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Jeanne Ives Announces for Illinois Governor

Steve Balich Editors note:   Please help Jeanne Ives by getting a sheet of petitions for her to get on the ballot. Mail to Ives for Illinois, Wheaton, Il. 60187     before November 20, 2017

Just email Sharree Langenstein for a petition and instructions at shareelangenstein@yahoo.com


 Today my team and I are taking the first step towards restoring commonsense in Illinois. I have started circulating petitions to place my name on the ballot for Governor of Illinois.  I have selected as my Lt. Governor Rich Morthland, a farmer, former state representative and community college professor from the Rock Island area.
There is little trust between most Illinoisans and their government at many levels – and for good reasons. Top political leaders have lied to the people about who they are and what they are going to do – and they continue to make promises we cannot keep. Public corruption is an everyday event across the state. Many Illinoisans have simply decided to leave for better opportunities elsewhere. 
Rich and I know, however, that if you change out the politicians, replacing them with public servants, and tell people the truth, then reform can begin. Illinois can and must recover. Our promise to you is to be honest about the problems we face and the path we must take to make Illinois a place where businesses and families can thrive again. We will confront and expose public corruption at every level of government until it stops.
I am most thankful that my team includes Chris Cleveland. He will serve as the Chairman of the Ives for Illinois campaign.  Chris was among the first to encourage me to enter this race and has been a key advisor to me on a daily basis.  His position as the current Chicago GOP chairman shows the broad base of support this campaign already has.
We need your help to get on the ballot. Our petition is attached along with the instructions. Please read through the instructions prior to circulating. In advance, I give my sincere thanks to all for your support and work that is ahead of us.

Best Regards,



Source: Will County News

Clintons, Obama officials are about to get the scrutiny they deserve

Steve Balich Editors note:

Clintons, Obama officials are about to get the scrutiny they deserve


Even the mainstream media is having to take a break from round-the-clock Trump bashing to acknowledge that the Uranium One deal brokered during the Obama administration screams of political corruption. Congress is renewing efforts to look into the affair and a growing number of influential legislators are calling for the appointment of special counsel to investigate the Justice Department’s handling of the agreement. Now all that remains to be seen is which Democrat takes the fall.

The deal which handed Russian interests control of nearly 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves back in 2010 began getting renewed national attention last week after The Hill published a report indicating that the Obama Justice Department knew of massive conflicts in the agreement. Despite clear signs of conflicts of interest, the DOJ apparently dragged its feet in investigating the deal and left the American public in the dark about what’s shaping up to look like a pay-for-play scheme that seriously damaged U.S. national security.

The short version of the scandal is this: While Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and partially responsible for vetting the Uranium One deal’s potential impact on the U.S., federal officials learned that Russian “nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States…” Unsurprisingly, that was around the same time former President Bill Clinton was raking in big bucks through the Clinton Family Foundation from…. Russian nuclear officials.

Regardless of what anyone believes about the current president’s relationship with Russia, it’s pretty clear that applying the same standard of DoJ scrutiny to the deal as the leftist establishment demanded over Trump/Russia collusion claims should have led to a very swift investigation into the matter.

But that investigation never occurred. And that means someone at the top must have had a hand in making sure it didn’t.

I’ve written before that the Clintons have a longstanding and clearly discernible  modus operandi in matters of political corruption: Make sure everyone possible is screwed if the corruption is revealed, the more powerful the better. 

And they’ve certainly accomplished that with Uranium One.

That meeting between President Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch almost certainly had nothing to do with grandchildren. That’s what they claimed– and that would be pretty innocent. But if that’s what Clinton and Lynch  discussed, the former AG probably wouldn’t have been so shy about talking about the meeting when she appeared before congressional investigators last week.

Lynch was, of course, appearing before the House Intelligence Committee to talk about Russian and Trump and collusion between the two ahead of the 2016 election. There’s still no real evidence.

But don’t worry, there’s a crack team working on the collusion investigation. Big names like special prosecutor Robert Mueller who was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Never mind Rosenstein’s long relationship with the Clintons. In 1995, Rosenstein served on the team of investigators that ultimately cleared Bill and Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing in the Whitewater affair. Later, Rosenstein served as a special prosecutor in a case involving whether the Clinton administration had improperly used FBI background reports. Nothing ever came of the inquiry, though Rosenstein did sit with Mrs. Clinton for a chat at the White House in January 1998.

Forget that Rosenstein was U.S. Attorney and probably very aware of Uranium One’s big problems when Obama signed the deal.

And don’t worry for a moment over the fact that Mueller was actually running the FBI at the time someone made the decision to slow walk investigating what looks like a pretty massive public corruption case.

If you were to start thinking about all of those swampy little details, it might start to seem like the Trump collusion investigation is being carried out by a highly motivated clean-up crew. And if you consider reports this week that the bizarre dossier alleging that Trump peed on Russian prostitutes, the one that somehow John McCain ended up handing to the FBI, was partially funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), things might become even more suspicious. 

Of course if you do choose to join the latest “right wing conspiracy” against poor Hillary Clinton, you’ll be in good company.

The Senate Judiciary Committee decided last week that it’s time to take a closer look. Likewise, the House Oversight and Intelligence Committee announced Tuesday that it plans to investigate the DOJ’s Uranium One investigation.

And lawmakers are beginning to signal that they think the potential for findings of big time corruption is serious enough to merit a criminal inquiry.

“Whoever in DOJ is capable [with] authority to appoint a special counsel [should] do so to investigate Uranium One ‘whoever’ means if [you] aren’t recused,” Sen. Chuck Grassley tweeted Tuesday.

If AG Jeff Sessions gets to work, to borrow from Mrs. Clinton, some folks are going to have to make some hard choices.

Questions about Uranium One were supposed to die with Clinton’s inevitable presidential victory. But her loss proved that the Clinton ship is sinking much faster than the Washington establishment expected. Those who gambled on her victory (Holder, Lynch, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and, most importantly, Obama) can either go down with the ship as an investigation unfolds or give up any loyalty to the Clinton machine.

Source: Will County News

The plot to overthrow America — oh, that’s just a fantasy, right?

Steve Balich Editor Note:  It is a very sad time we live in when one realizes the Establishment from both party’s don’t like Trump draining the swamp which is the Establishment. The American people spoke loudly telling elected officials they want less government, taxes, and regulations. Citizens are fed up with the status quo, mis-truths, half truths, elected people making money at the expense of the people with sweetheart deals, and cover-ups.

The plot to overthrow America — oh, that’s just a fantasy, right?

Socialism for the good of all, sponsored by “the people?”

Please. If you buy that one, I have beachfront condos for sale on the dark side of the moon.

I continue to expose the expansion of socialism — “the revolution by and for the masses,” which is in fact a plot of ultra-rich monopolists.

Echoing across 45 years, here is an excerpt from Gary Allen’s 1971 classic, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”:

“What we are witnessing is the Communist tactic of pressure from above and pressure from below, described by Communist historian Jan Kozak as the device used by the Reds to capture control of Czecho-Slovakia. The pressure from above comes from secret, ostensibly respectable Comrades in the government and Establishment, forming, with the radicalized mobs in the streets below, a giant pincer around middle-class society. The street rioters are pawns, shills, puppets, and dupes for an oligarchy of elitist conspirators working above to turn America’s limited government into an unlimited government with total control over our lives and property.”

“The American middle class is being squeezed to death by a vise…In the streets we have avowed revolutionary groups such as the Students for a Democratic Society (which was started by the League for Industrial Democracy, a group with strong C.F.R. ties), the Black Panthers, the Yippies, the Young Socialist Alliance. These groups chant that if we don’t ‘change’ America, we will lose it. ‘Change’ is a word we hear over and over. By ‘change’ these groups mean Socialism. Virtually all members of these groups sincerely believe that they are fighting the Establishment. In reality they are an indispensable ally of the Establishment in fastening Socialism on all of us. The naive radicals think that under Socialism the ‘people’ will run everything. Actually, it will be a clique of Insiders in total control, consolidating and controlling all wealth. That is why these schoolboy Lenins and teenage Trotskys are allowed to roam free and are practically never arrested or prosecuted. They are protected. If the Establishment wanted the revolutionaries stopped, how long do you think they would be tolerated?”

“Instead, we find that most of these radicals are the recipients of largesse from major foundations or are receiving money from the government through the War on Poverty. The Rothschild-Rockefeller-C.F.R. [Council on Foreign Relations] Insiders at the top ‘surrender to the demands’ for Socialism from the mobs below. The radicals are doing the work of those whom they hate the most.”

“Remember Bakunin’s charge that Marx’ followers had one foot in the bank and the other in the Socialist movement.”


“As Frank Capell recently observed in The Review Of The News:”

“Of course, we know that these radical students are not going to take over the government. What they are going to do is provide the excuse for the government to take over the people, by passing more and more repressive laws to ‘keep things under control’.”

“The radicals make a commotion in the streets while the Limousine Liberals at the top in New York and Washington are Socializing us. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A DICTATORSHIP OF THE ELITE DISGUISED AS A DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT.”

“The poor are merely pawns in the game…only those who understand that the Establishment’s game plan is SOCIALISM understand what is going on before their very eyes.”

Does that excerpt from “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” written in 1971, sound familiar today? Of course it does. It reflects the same old strategy of pressure applied from both the top and bottom. The squeeze play.

The super-rich monopolists pretend to “bow to the socialist wishes” of the underclass and the protesters and the rioters.

It’s a straight con.

Don’t get caught in the word game which confuses Communism, Socialism, the Corporate State, Fascism, and Crony Capitalism.

When you put all these terms through the wash, they come out looking the same. They mean power at the top, disguised to appear as popular movements.

“None Dare Call It Conspiracy” describes the dark alliances that congeal in the ubiquitous Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations, a group whose goal is a new international order, a Globalist society:

“Today [1971] the C.F.R. remains active in working toward its final goal of a government over all the world — a government which the Insiders and their allies will control.”

“International banking organizations that currently have men in the C.F.R. include Kuhn, Loeb & Company; Lazard Freres (directly affiliated with Rothschild); Dillon Read; Lehman Bros.; Goldman, Sachs; Chase Manhattan Bank; Morgan Guaranty Bank; Brown Bros. Harriman; First National City Bank; Chemical Bank & Trust, and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Bank.”

“Among the major corporations that have men in the C.F.R. are Standard Oil, IBM, Xerox, Eastman Kodak, Pan American, Firestone, U. S. Steel, General Electric and American Telephone and Telegraph Company…National Broadcasting Corporation, Columbia Broadcasting System, Time, Life, Fortune, Look, Newsweek, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Denver Post, Louisville Courier Journal, Minneapolis Tribune, the Knight papers, McGraw-Hill, Simon & Schuster, Harper Bros., Random House, Little Brown & Co., Macmillan Co., Viking Press, Saturday Review, Business Week and Book of the Month Club.”

Here is the kicker:

“Also in the C.F.R. are men from such openly Leftist organizations as the Fabian Socialist Americans for Democratic Action, the avowedly Socialist League for Industrial Democracy — (formerly the Intercollegiate Socialist Society), and the United World Federalists which openly advocates world government with the Communists. Such devotedly Socialist labor leaders as the late Walter Reuther, David Dubinsky and Jay Lovestone have also been members of the C.F.R. In theory, these men and organizations are supposed to be the blood enemies of the banks and businesses listed above. Yet they all belong to the same lodge. You can see why that fact is not advertised.”

Politically Left, Right or Center, it doesn’t matter. This massive collection of power players are all “socialists.” Meaning: they’re power-mad monopolists.

But of course, they’re also the messiahs bringing a happy and glorious future to the downtrodden, to “the people.”

If you buy that one, I’ll not only sell you beachfront condos on the dark side of the moon, I’ll sell you the whole moon. No money down. Easy terms.

So easy, when the balloon payment comes due, you won’t know what hit you.

At that point, you’ll need to sign your property and liberty and life away.

For the greater good, of course.

In a socialist system.

— Jon Rappoport


Source: Will County News

Corey Feldman nabbed after threatening to reveal Hollywood pedophiles

Corey Feldman nabbed after threatening to reveal Hollywood pedophiles

As Hollywood begins its slow implosion with more and more people stepping up to reveal the debauchery, perversion and exploitation that has been standard operating procedure there for decades, one of its victims has been targeted again.

The implosion began with the revelations that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed and assaulted a number of actresses over many years. Then, just days after former child actor Corey Feldman tweeted that he was working on a plan to shed light on Hollywood pedophilia and get justice for its victims, Feldman was arrested in Louisiana on a marijuana possession charge.

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Feldman was reportedly driving his band to a gig at Live Oaks Bar and Ballroom when he was pulled over for speeding. Officers found he was driving with a suspended license. Police say that an officer at the station smelled marijuana and search of the RV turned up the drug.

Feldman claims he had no marijuana on him but he was charged because it was his vehicle. He maintains one of his crew members had the marijuana and a prescription for it from California.

Feldman has long maintained that the No.1 problem for Hollywood was pedophilia. He said they were “everywhere” and “like vultures.”

But his claims – including that his claim that his friend actor Corey Haim’s death was attributable to a powerful Hollywood mogul who raped Haim — have been dismissed by the mainstream media and covered by powerful Hollywood interests, much like years’ worth of charges from women against people like Weinstein have been covered and the accusers drummed out of industry. Of course, the MSM is owned by the same corporations that own the Hollywood movie studios.

Feldman’s claims were later backed up by Elijah Wood, the star of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, who said  “There are a lot of vipers in this industry people who only have their own interests in mind. There is a darkness in the underbelly – if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

Wood said he only avoided being exploited because of his strong parents who protected him. He says the abuse runs unchecked because the victims “can’t speak as loudly as people in power.”

Feldman has not named the Hollywood pedophiles out of fear for his family’s safety. But it’s quite the coincidence that Feldman would be arrested for the non-crimes of driving while suspended and possession of a plant on the heels of his threats to expose the vast Hollywood pedophilia ring. It seems that blacklisting him from acting for mentioning it in the first place wasn’t enough punishment for them.

Source: Will County News

Are GOP retirements draining the swamp?

Are GOP retirements draining the swamp?



WASHINGTON — On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump pledged over and over to “drain the swamp,” promising to gut what he said was a gridlocked Washington political establishment.

His supporters chanted the catchy slogan at rallies and kept doing so at Trump events even after the reality television figure moved into the White House.

Trump offered few details on how he would do the draining, and faced criticism for stocking his Cabinet and administration with many of the same political types he had disavowed.

But the retirements of several House and Senate Republicans might be having the same effect, by clearing out some of the more familiar characters in Washington.

Some members say their decision to leave Congress is in part due to frustrations with an administration belonging to their own party. Others say politics has gotten too ugly.

When Rep. Charlie Dent announced in September he would not seek re-election, he told reporters he had been thinking about it since the 2013 government shutdown.

But the Pennsylvania Republican also acknowledged a “political realignment that’s occurring right under our feet” that he suspects will affect both Republicans and Democrats.

On a recent walk back to his office in the Rayburn House Office Building, Dent said his frustrations with Congress predated Trump, but he also acknowledged things are more intense under this administration.

“Obviously the president has a management style that has brought a lot of dysfunction and disorder and chaos to the White House,” Dent said. “That has made enacting a legislative agenda much harder.”

Dent’s comment came just days after Trump traded insults with Sen. Bob Corker, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, who announced recently he would not seek re-election.

After Trump tweeted that Corker had “begged” for his endorsement and blamed him for what he called a “horrendous” Iran deal, the Tennessee Republican hit back — tweeting it was “a shame the White House has become an adult day care center.”

Corker then told The New York Times the president of his own party alarmed him and that irresponsible threats could send the country into World War III.

When asked to weigh in, Dent’s voice became firm.

“I’m glad Sen. Corker brought a voice to that issue,” Dent said. “He says publicly what people say privately, and we’ve had, in my view, we’ve had far too many of these emperor-has-no-clothes moments.”

Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, an early supporter of Trump and frequent surrogate for him on TV who also served on his transition team, announced this month she would run for Corker’s seat.

In her announcement video, Blackburn invoked similar sentiments Trump struck on the campaign trail, declaring that the Senate was “totally dysfunctional.”

“I’m a hardcore, card-carrying conservative,” Blackburn said. “I’m politically incorrect and proud of it.”

Rep. Tom Cole said he’s been told there is an effort to get Trump surrogates to run for House and Senate seats. But the Oklahoma Republican doubted the efforts would deliver results.

“I think it’s going to be less successful than most people might think or than those behind it might think,” Cole said. “I don’t think you can parachute candidates in there. They need to be somebody that’s sort of indigenous, if you will, in the area.”

Convoluting matters further, Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon has launched what he called a “season of war against a GOP establishment,” in which he is targeting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Despite presenting a unified front with the Kentucky Republican in the Rose Garden last week, Trump has had his own choice words for McConnell after the Senate narrowly failed to pass health care bills — sinking long-held campaign promises by the GOP.

Without explicitly acknowledging if or how involved he is in Senate campaigns that would knock off incumbents in favor of his allies, Trump said he understood Bannon’s frustrations but also sang praises for some Senate Republicans.

“I know how he feels,” Trump said of Bannon. “Depends on who you’re talking about. There are some Republicans, frankly, that should be ashamed of themselves. But most of them — I tell you what, I know the Republican senators; most of them are really, really great people that want to work hard, and they want to do a great thing for the American public.”

McConnell has said the Republican strategy in the 2018 midterms is to support incumbents and candidates who can win general election battles. The party would not change its approach just because of Bannon’s efforts to push more conservative candidates, McConnell said.

Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus who helped negotiate several iterations of health care bills between Congress and the administration, said it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a president to weigh in on House and Senate elections even this early in his term.

“All presidents have their preference in those that they don’t want and normally they’re trying to fix it behind the scenes,” the North Carolina Republican said. “At least this one comes out and says what (he) means.”

Rep. Chris Collins, an ally and early Trump backer, denied that some of the president’s supporters were rooting for Senate Republican primary challengers.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no — never,” the New York Republican said, adding that the pressure was on Congress to pass tax legislation before the end of the year. “Electing different people a year from now — it’s too late.”

Cole, who is running for re-election, said serving in Congress today was far more difficult than when he arrived in 2002.

“The pressures are great. There’s a certain amount of frustration at having the majority and yet having something like repeal and replace not happen for you,” Cole said. “The politics is a little nasty.”

Trump is not necessarily at the center of that, he said.

“I don’t think he’s a factor so much as he’s a symptom of the challenge,” Cole said. “He won as an outsider. He won coming up here to shake things up — and that’s a good thing. That’s a message.”

But Cole also said exchanges like the one between Corker and Trump didn’t help. In such feuds, the president goes after members who are capable of stalling his agenda.

“This kind of exchange does nothing good for the country, does nothing good for the party and it doesn’t help us accomplish anything,” Cole said.

— Rema Rahman
CQ-Roll Call
(John T. Bennett contributed to this report.)

Source: Will County News