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Bill would strip state power to ban certain guns

Bill would strip state power to ban certain guns


AR-15 on American flag

Legislation recently introduced in Congress would ensure that all Americans enjoy equal protections under the 2nd Amendment by making it impossible for state lawmakers to ban entire classes of popular firearms and parts.

The Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA) introduced by Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY)  would take on laws aimed at banning so-called assault weapons in places like California, Connecticut, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, where local legislators have taken upon themselves to block portions of resident 2nd Amendment rights.

Despite being used in fewer murders than knives or blunt objects, lawmakers in certain parts of the country have increasingly demonized “black” rifles and shotguns as killing machines with no practical  sporting or self-defense applications. This, of course, is nonsense. But efforts to ban “assault weapons” at the state level grew largely out of the Supreme Court’s refusal to allow outright handgun bans in District of Columbia v. Heller.

The anti-firearm crowd needed a new scary gun to attack– and  high-profile shooting tragedies involving high-capacity, semi-automatic long guns in recent years provided plenty of fodder for shrieking calls for state-level bans.

Collins’ legislation is an answer to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act, a state law banning semiautomatic firearms with detachable magazines or magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

“This legislation would protect the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers that were unjustly taken away by Andrew Cuomo,” said Collins. “I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and have fought against all efforts to condemn these rights. I stand with the law-abiding citizens of this state that have been outraged by the SAFE Act and voice my commitment to roll back these regulations.”

Collins’ legislation would void any state or local legislation to “regulate, prohibit, or require registration and licensing (that are any more restrictive under Federal law) for the sale, manufacturing, importation, transfer, possession, or marketing of a rifle or shotgun.” It would also extend the protections to ” any part of the weapon including any detachable magazine or ammunition feeding devise and any type of pistol grip or stock design.”

Source: Will County News

Rep. Batinick, Troy Township to Host Women’s Self-Defense Class in Shorewood


News From

State Representative Mark Batinick

For Immediate Release         Contact: Rep. Batinick     (815) 254-0000

Rep. Batinick, Troy Township to Host Women’s Self-Defense Class in Shorewood   8/7/2017

SHOREWOOD–State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) in partnership with Troy Township will host a Women’s Self-Defense class for women and girls from 6:00pm – 9:00pm on Thursday, August 17 at the Troy Township Community Center, located at 25448 Seil Road in Shorewood.

The special class on Self-Defense, Distraction and Awareness Tactics helps women to stay safe at all times. The class is free and open to women and girls, suggested ages 10 and up.

“I hosted a series of women’s self-defense classes throughout our district last year, at which hundreds of local women and girls successfully participated,” Rep. Batinick said. “This class is a valuable resource for our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends to learn how to keep themselves safe should their safety be threatened. We are excited to partner with Troy Township to offer this class to women in Shorewood.”

While participation in the class is free of charge, donations are welcome and will go to help Women at Risk,International (WAR, Int’l) for their fight against human trafficking, rehabilitating victims and giving a voice to the silent cries of the oppressed.

For questions or to RSVP, please email Debbie at debk.repbatinick@gmail.com or call (815) 254-0000.

Source: Will County News

West Wing Reads August 7, 2017

“Someone Just Noticed That Trump Is Getting Stuff Done”

– Editorial Board, Investor’s Business Daily
The Investor’s Business Daily’s editorial board takes stock of President Donald J. Trump’s first 200 days in office and discovered “that it’s getting a lot done.” Instead of fixating on the President’s tweets and Russia, the editorial board looks at how border crossings have plummeted under President Trump’s watch, how he’s been “busy filling lower court positions with conservative justices,” and how he pulled out of the Paris climate change deal, “which as we noted in this space is a yuuuge win for the economy.” The editorial board notes how the President is killing 16 regulations for every one his administration has enacted, beating even their own goal of eliminating two regulations for every one imposed.
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In foreign policy news, The Washington Post writes “Under Trump, gains against ISIS have ‘dramatically accelerated.’” The Post reports “nearly a third of territory reclaimed from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria since 2014 has been won in the past six months, due to new policies adopted by the Trump administration.”


Meanwhile, CBS News reports the President tweeted over the weekend that he was “very happy and impressed with the 15-0 United Nations vote on North Korea sanctions.” The tweet came the day after the UN Security Council voted for new sanctions to be imposed on Pyongyang because of its ongoing intercontinental ballistic missile tests.


Domestically, in The Washington Times, economist Stephen Moore writes that with “the Dow at 22,000, solid job gains, confidence high and growth jumping to 2.6 percent in the last quarter under President Trump, the economy clearly has a new bounce in its step.” And The Washington Free Beacon writes that according to Gallup polling, “optimism for small-business owners about their business situation is at the highest level seen in a decade.”


In Politico, George Borjas explains why President Trump’s “new immigration bill makes sense,” and how the rush to judgement on the plan was “way over the top and largely uninformed,” because the “current immigration system is desperately in need of reform, and a careful examination of the proposal shows that not only will it likely create substantial economic gains for the country,” but it also “eliminates elements of our current policy that are hard to defend.”


The Washington Post editorial board writes that the FDA’s new public health initiative “may be one of the most important public-health initiatives of this century.” The initiative is a long-term strategy to combat the deathly cylce of tobacco addiction.

Source: Will County News