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70% of the US electorate believed America was in decline

By Dan Ptoft 11/14/2016


Trump won 91 of Illinois’ 102 counties to Romney’s 79. This should be noted by ILGOPers who suggest and behave as if Trump is the name that shan’t be spoken: we can’t lead the revolt from behind.

Trump was indeed a drag down-ballot in suburban Cook and the collars where we must win. So was Mark Kirk. But the notion advanced by surrender Republicans in Illinois that the path to suburban supremacy is by jettisoning social conservatives and slapping Coexist bumper stickers with the GOP logo on the minivans of haughty sophisticated barbarians is without evidentiary support.

70% of the US electorate believed America was in decline and they wanted to do something about it (and 31 states did). 80% of Illinoisans think the state is on the wrong track (and has been for some time) and suburban Cook and the collar counties said they don’t want to do anything about it.

I think the latter group wants to do something about it but they are easily swayed by the bigot-baiting and culture of deference promulgated by the Left. This is particularly so when the center-right lacks definition, pride, and a willingness to contend that they represent more than just being not Mike Madigan.

This is a time of reflection. So perhaps it’s worth contemplating an approach that incorporates the always-on-offense, asymmetrical style of Trump with more dignified conduct and thoughtful, informed rhetoric.

Or we can just continue what we’re doing and wallow in the minority while Illinois circles the drain.

Source: Will County News

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