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Liberalism is a mental disorder: This isn’t the last bloodshed that’ll come from preying on weak minds

Liberalism is a mental disorder: This isn’t the last bloodshed that’ll come from preying on weak minds


Donald Trump is a fascist– and he’s leading a party that works every day to make the poor poorer and the sick sicker. Off with their heads. They won’t admit it outright, but this is the not-so-dog-whistle messaging we’ve been hearing– and seeing– from the left wing of the American political sphere for months.

Leftist politicians and the Democratic Party leadership have placed big focus on courting voters separated from severe mental illness by clinical diagnoses alone. And while the Democrats like to pretend that their focus on fringe elements– the desperate, the sexually confused, the depraved, and the unwilling to accept personal responsibility in any form– is the caring thing to do, it’s simply an exercise in utilizing the useful idiots among us to maximum effect.

And, as we all saw on Wednesday, it’s a perilous wager.

James Hodgkinson, the sick bastard who opened fire on congressional Republicans as they practiced for a charity game of America’s pass time in Alexandria, Va., Wednesday, is not an anomaly. Like thousands of Americans, I found myself browsing his Facebook page shortly after he committed his heinous crime. A serious Bernie Sanders supporter, Hodgkinson belonged to element of our society who find themselves perpetually disenfranchised by a machine working against them.

I, of course, didn’t know him– but here are a few things I gathered about the psychopath as I read Facebook and a handful of news profiles.

He wasn’t a smart man. He owned a business that wasn’t doing so well. He followed politics– but he only accepted leftist truths. And for that reason, he held only a few strong beliefs about conservative Americans: They’re assholes. They’re racist and misogynist bigots. They care only about big business, guns and keeping immigrants at bay.

For Hodgkinson, President Donald Trump was the biggest asshole of them all.

“I Want to Say Mr. President, for being an asshole you are Truly the Biggest ASSHole We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office,” Hodgkinson said in one post buried between call-to-action petitions for leftist causes.

An indictment, sure. It was just like hundreds of others he’d made against various Republican leaders. Reasoned, fact-based and well thought out, not so much.

It bears noting again, the fella Capitol Police dispatched to hell on Wednesday wasn’t a smart man.

Unfortunately, the left is encouraging people like Hodgkinson to act out. They’re being told to fight– that the GOP government is against them. The only way their lives will improve, the Democrats say, is doing away with Republicans.

For too long, Americans have allowed to fester a coddling of the most weak-minded and weak-willed segments of our society. No longer do we accept that man’s earthly endeavors will forever unfold alongside an unending, and ultimately unwinnable, battle with nature.

We’ve allowed a lie to permeate our society and to become accepted as a universal truth. That is, that all of life’s problems are caused by outside factors– specifically, by people whose will to conquer nature as long as they physically can is stronger, and whose luck is better, than our own. There is no survival of the fittest, there is no luck. If you aren’t white and life isn’t going so well, a white person is keeping you down. If you’re a woman failing to reach personal goals, a man is pushing you around. If you’re a homosexual having a hard time, it’s because the breeders want to see you fail. It’s no longer even acceptable to blame biology if you believe you were born with the wrong parts and feel weird walking around– you’re simply the victim of mass misunderstanding of a scientifically un-provable physical malfunction.

Just last week, a man who felt like a woman shot up a Pennsylvania grocery store because a cartoon made him hate everyone and a lady goddess was guiding his hand. There’s no need to go into great detail retelling the story. It was a simple case of severe mental illness. The only important thing to note is that the day prior to the shooting, thanks to leftist policy, that mentally ill freak could have been featured in a viral post by any number of leftist outlets. Cartoon helps woman find peace with being born transgender, the applauding headline might say.

For a society to find itself in such a strange place requires an idyllic misremembering of the whole of human history. There’s never been a time since the dawn of man that human beings haven’t been tortured by a natural predisposition for vice, idleness, selfishness and all manner of other anti-social traits.  But, until now, there never was a time when capitulation was the acceptable remedy.

Not a single person reading this can honestly say that they have at never had a perverse thought or acted in an uncivilized manner because of our inherent human weakness.

If you’re a religious person, you believe that a divine creator provided human beings a set of instructions that, when followed en masse, allow for societal harmony and eternal life. If you aren’t, you can at least admit that religious virtue did more good than harm throughout human history in terms of allowing humans to set aside primitive urges long enough to build great societies. No killing, No taking other people’s stuff. Don’t do things that hasten the spread of disease. Help yourself and, when possible, help those who are unable. You are who you are, deal with it, survive, move on, nature is trying to kill you.

No system is perfect. And often populations have found themselves gripped by zealotry, applying those ideals in a way that causes vast human suffering. That’s vice.

But a great society has never existed without first building on those virtues.

Today’s left has created a new religion, one that exists for no other reason than to tear down any of those remaining virtues in the interest of political power.

People don’t like hard work and self-control and we’re naturally inclined to look for the easiest and most pleasurable modes of survival. Those modes don’t lend well to success, they never have.

The politics of victimhood seeks support from those failing in life. Many of those people are not doing well because of self-control deficits. The problem is that there are also many Americans doing poorly because of severe mental disease.

Democratic messaging reaches both groups. Republicans are keeping you down. Big business is keeping you down. The president is keeping you down.

High-profile Democrats like Loretta Lynch, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, celebrities, and many in Congress talk about great fear and the need for resistance. Against the wealthy, against the successful, against the traditional. A “comedian” has a mock beheading of the president. Leftist politicians praise the destruction wrought by “anti-fascist” protesters.

They never provide an answer to the problems plaguing the people who can’t achieve in modern society. Inner-city communities under Democratic control only get worse, young “antifascists” in liberal cities only see their job prospects diminish. And the mentally ill, many of whom don’t understand the “why” behind their misery, only see targets.

The left claims that there’s a massive violent right-wing movement in the U.S. today. But the army of confused leftists is far more troubling. It’s not that right-wing extremism and mental illness doesn’t exist. But the right isn’t actively calling for violence and uprisings. The right isn’t preaching perpetual victimhood and hopelessness. The left argues that the right– even that President Trump– preaches hate. They argue that it will lead to violence against minorities.

But if you look at the headlines from the past couple of years, it isn’t the right that has grown increasingly unruly and unreasonable. And things are only going to get worse as the Democratic Party continues to push the myth that conservatives stole the presidential election.

Source: Will County News

You are invited to a wedding Today June 24th in Lockport


If you have ever wanted to say thank you to our heroes at their wedding, this is the one!!

Sergeant Kenneth Macejak, USMC is getting married on Saturday. This is a LARGE wedding party where at least 6 members are active soldiers, sailors or Marines.

Sgt. Macejak joined the U.S. Marines in 2009 and completed tours in Afghanistan, Japan and the Phillipines. We did at least one welcome home for Ken back in June of 2011. He is now in local Law Enforcement and is Junior Vice Commander of the Lockport VFW.

His two sisters, 3rd Class Petty Officer Olivia, and Lance Corporal Hannah arrived home last Saturday surprising each other in the airport. We had an escort planned for them which was stood down due to weather.

Image Image
Olivia (left) and Hannah (right)

Olivia Macejak is an Aviation Structural Mechanic, 3rd Class Petty Officer, U.S. Navy, 2016 U.S.S. Carl Vincent. Tours include: Thailand, Singapore, South Korea – Home from first Deployment. Graduated with Associate Degrees, J.J.C.

Hannah Macejak is a Lcpl, U.S. Marines 2016. Hannah did the Fire Science Program while at L.T.H.S. and wants to become a Firefighter.

All three kids graduated from Lockport Township H.S. and attended the A.F.J.R.O.T.C. Program.

The wedding party has been asked to stop by the VFW on their way to the reception where we will be staged to surprise them. After that the plan is to load everybody up into two Army 5ton trucks and with local LEO and Fire, escort them a couple miles down the road to DiNolfo’s Banquets for their reception.


WHEN: Saturday, June 24, 2017 4:30 PM

WHERE: Lockport VFW, 1026 E 9th St, Lockport, IL 60441


Wedding Party Arrival: 5:15 PM


RC: Dave Skinner skinnerdavidm@yahoo.com 630-688-8804

If anyone can help with a flag line at DiNolfo’s it would be appreciated We will have a ladder truck with a large flag there for their arrival also.

Source: Will County News

Trump News June 23, 2017

Watch President Donald J. Trump’s weekly address to the Nation:


10:00 AM: President Trump meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly

10:30 AM: President Trump meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis

11:05 AM: Vice President Pence delivers remarks at the Focus on the Family 40th Anniversary Celebration

11:30 AM: President Trump signs the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 – Watch

1:05 PM: Vice President Pence has lunch with service members

1:30 PM: Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer

2:25 PM: Vice President Pence participates in a walking tour of the National Space Defense Center

3:30 PM: Vice President Pence participates in a walking tour of Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station


The 2017 Congressional Picnic | June 22, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)


FACT: Hardworking taxpayers lost nearly $2 billion when 18 of the 23 Obamacare CO-OPs collapsed.


Yesterday, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted the Congressional Picnic on the South Lawn.

Yesterday, Vice President Pence discussed President Trump’s foreign policy goals in Central America and the world at the Wilson Center.

Yesterday, President Trump hosted the American Leadership in Emerging Technology Event with innovative industry leaders.

The application period for the Fall 2017 White House Internship Program closes today. Interested applicants can apply here.


Donald Trump is engineering a sharp shift in US energy policy by using natural gas exports as an instrument of trade policy, championing sales to China and other parts of Asia in an effort to create jobs and reduce US trade deficits. In an attempt to unleash US energy resources, Mr. Trump is trying to promote more liquefied natural gas exports and not just use LNG as a geopolitical weapon aimed at nations such as Russia, as was the stance of his predecessor Barack Obama.” Financial Times

Source: Will County News

Making the House Health Bill More Conservative

Making the House Health Bill More Conservative
By Bobby Jindal

President Trump has finally achieved unity and consensus in our nation’s capital. Pundits, Republican and Democrat members of Congress, and the media all seem to agree that everything must stop so that we can endlessly speculate on Russia, special counsels, the FBI, the last election, and criminal charges. Nonsense. Voters elected President Trump and the Republican majorities in Congress to drain the swamp, i.e., to make big and fundamental changes in the direction of our country. Let Mueller, and the appropriate Congressional committees, talk to Comey, Flynn, and even Putin if they want, but in the meantime, do not let Democrats run out the clock. Our country faces too many dire challenges, thanks in large part to the Obama years, that must be addressed now. Congress is, despite its earned reputation, actually capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. I have a radical idea – why don’t our political leaders do what they promised when they asked for our votes just a few months ago? They could start by actually repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Now that the House has finally passed its health care legislation, attention turns toward the Senate. House leadership claimed certain popular provisions could not be added, e.g., allowing the sale of insurance across state lines, and other unpopular provisions could not be removed, e.g., the special treatment for Members of Congress and their staff, to ensure rapid Senate approval of the House legislation. Despite these assurances and compromises, Republican Senators are now talking about writing their own legislation. While the House compromise that allows states the option to apply for a federal waiver to repeal many of Obamacare’s regulations disappointed conservatives wanting a full repeal, early indications from the Senate are their changes will be to make the legislation less and not more conservative. (Indeed, why not at least require states to apply to keep, rather than to replace, Obamacare’s regulations?)

Senate Republicans should adopt as their guideposts the conservative goals of reducing federal spending, dependence on subsidies, and government intrusion. President Obama’s unprecedented Medicaid expansion to cover millions of able bodied adults violates all three. It wasn’t that long ago when Republicans were in near unanimous agreement that reducing welfare rolls, through policies like time limits and work requirements, was a positive thing. A safety net should be provided for the neediest amongst us, but it should be temporary, targeted, and locally governed.

Senate Republicans should strengthen the House bill’s provisions by giving states even more flexibility to design and run their Medicaid programs. Multi-year federal grants for states should be tied to some measures of eligibility, but not simply to enrollment. Just as states currently benefit when they reduce their welfare rolls, they should not be rewarded for keeping people on Medicaid longer than necessary or punished for encouraging individuals to afford private coverage. States should also have the flexibility and financial incentives to design wrap-around coverage or premium assistance plans rather than one size fits all benefits packages that often crowd out private coverage. Current rules technically allow but actually discourage states from pursuing such policies. A beneficiary with employer provided or individual coverage might require targeted assistance, for example, affording prescription drugs or cost sharing, but should not have to choose between keeping their private coverage and getting help.

Just as the House bill gives states the option to manage their own individual insurance marketplaces, as they did before Obamacare, so should the Senate give states the ability to manage their own Medicaid programs. States should no longer have to come begging to Washington to design benefit packages, cost sharing provisions, or eligibility requirements that meet the unique needs of their constituents. Washington can and should require accountability through overall performance measures, to ensure states are focused on improving health outcomes and not just complying with complicated rules, and special protections for the most vulnerable populations, e.g., the elderly and disabled.

A second conservative change would be for the Senate to transform the House’s refundable tax credit into a tax deduction. This would have to be accompanied by funding for state designed programs to assist needy individuals who do not earn enough income to pay taxes and benefit from the deduction, but at least this subsidy would be explicitly identified as spending and could thus be managed, rather than hiding a new federal entitlement program in an increasingly complicated tax code. A deduction would incentivize consumers to buy health care more efficiently, as they would keep the savings, and insurers and providers to compete to reduce costs. Independent scoring of this provision previously has shown it to be one of the more effective ways to “bend the cost curve down.”

Conservatives have waited many years to repeal and replace Obamacare. Perhaps it is too ambitious to hope the Senate improves the House legislation, rather than merely playing defense and trying to minimize the ways they will make it worse. However, President Obama himself campaigned on the promise to be transformational and not merely incremental – surely, we should aim no lower.

Source: Will County News