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Rep. Jeanne Ives attacks Rauner’s weak right flank


Rep. Jeanne Ives attacks Rauner’s weak right flank

John Kass

John KassContact ReporterChicago Tribune

State Rep. Jeanne Ives of Wheaton, a conservative and a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, may soon challenge a weakened Gov. Bruce Rauner in the Republican primary.

“I’m seriously considering the option, with a serious game plan, we’re meeting with people and we’ll make a decision one way or another soon, and I mean very soon,” Ives told me Friday.

She’s considering it because Rauner has lost his base. And what happens when an incumbent loses his or her base?

You can smell the toast a’burnin’.

“Voters don’t know what Rauner’s core principles are because he doesn’t have any. So we can’t very well give him a pass,” said Ives, a staunch social and fiscal conservative. “I’m not connected to the big money men who run the big races, but whoever would take Rauner on, it would cost less to defeat him than it would for him to redeem his reputation.”

Rauner lost the conservative Republican base in Illinois by moving hard to the left, first by signing “sanctuary state” legislation and then by putting taxpayers on the hook to pay for abortion on demand. On Friday, he axed one of his few remaining conservative aides, chief of staff Kristina Rasmussen.

Rauner supporters think his moves help him in Cook County, particularly with pro-abortion-rights suburban women. But will Rauner’s support of “sanctuary state” legislation win him Latino support in a general election? Will his decision to risk his career by supporting taxpayer-funded abortion win him love from Democrats?

I don’t think so.

Yet such moves do satisfy the media, that which will sing his praises and call him courageous and so on, and vilify or at least marginalize any conservative challenger, whether that is Ives or someone else.

That’s how things are wired in Illinois, but you knew that.

Ultimately, those singing his praises for his leftward drift will abandon Rauner in the general election in favor of the Democrats, either billionaire J.B. Pritzker, backed by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, or Christopher Kennedy.

That’s also how things are wired. But you knew that, too.

The problem for Rauner is that, as of now, conservatives make up a sizable percentage of the Republican vote. Without them, where is he?

But not so fast, says Pat Brady, a Rauner supporter, former Illinois GOP chairman and principal of the government affairs firm Next Generation Strategies.

“I understand Ives’ anger. I know social conservatives are upset,” Brady said. “But to their credit, social conservatives, they don’t stay home on Election Day.

“Bruce Rauner is the first governor to stand up to Mike Madigan, and the people of Illinois know it,” Brady said. “And 80 percent of the state has had enough with the Boss Democrats. So are conservatives going to throw their lot in with J.B. Pritzker and Madigan? I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

That will be Rauner’s hard sell, to convince conservatives that without him, Illinois will remain Madiganistan. It will be difficult if not impossible for him to win without an effective coalition.

But without conservatives, what is left of Rauner’s coalition? Wealthy businessmen? That’s not a coalition.

In this, he’s quite like Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who also has the money guys with him but not much else, and remains quite beatable.

Emanuel has been reaching out to Latinos in anticipation of more bad publicity and negative feelings coming his way when the murder trial of Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke, charged with the killing of black teenager Laquan McDonald, rolls around. Emanuel’s administration sat on the video of the shooting until after the mayor won re-election against Cook County Board Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. Chuy won’t let him forget it. And neither will Chris Kennedy.

But Emanuel has time and other people’s money.

Rauner doesn’t have time, and he’ll be spending his own cash.

On the Democratic side, at least Pritzker and Kennedy have a game plan. Pritzker with Boss Madigan and a massive TV ad budget. And Kennedy seeking minority votes with endorsements like that of Chuy Garcia’s.

But what is Rauner’s game plan? That Boss Madigan has helped ruin the state? Rauner needs more than that, but his plan is becoming increasingly difficult to see.

He was a businessman, not a social justice warrior at the beginning, then he wasn’t conservative, then he was a conservative for a few weeks, then he fired all the conservatives working for him and made sure he wasn’t a conservative by supporting taxpayer-funded abortion.

It’s all been so very confusing.

Conservatives will either find a challenger, or convince Rauner to do the math and hope he won’t seek re-election and save the Illinois GOP from a fight. Or he can run, while conservatives concentrate on their own state House and Senate races and keep the governor at a distance.

“It’s best for the state if he announces he’s not running,” Ives said. “It would allow the party to come together and coalesce around another individual who could take on the Democrats. Because Rauner’s base has lost him. There’s no doubt about it. Talk to people around the state. You hear the same thing. His base isn’t with him.”

Those who are quite close to the governor say he has no interest in caving, that he’ll fight. It might be politically bloody, but he doesn’t care.

Rauner isn’t a weakling. He fought hard. He spent his money. He made terrible political mistakes that he didn’t have to make, but he insisted on making them. Now, he’s paying for them.

Conservatives like Jeanne Ives will insist upon it.

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ISRA Thursday Bulletin – October 5, 2017

ISRA Thursday Bulletin – October 5, 2017

Executive Directors Message

The Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) was a great event, as usual.  The Illinois State Rifle Association won the Affiliate of The Year award from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, for the 10
th time.  The ISRA won because of you, our members.  The ISRA does many great things but that is because our members have a “Let’s get the job done and done right” attitude.  That means you, pilgrim!  I look around at all of you who attend IGOLD, help with youth programs, women’s programs, attend grassroots meetings, put on leagues and competitions, help with the Range Open House and Sighting-in-Day, help maintain the range and do a myriad of other things, that makes the ISRA what it is.  A key part in receiving this award is our dedicated office staff and their tireless efforts in moving the ISRA forward.  We should all be proud of ourselves and each other.  It is true that Don Moran and I got to collect the trophy, but it belongs to the whole team.
Deer season has started and the harvest is underway, which means the deer will be on the move for the next few weeks.  Please drive carefully.
When I woke up Monday morning and started watching the news I immediately realized that whatever was true Saturday and before, was no longer true – how fast things can change.  I knew we were in for a vicious attack on our gun rights from the anti-gun left.  The casualties had not even been recovered before the anti-gun crowd started dancing in their blood.  I watched one left-wing blogger demand more gun control.  When asked what she had in mind, she said she didn’t know but something had to be passed.  That is a recipe for bad law that will haunt law-abiding gun owners for years.  Of course, the hysterical left does not care about our rights and people like you and me.
A week or two ago I thought Veto Session might pass quietly into the history books, but now I am not so sure.  I thought we would see attacks on our Second Amendment Rights in the Spring 2018 Session.  Now I know we will.  Many gun owners across the county assumed that with Donald Trump in the White House everything would be peachy.  Donald Trump does not have a seat in the Illinois General Assembly or any other state legislature.  That is where the focus of the anti-gun influence and money is going to be concentrated.  Illinois is their ground zero.
Any bills the anti-gunners had proposed, or will propose, would not have stopped the vicious attack in Las Vegas.  Maniacs and fanatics who want to kill themselves and take others with them are pretty much unstoppable, unless someone is there with a gun to stop them.  The goal of the radical left and their fellow travelers is to destroy the private ownership of firearms.  The only defense is to join a group like the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA).  We must stay organized and strong.
The same is true on the national level.  Every Illinois gun owner should be a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA).  Not to be a member of all three of these groups, if you are an Illinois gun owner, is just plain negligence.
IGOLD is tentatively set for March 21st, 2018.  Plan to attend.  The reason I say tentatively is because the Illinois Legislative Calendar has not yet been set and could change.
If you are an ISRA member, thank you.  If you are not an ISRA member, join today.
Upcoming events: ISRA Calendar
For more information, visit www.isra.org
Saturday, October 7, 2017
Range Work Day
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
ISRA Air Gun League
Saturday, October 14, 2017
ISRA Black Powder League State Championship
Sunday, October 15, 2017
Handgun Drills
Check out ISRA’s website at www.isra.org! Tell us what you think!
Follow the ISRA on Twitter and Facebook.

Give the gift of an ISRA membership.   Not an ISRA Member?  Join Today!

Illinois State Rifle Association, PO Box 637, Chatsworth, IL 60921

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Stress-Free Retirement Planning

Stress-Free Retirement Planning
Jason Williams Photo By Jason Williams  Wealth Daily
Written Friday, October 6, 2017
If you’re like most Americans, wondering about retirement is the biggest stressor in your life. You may spend hours asking yourself questions like: When can I retire? Will I have enough to live comfortably? How can I catch up if I didn’t start saving when I was younger?

It’s probably one of the reasons you read newsletters like this one. And it’s likely led to a bottle of Tums sitting on your office desk.

But the thing is, saving for retirement isn’t hard. And it certainly shouldn’t be stressful. If anything, it should be one of the things that makes you relax. The knowledge that you’ve got a plan and you’re making sure you’ll have money should make you breathe a sigh of relief.

Getting Started

Lots of people tell me they aren’t saving for retirement because they don’t have enough money to get started. But that’s entirely wrong. It doesn’t take a ton of cash to start investing. In fact, most companies don’t have any account minimums when it comes to retirement accounts like Roth IRAs.

Even $100 is enough for you to get going. So, don’t think you need $10,000 just to start saving.

Give Yourself a Monthly Gift

Once you do start an account, the most important thing you can do is keep adding more cash to it. And, again, it doesn’t have to be a lot. You don’t have to add $1,000 every time. In fact, just adding $50 a month can have an incredible impact on your savings.

The S&P 500 has averaged about 7% annual gains for the past 20 years. If you’d invested $100 back in 1997, you’d have a total gain of 287% now. That’s $386.97.

But if you’d started with that same amount and added just $50 a month, you’d be sitting on gains of 24,884%. You’d have an account worth $24,984.26. And more than half of that would be pure profit.

power of contributions

If you could step up your contribution every five years, say by 50%, you’d be looking at a gain of 42,522% and an account worth $42,622.12.

The power of regular contributions just can’t be beat.

Don’t Wait, Start Early

Time is your friend when you’re saving for retirement. The longer you save, the more you’ll make. That’s because of two things…

First, there’s the power of contributions getting multiplied by all those years. Second, there’s the power of compounding.

Every year you save, you’re able to get profits from the previous year’s profits. And it’ll make your account grow exponentially.

If you started with $100 and contributed just $50 a month for 40 years, you’d have invested a total of $24,000. But you’d be sitting on an account worth $121,278.51. That’s a 121,179% return and over $97,000 of pure profit.

To put that into perspective, if you waited 20 years to get started — until you had enough to invest $1,000 at the get-go — and added four times as much every month, or $200, you’d only have $102,258.87. And you’d have contributed $48,000 of your own money. So, you’re really only looking at about $53,000 of profit.

start early save more

And even with all that extra cash contributed, you still wouldn’t have as much as if you’d just added $50 a month for 40 years.The Safe Way to Catch Up

If you’re like millions of people, you might not have started saving yet. Or you might have started but got to the party late.

Don’t worry. There’s a perfectly safe way for you to catch up. And it’s shockingly simple. It’s all about dividend growth.

You remember I said the S&P 500 has averaged 7% annual gains for the past 20 years, right? That’s factoring in the dot-com crash and the Great Recession.

But there’s a subset of stocks that’s beaten the pants off that return. During the same time period, they averaged annual gains of more than 11%.

And they’re not some fly-by-night companies that gained thousands of percent just to fizzle out in a couple of years. They’re super-solid corporations that have withstood the test of time.

During the Great Recession, the S&P dropped 40%, but these stocks only went down by 16%.

They’re called the dividend aristocrats. And they’re my favorite type of company.

To earn the coveted designation of aristocrat, a company not only must pay a dividend, but it’s also got to raise it every year for at least 20 years. And those growing dividends really add up.

By now, you should be sold on the necessity of regular contributions to your account. So, let’s stick with that $50 a month — it’s a pretty conservative figure.

Say you got started back in 1997 with that $100 we’ve been talking about. You invested it in a portfolio that tracks the S&P 500. And you kept those monthly contributions coming for 20 years.

You’d be looking at a total gain of 21,523% and an account worth $21,623.11. That’s amazing. And it’s all thanks to the power of those contributions.

But if you’d invested in a portfolio of just 10 of the dividend aristocrats and followed the same strategy, you’d have a much better looking return. Your account would be worth $32,762.97 today. That’s a total gain of 32,663%!

s%26p vs div arist

And it’s all thanks to those constantly growing dividends.Anyone Can Pick Winners

Now, before you go accusing me of cherry-picking the 10 best performers of the aristocrats, I didn’t. This is a portfolio anyone could come up with. It’s well balanced — as in it’s got a stock from pretty much every industry. It’s not focused on retail or financial stocks. It’s not overloaded with tech companies. And it’s not filled with esoteric names nobody’s heard of.

All these companies are ones you know very well…

da portfolio

Bottom Line

The essential point is that you don’t need a ton of cash to start saving for retirement. And you don’t need to be an expert to pick great investments.

You just need a plan, and you need to stick to it. You need to make regular contributions to your account. You need to invest in companies that grow their dividends.

And you need to be patient. It would be great if we all could get rich overnight. But chances are that’s not going to happen.

But we all can get rich. It just takes a solid strategy, a little initiative, and some time.

Most importantly, you need to get started now. Don’t wait until you’ve got a bunch of cash to invest. Start with what you’ve got and add as much as you can every month.

You’ve seen how those contributions add up and multiply your profits. And you’ve seen how much waiting to get started can cost you in the end.

If you’re looking for a little help along the way, my colleague Briton Ryle and I run a premium investing service called The Wealth Advisory. Our strategy is to invest in companies that are going to pay us income and are going to give us raises every year.

It’s a proven strategy, and it’s not going to leave you reaching for the Tums every time you check your portfolio.

We want to help our readers gain financial freedom and live a comfortable retirement. And we’re so adamant that everyone has the chance that we offer a completely risk-free trial.

So, if you want some help getting started building that safe retirement portfolio, give The Wealth Advisory a try.

And if you’d prefer to go it alone, just take my advice. Get started. Keep adding. And demand growing dividends.

You’ll be a much happier and a much wealthier investor if you do.

To investing with integrity (and a plan),

Jason Williams
Wealth Daily

no fee stocks


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Teacher’s Demand Infuriates Parents

This Teacher’s Demand Infuriates Parents

Left-wing activists have managed to force their pro-LGBT agenda onto small children.

Confused, these innocent children are subjected to learning a “transgender” curriculum and are often caught in the crossfire of an American culture war for the battle of souls.

But determined parents have continued to fight against the indoctrination of their precious children, and their persistence has finally paid off. In fact, one classroom teacher just suffered a massive defeat in the latest leftist teacher/parent battle.

You see, this leftist teacher got a little too confident her pro-LGBT agenda would fly under the radar.

Hired to teach fifth grade, this radical teacher demanded her students use “gender-neutral” pronouns, and refer to her as “Mx.”

Students were forbidden to use words such as her, she, he, and him.

This teacher set a letter home with students notifying them of her demands, and parents were outraged.

Rightfully so.

In fact, parents were so upset, the school district had no choice but to transfer this fifth-grade teacher out of the children’s classroom.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

“The teacher’s preferences — using the prefix Mx. and the pronouns “they, them, their instead of he, his, she, hers” — had been met with support from some Canopy Oaks Elementary parents and complaints from others, including “a handful” who pulled their children from the classroom, according to a district spokesman.

The Leon County school district said teacher Chloe Bressack’s transfer was a mutual decision.

“Given the complexity of this issue, we both agreed a different environment would be best for Teacher Bressack’s educational career and for the young students at Canopy Oaks,” superintendent Rocky Hanna said in a statement.

Bressack has declined interviews about the situation at the Tallahassee school, but while attending a protest in support of transgender rights in February, the teacher spoke out about the difficulties of being a transgender educator.

“I had people look me in the eye and tell me that I am selfish for being a teacher, selfish for putting myself in a position where I am around children and exposing them to the transgender lifestyle, whatever that is,” Bressack told the Famuan, a student publication of Florida A&M University. “I will not be spending my entire life pretending to be someone that I am not.”

Thankfully, the school district had enough sense to place this teacher away from children, where she could continue to harm.

But as Mommy Underground (MU) previously reported, not all school districts have children’s best interest at heart.

In fact,  recently MU reported one school teacher actually had a transition ceremony for a “transgender” kindergartener. Even more scary, she didn’t bother to notify the parents, realizing most parents would have yanked their children out of the classroom so fast the teacher wouldn’t know what hit her.

But, the latest victory in the Florida school that chose to remove the “gender-neutral” teacher from the classroom is a huge win for parents.

Leftist teachers need to learn their antics are up.

Parents are waking up, and realizing just how dangerous the pro-LGBT agenda really is.

If conservative parents stick together, this victory is only the beginning.

As more Americans learn the horrific truth about what is happening behind classroom doors, it’s all but a matter of time before leftist teachers are out of a job.

So don’t give up, mama! Fight for your children and against the vile pro-LGBT agenda being forced onto them.

This fight is truly a battle for the heart and soul of America, and your child is at the center of it.

What would you do if your child’s teacher tried to teach a “transgender” curriculum?

Do you agree with the school’s decision to relocate the teacher? Or do you think the school overstepped their boundaries?

Source: Will County News