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Appeal Filed Today (1/2/18) in HB 40 Battle Between Illinois Legislators, Taxpayers and State Officials

Appeal Filed Today (1/2/18) in HB 40 Battle Between Illinois Legislators, Taxpayers and State Officials


Thomas More Society attorneys filed an appeal today (1/2/18) in Illinois’ Fourth District Appellate Court seeking review of Thursday’s decision (12/28/17) by a Seventh Judicial Circuit Court Sangamon County associate judge to dismiss a taxpayer lawsuit against state officials.

Twelve Illinois legislators, ten citizen organizations, and a diocese of the Roman Catholic Church are seeking an emergency injunction and temporary restraining order to halt the implementation of Illinois’ controversial HB 40 mandate. This law forces the economically-distressed state’s taxpayers to fund tens of thousands of non-budgeted abortions in 2018 for women carrying Medicaid or state employee health insurance coverage.

Read the appeal documents filed today in the lawsuit Springfield Right to Life et al v. Felicia Norwood et al. at the Appellate Court of Illinois Fourth Judicial District:

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Source: Will County News

Balich puts politics aside during the holiday season

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Ives On Fox News Channel Report on Deaths in Quincy Veterans Home

For Immediate Release
Ives On Fox News Channel Report on Deaths in Quincy Veterans Home
“Managing state agencies is one of the critical jobs of the Executive Office… Bruce Rauner isn’t in charge, because he never took charge.”

January 2, 2018 – Fox News Channel’s Video Special Report with Bret Baier recently covered multiple fatalities resulting from Legionnaires’ disease of a veterans’ home in Quincy, Illinois. State Representative Jeanne Ives, an Army veteran and Republican Candidate for Governor, issued the following statement:

“As a veteran, and the daughter and granddaughter of soldiers, I find the conditions in the Illinois Veterans Home, as well as the delayed response from the Rauner Administration, to be a disgrace,” said State Representative Jeanne Ives, a Republican Candidate for Governor.

“Governor Rauner’s failure to take charge in the wake of a three year outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at a state-run veterans’ home became a national story last week.  State services have declined to a such degree under his leadership that the maintenance of clean facilities to prevent outbreaks of bacterial maladies, like Legionnaires, has become grossly inadequate. As noted in the Fox News report, Governor Rauner promised in July 2016, ‘We’re really on top of the situation.’ But 5 more people in the home got sick that year.

“Managing state agencies is one of the critical jobs of the Executive Office. Bruce Rauner promised to turn Illinois around. But on his watch, state services have deteriorated. If he can’t manage a 200-acre veterans home with 250 residents, how can he manage the state?  And 13 veterans, or spouses of veterans, are now dead because of it.”


For more information or to book Jeanne Ives, contact Kathleen Murphy at 630-329-4680 or kathleenemurphy26@gmail.com.

Source: Will County News

Al-Qaeda and ISIS won’t love us if we close more refugee offices

Al-Qaeda and ISIS won’t love us if we close more refugee offices

by Ann Corcoran

The groveling refugee contractors are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this line of attack on the Trump Administration’s refugee resettlement slowdown and Newsweek eats it up!

I don’t doubt that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are angry, but it’s only because they have been laughing their heads off for years with both Bush and Obama inviting them to come and get established in America while the dumb taxpayers feed and house them!


ISIS kills
                                                      ChristiansWe have to be nice to them and invite Muslim refugees to America so they won’t kill us? They kill Christians because their ‘religion’ instructs them to! 

But, in addition to the backwards and desperate ‘logic’ of this tired old argument getting to me, it is the fact that the major mouthpiece for the attack, quoted by Newsweek, works for the super RICH International Rescue Committee (IRC) leading the wailing and moaning here.

In 2015, the last year analyzed by Charity Navigator (I reported here), the IRC was the largest of the nine federal contractors.

Its budget was $688,929,920 with 66.5% of that coming from US taxpayers. That is approximately $455 million you pay them out of your pay checks! 

Its CEO, David Miliband, a British national, received $591,846 in annual compensation that year. (But, LOL! see the salaries page below from a more recent Form 990. He got a huge pay raise!).

So now we have the IRC’s Hans Van de Weerd (is he even a US citizen?) using this cockamamie logic about making the Islamic terrorists mad at us and crying foul that their income from the US Treasury might take a hit and they will have to close offices.

Hans van de
                                                      weerd facebookLeftist political agitator! From Dutch citizen(?) Hans Van de Weerd‘s facebook page. He wears two hats. In addition to his job at the IRC, he is Chairman of the DC lobbying arm of the refugee industry that recently joined CAIR in their protest of the Trump Admin. See his bio here:    http://www.rcusa.org/staff/I wasn’t planning to write again today about the pending closure of small resettlement sites, see posts here and here over the last couple of days, but it seems that the contractors have a propaganda campaign going on the issue and the mainstream media is doing their bidding!

Why does no reporter ever ask them about raising private money to take care of the refugees they placed in recent years—the ones having such a hard time in America that they want to go home to UN camps!

There is nothing preventing the contractors from caring for refugees with private dollars!

Why does no reporter ever ask if David Miliband and the other CEOs are taking pay cuts in order to shift money to their smaller offices so they can take better care of their refugee clients?  Indeed, why are their do-gooder proclivities the responsibility of all taxpayers?

Here is reporter Nicole Rodriguez at Newsweek falling for the twisted logic and the sob story (hat tip: badboylookout):

The Trump administration’s decision to scale back the number of refugee resettlement offices across the country puts American lives at risk by providing terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda with ammunition for their anti-U.S. propaganda and recruitment campaigns, refugee advocates warn.

Dozens of refugee resettlement offices—which help integrate refugees fleeing famine, war and political persecution—could potentially close. The move is part of a string of reckless decisions President Donald Trump has taken to undermine national security, advocates who oversee resettlement operations told Newsweek. [Did reporter Rodriguez actually get the word “reckless” from someone she interviewed or simply decide on her own to editorialize?—ed]

The move to close some of the 300 offices across 49 states, coupled with Trump’s immigration crackdown and travel ban targeting six Muslim-majority countries plays right into the hands of terrorist groups, advocates stressed.

“The administration is doing exactly what ISIS and Al-Qaeda want people to believe about America—that they are against Muslims; that they are against refugees,” said Hans Van de Weerd, vice president of U.S. programs for the International Rescue Committee, which operates dozens of resettlement offices.


“It makes the position of this administration so bizarre, because on the one hand, the Administration says it wants to have much better integration of refugees—hinting at the fact that they are not integrated—and now they’re going to basically close those agencies that are helping those refugees integrate,” Van de Weerd said.

If you want to read the remainder of Newsweek‘s whinefest, go here.

The feds aren’t closing the non-profit groups, the non-profit just won’t be getting any NEW refugees that come with federal funding. Those non-profits will not be precluded from raising private money and directing that funding to the care of refugees who arrived in previous months and years.

I’m telling you, all of these leeches have gotten fat and lazy off of federal funding.

Let them put their energy (and their considerable resources) into raising truly charitable private money for the impoverished people they have been bringing to your towns for years.

Look at these salaries of IRC top staffers.  If you work in one of the smaller offices that the IRC will close (so they can stick it to Trump), aren’t you just a little bit angry?

(See my complete International Rescue Committee archive by clicking here)


                                                      (103)_LIDoing well by doing good! A small sacrifice in their salaries could keep all of their offices open and those offices could then give better care to the refugees placed by them in earlier months and years!  By the way, five years earlier their previous CEO, George Rupp, was making $447,432 and I thought that was high!  https://www.rescue.org/sites/default/files/document/1632/fy2016990.pdf

Source: Will County News

Another Monopoly Emerges – What’s The Bottom Line For Your Family?

Another Monopoly Emerges – What’s The Bottom Line For Your Family?

Mergers and acquisitions in big business are nothing new, where companies are always on the hunt to stay relevant and increase profit margins while satisfying the ever-changing demands of consumers.

Walt Disney Corporation was once a company that had found its niche in family entertainment but has become a monolith of epic proportions.

Disney has now acquired 21st Century Fox in an all-stock purchase that will shake up the entertainment industry.  This deal has many up in arms over what the sale will mean for conservative media and film studio, as media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his family have run the conservative Fox Corporation for decades.

And what does this mean for us as consumers?  Many American families, tired of the leftist propaganda spewed by Disney in recent years, have boycotted the corporation entirely, and the cost to families – both financial and in terms of limiting entertainment options – could be severe.

The deal with Disney has many up in arms over what the sale will mean for conservative media and film studios.  And what does this mean for us as consumers?  Many American families, tired of the leftist propaganda spewed by Disney in recent years, have boycotted the corporation entirely, and the cost to families – both financial and in terms of limiting entertainment options – could be severe.

USA Today reported:

The $52.4 billion all-stock deal, announced Thursday, will shift some Fox television- and movie-making studios to Disney, as well as rights to some characters from the Marvel comic book universe that Fox now holds.

And it will likely make it easier for subscribers to the soon-to-be launched streaming service of ESPN, the sports network owned by Disney, to watch local sports.

Such a deal bulks up the kinds of shows Disney can provide viewers over one of its forthcoming streaming networks, essential as Disney gets ready to yank its shows off Netflix in 2019. It also gives Disney a bigger stake in television-streaming service Hulu, and give it part-ownership of an international network to distribute movies like Beauty and the Beast.

Disney Corporation is no stranger to the big business and tech worlds.  Besides the animated children’s films, they are so famous for — from Snow White to Frozen — they had previously acquired Lucasfilm with the blockbuster Star Wars franchise, Pixar, which has emerged as an animation giant, and a portion of the television and film streaming service Hulu.

The Atlantic reported:

Fox supposedly opened talks with Disney because of a “growing belief among its senior management that scale in media is of immediate importance and there is not a path to gain that scale in entertainment through acquisition.” Disney, it seems, is the only company with the “scale” that Fox has in mind—the kind of limitless funds that can compete with expected future rivals like Amazon, Google, and Netflix.

By acquiring Fox’s stake [in Hulu], Disney would up its share in the streaming platform to a majority 60% share. With Disney already announcing plans to launch a non-sports streaming platform in 2019, it is possible the company will instead look to transform Hulu into this platform, or at the very least give itself another pawn in the future streaming media battle.

This merger will give Disney more bargaining power than ever before and bring plenty of new entertainment options to the consumer.  The drawback to families may be an even higher cable or satellite TV bill each month, in addition to charges stemming from online streaming services.

With Disney pulling its content from Netflix and bolstering its services on Hulu – or even starting a new and separate Disney streaming service – families will need to make decisions on which services better fit their budget, and their family’s entertainment needs.

While it is hard to believe that a corporation like Disney could get any bigger, experts believe that there will be little resistance to approval of the sale.  Because Fox News and some of the Murdoch family’s other subsidiaries will not be part of the deal, it appears Disney will be within FCC regulations overseen by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Atlantic continued:

The Justice Department will be required to approve Disney’s acquisitions. But the two companies seem to have structured the transaction to smooth over regulatory concerns, says Vijay Jayant, an analyst with investment banking advisory firm Evercore ISI, in a note to investors last week. “We see no obvious regulatory issues without the inclusion of Fox broadcast.”

In the last few years, politicians have started pointing to the dangers of monopolies in the economy. Historically, the biggest concern for antitrust regulators has been that large companies have the power to push up prices and hurt consumers. But in the last few years, economists have emphasized other downsides of modern monopolies for the economy at large. Several of the country’s most obvious economic challenges—including stagnating wages, low labor-force participation, less business creation, and lower interstate-migration rates—may all be the outcome of rising “market power.”

However, it is hard to say with certainty that these deals have contributed to rising television prices, particularly since the pay-TV industry has long included both local cable monopolies and enormous monthly bills. In the last few decades, regulators have been consistently willing to approve such mergers that didn’t immediately appear to threaten consumers, even if they did raise other economic concerns.

Gone is the Golden Age of Hollywood with carefully-crafted films and iconic movie stars.  Hollywood has been undergoing change for decades and has become an organizing arm of the liberal left.

Disney Corporation itself has come under fire for introducing liberal ideology into its supposedly family-friendly films, most recently with the first homosexual character being introduced in a Disney film in its blockbuster remake of Beauty and the Beast.  And Mommy Underground previously reported on another instance where Disney perpetuated the LGBT agenda.

Will Disney’s newest monopoly power further decrease their reputation as being a family-friendly entertainment giant?  With an even greater ability to produce blockbuster mega-films and offer their own streaming services to compete with Netflix, parents will have to see what content is appropriate for their children. We often think of the name “Disney” as equaling “kids and families,” but their image is likely to expand as they cater to a liberally-dominated public who seems to crave dark and sexual themes with adult-only content.

The Atlantic reported:

It would not be absurd to imagine that, in a good year for 21st Century Disney, it would account for half of the domestic movie business, creating a dominant advantage in Hollywood. But, as Disney’s own films show again and again, there is a virtue in humility. Those who seek dominance for its own sake rarely win in the end.

It remains to be seen what changes this new merger will bring to family entertainment in both cost and content.  But one thing is certain – Disney has become a powerhouse corporation that is likely to keep its hold over both American and international cultures.

Source: Will County News