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Why choose grass-fed beef over grain-fed beef?

Why choose grass-fed beef over grain-fed beef?


It’s a pain to find it. It’s expensive. There’s not enough selection. There are a lot of excuses for not buying grass-fed beef. But there is a very good health reason for choosing grass-fed over grain-fed beef. It has to do with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 and omega 6 should be in balance, but our modern diet is way too high in omega 6. This means trouble.

Grain-fed beef is high in omega 6. Grass-fed beef is high in omega 3. Omega 3 is what everybody needs so badly.

Our ancestors had a more balanced diet because they ate more raw and natural foods. Our commercial foods have us loaded with trans-fats, chemical additives and synthetic foods which are very high in omega 6 fatty acids. Did you think grain fed beef wasn’t a commercial food? They’re almost synthetic animals. Not being able to roam freely means their bodies don’t produce and store nutrients like pasture-raised animals do, like CoQ10, and especially omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 acts as a natural blood thinner. The omega 6 family of fats cause blood to clot, promotes the rapid growth of cells (think cancer), induces smooth muscle cells to contract when they shouldn’t, brings about an inflammatory response, causes pain, and a host of other negative effects. Omega 3 has the opposite effect. You can see we have trouble here.

Our ancestors ate about twice the amount of omega 3 as omega 6. This is what we should do today. But the American diet is a whopping 20 to 50 times greater in the omega 6 family. We pay the health price.

Re-read the paragraph above. This is critical. I hope that you take it seriously.

Why this enormous imbalance in omega 3 and omega 6? Simply put, we live mostly on omega 6. We eat all kinds of bread, cereal, French fries, pies, cakes, crackers, and just synthetic and sugary junk.

We eat a lot of grains and grain products that load us up with omega 6 fatty acids. When cattle are fed out on a feedlot to fatten them for slaughter, they are fed grain which is very high in omega 6 fatty acids which becomes our omega 6 food. Grain-fed beef has an omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of 15 to 1, instead of the 2 to 1 found in game meat. How many of us know this?

Almost all salad dressings are made with high omega 6 fats as are all of our deep-fried foods in vegetable oils. Hey folks, we live on omega 6!

Studies have correlated an increased level of omega 6 in the diet with increased rates of heart disease, insulin resistance, cancer, diabetes, and the rest of the diseases that go along with aging. So aging is to a large extent, omega 6 induced. As a rule it takes 20 to 30 years for the system to break down because during youth, the enzymes work efficiently, striving to balance our omega 3s and omega 6s. As we age, our enzymes become far less effective and that’s when disease begins. It is happening at much younger ages. Before they reach their teens, many children are developing type-2 diabetes.

The answer to too much omega 6 is to start eating grass-fed beef, and fish. I take cod liver oil daily which has an abundance of EPA and DHA. I also do what most of you won’t do — I eat sardines. Sardines are at the top of the list for omega 3s without a worry for mercury. The best sardines are packed in sardine oil but hard to find. The next best are those packed in olive oil or spring water.

Make sure fish oil capsules, that some of you may take, are not rancid. Bite through one occasionally to test. Many on the market are rancid. This is a harmful fat. Buy fish oil or cod liver oil in glass bottles and keep refrigerated.

The trans-fat industry is all about shelf life for the commercial food processors and an early death for us. Our bargain with the food manufacturers is that we have traded longer shelf life for shorter human life.

Next time you eat or feed your family omega 6 trans-fatty acids in the form of margarine, salad oil, bakery goods, potato chips, corn chips, crackers, and candies, think what you are doing to yourself and your children. Early death and disease, caused by “foods” that taste good!

Source: Will County News

Why no one should cheer tech company efforts to stifle online free speech, no matter how vile

Why no one should cheer tech company efforts to stifle online free speech, no matter how vile


Recent decisions by technology companies, especially “upstream” infrastructure technology companies, to drop neo-Nazis as customers have captured public attention—and for good reason. The content being blocked is vile and horrific, there is growing concern about hate groups across the country, and the nation is focused on issues of racism and protest.

But this is a dangerous moment for internet expression and the power of private platforms that host much of the speech on the internet. People cheering for companies who have censored content in recent weeks may soon find the same tactic used against causes they love. We must be careful about what we are asking these companies to do and carefully review the processes they use to do it. A look at previous examples that EFF has handled in the past 10+ years can help demonstrate why we are so concerned.

Complaints to “Upstream” Speech Intermediaries

This isn’t just a “slippery slope” fear about potential future harm. Complaints to various kinds of intermediaries have been occurring for over a decade. It’s clear that internet technology companies—especially those further “upstream” like domain name registrars —are simply not equipped or competent to distinguish between good complaints and bad in the U.S. much less around the world. They also have no strong mechanisms for allowing due process or correcting mistakes. Instead they merely react to where the pressure is greatest or where their business interests lie.

Here are just a few cases EFF has handled or helped from the last decade where complaints went “upstream” to website hosts and DNS providers, impacting activist groups specifically. And this is not to mention the many times direct user platforms like Facebook and Twitter have censored content from artists, activists, and others.

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent a complaint about a parody website created by activist group The Yes Men not merely to its hosting service, May First/People Link, but to that service’s upstream ISP, Hurricane Electric. When the hosting service May First/People Link resisted Hurricane Electric’s demands to remove the parody site, Hurricane Electric shut down MayFirst/PeopleLink’s connection entirely, temporarily taking offline hundreds of “innocent bystander” websites as collateral damage.
  • Shell Oil sent a takedown notice to the ISP of activist group Oil Change International after it launched a campaign aimed at Shell’s sponsorship of New Orleans Jazz Fest. The ISP removed the site, abruptly halting the campaign.
  • Unhappy with a single document published on the giant website Cryptome.org, Microsoft sent complaints to Cryptome’s domain name registrar and web hosting provider, Network Solutions. As a result, hosting provider Network Solutions pulled the plug on the entire Cryptome website — full of legal content — because Network Solutions was not technically capable of targeting and removing the single document. The site was not restored until wide outcry in the blogosphere forced Microsoft to retract its takedown request.
  • Threats to the domain host of a critic of South African diamond conglomerate De Beers resulted in the temporary takedown of a New York Times spoof website that included, in part, a critical fake ad announcing that diamond purchases “will enable us to donate a prosthetic for an African whose hand was lost in diamond conflicts.”
  • Swiss bank Julius Baer pressured the domain name registrar for Wikileaks.org to lock the domain name after the organization posted documents demonstrating financial wrongdoing, and then obtained a court ruling confirming the censorship. In response to legal briefs by EFF and others objecting to this tactic, the district court dissolved the order, leading Julius Baer to dismiss its case.
  • Media giant ABC sent a cease and desist letter on behalf of KSFO-AM radio in San Francisco to the webhost of the blog www.spockosbrain.com, after that site criticized the offensive and violent rhetoric on the radio station aimed at Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and then-Senator Barak Obama.

You’ll notice that complainers in these cases are powerful corporations. That’s not a coincidence. Large companies have the time, money, and scary lawyers to pressure intermediaries to do their bidding—something smaller communities rarely have.

When Governments Get Involved

The story gets much more frightening when governments enter the conversation. All of the major technology companies publish transparency reports documenting the many efforts made by governments around the world to require the companies to take down their customer’s speech.

China ties the domain name system to tracking systems and censorship. Russia-backed groups flag Ukrainian speech, Chinese groups flag Tibetan speech, Israeli groups flag Palestinian speech, just to name a few. Every state has some reason to try to bend the core intermediaries to their agenda, which is why EFF along with a number of international organizations created the Manila Principles to set out the basic rules for intermediaries to follow when responding to these governmental pressures. Those concerned about the position of the current U.S. government with regard to Black Lives Matter, Antifa groups, and similar left-leaning communities should take note: efforts to urge the current U.S. government to treat them as hate groups have already begun.

The Risks of Embracing Censorship

Will the internet remain a place where small, marginalized voices get heard? For every tech CEO now worried about neo-Nazis there are hundreds of decisions made to silence voices that are made outside of public scrutiny with no transparency into decision-making or easy ways to get mistakes corrected. We understand the impulse to cheer any decisions to stand up against horrific speech, but if we embrace “upstream” intermediary censorship, it may very well come back to haunt us.

Source: Will County News

You won’t believe what we have accomplished in the first week back to school!

You won’t believe what we have accomplished in the first week back to school!

We hit the ground running and have already faced serious resistance from the left like this incident at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln that made national news: 





At the same school, the administration told our leader to get off campus and to call the cops.  Her crime? She wasn’t in the “free speech zone”.

Conservatives on campus are under attack, but we are fighting back!

Our students are killing it on campus! We are taking over student organization fairs and recruiting new troops to the movement every day.  

Over 250 students signed up for Turning Point USA at the Penn State club fair! @TPUSA @TPUSAatPSU @charliekirk11 @kylie_thomas #BigGovSuckspic.twitter.com/pATYtsJZqa

— Jonathon Stack (@jonathonstack) August 26, 2017

Check out more of these all-stars:

As you can see, all of our hard work and training at 

Young Women’s Leadership Summit 

Young Latino Leadership Summit

Chapter Leader Summit

and High School Leadership Summit

is really paying off.

Now on hundreds of campuses across the country, thousands of students are hitting the ground to recruit new students, charter new chapters, register voters, and expand the army for freedom!

We had a busy summer, but that is nothing compared to what we will accomplish on campus this year. We are just getting started!  

Thank you for your support of our movement.


Charlie Kirk
Founder & Executive Director
Turning Point USA

Source: Will County News

Robert Morris College ” Life after the military” building your post-military life Free Event

Click on the Flyer for more information

Robert Morris College ” Life after the military” building your post-military life Free Event 312-935-4425

Wednesday September 6th 2017 at 6pm. Robert Morris Chicago Campus


Source: Will County News

Illinois State Rifle association Bullitin / Support September 14th Fundraiser

Steve Balich Editors Note:  This is a excellent chance to support the ISRA. Please consider an inexpensive add in our dinner add book.

Dinner Add Book prices: Full page $100 Half Page $50 Quarter Page $25.   If you can’t make the event you can still show support by mailing a check to Constitutional Rights 12259 Derby Ln. Orland Park, IL. 60467


ISRA Thursday Bulletin – August 31, 2017


Executive Directors Message

On Thursday, September 14th, 2017, Will County Board member Steve Balich will hold a fundraiser for the ISRA.  The featured speaker is Mr. David Keene.  I have known David for a long time.  When he was President of the NRA, he visited the ISRA Range and took time to visit with everyone there.  He has always been a friend to Illinois.  David is also one of the most politically astute people I have ever met.  It will be well worth your time to hear him speak and to meet him personally. This is a rare opportunity. For details, click on the following link, constitutional-rights.com.

In Georgia, as part of a history lesson, a school took a group of first and second graders to a shooting range and showed them an 1873 Winchester and a six-shooter.  They learned firearm safety as well.
They had permission from the children’s parents.  It went well until the self-appointed do-gooders saw the pictures on Facebook.  Not only did they criticize the school, but also attacked the teachers and administrators.  In Atlanta, Georgia, a 10-year-old boy found a .22 pistol in a dressing room of a clothing store.  He brought the pistol to his mother who wanted to see if it was real.  She pulled the trigger and found that it was real, alright.  Fortunately, the shot did not hit anyone.  It seems to me the school is way ahead of the game, in spite of what the critics say.
Tomorrow is the 1st day of September and the unofficial beginning of Fall.  It is also the beginning of dove season; goose, duck, turkey, deer and upland game are not far behind.  It is the best time of year for me.  By the way, the IDNR Hunting and Trapping guide is on-line (dnrIllinois.gov).  The IDNR will hold a public meeting at the ISRA Range, in Bonfield, on Tuesday September 26th at 7:00pm.  The topic is Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).  If you are a deer hunter and live in the area, you should attend this meeting.  There have been several deer in the area with CWD.
Massad Ayoob will be at the ISRA Range from September 7th through the 10th , teaching his great Mag-40 class; there are a few spots left.  Remember: ISRA members get 10% off.  For those of you who are range members, there will be a special work day on Saturday, September 2nd.  This will be a cleanup day, so please bring gloves.
I feel sorry for those poor folks in Texas.  The first responders, military and civilian volunteers are doing a great job!  Adding to their troubles are looters.  Looters are about as low as you can get, in my book.  If you are ever unfortunate enough to get caught in one the several types of natural disasters, be sure to prepare in advance.  If you are in Illinois, make sure to always have your FOID card, ICCL, and defensive firearm with you.  Not only are there looters, but other scum out there that will be more than happy to take advantage of you and your family.
Thanks for being a member.
Upcoming Events: ISRA Calendar
For more information, visit www.isra.org
Thursday, August 31, 2017
ISRA Smallbore/Rimfire F-Class Thursday Night League
Saturday, September 2, 2017
Range Work Day
ISRA Marksmanship League
Sunday, September 3, 2017
ISRA IDPA Local Club Match
Combat Pistol League/3 Gun/CCW Scenario
ISRA Black Powder League
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
ISRA Tuesday Night Irregular League
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
ISRA Benchrest League
F-Class League
Check out ISRA’s website at www.isra.org! Tell us what you think!
Follow the ISRA on Twitter and Facebook.

Give the gift of an ISRA membership.   Not an ISRA Member?  Join Today!

Illinois State Rifle Association, PO Box 637, Chatsworth, IL 60921

Source: Will County News


America Cannot Remain Free Unless Her Citizens Are Governed by Virtue


Dear Catholic friends on our national email list,

The recent hurricane has flooded the private homes of many of our fellow Traditional Catholics at Regina Caeli Parish in Houston, TX.  The pastor, Rev. Charles van Vliet, FSSP, has just advised me that many who attend the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) there have experienced severe losses.

And there is even WORSE news:  Half of Houston homes, businesses hit by flooding may be uninsured  Fox Business.  If your property is not in a flood zone, and you don’t have FEMA mandated flood coverage, the consequences are dire.

 the newly constructed parish facilities have been spared damage from the hurricane so far, but this destructive epic storm is not over and is expected to last for days.

As many of you know, I never ask for money to fund our operations here at www.RestoreAmericanLiberty.com INC.  However the needs of our fellow Traditional Catholics in Houston TX are desperate at this time.

I am asking every Catholic within our reach to PLEASE make a generous donation directly via check today to the following address:

Regina Caeli Parish
8121 Breen Rd.
Houston, TX 77064

VERY IMPORTANT: Please notate “FLOOD RELIEF” on the memo line to assist the pastor, Rev. Charles van Vliet, FSSP, in allocating these funds to help his most affected parishioners.

I’m writing my own check this evening.  I pray that everyone will join with me in this effort.  Let’s put our faith into action where it’s most needed.

May Almighty God reward all who respond,

Jim Komaniecki

Source: Will County News

Different country, different century, same scam

Different country, different century, same scam


Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. And unfortunately, most Americans know little of their own country’s and nothing of the world’s. Ergo, they don’t recognize that “Antifa” and the “far right’s” current clash is a re-run from early 20th century Europe. Nor do they realize that both groups are defrauding us just as the original “anti-Fascists,” a.k.a., communists, and the “far right,” a.k.a, fascists or Nazis, defrauded Europeans then.

Anyone studying WWII and the years preceding it must marvel at the false dichotomy besieging Europe. With the continent’s heritage of strong, virtually totalitarian government, Europeans were ripe for the scam communists and fascists pulled on them: that these two authoritarian nightmares were the only possibilities for ordering society and that if murderous, blood-drenched Communism didn’t prevail, murderous, blood-drenched Fascism must.

No one argued for neither. No one suggested or even seems to have known about freedom (shame on Americans: they had so betrayed their own tradition of political liberty that starving, stunted souls never considered them a model). The “underground” in communist Europe, working to free its slaves from Stalin’s bondage so they could assume Hitler’s, were fascists; the “underground” in fascist Europe, working to free its slaves from Hitler’s manacles so they could don Stalin’s, were communists. There were no friends of freedom, no lovers of liberty, to dispense with the chains once and for all.

European populations seemed mesmerized, caught between two savage systems. Just as today’s conservatives terrify progressives, Fascism terrified those who sided with Communism — and rightly so. When the Nazis conquered another country, they rounded up, tortured and slaughtered communists. Ditto for the reverse. Fascists panicked at Communism, again for good reason. Not only had Russia murdered millions of its own subjects, but Communism professed everyone else’s subjugation as its goal.

Only a few small, technical differences separate Communism and Fascism in theory; they resemble one another far more than they differ, especially in practice and results. Fascism emphasizes nationality while striving for worldwide domination; Communism aims to abolish borders while similarly striving. Fascism permits the pretense of private property while actually controlling it through extensive regulations. Communist governments disdain this subterfuge to own everything outright.

But when it comes to each philosophy’s view of the State and of the serfs over whom it reigns —worshiping government and its physical compulsion, empowering it over every peon in its territory and all aspects of those peons’ lives, making politicians and bureaucrats the arbiters of good and evil, elevating their judgement over that of a man’s conscience — Fascism and Communism are identical. Even Italy’s premier fascist, Benito Mussolini, tacitly equated the two when he predicted that the 20th century would “be a century of authority, a century of the Left, a century of Fascism … this will be the century of collectivism, and hence the century of the State.”

(Nor will the State “wither away” at some point in Communism’s future. It cannot, because Communism — and Fascism as well — run contrary to human nature. No one ever places the amorphous “people” and their good above his own family’s welfare; no one works “selflessly” for the community ahead of his own interests. Compelling this sort of sick behavior requires the brute force of government — and an immensely powerful one, too.)

Now this same fallacy, this same ridiculously tragic “choice,” gulls Americans. The Right, a.k.a. Republicans or Conservatives, increasingly embraces the militarism, racial lunacy and nationalism that the Nazis espoused. These folks venerate cops and the U.S. military, regardless of the crimes each commits. They dismiss victims of police abuse as “uncooperative” and “deserving it.” They damn Constitutional objections to the U.S.’s bossing, bombing and invading of other countries as treasonous. They insist that America will become prosperous and virtuous only when its rulers crack down on “minorities” and bar immigrants, particularly those with abundant melanin. The only alternative they see to these horrific “principles” is Progressivism’s nonsense, so they rigorously defend their blighted bunker.

Meanwhile, the Left, a.k.a., Democrats, socialists and Progressives, advances Communism’s agenda. An overweening State that first and foremost controls the economy while impoverishing everyone — but equally, oh, yes, equally; that crushes all dissent; that destroys privacy and individuality in favor of political factions, often organized by race; that controls all of life, no matter how private; that sneeringly dismisses Christianity and even simple decency while persecuting believers. These folks, too, believe that if they don’t triumph, Conservatives’ militarism will; against so great a foe, anything from deception to lethal violence is kosher.

Praise God, there’s a third and very blessed option. Yet mighty few Americans stand up and cry “Freedom!!!!” Why not?

Tragically, despite — or because of — their interference in WWII, Americans never regained their appreciation for liberty. Instead, we’ve embraced Fascism and Communism — in a word, totalitarianism. We plummet ever deeper into that cataclysm, with the atrocities of the past weeks a mere replay of those from Russia, Germany, Austro-Hungary, Italy, Spain, et al in the 1920s and ‘30s.

But our record of political liberty, with its respect for the individual and private property, gives us much better odds than oppressed-for-centuries Europeans enjoyed at triumphing over Communism (or Progressivism as embodied in the Democratic Party) and Fascism (today’s Conservatism or, more broadly, the Republican Party). Yet doing so requires utter rejection of the false dichotomy these two liars present. The choice is not between the government’s ordering us to welcome sodomites into our businesses and associations or legislation protecting us from perverts… rather, we should ask why the State meddles in such personal affairs and forcibly restrict it to its Constitutional limits. The issue is not which weapons politicians permit us to own but when we’ll rid ourselves of such tyrants. Nor should we fret about how “fairly” bureaucrats administer Americans’ medical insurance but instead defy these pinheads’ unConstitutional power over patients.

Democrats and Republicans seemingly crow, as Mussolini did in 1928, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

And Liberty responds, “Wanna bet?”

— Becky Akers

Source: Will County News

The School Funding Bill Passed and the Result is…

Editors note:  Lets hide our wallets!! Fed will cut us off as we are a Sanctuary State. Horrible business decisions by Chicago Public schools gave them their unfunded pension liability which All Illinois taxpayers are now responsible for. Employees of school districts and administration expect and get raises each year at the expense of the overburdened taxpayer. Education Sector people get high pay the best medical and great retirement plus numerous days off and 9 month work year. The system is only working because they can increase property tax every year. Illinois is a socialist style government taking from those who work hard, make good decisions, and don’t over spend; giving to those who do the opposite. Where is the incentive to improve?

Thank You Jeanne Ives

The School Funding Bill Passed and the Result is…

on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The School Funding Bill Passed and the Result is…

CPS Got Bailed Out and We Made Promises We Can’t Keep

I Voted NO – Here’s Why

State Rep. Jeanne Ives

In typical Illinois fashion, Mike Madigan and Mayor Rahm Emanuel got everything they wanted in the new school funding bill – and more.  Madigan got more dollars for the unions, he got the pretense of ending the long debate over education equity funding (this bill won’t end the debate), and most importantly he got to use suburban tax money to bail out CPS. To highlight the bail out, I present these two statements coming out of Chicago leadership:

From DNAInfo August 24, 2017 – “Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday evening that a bipartisan agreement reached by state lawmakers to fund Illinois’ schools would give the Chicago Public Schools everything — “and more””

From CapFax August 28, 2017 – “School board President Frank Clark said on Monday that Chicago Public Schools may see as much as $450 million from a pending state accord on education funding, about $150 million more than the district had anticipated.”

On top of that Madigan got all the political theater he is known for.  There were three separate votes, the first was a test vote and virtue signal to the unions by Democrat members.  Then, came the fake veto override vote on SB1 to show the unions they would have to settle for the other bill.  And then after more drama, the compromise bill came back on reconsideration and passed.  House members knew before the votes were taken what would pass and what wouldn’t – leadership worked their roll calls and structured their votes – because that’s the way it always happens when taxpayers are about to get their pocket picked and the policy can’t stand on its own.

The Bill Bails Out Chicago Public Schools – Tax Increase will be Required

v  The formula requires $350 million more EACH year to work as planned.  The advocates plan on spending up to $6 billion more in the next 10 years on this one grant line.  That is double the amount we spent last year.

v  The budget bill passed for this year is already projected to be short $1-2 billion.  They also short changed the retirement systems by $700 million in the budget bill. Our budget is precarious and there is still $15 billion in unpaid bills.  Funding this bill would require a Tax Increase.

v  CPS keeps $250 million block grant – a grant no other district receives.

v  State taxpayers will pay Chicago Teacher Pension normal cost – first year amount is$221million

This amount will increase each year for the foreseeable future and is determined by their local pension fund – not the state.  Chicago teachers only pay 2% of salary toward their multi-million dollar pensions.

v  State taxpayers will pay for CPS legacy pension costs forever. This is the most problematic provision outside of the junk science behind the evidenced based formula itself.  Chicago Teachers Pension Fund has defunded the account with the help of state legislators for the last 17 years.

Ø  In 2000 the fund was near 100% funded, now it is 52% funded

Ø  For the last 17 years it has never paid the full actuarial amount needed, and in 13 of the last 17 years it paid in almost nothing towards pensions

Ø  Last year it lost $28 million in investments alone, it had investment expenses of $35.8 million and made only  $7.8 million

v  The bill allows Chicago to appear less wealthy because they can deduct legacy pension costs from their local wealth calculation which means they are eligible for greater state support.  By simply adjusting their actuarial assumptions, they can continue to game the formula to remain in the neediest tier of schools

v  The legacy pension cost this year for Chicago is $505 million – that translates into a$40 million additional state payment via the formula

v  If there is not enough money to fund the formula, a different distribution formula is in place and only the “neediest” districts are eligible for any new money – so many districts will see no increase in funding from the state

v  For most districts there is not property tax relief.  32 districts may receive preferential access to $50 million pool of money to buy down their property tax burden.  This is discriminatory to all other districts.

v  This bills assumes high operating tax rates will remain in most school districts and those districts with already higher rates are penalized in the formula for those rates while other districts that have not taxed at the same high rates to pay for their local schools are rewarded in the formula.

v  Superintendents liked the formula because they have been promised the same level of state support they received in FY17 in perpetuity – that’s regardless if property wealth increases or student enrollment declines.  Chicago lost 20,000 students in last two years and has $10 billion in new projects coming, but it won’t matter – they get the same amount of base funding minimum on top of the extra described above.  Cairo is set to lose half their students and they will get the same level of state support.

v  For Tier 3 and 4 districts, they are only eligible for 1% of any new money going forward because it is assumed they have sufficient property wealth to fund their own schools.  All the schools I represent are in Tier 3 or 4. Their base funding minimum amount will erode over time as it is not inflation adjusted.

v  The funding formula – for new money though– has built in cost escalators for annual salary enhancements and adult education.


This bill is heavily dependent on determining how well a local district can fund itself.  The lower your property wealth, the less able you are to fund your schools and the more state support you receive.  But Chicago hides their wealth.  They hide it in TIF’S to the tune of about $6 billion. Yet, last year CPS was able to access $90 million of that TIF money and this year it appears they want nearly $270 million from it.  They have the money to fund their schools, but they want the rest of us to pay first. Other districts also have side agreements to get TIF funds and this is not accounted for in the formula.  Districts without TIFs or side deals or the clout to get the money end up losing when other districts hide wealth this way.  And yet, I have not had one Superintendent speak out about this!

Chicago undervalues large commercial property in the Loop by a large amount.  A survey of the top 20 properties that sold recently shows they are under assessed by an average of 58%.  For example, when the Willis Tower sold for $1.3 billion in 2015, it was on the books at the assessor’s office for $535 million.

Here are a few more examples.

More Problems with Assessments

v  Coles County property owners are suing in federal court over numerous problems in the assessment process including that there has not been any reassessment of property in 16 years

v  The DuQuoin Superintendent admitted in a committee hearing in response to my question that his county had not had a reassessment in 35 years.  I looked into it and it was true that Perry County had not done one since 1982. State law requires reassessment every 4 years. Good assessors adjust yearly to keep large swings in value in check.

I have no confidence that assessments are being done in accordance with state law and with the level of accuracy required.  I know my district and others are not being treated fairly in school funding when many districts are not accurately assessing their property, especially property-rich Chicago.

I have called for an investigation by the Illinois Department of Revenue on the statewide property assessments.  No one else in the education bureaucracy seems concerned about this major factor in the formula and its problems – again, they only care about their own money coming in and not the big picture of fairness.  By the way, how does the DuQuoin Superintendent look at his taxpayers knowing they are getting unfairly treated by not having the reassessments done?

Evidenced Based Funding Model has Failed in Other States

v  From an Illinois Policy article, “Ohio, North Dakota, Arkansas and Wyoming have all had “evidence-based” funding in place – some for up to a decade – and have collectively spent billions of additional dollars on select education programs. In all those states, not only has student achievement on NAEP tests failed to grow at the rate the “evidence-based” funding model promises, but achievement has been virtually flat.”The three lobbyists who wrote and promoted the bill for years claim the reason it failed in those states is because they didn’t spend enoughmoney.

v  This new spending formula IS NOT focused on student outcomes.  Money does not flow to schools based on measurable results of student growth and performance.

v   The “evidenced based formula” pretends to “fund” the ideal school and recalculates that cost every year with automatic escalators and “evidenced based” ideas about what will improve student outcomes.  It is only input based. It is seven spreadsheets going out to 89 columns of data to send money to schools.  And if our current bloated education bureaucracy does not know already how to deliver good education then this formula will not help.  The term begs the question, why haven’t they used “evidence” before?

Marginal Reform

v  The bill allows school districts to contract out for drivers’ education.  The bureaucracy calls this mandate relief.  But real mandate relief would be eliminating all drivers’ ed in schools. Driving is a privilege not a right and not something taxpayers should pay for.

v  The bill allows relief from the PE mandate in schools.  PE teachers and others think this mandate is sacrosanct.  It shouldn’t be – every district should decide for themselves how often to have PE and who must take it.  My three sport athlete does not need to take PE, for example.  I ran a bill to get rid of the state mandate earlier this year and simply let local districts decide – you would not believe the uproar by unions and their legislative supporters. Fortunately, there is some relief from this mandate in the bill on PE, but it is weak.

v  The bill allows districts at 110% of adequacy to run a referendum to force a lowering of property taxes.  The specific provisions make it much more difficult than it should be to pass such a referendum.

The One Good Provision

The bill includes a tax credit scholarship program.  This is a very important first step to introducing competition to the marketplace of education and getting kids out of poor performing schools.  Taxpayers and corporations would be able to donate up to $1 million and get 75% of that donation back as a tax credit.  They can designate down to the school where they want the scholarship money to go.  The total program is capped at $75 million.  Families making up to around $73,000 would be eligible for the scholarships and that increases to $92,000 over time.  There are various other provisions to the program, but in general only students in areas where schools are poor performing would be eligible.  About 10,000 kids could take advantage of the program. As far as I can discern, no family or child living in my district would be eligible for this scholarship except perhaps a few children in the West Chicago area.

I am a school choice advocate and I am the only one in the Illinois House that ran a school choice bill this session.  It got shot down in committee with no serious debate and colleagues accusing me of not caring about poor kids – even though that’s who would have benefitted in my bill.

The overwhelming negatives of the underlying education funding bill, as described above, outweigh this school choice part of the bill.

Additional Information

Background:  Changes to the education funding formula have been a topic of discussion for years and came to the forefront four years ago after a Senate Republican report showed that Chicago was getting lots more money through the current formula with block grants that no other district was eligible for.  CPS, countered that they had to pay for their own pensions when all state taxpayers paid for all the other teacher pensions in the state, a fair point, but there is more to that story too.

Spending Among School Districts Vary Widely – And So Do Results –The Two aren’t Linked

Meanwhile many downstate school districts complained that they truly needed more state support because many of the districts were spending 6k-9k per student when the state average is over 12k per student and while rich and overtaxed districts were spending as high as 30k per student.  Some downstate districts simply do not have the property wealth to generate the local taxes to fund their schools, in many cases some schools should receive additional support.

However, many of the districts spending lots of money for education are generating the taxes locally and receive well under 10% of their funding from the state.  While many of the districts that are low in spending receive 30-50% of their spending from the state.

In general, Illinois ranks 50th in terms of STATE support to fund education and on average the state only provides 34% of the cost to educate.  Yet in terms of average spending per student, we rank 13th nationally and number 1 compared to our surrounding states.  The average spent per student is $12,821.

In Springfield – it is all about the money.

It always is in Springfield and that is one of the biggest problems in education and in this new formula.

Spending on average $12k per student in Illinois has generated below average results for decades.  In Illinois, only 34% of school children perform at grade level statewide and only 46% of high school graduates are considered college ready (indicated by at least a 21 ACT score).  Out of the 852 school districts in the state, nearly 80% of those districts have scores at or below that state average.

This chart shows you the 17 schools that are suing the state and governor over inequitable spending. The PARCC score indicates performance at grade level, the college ready score is self-explanatory, and the poverty count is the percentage of those in poverty in a district.

District Name PARCC College Ready Poverty Count Spend/Student
BETHALTO C U SCHOOL DIST 8 28.00 37.00 49.00 8,542.00
BOND CO C U SCHOOL DIST 2 36.00 33.00 46.00 8,839.00
BUNKER HILL C U SCHOOL DIST 8 31.00 30.00 43.00 7,826.00
CAHOKIA COMM UNIT SCH DIST 187 5.00 6.00 74.00 14,959.00
CARLINVILLE C U SCHOOL DIST 1 43.00 51.00 43.00 7,549.00
GILLESPIE COMM UNIT SCH DIST 7 30.00 37.00 71.00 10,916.00
GRANT COMM CONS SCH DIST 110 23.00 N/A 53.00 11,760.00
MOUNT OLIVE C U SCHOOL DIST 5 27.00 47.00 45.00 9,631.00
MULBERRY GROVE C U SCH DIST 1 28.00 31.00 52.00 9,705.00
NOKOMIS COMM UNIT SCH DIST 22 43.00 48.00 45.00 7,965.00
PANA COMM UNIT SCHOOL DIST 8 27.00 34.00 65.00 9,278.00
SOUTHWESTERN C U SCH DIST 9 39.00 46.00 37.00 8,583.00
STAUNTON COMM UNIT SCH DIST 6 37.00 43.00 38.00 8,322.00
TAYLORVILLE C U SCH DIST 3 28.00 41.00 54.00 7,474.00
VANDALIA C U SCH DIST 203 18.00 33.00 55.00 9,677.00
WOOD RIVER-HARTFORD ELEM S D 15 13.00 N/A 63.00 9,055.00
IL VALLEY CENTRAL UNIT DIST 321 42.00 44.00 35.00 8,262.00

As you can see, in many cases spending and outcomes have little direct correlation.  For example, Taylorville and Vandalia have nearly equal poverty counts but Vandalia spends $2k more per student, or 30% more, and has much worse readiness levels. Cahokia spends 17% more than the state average in a district where the cost of living is substantially lower and only 5% of the students are at grade level.

I have many more examples and district data that are likewise informative.

Final Thoughts

Traditional ways of educating children must be challenged.  In our modern society, there are many different and hybrid ways to educate children.  Parents should be able to choose the best method for their unique children.  That means the marketplace should be opened up by having the dollars for education follow the child – just as we do at the college level.  I do not believe this means traditional public or private schools go away.  Traditional schools provide many advantages to most children and families.  However, there are certainly ways that educators would re-design schools if our antiquated way of funding k-12 education changed first.

Source: Will County News

Trump news August 30, 2017


Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts Continue 
Yesterday, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Texas where they received a briefing on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts with local leadership and relief organizations. The President and the First Lady also met with state leadership at the Emergency Operations Center.

Statement by First Lady Melania Trump on Hurricane Harvey
“The effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt in Texas, Louisiana, and other parts of the country for many months and years to come. So far, 1.7 million people are under orders to evacuate their homes, and, as the floodwater in Houston rises, sadly, so will the number of evacuees. I want to be able to offer my help and support in the most productive way possible, not through just words, but also action. What I found to be the most profound during the visit was not only the strength and resilience of the people of Texas, but the compassion and sense of community that has taken over the State. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the people of Texas and Louisiana.” – First Lady Melania Trump
Read more

A New Era of Economic Renewal 
Today, President Trump will announce a tax reform plan in Springfield, Missouri, that puts the American worker and American economy first. Tax reform will spur a new era of economic renewal to bring back our jobs, bring back our wealth, and bring back our dreams.
Watch the Announcement Live at 2:30pm EDT


President Donald J. Trump, Senator John Cornyn, and Senator Ted Cruz | August 29, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


Today, President Trump will travel to Springfield, Missouri, and participate in a tax reform kickoff event. Watch the Announcement Live at 2:30pm EDT

Today, Vice President Pence will travel to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, where he will deliver keynote remarks to the 2017 Annual Meeting and Business Summit of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. Listen Live at 7:00pm EDT


The application for the Spring 2018 White House Internship Program is open! Apply here

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FBI offers absurd excuse to deny release of documents related to Hillary email scandal

FBI offers absurd excuse to deny release of documents related to Hillary email scandal

I wonder if anyone at the FBI actually smirked when offering a silly rationale for denying a document request related to Hillary Clinton’s handling of her email server.  (Remember?  She used BleachBit to permanently delete 30,000 emails that may be official records, among various other potential felonies.)

Someone at the Bureau actually thought claiming there was a “lack of public interest” in the subject would not evoke peals of laughter.


Stephen Dinan writes in the Washington Times:

Hillary Clinton’s case isn’t interesting enough to the public to justify releasing the FBI’s files on her, the bureau said this week in rejecting an open-records request by a lawyer seeking to have the former secretary of state punished for perjury.

Ty Clevenger has been trying to get Mrs. Clinton and her personal attorneys disbarred for their handling of her official emails during her time as secretary of state. He’s met with resistance among lawyers, and now his request for information from the FBI’s files has been shot down.

“You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” FBI records management section chief David M. Hardy told Mr. Clevenger in a letter Monday.

“It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA,” Mr. Hardy wrote.

Quite obviously, the FBI has been so thoroughly politicized (thanks, James Comey!) that it cannot be trusted.  This is both a tragedy and an actual crisis.  The path toward banana republic status just got a lot shorter.

I wonder if anyone at the FBI actually smirked when offering a silly rationale for denying a document request related to Hillary Clinton’s handling of her email server.  (Remember?  She used BleachBit to permanently delete 30,000 emails that may be official records, among various other potential felonies.)

Someone at the Bureau actually thought claiming there was a “lack of public interest” in the subject would not evoke peals of laughter.

Stephen Dinan writes in the Washington Times:

Hillary Clinton’s case isn’t interesting enough to the public to justify releasing the FBI’s files on her, the bureau said this week in rejecting an open-records request by a lawyer seeking to have the former secretary of state punished for perjury.

Ty Clevenger has been trying to get Mrs. Clinton and her personal attorneys disbarred for their handling of her official emails during her time as secretary of state. He’s met with resistance among lawyers, and now his request for information from the FBI’s files has been shot down.

“You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” FBI records management section chief David M. Hardy told Mr. Clevenger in a letter Monday.

“It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA,” Mr. Hardy wrote.

Quite obviously, the FBI has been so thoroughly politicized (thanks, James Comey!) that it cannot be trusted.  This is both a tragedy and an actual crisis.  The path toward banana republic status just got a lot shorter.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/08/fbi_offers_absurd_excuse_to_deny_release_of_documents_related_to_hillary_email_scandal.html#ixzz4rGMwE3ou
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