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When We Fight Hard with the Facts We Can Win

Adam Andrzejewski: When We Fight Hard with the Facts We Can Win
Adam Andrzejewski: When We Fight Hard with the Facts We Can Win
Written By John Biver

Adam Andrzejewski, the founder of the Illinois-based national transparency organization Open the Books, recently spoke at Harvard University calling upon Americans to exercise their power as citizens.

“I am hopeful and optimistic about our future in Illinois,” he began. If you are one of the millions of Illinoisans who are frustrated with the condition of Illinois, you might be curious how Andrzejewski can be hopeful and optimistic in light of the many governmental problems we read about every day. Here is his answer:

[T]he reason I am is that in America, we the people—the citizen is sovereign — our rights are enshrined in our founding documents. Our founders knew that knowledge is power, and they wrote transparency into our founding documents.

They understood that transparency was so important they made it a part of the U.S. Constitution.

This is from Article I, Section 9:

“No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”

That defines the mission of Open the Books. “We can’t make America great again,” he said, “unless we make government accountable again.”

During his speech, Andrzejewski cited an array of governmental scandals that came to light as a result of Open the Books. Among them were:

  • Tens of millions of dollars spent by government on public relations (the government using your money to encourage even more government spending).
  • The Environmental Protection Agency spending millions on expensive office furniture and weapons.
  • The Veterans Affairs department hiring far more bureaucrats than doctors, even as veterans died while waiting to see a VA doctor.
  • Billions of dollars in small business loans being provided by the Small Business Administration to large corporations.

These days there is a lot to read and listen to — and we all only have so much time, however, Andrzejewski’s speech, which runs about 30 minutes, is a positive call to action at time when really bad news seems to outnumber the merely bad newshere in Illinois.

“We need to start fighting on hard facts — and when we engage in these subjects and we show exactly what’s going on — when we fight, we win,” he said.


Source: Will County News

How to stay off the high blood pressure-drug path

How to stay off the high blood pressure-drug path

Earlier this month about 30 million Americans received some bad news. Overnight they developed high blood pressure, and most of them are unaware of their new diagnosis.

How did this happen so suddenly? The medical establishment simply changed the guidelines to define down what constitutes high blood pressure. Where once a systolic blood pressure (the top number) above 140 mmHg (150 for ages 60 and older) signaled blood pressure problems, now doctors have set the bar at 130 with a diastolic pressure of 80 or below.

The new guidelines increased the number of Americans who are considered as having high blood pressure by 31 million. Now 103 million U.S. adults – 46 percent of the adult population – are considered hypertensive.

This is of course big business for Big Pharma and reminds of just a few months ago when the “experts” of medicine suddenly changed the guidelines on when to recommend statin therapy to patients, creating a host of new potential cholesterol drug victims for Big Pharma to exploit.

Don’t get me wrong. High blood pressure is serious business. I know because it plagued me for years. Normal blood pressure should be 120/80. You don’t need it lower, and you don’t want it higher.

Studies show that when people have high blood pressure, for every 10 mmHg reduction in their systolic blood pressure their risk of heart attack is reduced by about 20 percent and their risk of stroke and heart failure is reduced by about 25 percent. And the risk of death from any cause is reduced by 13 percent.

High blood pressure is a sign of tremendous inflammation in the body, and a precursor to other deadly conditions. Plus, high blood pressure itself is deadly. It’s called “the silent killer.”

What the studies and news articles fail to report is that you don’t need drugs to lower blood pressure. The key word there is “drugs” – plural — because doctors don’t just give you one blood pressure drug. Did you know this? A single drug usually doesn’t work. So they have to prescribe another. And many times, people have to take three different drugs to have “normal” blood pressure. This multi-drug treatment regimen is part of official medical guideline recommendations.

Thick blood or sludged blood leads to blood clots which quickly lead to heart attack or stroke. Did you know that our blood gets thicker as we get older, and did you know that thick blood causes aging?

Thick blood is directly related to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Blood pressure rises as the heart pumps harder to compensate for aging. Of course, the thinner our blood is, the less work it takes to pump it and the lower our blood pressure.

Poor pumping power of the heart is also a problem, due to a depletion of many heart-healthy nutrients incliding CoQ10, b-vitamins, and magnesium, but that’s a subject for another time.

What you need to know now is that most of us don’t think much about how thick our blood is until we have a problem. Then we are in an emergency.

Most heart patients or stroke victims are all too familiar with “blood thinners.” But they only get familiar with blood viscosity after a crisis. After all, this is the way modern medicine works. The problem arises then the doctor prescribes a drug — it’s automatic. But I tell you that only in a few years our conventional medical practice will be looked back on as witchcraft.

It is anything but science, yet, its influence is like religion. Conventional medicine has the public mind focused on heparin, coumadin (rat poison) and aspirin as blood thinners. Then there are the clot-busting very expensive drugs like streptokinase, activase and urokinase.

Then, of course, there is bypass surgery, the biggest scam going, as my friend and colleague Dr. Michael Cutler explains here.

None of the above cures anything. But the public doesn’t know the difference between masking a symptom with a drug and a cure. They automatically think that they are one and the same.

Doctors just don’t know or care about natural blood thinners like fish oils, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin C, gingko biloba and niacin.

Coumadin (rat poison) is a very well-known prescription drug blood thinner. The risk with this high profile drug is that it can and does cause hemorrhage and sometimes death. The bleeding may be internal and can kill you before you realize it. There is no such thing as taking Coumadin without doctor supervision.

Yet none of the natural blood thinners have any risk unless you take them with Coumadin.

Good blood circulation is directly related to good health and thin blood is directly related to good blood circulation.

Mainstream sources generally fail to mention that you can lower your systolic blood pressure by truly significant amounts simply and naturally, without putting three separate chemical drugs in your system.

Here’s just one example of something you can take as a supplement that is equal to any hypertension drug on the market, with no side effects at all. It’s grapeseed extract.

Why does grapeseed extract work? Because it’s one of a special class of plant nutrients that increases a cellular messenger in the lining of your blood vessels called nitric oxide.

When you activate nitric oxide, it relaxes the smooth muscles of your arteries and dilates your blood vessels. This allows for blood to flow freely at low pressure.

Studies demonstrate grapeseed extract’s ability to lower blood pressure fast. Researchers from Cal Davis, and the Center for Nutrition Research at the Institute of Technology in Chicago, gave people 150 doses of grapeseed extract for 6 weeks. The study was published in another very prestigious medical journal, The British Journal of Medicine.

Grapeseed extract lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 6 percent or more. That’s 8 mmHg lower for someone with blood pressure of 130 mmHg, making it very normal indeed – and dropping risk of stroke, as I mentioned earlier.

150 mg doses of pure grapeseed extract is what worked for the people in the Chicago study. Make sure the grapeseed extract you choose is purified to the highest standard with high polyphenolic content. And it’s a good idea to combine it with other phenolic nutrients like pterostilbene, which have a synergistic effect.

Remember that the pharmaceuticals are always trying to mimic natural body function with their drugs and instead cause abnormal reactions. They were trying to mimic nitric oxide (NO) release for lower blood pressure when they accidentally created the little blue pill. What a bonanza for the pharmaceuticals that has been.

The thing is this: Enhancement of natural nitric oxide release originates with a 100 percent natural grapeseed extract. And nitric oxide magically acts as a natural calcium channel blocker, keeping calcium out of the muscle cells of the heart and arteries, helping maintain normal blood pressure as well.


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Source: Will County News

Americans can bake hamburger buns!

Americans can bake hamburger buns!

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid at Chicago’s Cloverhill Bakery that netted 800 illegal alien employees can be looked at two ways. First, management at the bakery, which makes McDonald’s Corp. hamburger buns and baked goods for other fast-food chains, claims the ICE action put the company in turmoil, “presenting a lot of challenges, as you can imagine,” said Chief Executive Officer Kevin Toland. But, the second and encouraging perspective from unemployed Americans is that ICE has suddenly created 800 job opportunities.

In a typically tedious and disingenuous post-immigration enforcement cover-up, Cloverhill said it had no idea illegal aliens worked at the company. After all, a job-placement agency, conveniently unnamed, provided the employees. Don’t point fingers at Cloverhill management!

Zurich-based Aryzta AG owns Cloverhill, and a representative said that it now faces pressure to – heaven forbid – raise wages to attract staff. Employers who hire aliens argue that Americans can’t be found or are unwilling to do the work that illegal immigrants will eagerly perform. But like the statement that Cloverhill had no idea its workers didn’t have legal employment authorization documents, the suggestion that Americans can’t be found insults a third grader’s intelligence.

Let’s get serious. Chicago jobs are at a premium. In June, the Chicago Tribune wrote that local job creation is subpar when compared to the national average, and that the seeming improvement in the unemployment rate from last year’s 5.4 percent to May’s 4.1 percent is likely attributable to “an exodus of workers.” By extension, those Chicago workers detached from Chicago’s labor force might be candidates to work at Cloverdale, assuming they’d be offered a decent wage.

Unquestionably, salary is the most important variable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016 bakers’ median wage was $25,090 annually with the lowest 10 percent earning less than $18,640. Presumably, the illegal aliens fell into the lowest earning category. Try to make it in Chicago, or anywhere for that matter, on wages that hover around the poverty line.

Although media coverage has focused on the manufacturing disruption the ICE action caused, the harsh reality is that Cloverhill is one of thousands of exploitative U.S. employers that seek out cheap labor. When caught, they yell foul, and then blame everyone except themselves. As one ICE official said, “These people are basically used as slave labor.”

Cheap immigrant labor’s ready availability squeezes out Americans. Paul Krugman, immigration expansionist, New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist, agrees. In an op-ed, Krugman wrote that because of labor supply and demand, immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. The large increases in low-skill workers inevitably mean a decline in wages.

Other companies that employ illegal aliens should view Cloverhill as a warning that ICE could be knocking on their doors soon. Hiring illegal immigrants is a crime with possible fines, property forfeiture and/or imprisonment to follow. An internal ICE memo showed that the agency plans to carry out more vigorous enforcement at food service worksites. Tom Homan, acting ICE director, promised to prosecute illegal immigrant employers, and then detain and remove illegal aliens. Homan: “That’s our job.”

The historic solution to filling vacant jobs is paying Americans higher wages, not as Cloverhill and others do, hiring illegal alien slave laborers.

— Joe Guzzardi


Joe Guzzardi is a Californians for Population Stabilization Senior Writing Fellow. Contact him at joeguzzardi@capsweb.org and on Twitter @joeguzzardi19.

Source: Will County News