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GOP Rep. McSweeney: “The ‘Fringe Candidate’ Is Bruce Rauner. He Stands For Nothing.”

For Immediate Release

GOP Rep. McSweeney: “The ‘Fringe Candidate’ Is Bruce Rauner. He Stands For Nothing.”

Calls Rauner “Madigan’s Biggest Ally”

December 11, 2017 – For the past three years, Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s biggest ally has been Governor Bruce Rauner according to State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills), who called into “Chicago’s Morning Answer” radio show on Monday Morning.

McSweeney was interviewed about the Rauner Administration’s reaction to the release of an internal memo sent by Rauner’s former General Counsel Dennis Murashko.

“I support Jeanne Ives’ call for a full investigation,” McSweeney said. “Even this morning, there was a story in Politico that the administration won’t answer questions… This is business as usual with the Rauner Administration: very secretive, not providing answers.”

McSweeny went on to say that the administration’s clandestine nature is evidence that Governor Rauner is not in charge in Springfield.

He said Ives has the character and intellect to lead conservative policy revolution in Springfield. McSweeney pointed to his personal experiences working with Jeanne Ives “I know Jeanne Ives will be in charge, and that’s why I support her,” he said.

In 2014, McSweeney, like Ives and other Republican legislators, supported Bruce Rauner’s candidacy, but says he now opposes the Governor because he saw how the Governor duped voters. “In a strange way, the biggest Madigan ally is Bruce Rauner,” he added.

“He [Madigan] talked about a tax increase for two years… we ended up with a 32% income tax hike. Bruce Rauner worked hand in hand with Mike Madigan on making Illinois a Sanctuary State.  And guess who signed Madigan’s Abortion bill?”  

“Bruce Rauner is the kind of guy who loves to go out and criticize, call people names,” McSweeney said. “But when push comes to shove, he’s been Madigan’s biggest ally. And that’s why we need change. That’s why Jeanne Ives would be a good governor.”

McSweeney added that the best-case scenario would be Republicans winning the 9 House seats necessary to oust Madigan as House Speaker.

“But if Madigan is still the Speaker, we need Jeanne Ives in his [Madigan’s] office respectfully, but forcefully advocating for what we believe in, ” he said.

McSweeney disagreed wholeheartedly with Rauner’s characterization of Ives as a “fringe candidate.”

“The ‘fringe candidate’ is Bruce Rauner. He stands for nothing.”

In response, Jeanne Ives said, “David is a strong defender of taxpayers in Springfield and we are happy to have his support of our campaign.”



For more information or to book Jeanne Ives contact Kathleen Murphy at 630-329-4680 or kathleenemurphy26@gmail.com.

Source: Will County News

Ives Responds to Property Tax Article, Calls for Berrios to Step Down

For Immediate Release 

Ives Responds to Property Tax Article, Calls for Berrios to Step Down

“Despite his promises of property tax reform, Gov. Rauner refused to take charge when he had the chance. He refused to lead on this important issue… Rauner hides from his record, while I stand on mine.”

December 11, 2017 – On Sunday, the Chicago Tribune published Jason Grotto’s fourth feature article about the mismanaged and corrupt property tax assessment system in Cook County. The headline, “Assessor’s Estimates Defy Logic, Benefit Lawyers” is stunning, yet entirely accurate. The paper’s editorial page followed up with a scathing opinion piece stating Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios is “bad at his job.” In response to the recent calls for Berrios to step down and the report itself, Republican candidate for Governor and State Representative Jeanne Ives issued the following statement:

“Governor Rauner is late to the game. His call for Berrios to step down is little more than political convenience. He is, once again, trying to hide from his record, while I stand on mine. In February, I filed legislation for a property tax task force that would evaluate our system statewide worked to expose and remedy many of the issues we are discussing today.  When the Democrat leadership blocked my legislation, I approached the Rauner administration to run the task force through his executive order authority. My request was ignored. Despite his promises of property tax reform, Governor Rauner refused to take charge when he had the chance. He refused to lead on this important issue.

“I filed this legislation because I and my colleagues, including townships assessors, know how inaccurate assessments unfairly affect the school funding formula and unfairly shift the tax burden between different property owners.  The fact that this is a statewide problem was revealed during a legislative committee hearing on school funding when I questioned superintendents about their property tax evaluations, one superintendent revealed that his county had not undergone a reassessment in 35 years.”

Governor Rauner looked the other way when he had a chance to effect the change Illinois homeowners desperately need. He could have taken charge in February. He didn’t.

“Today, I join Chris Kennedy in calling for Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios to step down from his position. Under his leadership the Cook County Assessor’s office has an accuracy rating three times worse than the normal range. His office has the highest appeal rate to the state property tax appeal board and the highest rate of those appeals being affirmed in favor of the property owner.  His corrupt system failed to use best practices in assessing property, update their computer assisted modeling of assessments, and failed to respond to requests for transparency.

“Governor Rauner will try to tell you our Property Tax System is a ‘broken system.’ That is incorrect. Our property tax system is working exactly as intended by the Chicago Democrats who designed it. It benefits the politically connected at the expense of those in this state without their wealth and clout.

For more information or to book Jeanne Ives contact Kathleen Murphy at 630-329-4680 or kathleenemurphy26@gmail.com.

Source: Will County News

Zito’s Democratic Roots Run Deep



Following is a letter and data candidate Tonia Khouri sent to Illinois Republican officials exposing her Republican Opponent’s Democratic ties. Tonia Khouri is running against Nick Zito in the 49th District Illinois state rep. race.


My name is Tonia Khouri. I am a DuPage Republican County Board member running for the

49th State Representative seat being vacated by Mike Fortner. As a fellow Republican and

someone who cares about our Republican Party in Illinois, I want to make you aware of some

very disturbing news.

Mike Madigan and the “Chicago Machine” are trying to infiltrate our Republican Party in the

collar counties. The attached documentation is very concerning to me and should be to you

also. My primary opponent Nic Zito:

  • Still lives with his father, Greg Zito, who is a formerDemocratic State Senator
  • Greg Zito was aDemocratic lobbyist and is a red-light camera proponent
  • Nic Zito voted in aDemocratic primary in 2008
  • Nic Zito recently filed an A-1 showing a donation from a committee headed by Chicago Machine Democratic Alderman, Ed Burke. THE Ed Burke!


I bring this to your attention because I refuse to let Chicago Democrats into Kane and DuPage

County – especially in a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. I am a lifelong Republican and have the track record that shows it. I have attached an information sheet on myself.I want to earn your support!

I am extremely hopeful for Illinois and our Republican Party because our principles are the right

ones: We stand for faith, we stand for family, we stand for life, and we stand for liberty. That’s

who we are! With the right people in Springfield, we can diminish the Democrat’s control that

has held us hostage for the past three decades.

Our Republican Party is worth fighting for because it’s not too late to save our state – we just

need the right people in Springfield to do it.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Tonia Khouri



Steve Balich Editors Note:    No matter who wins the Election  a Democrat wins, if Zito wins the primary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Will County News

President Donald Trump is giving his salary for this quarter to the Department of Health and Human Services to help fight America’s opioid crisis

Trump Announces Where He Will Donate His Salary

President Donald Trump is giving his salary for this quarter to the Department of Health and Human Services in order to help fight America’s opioid crisis, the acting Health and Human Services secretary announced Thursday.

The opioid crisis in America has been a scourge on communities across the country, particularly in the Northeast and Midwest. Many states that voted for Trump suffer greatly from the ravaging opioid epidemic.

Acting Secretary Eric Hargan said in a statement at the White House press briefing that Trump wrote HHS a personal check and that the money will be used to “attack the opioid epidemic” through research, management, prevention and treatment. The acting secretary said that the decision for Trump was personal, since the president had lost one of his own family members to addiction.

“The President is personally dedicated to defeating this crisis because addiction hits home for so many of us,” Hargan said. “You heard him share the story in his opioid speech about how he lost his own brother to alcoholism. And speaking personally, opioid addiction has been a presence in my hometown, in my family, for years. It was years ago, in fact, that I lost a close relative who constantly struggled with opioids.”

Source: Will County News

Transgender locker room access

This Chicago school district keeps getting sued over transgender locker room access

This Chicago school district keeps getting sued over transgender locker room access

A Chicago school district is being sued by a transgender student over the use of the girls’ locker room (iStock/Getty Images)

The student is Nova Maday, a senior at Palatine Township High School in District 211 who was born a male but identifies as a female. She’s claiming that the school is discriminating against her by making her change separately from other girls.

Maday and her mother have allegedly been trying to get full access to the girls’ locker room since 2015 (Maday began identifying as a female in 2014).

The school district offered her use of a nurse’s office or a separate, private changing area instead of the boys’ locker room. But those locations are somewhat distant from the gym.

The district agreed to let her use the girls’ locker room for the 2017-18 school year, but with one stipulation — she would have to dress in a “privacy area.” Maday refused on the grounds that none of the other girls were required to do that.

“I just want to be treated like every other girl in our school,” Maday said in an ACLU statement. “Even after the school district agreed to allow another transgender student to use the locker rooms in her school, they have resisted and made things harder for me. I just want to be able to get dressed for P.E. class without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.”

Maday is referring to a 2013 discrimination complaint a student filed against the district over locker room access, which was settled when the district agreed to let the student use a private changing station in the girls’ locker room.

Although that matter was settled with the student, the district got sued from the other side. A group of parents sued the school for allowing the student to use the girls’ locker room.

School officials claim that the Illinois Department of Human Rights has dismissed the matter, and said in a statement that they offer locker room accommodations to any transgender student who requests them.

Source: Will County News

Party of women

Steve Balich Editors note:   I believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. The decision of guilt should not be the media and their push for public opinion to slander someone who denies acquisitions to push an agenda. True or false should be decided in a court, not the court of public opinion driven by the media. Moore said he statement are not true, others said they are sorry. In the end most of the stuff is past the Statute of Limitations and can only serve as a character assassination which in the eyes of many is very deserving yet we need to be careful of the agenda of why and the timing and if the statements are based in fact or partial fact. Many men and I suppose women are deserving of attack but who chooses who they are and when they are exposed.

Party of women

I’ve said it before, and I’ve taken a ration of guff for it. But I’m going to say it again anyway: Roy Moore is a creep.

I know this because non-creeps don’t compare themselves to the parents of our risen Lord to deflect charges that they carry torches for underage girls. Non-creeps also don’t cite Ringo Starr covers of old Johnny Burdette songs to justify acting like Jerry Lee Lewis.

But being kind of a creep is just kinda creepy.  It isn’t illegal. For that matter, neither is being a pig. Making crude remarks while sitting on a bus with a tabloid TV talking head makes you a pig, not a rapist. Given what we know about President Donald Trump’s life between the time he started slapping his name on everything in sight and taking the oath of office, I think we all know that he’s pretty porky. But if merely being a pig disqualifies you from the big time, and I’m not saying it shouldn’t, then a truckload of people need to head back to their sty well ahead of Moore and Trump.

Serial predator Bill Clinton, who enjoyed life as a political rockstar, treated women like backstage groupies at a Biggie Smalls show. Only now, as he passes the Viagra years, have the Democrats even considered examining the record of a man who gave us the gift of explaining “blue dresses” to our kids. To make matters worse, his chief enabler managed to sneak to within yards of the big chair in the White House. And she pulled it off despite being about as supportive of the women who ran across her husband as she was of the coal miners of West Virginia.

But the Clintons are yesterday’s news. Now, we get to confront Senator Al Franken. As Franken weakly explained in one of the — by my count — four different versions of why he got more than a little handsy with multiple women against their consent, “I respect women.” One of the leading lights of the party which tried to get a borderline sociopath elected by accusing her detractors of engaging in a “war on women,” Franken has an odd way of showing it. “I’m a warm person; I hug people.” Me too, Al. But my “hugs” don’t involve grabbing ass.

It appears Franken believes he will survive the swamping of his boat. The Senator has enjoyed a wave of support from his Hollywood friends.  Dozens of female writers at his old Saturday Night Live stomping grounds signed a letter exonerating him because he treated them with “respect and regard.” The implication there is that Franken’s accusers are lying. What happened to “sisters before misters?”

The depravity isn’t limited to the Senate. Over in the House, Representative John Conyers, who has represented the people of Michigan since before sexual harassment was a thing, is now looking at the business end of sexual harassment allegations that normally involve bad looks from the neighbors, if not outright restraining orders. This guy’s Congressional career predates Bill and Hillary’s love story… and, apparently, he’s spent most of it without wearing pants.

But even a hoary old perv like Conyers can build up a solid fan base over a half century moldering in the swamp. None other than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the reigning champ in the “glass ceiling breaker’s club,” leapt to shield Conyers. “John Conyers is an icon in our country. He’s done a great deal to protect women…” Back in 2014, the same Madame Minority Leader tweeted: “#YesAllWomen deserve to live free from threats of domestic violence & sexual assault. We must shine a bright light on such despicable crimes.” I guess some restrictions apply to that first part. And before we shine any bright lights, someone make sure Ol’ Man Conyers pulls his drawers up.

The same people who think Trump should be impeached and Moore should be stuffed into a rocket and launched into the sun for their alleged “crimes” think of Clinton as an icon, Franken as a rising star and Conyers as a legend. Neither Trump nor Moore would be near the top of my list for nearly any high-level elected office. But compared to the boys from the “party of women,” they’re practically Boy Scouts; while the Democrats, the self-proclaimed “Party of Women,” are busy ogling the Girl Scouts.

— Ben Crystal

Source: Will County News