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The Media and Elites Still Don’t Understand Trump

The Media and Elites Still Don’t Understand Trump

After nearly five months of his presidency, the liberal media and the Washington establishment still don’t understand Donald J. Trump.

Understanding Trump

President Trump is different from any political leader we’ve seen in the presidency – at least since Andrew Jackson (1828-36). As a result, reporters and those in the elite political class literally have no idea how to understand him. Each day, they are faced with a president who doesn’t fit the norms of politics as usual, and their persistent instinct has been to attack.

I have watched this hostility since then-candidate Trump announced his bid for the presidency at Trump Tower nearly two years ago on June 16, 2015. It is a major reason why I decided to write Understanding Trump, which was released today.

In fact, President Trump’s candidacy announcement, as I explain in the first chapter of Understanding Trump, is a great case study on how completely incapable the D.C. media insiders have been in comprehending the President – and why the American people elected him.

“Think about the torrent of criticism Trump received for his announcement event at Trump Tower. In addition to the intense criticism he received for what he said about people who are in the country illegally, Trump was mocked for ad-libbing his speech, boasting about his wealth, and his theatrics. The elites snubbed him, but his message resonated with normal Americans.

“Trump understood that since he was running as an outsider, the more he sounded like a politician, the more it undercut his message. So he abandoned his prepared remarks and spoke extemporaneously. This choice to go without the security of written text at such a big moment was, in fact, an act of extraordinary message discipline. The pundits accused him of ‘rambling.’“Trump also understood that most Americans believed that their voices were not being heard, that the only people whom politicians listened to were ones who could cut big checks. So Trump spent a lot of time boasting about his wealth and promising to self-finance his campaign. In the following days, much attention was paid to whether Trump was really worth $9 billion, as he claimed, or if he was worth ‘only’ about $2 billion.

“The frustrated voters Trump was reaching out to heard only one word—billion. And they understood that they finally had a candidate who would not be bought.”

The media’s immediate reaction to President Trump’s announcement was full blown hostility. They couldn’t imagine that people would ever consider him a serious candidate. They didn’t care what he said. They didn’t care how the American people responded to his message. But within a few weeks, the media’s offensive had completely failed.

“After weeks of nonstop media criticism and declarations that his announcement in mid-June had been a disaster, the first polls were released that included Trump. After one month of Trump campaigning, he was leading in an average of all the polls, and he lost the lead only for one three-day period for the rest of the primary election.

“You would think this would have been cause for the media and establishment voices to pause and reconsider their assumptions about Trump, but the coverage and analysis has only gotten worse from there.”

Twenty-four months later, the hostility hasn’t changed a bit. The elite reporters and pundits remain baffled and predisposed to attack a president they don’t understand.

Just this month, a reporter asked me via email to comment on a story. The entire premise of the clearly biased article was that President Trump had been undoing Obama initiatives but not replacing them with anything of his own.

I responded by rejecting the entire notion.

Congress is grinding forward on health care, tax cuts, deregulation, infrastructure, and rebuilding the military – any one of which could define a presidential legacy. I reminded the reporter that it took nine months to pass President Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts and 18 months to pass welfare reform when I was Speaker.

Citing the current bull market being spurred by the surge in small business, entrepreneurial, and CEO confidence, I pointed out that in the first five months of the Trump presidency, the Trump effect has added $3.3 trillion to stock values. This is nearly four times the size of Obama’s media-lauded $900 billion stimulus package in 2009.

nasdaq facebook live



Finally, I told the reporter the misguided assertion completely ignores President Trump’s meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which resulted in over $400 billion in contracts for American jobs and the potential for a Sunni-American alliance.

Not surprisingly, my comments weren’t included in the article.

This constant attack by reporters, pundits, and the political elite is going to continue. But I didn’t write this book for them.

I wrote Understanding Trump for the grassroots activists across the nation who are dedicated to holding Washington accountable and ensuring it once again serves the American people, instead of the big government, monied special interests and political influence peddlers.

This book is for those fighting to repel the elite media offensive and those who want to know how they can better help President Trump drain the swamp and steer our country toward a much brighter, more prosperous future.

Finally, I wrote this book to help the millions of Americans who elected President Trump to understand him, as I understand him – as an incredibly smart, successful, passionate leader, who loves this country and sincerely wants to make it great again.
Newt Gingrich

Source: Will County News

Homer 33C Camp Invention gets underway at Hadley Middle School

News Release
Homer CCSD 33C
Goodings Grove Luther J. Schilling William E. Young William J. Butler
Hadley Middle Homer Jr. High
Charla Brautigam, Communications/Public Relations Manager
| 708-226-7628
For Immediate Release:
June 12, 2017
Inspiring future innovators
Camp Invention gets underway at Hadley Middle School
summer 2017 130.JPG
Dozens of Homer School District 33C students are putting their
imaginations to work this week, participating in a series of discovery
modules at Camp Invention.
summer 2017 127.JPG
“We’re pleased to offer a weeklong summer adventure with lessons that
explore connections between science, technology, engineering and
innovation,” said Hadley Middle School Dean of Students/Discovery Program
Coordinator Jeanine Arundel who organized this year’s Camp Invention.
“Children are working together to seek solutions to real-world problems
and sharpen critical 21st century learning skills while rotating through
several fascinating modules,” she added.
summer 2017 129.JPG
Among the modules offered are: “Duct Tape Billionaire,” “Mission: Space
Makers,” “Have a Blast” and “Operation Keep Out.”
summer 2017 120.JPG
The weeklong program began June 12 and will concludes June 16 at Hadley
Middle School.
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Department of Labor Rescinds Its Guidance on Independent Contractors and Joint Employment

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June 8, 2017

Department of Labor Rescinds Its Guidance on Independent Contractors and Joint Employment
 By Robbins Schwartz | 55 West Monroe Street | Suite 800 | Chicago, Illinois 60603 | 312.332.7760 | questions@robbins-schwartz.com.
In 2015 and 2016, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) issued two “Administrator’s Interpretations” that emphasized its position on (1) misclassification of employees as independent contractors and (2) joint employment status.  Many believed these Interpretations took an expansive view of the employment relationship under the FLSA and indicated that the DOL was strengthening its enforcement efforts.  In a short statement issued yesterday morning, the DOL announced that it was withdrawing these Interpretations.
Interpretation of Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors
The DOL issued its Interpretation on misclassification of employees on July 15, 2015.  In that Interpretation, the DOL stressed the broad definition of employment under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and explained that when classifying individuals as employees v. independent contractors, the test is whether the worker is economically dependent on the employer.  Ultimately, the Interpretation was designed to resolve doubts about a worker’s status as an independent contractor v. employee in favor of the determination that the worker was an employee.
Interpretation of Joint Employment Status
The DOL issued an additional Interpretation on January 20, 2016 establishing new standards for determining joint employment under the FLSA.  The DOL sought to address the fact that more and more businesses are sharing employees or using third-party management companies, independent contractors, staffing agencies or labor providers. The DOL’s Interpretation attempted to make it easier for employers under these arrangements to be considered “joint employers,” which would affect matters such as an employee’s overtime pay, employment taxes and employer liability.
Withdrawal of Administrative Interpretations – What it Means for You
Although the DOL has expressly rescinded these Administrative Interpretations, it has warned employers that their legal responsibilities under the FLSA have not changed, and that the DOL will continue to fully and fairly enforce all laws within its jurisdiction, including the FLSA. Absent new interpretations, the DOL’s decisions will be guided by its longstanding regulations and case law. Accordingly, while the withdrawal of these Interpretations likely indicates that the DOL will relax its position on these matters, it does not indicate a free-for-all for employers.
Robbins Schwartz will continue to keep you updated on these matters and will publish any replacement Interpretations from the DOL.

Source: Will County News

Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

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Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

By Matt Besler Illinois Opportunity project   June 2017


The Democrat-controlled General Assembly left Springfield last week without passing a budget for the third consecutive year. Rather than pass real reforms that protect homeowners and stabilize government services, Democrats attempted to hike taxes. When that approach failed, they did nothing, ignoring the need to pass a budget and instead blaming Governor Rauner.


The Illinois Policy Institute, along with Republicans like Senators Dan McConchie and Kyle McCarter and Representative Allen Skillicorn, have put forth plans to protect families and businesses by balancing the state budget and reforming state government.


Rather than compromise on these policies, in the last days of Session, Senate Democrats ended all budget negotiations and unilaterally passed a five-billion-dollar tax increase with no spending cuts – a proposal similar to the failed 67% tax hike they enacted in 2011.


Illinois desperately needs a balanced budget with reforms. The tax hike plan that Democrats – who control both the House and the Senate – were pushing would have compounded our fiscal problems by locking in higher spending.


Worse still, for as much pain as the tax increase would have caused, the money collected would not have approached the amount needed to pay down the state’s obligations.


The Democrats and their allies in the media want you to believe that Illinois’ problems started when voters elected Governor Rauner to “shake up Springfield” in 2014. Thus, the solution is to pass a budget and raise taxes over the Governor’s objections.


The truth, of course, is our fiscal problems have been building for years. Illinois hasn’t had a constitutionally balanced budget since 2001. Mike Madigan’s reign has left families on the hook for $14 billion in unpaid bills and $250 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. Just passing a budget won’t solve the state’s problems.


Democrats ignored these issues and instead doubled-down on hiking taxes on families and businesses rather than passing structural reforms to the government programs they use to maintain power.


Budget negotiations must begin with reforms to the programs that drive state spending up and the policies that drive families and businesses out.


Reforms to government pensions, Medicaid, and education are needed to make government sustainable and should be coupled with property tax relief and changes to workers compensation to make Illinois hospitable to families. A budget that makes spending cuts and structural reforms is the only viable path for the state.


Democrat state legislators will return to their districts and talk about fighting for a responsible budget without acknowledging the pain their policies have brought. Be aware that this is the two-step they play on their constituents. Illinois Democrats hope the people they serve are not sophisticated enough to connect the dots between what they say in the district and what they do in Springfield. They hope another tax hike with the promise of reforms sometime in the abstract future will be good enough.


Don’t let them get away with it.

Source: Will County News

State Senator Dan McConchie Joins Dan Proft to Breakdown the Action and Inaction in Springfield

State Senator Dan McConchie Joins Dan Proft to Breakdown the Action and Inaction in Springfield

Springfield lawmakers ended session without passing a balanced budget. Instead, Senate Democrats forced through a multibillion-dollar tax hike on already overburdened Illinois taxpayers. Why are lawmakers so resistant to enacting needed economic reforms and passing a balanced budget?

On Upstream Ideas’ Against the Current, Dan Proft sits down with State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods). In addition to saying ‘no’ to any new tax hikes, McConchie has proposed a budget plan that balances without raising taxes. Watch the interview here.


Source: Will County News