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Answers to questions asked by 22nd media

Stephen J. Balich
Residence: Homer Glen
Occupation: Homer Township Clerk

Past Experience:
Homer Township Trustee 2001 – 2009
Homer Township Clerk 2009 – Present
Homer Founders Club President 1999 – 2010
Homer Chamber of Commerce 2012 – Present
For other experience www.electbalich.com

I can be reached election night at 815 557-7196

Homer Glen, Lockport, New Lenox, and the unincorporated areas of County Board District 7 are experiencing general distrust of the people they elect to represent them. There is loss of jobs or income, foreclosures, and general economic hardships that are often made worse by government. Our people and businesses are over taxed, over regulated, and forced to comply with new laws, taxes, and fees. The people feel helpless in stopping unnecessary spending. The question is how high do taxes go before you have to move? The City of Chicago and Cook County treat Will County as a Colony that owes tribute which is taken in the form of taxes, and removal of representation in the very government that represents us. Every time you spend $10 in Will County 19 cents goes to the Chicago Transit Authority. District 7 Congressional Representatives are from the Chicago Democrat Machine: Bobby Rush, Dan Lipinski, and Jesse Jackson Jr. The Chicago machine wants Will County to pay for their failed policies, and seem to be getting away with it.

When serving on the County Board I will vote against any spending that is not absolutely necessary. I will speak loudly to cutting spending wherever possible. I will advocate for less restrictive regulations, elimination of permitting and rules that are excessive and a hindrance to residents and business. I will help residents and business with their battles with State and Federal Agencies. Fighting against raised medians on 159th Street is an example where IDOT wants what is not in the best interest of anyone except the developers that will build it. The Fire Dept. is against it for safety reasons. Business is against it because it will cause them to lose customers. I would bring the fight to JACAR, the group of elected people that oversee IDOT. I would try to find a way to stop paying any Taxes that support other counties. I would like to find a way to tax Chicago/ Cook County. Chicago needs to understand we refuse to stand by any longer supporting unsustainable Chicago Transit Authority pensions, failed Chicago public schools where the cost per Child is $25,000, and projects that are overpriced benefiting Chicago political allies.

I will fight for our people. I am not afraid to find ways to stop Chicago/ Cook County in their tracks. I wrote the Resolution in Homer Township making English the official language, saying we want existing immigration laws enforced, and that we want our schools to verify residency. I brought the Resolution to the Board in 2007 saying Homer Township does not believe in using Eminent Domain to take private property to benefit another private entity. I went to all the school districts and the city of Lockport last December asking them not to raise property taxes. I will be a tax watch dog! I understand my votes affect my family, friends, and everyone in Will County. I recognize a community will bring in new commercial development in an effort to lower the tax burden on its residents. But this effort is defeated when taxing bodies raise their taxes to capture the new growth.

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