslim nations, he also issued them a clear challenge: to take the lead in solving the crisis that has engulfed their region and spread across the planet. “Drive out the terrorists and extremists,” he urged them, or consign your peoples to futures of misery and squalor.

To find a comparably dramatic moment in the history of U.S. foreign policy, we have to look all the way back to 1982. That June, 35 years ago next month, President Ronald Reagan stood in the Royal Gallery at the Palace of Westminster in London and called on the West to rally in defense of freedom and against communist aggression.

In that one speech, Reagan predicted the fall of communism and reinvigorated the Western alliance. “We see totalitarian forces in the world who seek subversion and conflict around the globe to further their barbarous assault on the human spirit,” Reagan said. “What, then, is our course? Must civilization perish in a hail of fiery atoms? Must freedom wither in a quiet, deadening accommodation with totalitarian evil?”

Reagan declared his speech a turning point in history — and it was. On Sunday, Trump, too, declared that his challenge would be a turning point, one way or another. And he posed to that assembly in Riyadh an equally dramatic choice. It was, he said, “a choice between two futures” — the path of civilization, or the path of evil and death.

“America is prepared to stand with you” in the fight against terrorism, Trump pledged. “But the nations of the Middle East cannot wait for American power to crush this enemy for them. The nations of the Middle East will have to decide what kind of future they want for themselves, for their countries, and for their children.”

Never before has an American president tried so clearly to unite the civilized world, including the nations of the Middle East and Africa, against the forces of terrorism. Never before has an American president issued so direct a challenge to those nations to do more in the fight. And never before has an American president so plainly put the ultimate responsibility for eradicating terrorism on the nations of the region. In doing so, Trump’s speech implicitly repudiated the approaches of his two immediate predecessors and promised instead what he characterized as a “principled realism,” based on a clear-eyed view of America’s interests, security and limits.

That this decisive shift in U.S. foreign policy occurred on a foreign trip within the first four months of the administration is all the more impressive. Reagan didn’t take his first international trip until well into his second year. And unlike President Barack Obama’s early speech to the Muslim world in 2009, Trump backed up his words with action.

The United States and Saudi Arabia signed a $110 billion arms deal, the largest in U.S. history, which will bolster the kingdom’s ability to contribute to counterterrorism operations across the region. This will reduce the burden on the U.S. military and send a clear message that this administration takes the threat of Iran seriously. The agreements also included a new commitment to crack down on terrorism financing in the Persian Gulf states, as well as hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of Saudi investment in the United States.

Journalists and Washington bureaucrats, who are so deeply embedded in the establishment that they can’t see out of it, may see Trump’s call to action as a distracting sideshow from a status quo they can’t imagine changing. And yet this week, it already has. Foreign leaders and the American people alike can see in this trip the core of a new, reality-based foreign policy.

Your Friend,

Source: Will County News

Illinois lawmakers attempt to bail out Chicago Public Schools yet again

Ted Dabrowski

Dedicated to getting the US back on track, starting with Illinois. Go big or go home.

John Klingner

Is it just me, or does the world need a little less government and a little more free market?

MAY 16, 2017
State lawmakers’ latest bill not only forces a failed “evidence-based” education funding program on Illinois, but also bails out Chicago Public Schools.

Illinois state lawmakers are attempting to force Illinois taxpayers to bail out Chicago Public Schools, or CPS, yet again.

Several legislators have sponsored a new education finance reform bill that requires the state to adopt a failed “evidence-based” funding program. Embedded in that bill is an annual $140 million pension bailout of CPS.

Not only that, but the bill also gives CPS another carveout from the proposed “evidence-based” model. Not surprisingly, this comes at the expense of all other Illinois school districts.

Chicago’s school district has gotten itself into a financial mess after decades of mismanagement, skipped pension payments, irresponsible borrowing and unaffordable teachers contracts.

District officials’ actions have earned CPS a junk credit rating and resulted in massive borrowing costs and years of budget crises.

But rather than enact financial and management reform the district needs, city and district officials have instead been using the current budget impasse to demand a pension bailout from the state.

Their excuse for the bailout is simple: The state pays the pension costs of every school district in Illinois except CPS. But that argument is wrong. It ignores the fact that Chicago already gets special school funding deals – such as an annual “block grant” – that no other school district receives.

Lawmakers in Springfield have given in to Chicago’s demands for more state dollars. Every version of the Senate’s “grand bargain” so far has included a multimillion-dollar bailout of CPS.

But since the grand bargain has stalled, politicians have attached the bailout to a new proposal on education finance reform.

State Rep. William Davis, D-Homewood, has introduced House Bill 2808, a bill that forces the state to use an “evidence-based” program to fund education.

The Illinois Policy Institute has written about how “evidence-based” funding doesn’t work, and how it would cost taxpayers an additional $3.5 billion to $6 billion a year.

The CPS bailout would only add to that new burden on taxpayers.

The bill requires the state to pay the normal cost – meaning the annual pension benefit earned by teachers for working one more year – of Chicago teachers pensions going forward.

That would cost Illinois taxpayers an additional $140 million a year.

And the bill doesn’t just help Chicago by bailing out its teachers pension fund.

It creates yet another carveout from the “evidence-based” funding proposal. While all other districts’ funding is subject to the “evidence-based” model, Chicago gets to keep its special “block grant” funding.

Don’t bail out CPS, end pension subsidies

A CPS bailout is the exact opposite of sound policy.

Rather than pay CPS’ pensions, the state should stop paying for the pensions of Illinois’ school districts.

Teachers are not state employees. The responsibility for paying the employer’s pension contribution for teachers should be shifted back where it belongs – local school districts.

Under current law, districts dole out higher pay, end-of-career salary hikes, and perks that spike pensions, knowing the state pays the pension costs. Districts will only moderate the benefits they offer when they are required to bear their own pension costs.

And CPS needs to enact financial and management reforms it has avoided for decades. The district can rein in spending, renegotiate contracts to provide affordable levels of employee compensation, and finally consolidate its schools and administration to reduce operational costs.

Source: Will County News

Summary of the Homer School District 33C Finance & Operations Committee Meeting May 24, 2017

Summary of the Homer School District 33C
Finance & Operations Committee Meeting
May 24, 2017
Deb Martin, President Elizabeth Hitzeman, Vice President Karen DeFilippis,
Russ Petrizzo, Member Adam Briner, Member Kevin DeSchaaf, Member Christine
Marcinkewicz, Member
At the May 24
Finance & Operations Committee meeting:
Christi Tyler, Interim Assistant Superintendent for Business, reported the City of Lockport
recently met with school administrators in the area and suggested they update their impact fee
schedules based on updated land appraisals. At the May 30, 2017 School Board meeting, the
Board will be asked to approve an updated fee schedule that will include an annual increase of
4 percent.
Tyler reported the baseball fields at Homer Junior High School are in high demand and that the
District would like to create more playing time and practice time for students and community
organizations by updating and improving the baseball fields at Butler School. The updated
fields would be used solely by Homer 33C teams, thereby increasing the availability of the
Homer Junior High School fields for outside organizations. Work will begin immediately at the
end of the current school year, if approved by the Board at the May 30, 2017 meeting.
Tyler reported the Goodings Grove PTO has been working hard to raise money for a new
playground at the school. The organization has raised $60,000 through various fundraisers.
The PTO is asking the District to contribute $70,000 toward the playground equipment and soft
surface area. Additional funds will be needed to pay for the site work.
Homer Junior High School Principal Troy Mitchell reported a committee of secretaries, District
office staff and teachers have been looking at various Student Information Systems (SIS) and
recommends the District go with PowerSchool to collect and store student information,
including master schedules, teacher gradebooks and reports. The committee found the system
easy to use, enabling students, parents and teachers to access grades on their smartphones.
If approved by the Board, the system will be in place for teachers to begin using for the 2018-
2019 school year. Arlene Siefert, Director of Technology, reported the system is expected to
cost about $55,400 the first year and $36,000-$40,000 annually to maintain.
Tyler reported the District’s legal counsel has looked over the District’s bus lease documents
with Midwest Transit. The Board will formally approve the documents at its next meeting.
Tyler reported the District’s agreement with a paper supplier ends June 30, 2017. It will seek
new bids beginning May 31, 2017. Rather than order a year’s worth of paper and store it (as it
has done in the past), the District will seek a three-year agreement and place orders on an as-
needed basis. The goal is to eliminate excess orders and free up space in the schools.
Tyler reported American Tower, a Wireless Tower Communication Operator that leases a cell
tower on District property at the transportation center, has approached the District and asked
to extend its current lease by five years. As an incentive, they’re offering a $40,000 signing
bonus. Petrizzo has asked the District to investigate what other companies pay to make sure
the District is getting the best deal.
Audience member Susan Koziarski questioned the use of single-ply toilet paper in school
restrooms. Glen Wysong, Director of Buildings and Grounds, explained the two-ply toilet paper
was clogging the pipes at Goodings Grove and Schilling schools. His department is
investigating ways to address the issue. In the meantime, one-ply toilet paper must be used at
the schools. It is not a cost-saving measure, he said, but a necessity.
The Next Regular School Board Meeting is May 30, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

Source: Will County News