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J.B. Pritzker Admits He Would Raise Taxes

J.B. Pritzker Admits He Would Raise Taxes and Make Illinois Families Pay More

Illinois Democrat gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker openly admitted in an editorial board interview with Crain’s Chicago Business yesterday that he would seek massive tax hikes if elected Governor – even more than previously disclosed by his campaign.Pritzker’s openness about raising taxes if elected poses challenges for his nascent campaign, since Illinois voters already face some of the highest tax burdens in the nation. Pritzker’s position in favor of tax increases is in stark contrast to that of Governor Bruce Rauner, who has consistently advocated for structural reforms and lower taxes as the solution to Illinois’ fiscal challenges.

This is not the first time Pritzker has detailed his openness to tax hikes. He began his campaign amidst audio recordings documenting that he favored a large increase in the state income tax, and has opposed a property tax freeze.

Pritzker has also come under fire for not paying his fair share of taxes on his second gold-coast Chicago mansion, getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in politically connected tax breaks. Now, he’s running on raising taxes for others.

Crain’s Chicago Business reports,
Illinois may need another tax hike to balance the books and pay for needed public investments, even if the progressive income tax eventually comes about.

That was the fiscal bottom line from Democratic gubernatorial hopeful J.B. Pritzkertoday as the Chicago entrepreneur and investor, who’s moved ahead in some recent polls, met with Crain’s Editorial Board for a wide-ranging interview.

… However, even if waste is cut, some new money will be needed to pay bills and meet tomorrow’s needs, Pritzker said.

Some will come from amending the Illinois Constitution to allow a progressive income tax, something that would require a referendum vote, likely in 2020. Pritzker said he could not estimate how much that would pull in, but he projected the state would net another $300 million to $700 million by legalizing and taxing marijuana.

Would that be enough to meet all the needs while growth accelerates?

No. But it depends on how you prioritize,” Pritzker replied.

Would boosted income from a progressive income tax suffice?

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I haven’t proposed a budget. . . .(But) it’s clear that we are underfunding schools.”


Source: Will County News

Iconic Oldham church to remove pews to accommodate Muslims

Iconic Oldham church to remove pews to accommodate Muslims




By Laura Mowat, The Express, Dec 23, 2017:

St Thomas Werneth in Oldham has been given the green light to remove the pews so it is able to hold more events within the wider community.

In a ruling last month, Geoffrey Tattersall QC said the church would be allowed to remove the pews as the proposals would have “major public benefit outweighing any harm resulting from the loss of the pews”.

The area, which is close to Manchester, has an 88 per cent non White-British population.

Its website encouraged people of all nationalities to attend the services.

They said: “We usually have at least six nationalities represented in the congregation on a given Sunday.

“Whatever your background you can be assured of a warm welcome to our services and our Parish life.”

The Chancellor of the Diocese of Manchester said: “Its continuing presence is important in enabling social cohesion and contact between local Muslims and Christians.

“The purpose of the re-ordering of the Church is to open up the Church for community use, as part of its service and mission to the mainly Muslim community in the parish and to enable the wider community to share its heritage.

“The Church wishes to be a place of welcome, growth and engagement for the local communities.”

Source: Will County News

A nation has a body and a soul just as does a human being.

By Bob Livingston

A nation has a body and a soul just as does a human being.

Americans today are isolated from the reality that America is a fascist state in politics and spirit. How has this happened and why?

Americans unconsciously separate in their minds the soul and the body of the nation. They see the material body as the same as always. The body of the nation would be our Constitution, our flag, our physical government buildings in Washington, our form of government, our simulated political parties and campaigns, our concerts, our holidays, our freeways, etc., etc.

The forms are there, all untouched, all reassuring. But the spirit, (the soul) is changed because we make the mistake of identifying the soul of our country with the physical forms listed above.

The dark political and economic power, as if a thief in the night, cleverly cut and excised the soul and spirit of America from its physical and material being. This subverted spiritual power is now firmly under the power of the elite who manipulate the people against themselves.

The new spiritual darkness, a spirit of subterfuge, has substituted the noise of politics and feigned democracy for reason, logic, discernment, and truth. It all happened so slowly, so gradually, so imperceptibly so that there is no public shock and nothing so radical as to disturb the sensibility of the whole country.

Yet there has been over the decades, hundreds and thousands of little steps and events, mostly imperceptible and silent, each calculated to prepare the people not to be shocked by the next.

When body and soul are separated in the public mind, people equate political authority and the system with the Divine. This is why some see and others are blinded. The vast majority see, in a material sense, what they have seen for generations not discerning the dark spirit of subterfuge that has enshrouded the land. They cannot possibly know the reality of things. They feel no suppressed liberty or mental harm. They believe that their world is secure and are offended at any suggestion otherwise.

But to the informed reader, your world has changed. This is not the world that you were born into. Yes, the forms are there but the soul is subverted. My friend, about the worst thing anybody can do, at this time especially, is listen to any banker, bureaucrat, politician or anybody in government. To do so is to be under great deception. Your life and survival is on the line.

“Be at peace”

I realize it’s not a rosy picture I’ve painted of the state of America or the world, and not easy to stomach.

Realistically, the world is a mess.

But that’s not to say it’s hopeless.

There are still good, decent people around who strive to do the right thing (though sometimes they don’t agree on what the right thing is). There’s still lots of opportunity to create a better life, not just for ourselves but for our children. But it will take a lot more thinking, and a lot less separation of the body and soul of the nation.

We can do it if we’re a little less rigid in our manner and a little more willing to cooperate and even compromise when necessary to accomplish something worthwhile. Not sacrificing for altruism, but fighting for each other’s liberty. In that respect, at least, both Republican and Democratic candidates are right about playing nice and getting along with others.

However grim the state of the world may seem, it’s fixable and survivable.

It is in coping with difficult times that we may take comfort from the words of Max Ehrmann’s famous inspirational poem “Desiderata”:

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt

the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you

conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and

aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep

peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams,

it is still a beautiful world.

Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. And have a peaceful New Year.

Yours for the truth,
Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston

Source: Will County News